Helping my young friends part 1

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Helping my young friends part 1I was sitting in Freddie’s, a local pub around the corner from my house, having a glass of wine. I come here sometimes late in the evening when I can’t sleep and have a couple glasses to help me relax. Living alone can get lonely and a little boring. Usually by the time I get here the crowd is gone and the place is just about empty. That was pretty much the case on this night, just me at a table, one old guy with his head down on the bar and a waitress who was focused on reruns of an old game show. As I sit there thinking that I should finish my wine and head home, a couple of young guys walked in. They looked about college age and both were all prepped out in khakis and polo shirts. One looked like he probably played football, very broad chested with tight, thick biceps and the other was a bit taller but on the skinny side. In my mind, I immediately tagged them as Bubba and Slim.I watched as Bubba stepped up to the bar and announced to no one in particular “We’re kinda stuck just up the road, can anyone give us a jump?” Of course, no one answered and I watched them as they stood there in silence. Finally, Slim muttered “Come on man, we’re not gonna get any help here.” Just as they turned to leave, something came over me and before I could second guess myself, I spoke up. “I have some cables up the street at my house. If you guys want to walk up there with me, we can get them and my car and I’ll help you out.” Slim looked at Bubba and smiled and answered “Yes ma’am, that would be great. Thank you so much.” I had a little buzz going but not enough to keep me from noticing that they were both kinda cute and I felt myself becoming just a bit excited about some male company. As I got up from the table, I picked up my purse to pay the check. Bubba stepped up quickly, reaching for his wallet and said “No ma’am, let me get that. We really appreciate you being willing to help us.”Slim held the door for me as we stepped out of the bar and I motioned them to follow me, saying ” My place is just up the street, if you don’t mind a little walk.” Slim responded ” No ma’am, it’s a beautiful night for a walk and we are at your mercy kind lady.” As we took the five minute walk up the street, we made small talk about them. It turns out that they were cousins, Bubba’s real name was Kenny and Slim was actually Michael. I told them about the nicknames I had given them when they came into the bar and they thought it was hilarious and started calling each other Bubba and Slim so I continued to do the same. When we got to my house, I grabbed the cables out of the garage and said “One of you will need to drive my car, I’ve had a few glasses of wine and I don’t want to risk a DUI. Besides, you know where your car is parked.” Bubba stepped up and I handed him the keys. Slim climbed in the backseat and I took shotgun as Bubba cranked up my Jeep and we headed back down the street toward Freddie’s. They were parked just about a block further from the bar and when we reached their car, Bubba nosed the Jeep up to it. Leaving the motor running on my car, he grabbed the cables out of the back as Slim got out and popped the hood on theirs. I sat in the seat, watching them through the gap under my hood. As I sat there, I started thinking ” Damn, I wish one of these guys would give me a jump.” I chuckled at my own thought but I could feel myself getting turned on at the same time. I was usually at home by now, in bed by myself just wishing I had some dick. Maybe I could turn this into something. I was brought out of my daydreaming and back to reality by the sound of their engine turning over and then firing up. Slim was sitting at the wheel of their car keeping it running as Bubba unhooked the jumper cables and tossed them back into my trunk. As he closed the hood on both vehicles, he called out to Slim “Follow me back to her house.”When he got back in the car, Bubba expressed concern that the battery in their car might take awhile to recharge and I had an idea. ” I have a charger at my house that my ex-husband left behind. You’re welcome to hook it up and hang out for a little bit while it charges.” He looked at me uncertainly and said “Are you sure? We’ve already taken advantage of your kindness.” I chuckled ” Oh, it’s no problem. It’s not like I have anything else to do.” When we arrived back at my house, I showed them where the charger was and waited while they got it hooked up. They were going to need an extension cord and I knew that my ex had kept one above the work bench so I moved an old stool over so I could stand on it to reach the cord. Bubba moved to hold the stool so I wouldn’t fall and as he stood behind me I realized that he could see straight up the thin summer dress that I was wearing. I had on my favorite sheer white panties which I knew were pretty much tekirdağ rus escort see-thru and when I heard him catch his breath, I was immediately turned on. Putting one foot over onto the bench in an exaggerated move to reach the extension, I spread my legs giving him a nice view of my bush. I could hear him swallow hard and could feel myself getting wet at the thought of this young man staring at my pussy.Turning around, I tossed the cord over to Slim, who turned back to his task, seeming to pay no attention to us. I looked down at Bubba, saying “Think you can help me back down?” He lifted his hands up for me to take them so I placed them on my hips and put my own on his shoulders. As he lowered me down, I slid my arms around his neck and pulled my body up close to his , whispering “God, you’re strong as a bull aren’t you?” I could tell he was excited because his erection was nudging my tummy through his slacks. Looking over to see that Slim still had his back to us, I pulled myself up and rubbed my crotch against his hard cock. His hands went down to my ass, pulling up my dress as he began to squeeze it while he ground his stiff dick up against me. I could hear Slim say “Okay, we’re all hooked up but it might be a little while.” When I looked back at him, he was smiling and staring at my ass which Bubba had managed to expose.Stepping away from Bubba, I said “Well then, let’s go inside and give it some time.”As I led them into the house, I pointed toward the living room, saying ” You guys can have a seat in there. I’ll be right back.” As I headed down the hall to the bathroom, I call back over my shoulder “There’s some beer in the fridge if you like.” As I stepped into the bathroom, I looked into the mirror and thought to myself “Girl, what the fuck are you thinking?” But as I pulled my panties down to pee, I realized how wet I was and knew that I needed some dick. I made up my mind that I was going to make the most out of the evening. I decided to leave them in the hamper on my way out. I also removed my bra, leaving myself nude under the dress. I was hoping these two young guys were as ready for action as I was.Walking back out into the living room, I noticed that they had stationed themselves one on each end of the couch so I sat down between them. “Do you boys get high?” I asked and then laughed “Of course you do, you’re in college!”I pulled my little stash box out from under the coffee table and proceeded to roll a joint while making small talk. “So either one of you married or have a steady girlfriend?” Slim answered timidly “Not yet.” Bubba mumbled ” No, I’m kinda clumsy around girls.” I looked at him and smiled “Maybe you just haven’t met the right girl. You seemed pretty agile lifting me down off that stool.” As I said that, I brushed my hand across his crotch and could still feel the bulge of an erection. He sucked his breath in excitedly as I gave his cock a subtle squeeze through the material. I could tell he was packing quite a dick in those khakis and I chuckled slightly as I said” Oh my, you’re a big boy aren’t you?” I lit the joint and hit it hard before passing it back to Slim. He took a couple hefty tokes and passed back to me so I hit it a second time and handed it to Bubba. In just a little while, we were all pretty stoned and, as is usually the case when I get high, I was ready to fuck. I figured since I knew that Bubba was turned on, I would make my move on him. Moving my hand back over to his lap again, I gripped his cock throw his pants and started to stroke it, whispering ” Oh, sweetie, you have a real nice dick in there.” I could feel him throbbing in my hand as I turned toward Slim, putting my free hand on his crotch and said “And what have you got for me baby? Ooh, that feels like a nice one too.” Unzipping his pants, I opened his fly and pulled his cock out. He was only semi erect, probably due to his being nervous about my actions. He had a nice big cock for a young man and I was way past horny. I turned back to Bubba and unzipped his pants as well, freeing his cock as well. He was definitely erect and when I say it was big, that is an understatement. It was as thick as a beer can and stood straight up from his lap, probably a good eight inches.I started to pump my hand up and down Bubba’s fat dick as I turned back to Slim. Lowering my head, I slipped his cock into my mouth and began sucking him, feeling his dick swelling and stiffening between my lips. I could feel Bubba shifting his weight behind me, trying to see me sucking Slim’s dick. Raising up, I looked back at Bubba as I continued to stroke his cock, I smiled ” So you wanna watch while I suck his dick?” Before he had a chance to answer, I let go of his erection, which by now was oozing precum, and got down on my knees in front of tekirdağ rus escort bayan Slim. Looking back at Bubba, I slipped Slim’s cock into my mouth and began to suck it hungrily, moaning loud enough for them both to tell that I was really enjoying myself. Bubba had his eyes fixed on my lips moving up and down Slim’s hard cock as he moved his hand down and started jacking himself off. Watching him stroke his dick and tasting Slim’s own precum was too much and I knew what I needed next. Pulling my mouth up off of Slim’s throbbing boner, I stood up and said “Okay fellows, let’s get those pants off so we can get down to business.”As they stripped off their pants, I told them that they may as well get rid of their shirts and underwear too. When they finished and stood before me naked, I could feel my clit aching between the swollen outer lips of my dripping wet pussy. Looking them over, I noticed that even tho Slim was shorter and not as muscular as Bubba, he still had a good seven inches of dick and even though it wasn’t nearly as thick as Bubba’s beer can, it was certainly more than respectable. Bubba’s fat cock stood out hard and proud like a smaller third arm with a head on it the size of a small fist. I pulled my dress over my head and tossed it on a chair, leaving myself naked as well. Stepping between them, I took a cock in each hand and began stroking both of them. Slim reached behind me and started rubbing my ass with one hand while Bubba leaned down and lifted my tits up, going back and forth between each nipple, licking and sucking them. Slim slid his other hand down my belly, running his fingers through my bush until he reached my swollen, wet slit. Slipping a finger into my pussy, he massaged my clit as I ground it against his hand. I moved my hips back and forth between his hands as he squeezed my ass and fingered me. the sensation was absolutely delicious. Moving around behind me, he pushed his erection into the crack of my ass and began siding it up and down, humping me as he continued to finger my pussy. Cupping Bubba’s balls and pumping his thick cock with my hands, I could feel myself moving closer to orgasm. “Well, alright” I said, hearing my own shaky voice which was husky with lust “You boys look like you are ready for action.You’ll have to take your turns, because I want to do this one at a time so I can enjoy myself.”I knew I was ready to cum. I hadn’t had a dick inside of me in months and nothing like these guys were sporting. I knew exactly how I wanted it. I motioned to Bubba “Have a seat Sweetie.” As he sat back down on the couch, I straddled him on my knees with my ass in the air. He immediately returned to licking and sucking my tits. Looking back at Slim, I nodded toward my ass, saying ” Okay, big boy, give me some of that hard cock.”. As he positioned himself behind me, I looked at him over my shoulder again and commanded ” Fuck me baby. Slip that dick into my pussy and fuck me real good.” As he guided the head of his cock into my wet slit, he put his hands on my ass and pushed in. I could feel the inside of my pussy stretching as he went deeper, burying his young manhood all the way up in me. I could feel that familiar feeling in my lower body and knew I was very close to cumming. He pulled his cock part way out and then shoved it back in harder, beginning a steady rhythm of pumping his dick in and out of me. I could here my own voice moaning ” Oh yeah baby, fuck me. Oh God, fuck me good.”Bubba worked on my nipples, sucking one and then the other like a starving pup while he stroked his erection beneath me. Repositioning himself, he began to rub my clit with the head of his fat cock as Slim fucked me from behind and that was all it took. My orgasm washed over me like a tidal wave, sending an intense climax down my lower belly and through the walls of my pussy. I buried my head in Bubba’s shoulder and shoved my ass back against Slim, forcing his hard cock all the way into me as I came. My mind was in a daze as he continued to plow in and out of me, causing shock waves of pleasure to run through my entire body. I was right at the edge of blacking out from the explosive climax as Bubba ran his hand down my sides to my bottom, spreading and squeezing my asscheeks. Through the fog as my orgasm began to subside, I heard him say to Slim “Fuck her good, man, she’s loving it.” Slim replied ” Yeah man, this pussy is amazing.I can feel her cumming.” As he increased the speed and intensity of his thrusting, his balls slapped against my clit. I felt him swelling inside of me as he started moaning out “Oh man, I’m gonna cum too.” Turning my face back toward him, I commanded “Put it in my mouth baby. I want to taste your cum.” I could feel the walls of my cunt spasm around his hard cock as he shoved rus escort tekirdağ it in and out of me for just a few more moments before he pulled out and moved up to my face. As he slipped the head of his dick into my mouth, I reached up and wrapped my fingers around his shaft. Pumping my hand up and down his cock, I milked him as he began cumming, spewing stream after stream of his thick, salty seed into my mouth. As I swallowed , he continued to spurt his sweet load, filling my mouth over and over again with what seemed like a gallon of cum. I continued to suck him as his spewing decreased to a slight oozing as his cock softened. In the mean time, Bubba was rubbing the head of his fat cock in my slit and as he positioned it in the opening of my wet cunt, I began to lower myself on him. He was really thick and I could feel such a delicious pleasure as my pussy stretched to accommodate him. Raising and lowering myself, I took him in a little at a time until finally I pushed down all the way. I had never taken a cock that big before and I was so packed full on dick that I knew I was gonna cum again very soon. I moved up and down, fucking myself on his amazing cock as he went back to work sucking my nipples, moving back and forth from one to the other. I was on fire from the sensation of fucking his big dick and I was ready to cum again but I wanted him to cum with me. I began moaning ” Oh yeah baby, fuck my pussy. Oh fuck, your cock feels so good inside me. I want you to cum inside me baby. Fill my pussy up with your hot cum baby.”He shoved his cock up harder into me, pushing me closer to my second orgasm. As he continued to plow and stretch my pussy with his huge cock, Slim slid his hand down between us and massaged my clit . As I looked over at him, I could see that he was already fully erect again and was stroking himself. Moving my eyes up from his dick to his face, I saw him smile dreamily at me. God, I was just about ready to cum. I whispered to Bubba ” Get on top of me baby. I want you to fuck me good and make me cum.” Raising myself off of him, I laid down on the couch beside Slim and Bubba got on his knees between my legs, guiding his cock back into my pussy. Lifting my legs up and spreading them, he began a steady rhythm of pumping his dick in and out of me. Slim leaned over and moved back and forth from each of my hard nipples, licking and sucking them as he moved a hand back down to give my clit some much needed attention. ” Oh Fuck” I cried out ” I gonna cum! Fuck me baby, fuck me hard.” Bubba slid his hands under me and squeezed my ass as he slammed his fat cock up into me, sending me over the edge. I could feel myself starting to cum and it was even more intense than the first time. The sensations shot down my lower back and spread across my pussy and ass as I shoved myself down onto his thick erection, sending wave after wave of pleasure through my mind and body. I could hear myself moaning and panting in the distance as a fog of ecstasy invaded my consciousness. Pushing my head back into the couch and riding out the orgasm, I could feel Bubba’s ball sack smacking against the bottom of my ass each time he slammed his dick up into me. Turning my head slightly, I could see Slim still stroking his cock as he stared down between my legs watching Bubba’s dick moving in and out of me. Bubba began moaning loudly and I could feel his huge cock swell and stiffen inside of me, stretching my pussy even more. I knew he was getting ready to cum and, as I looked up at him, I cried out ” Yeah, baby give it to me, cum in me baby. Pump that hot cum up into my pussy.” That was all the encouragement he needed as I felt the first stream of cum explode inside of me. His cock swelled and throbbed, spewing his hot semen into me as he continued thrusting in and out of my pussy. He was flooding me and I could feel his warm cum running out of me and down my ass. As he steadily erupted, his cock popped out and slid up across my hairy pussy. Staring down at his dick, I watched him shooting still more of his young seed onto my belly. I moved my hand down and pushed his cock back in and he continued to spray my insides with his cum until he started to soften and slipped out. Looking over at Slim, I could tell he was just about ready to explode again and I moaned softly to him ” Stick it in my pussy baby, I want you to cum inside me too!”As Bubba moved from between my legs, Slim quickly moved over and slipped his hard cock into me. My pussy was slick with cum and as he pushed his dick up into me, he immediately blew his load. I could feel his cock head throbbing as it spewed a steady jet of his thick semen up into me. “Cum on my clit baby” I commanded. He pulled his dick out of me and stroked his shaft as the last of his cum spurted out across my hard little nub. I reached down and smeared it over my aching clit, bringing myself to a third amazing orgasm. Bubba, who had been watching me rub my pussy, was already up and stroking again. He moved over beside me on his knees and in just a few moments, began cumming all over my tits. Needless to say, these young guys were far from done and definitely spending the night.

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