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Helping sis(Part 1 from 2)My sister and I were never very close. Heather and I were born fiveyears apart, with me being older. I went away to college when she was inseventh grade. When I graduated from college, I got a job 100 miles fromhome. She graduated from high school, got married and pregnant, not necessarily in that order.So the only time we were close was when I was in high school and she wasa young k**. I guess that’s why I still think of her as that young k**,even though she’s 38 years old.The guy she married was a real jerk. My parents didn’t like him, so theonly way she could marry him is to get pregnant, which is what happened.He couldn’t hold a job and was unemployed most of the time. He didn’tcare as long as he had money to go hunting and fishing. They eventuallymoved away from my parents, although they relied heavily on support fromthem. My father bought houses for them to live in and sent money forthem to live on. Their c***d was the only reason my sister stayed withthe jerk.Finally her son graduated from high school and enlisted in the navy toget away from his father. That was all my sister needed; she packed upher bags and moved back in with my parents. She tried to get a job, butshe wasn’t having any luck. My parents wanted to sell their house, moveto Florida and retire to the warm climate. However, with my sisterliving with them, they felt an obligation to stay until she got back onher feet.Here is where I enter the picture. I have been divorced for five yearsand I live alone in a fairly large sized house, so I invited my sisterto come live with me. Jobs were more plentiful where I lived, so shewould have a better chance at getting a good paying job. Also, I wouldhave someone to live with me and I could get to really know my sister.Everyone agreed with my suggestion and I went up to my parents’ place tohelp her move. She didn’t have much, some clothing and a few otherpersonal items. The clothing she had was out of style and well worn. So,after I got her settled in my house, we went shopping. She didn’t wantto take any money muğla escort from me, but I convinced it was just a loan until shegot a job and then she could pay me back.I took her to some of the nicer women’s clothing stores. Thank goodnessI went with her, she’s a very pretty woman, but insisted on trying onclothing that made her look matronly.She’s about 5′ 8″ tall and weighs around135 pounds. She has a very goodfigure, nice bust, small waist and well formed hips and ass. She didn’thave much fat on her. She said they didn’t have enough money to buy enough food for her to get fat. I finally convinced her to try on clothing that showed off her figure. I picked out some dresses and blouses that had a neckline that accentuated her boobs. I made her try on dresses that were cut above the knee and showed off her legs. She was modeling the clothes for my approval. I started to realize that I was getting aroused by my sister.I then took her to a hair stylist and had them change the way she woreher hair. She had long straight hair; she said her husband wouldn’t lether wear it any other way. When they were finished with her she lookedbeautiful and sexy. All of a sudden I started to look at my sister in adifferent way. After all, I had not had a date in over two years and theclosest thing to a sexual experience was one that I shared with my hand.However she was my sister, my k** sister, I told myself to put thosethoughts out of my mind and just be happy to have her for company.She kept my house clean, cooked for me and did my laundry. I was inheaven. It was good to have someone to talk with, when I came home fromwork. We spent many evenings catching up on lost time. The more wetalked about our adult lives, the more we found out we had similarunhappy marriages. Our spouses were people who weren’t happy with theirlives, so they made sure we weren’t happy with ours.Heather’s husband, aside from being an unemployed bum, was also someonewho berated Heather constantly, telling her she was stupid, ugly, a poorcook, too skinny They muş escort had no sex lives, he was either drunk or outscrewing the town slut, leaving her home alone to raise their son. Ifthey had sex, he yelled at her and told her she was rotten in bed.She was a person who had a very high sex drive, so this lead to herhaving to please herself. She was too afraid of him to have an affair. Icouldn’t understand why she didn’t leave this creep earlier.My wife was not interested in sex either. If I suggested anything otherthan the missionary position, I was label a pervert. When we were firstmarried, we had sex once or twice a week. That soon trailed off to onceor twice a month and then it just stopped completely. The last threeyears of my marriage, my wife and I lived in separate bed rooms andbarely communicated. It was only when her parents became ill and aprospect of inheritance came into the picture, that she agreed to a divorce.Friday, I came home from work and was greeting by my sister wearing oneof her sexy new outfits.She ran to me, gave me a big hug and a big kiss on the lips. I was toldshe got a job and I was taking her out to celebrate. She had madereservations at a fancy restaurant. The food was good, the setting wasromantic and the wine was excellent. I hadn’t had such a good time inyears and years, she hadn’t either. We went to a pub, close to my house,had a few drinks and talked for about an hour. She was so relaxed andhappy. She didn’t believe how good her life was and she owed it all tome. She almost started to cry when she thanked me.The alcohol was having an affect on me, so I suggested we go home tocontinue our celebration, she agreed, but when she got up, she wasunsteady on her feet. Walking to the car, she was a little tipsy and shestarted to fall. I reached out to prevent her from falling, and grabbedher right in the boobs. I immediately started to apologize, but she justgiggled and said “I was the first person to grab my tits in a long timeand it felt good”. I replied “that it was a long time since I felt escort bayan awoman’s breasts and I enjoyed it too.”We were still laughing about our little incident when we got home. Itold her “it’s a good thing she was my sister or she wouldn’t be safe inthe house tonight.” Heather looked at me with a kind of sexy mischievouslook on her face and said “What would I do if she wasn’t my sister.”I though I’d play along with her, so I replied. “I’d first take you inmy arms and kiss you. Then I’d kiss your neck and nibble your ears,while I unbuttoned your blouse. When you blouse was undone I’d take offyour bra and kiss and your boobs.”She came close to me and said “Oh John, I’d like that very much. Youhave given me so much happiness; you’ve been everything a sister couldwant in a brother. Now, I want more, I want to feel like a beautiful,sexy woman. Please, help me feel that way. I love you very much and Iknow you love me, so what is the problem? Please make love to me, tonight.With that I picked her up in my arms and carried her to my bed. I lookedher in the eyes and said “Heather, your right. I love you so very much.I want this as much as you do, but before we do anything, that we’llregret later, are you sure you want this to happen?”She looked me in the eyes, grabbed the back of my head and pulled medown until my lips meet hers. She gave me a hot wet kiss, our tonguesintertwining, probing, touching each other’s. We both hadn’t had sex ina long time and we were not being gentle. I quickly unbuttoned herblouse and unsnapped her bra. As I pulled the loose bra from herbreasts, I stopped and stared at the creamy white mounds of flesh. God,how I love tits! Her nipples were hard and erect. They weren’t muchbigger around than a nickel, but they stood out a good half an inch,just the way I like them.I grabbed a tit in each hand and started to massage and knead them.Nothing feels as good as a handful of tit, except maybe two hands fullof tits. I lowered my lips to those red, luscious nipples. I couldn’tbelieve the feeling of ecstasy I experienced as I sucked those nipples. As I started to gently bitethem, I heard my sister start to moan. I looked up at her face, her eyeswere closed, her lips were slightly open and her tongue was tracing herlips ever so slowly. She had the look of an angel, an angel in heat.

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