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Helping My Girlfriend Discover Men & Go BlackLong past due here is part 3 of my story about my girlfriend Karma. If you haven’t read parts 1 & 2 it might help to understand part 3 better. This story takes places a little over a month after Karma sucked her first cock. Karma was almost addicted to giving blowjobs. She couldn’t suck enough cock. Over that course of a month she probably gave at least three blowjobs a day. Of course I couldn’t leave her have all the fun so I joined in. My black guy friends loved having this new eager little slut to suck their cock’s. One night we had just come home from a party where Karma had just blown 5 really cute black guys. I didn’t miss out on any of the fun. I sucked off 3 of them that wanted to go again. So we got back to our place and Karma couldn’t keep her hands off me. I turned on some music and gave her a sexy little lap dance. Then we went into our bedroom and took turns eating each other out. Then I asked her if she wanted another cock to suck. She got all giddy and said yes. So I called up my friend James and asked him if he wanted to come over. He came over and Karma and I took turns blowing him. I then got out our strap-on and I had Karma put it on and use it to fuck me while I sucked off James like we had done many times before. Then it was Karma’s turn to suck off James. So she took off the strap-on and went to town on James while I ate her out. She made him cum and we made out swapping the cum between us when Karma grabbed the strap-on and said to me “Baby will you fuck me?” I couldn’t believe I had heard her right. I stared at her wide eyed. She kissed me and leaned to my ear and said “Please baby I want it so bad.” I asked her a few times if she really want it and she did. So I put it on but I changed the smallest sized one because I didn’t want to hurt her. So she laid on her back and I started to penetrate her while I kissed her in a passionate way. I slowly penetrated her and she started to moan and I watched as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. I was barely fucking her and she was already having an orgasm. I then picked up the pace a little bit. After a few minutes Karma asked if she could blow James who was sitting in the corner watching us while he was jacking off. So I had her reposition so she could suck him off while I fucked her. I kept that up until she came again. Then she put the strap-on back on with the bigger size and fucked me in my pussy while James fucked my ass. I bursa escort tried to ask her if she wanted to try the real thing but she still didn’t. Over the next few days I tried to talk to her about it but she kept saying it was a mistake and she didn’t want to do it again. So I let it go. We kept blowing guys but she wouldn’t entertain the thought of letting a cock, real or plastic in her. I really want Karma to feel what the real thing was like but I was giving up hope of it happening. I should have placed it together then but over that next week I had noticed some of my dildo’s and vibrators had been moved. But then I didn’t think anything of it until one day when I was stopping by after class to grab a quick bite before my next class. I walk in and Karma is sitting on the couch with my Lex Steele dildo and a vibrator. She got up and walked over to me looking me right in the eye and said “Mads I want to try a real cock.” I told her ok if that’s what she really wanted. I wanted to skip my class and do it right then but I couldn’t so I told her we would do it later that night. So while in class I texted James and asked him to bring 3 of his friends over so Karma could pick which guy she wanted to be her first. So after class I stopped and purchased a new lingerie outfit for each us that night. I got Karma a gold and black corset with black stockings with gold spots on them and frilly black boyshorts. And I had Karma wear my 6.5 inch gold spiked high heels to top off the outfit. I went with a leopard print and black corset with pink outline with black stockings with pink bows and lace pink boy shorts. I wore my black 6 inch standard stripper high heels. So when I got home Karma and I took a shower and messed around a bit before getting ready. I had her get her outfit on and then I painted her nails gold, I had her put on my gold lipstick, and then I put a bunch of blush and eyeliner on her. She looked like a total slut on a porn set, looking back it was probably too much but too me she looked hot. I then started to get ready myself. Just after I put my red lipstick on I noticed Karma playing with herself. I said “Nope. That’s not happening” So I took her hands and cuffed them to the headboard and told her I would unlock her when they arrived. Then I finished getting ready. About 10 minutes later there was a knock on the front door. I invited James and his 3 friends in. I told them to get their cloths off. Then I put on some music and danced bursa escort bayan a little on out stripper pole to give them a show. Then I asked if one of them was ready to take my baby’s virginity. They all said yeah. Then I went up to each of them and asked them real seductively if they promised to be easy on her. Then at the 4th guy I got down on my knees and sucked on him until he was fully hard and ready to go. I work my way down the line. Then I put some of my private videos and went to get Karma. I teased her a bit and felt that she was soaking wet. So I unlocked her and had her come out. Her hand was shaking. So I pulled her in and kissed her and then told her to get on her knees and keep them hard and figure out which one was going to pop her cherry. Karma went up to James and sank to her knees and started sucking like she was desperate for his cum. After she sucked off James I had him help me get out the inflatable mattress out. When she finished. I had her take a breath and pick out a guy. She asked me if she could fuck all 4 guys. My eyes must have popped out of my head. I asked her 3 or 4 times if she was sure. She said she was absolutely sure she wanted all 4 guys. I asked her to pick which one she wanted first. I thought she would pick James but she picked the guy with the biggest cock. His name was Mike. So I had Karma lay on her back on the mattress. I put some lube on Mike’s cock just to make sure. Then I had Karma put her head on my lap while I held her head. Mike went slowly which was so nice of him. It wasn’t so bad at first for Karma. But when he reached her hymen that’s when it really started to her for her. He went slowly and popped it while I held Karma and just told her it was going to be ok and more pleasureable in a minute. There was a little blood so James got an old towel to wipe that up. That’s when Mike started to slowly piston in and out. It still hurt her a bit until he got about balls deep in her. That’s when Karma let out a moan saying harder. He picked up the pace and she screamed fuck me hard. That’s when Mike stopped taking it easy and really started to fuck her. At that point I went back and started to get the other guys ready again. When Mike was done I asked Karma who was next and she picked James. So I was going to have him come over to the mattress when Karma told him to stop. She asked me if she could have him fuck her doggy while she sucked off Mike. So I let her do that while I worked escort bursa fluffing the other 2 guys. One of the guys went over to fuck Karma when James was done. I was working on the other guy when I felt hands on my hips that were pulling down my panties. Then I felt him slide his cock into my very wet pussy at this point. About a minute after that I heard a blood curdling scream. I turned around to see James sitting on the couch with Karma’s buried into it and the other guy who James and Mike called Slim sliding his cock into Karma’s ass. I pushed Mike off me and tried to get Slim to stop thinking he was doing it without Karma’s permission. I’m yelling at him and Karma said “I told him to.” He stopped. Karma told me that she wanted to do anal. I kind of yelled at her asking her what she was thinking. After a minute or so I knew she really wanted it. So I had her put her head on my chest and told her if it gets too much just stay stop. Then Slim went back to it. He wasn’t as patient as Mike so I had to hit him a few times to get him to go slower. Finally after a couple of minutes Karma loosened up and started moaning from pleasure into my chest instead of her painful moans. Then after a minute I started to make out with Karma. Then I left her to suck off James and I returned to letting Mike fuck me. With the fourth guy Karma tried to get too ambitious and she wanted to get her first DP just like me. I tried tell her to pace herself but she wanted it so badly. So she got on James cock and fucked him for a minute. Then she had Slim stand beside the couch and sucked him off. Then she had the fourth guy put his cock in her ass. Technically she did get DP but was just impaled on James while the other guy got about a third of his cock before she said it was too much. She got off James and just had the fourth guy fuck her while she alternated sucking off James and Slim. Then she stopped and told me she wanted to see me get DP’ed. So I got on James riding him and had Mike stick his cock up my ass. Karma was on the couch riding Slim next to me and we took turns sucking off the fourth guy. All six of us spent the next few hours fucking. I think each guy got each one of my holes. While Karma let Mike have a go at her anally. Later she said she wanted to have each of them do her in the ass but it was too painful for her with Mike. I just hugged her and asked her if she was of and if she enjoyed herself. She kissed me passionately and said “OMG that was better than anything I could have hoped for.”. She mentioned how she couldn’t believe that could have been that pleasurable. THE ENDI hope you enjoyed reading about my amazing, sexy, and slutty girlfriend Karma and her first times with Black Cock.

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