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All characters in this work are 18 or older.

Lana Storm 2020

I closed my laptop with a large sigh of relief. One research paper on the suborders of cetaceans; finished. My neck was stiff and my eyes bleary for the effort, but landing an A was crucial. Without that A my GPA drops and I lose my scholarship, and the last 3 years went down the drain. I was confident in my work, though. When I focused and put in the effort I got high marks, unfortunately I had a penchant for slacking off.

I rubbed my eyes, trying to dispel the haze, then stretched my arms above my head and arched my back. Sooo good. You know what else is so good, I thought to myself as I reopened my laptop.

The screen came to life and I peered at my bedroom door; closed, check. I contemplated getting up to lock it but ultimately blew it off. I’ll be quick, I told myself. Besides, nobody would come in without knocking.

I launched the internet browser. Knowing exactly what I was after, it didn’t take long before I had a screen-full of a gorgeous redhead tormenting her pussy with a Hitachi wand. A video I had seen enough times to know exactly when each of her seven orgasms would strike. It was the sounds I was in it for. Her low, almost growling moans, and the soul-deep cries every time she came always set me ablaze. It was a personal favorite and I had a well proven game plan: edging myself six times and finally climaxing with her for the seventh. I smiled to myself as I put in my earpods and slid my hand into my jeans.

With no panties to deal with I had easier access but it was still tight. No, too tight. Damn. I quickly set to unfastening the button of my pants. I slid the zipper down just as Red gave a long moan in my ear. My insides clenched and my eyes nearly rolled back. Nothing lit my fire like the sounds of a woman in the throes of passion.

I finally had the room for my fingers to reach and promptly started teasing my clit; rubbing in slow circles then swooping down to wet my fingertips before returning to circles. Red was making good time, already breathing hard and legs twitching for the second time. She reached a hand up and squeezed a breast, then began twisting and worrying at her large, pink nipple.

What a good idea, I thought, and slid my hand under my yellow hoodie. I sighed happily and scootched down in my chair a bit.

Red was quickly approaching her fourth orgasm. She chewed her bottom lip as her hips twitched. She moved her wand in a slow pattern; up and down and up and down as her labia glistened with her wetness. It was hypnotic.

It’s been sooooo long, I whined to myself, reflecting on the last time I had my mouth on a pussy. Six unbearably long months. After splitting with my ex, my life began to crumble and I lost my job, my apartment, and most of my dignity as I moved back into my parents house. At least they lived in town so I didn’t have to drop out, too. I figured school was my last chance to save my train wreck of a life and it–

A delightful cry through my headphones brought my attention back to the task at hand. My pace was a little too fast and I had to cool down before I came too soon. I abandoned my clit, instead plunging a pair of fingers between my slick lips to massage the walls of my pussy. The sounds she made had every muscle in my pelvis contracting while my clit screamed for more attention. I shuddered as the orgasm just barely missed me.

By Red’s sixth climax, the seat İstanbul Escort of my jeans had a wet spot that I could feel against my ass and my legs were trembling with anticipation. Exactly three minutes and fourteen seconds. My fingers were barely moving now, just applying pressure, and my left hand was twisting and pulling at my diamond-hard nipples. I was so close to the edge it felt like I might cum just from listening to her.

As the final seconds were counting down, my hand left my tits and moved to my throat gently beginning to squeeze. This is it. Nothing can stop me now–

The knock on my door rang through the sounds of my porn and stole my attention. Fuck. In a panic I froze just as my orgasm hit. The waves that had been building for half an hour finally arrived to splash at my feet. No no no fuck! There was a release of pressure but the slight relief did nothing to satisfy my lust and I stifled a groan of disappointment and frustration.

“What!?” I snapped, slamming my laptop closed and fixing my disheveled clothes.

“Beth?” My sister’s colorful head peeked into my room. I was still getting used to her dye job. She had always wanted colorful hair but our mother would never allow it, so when she turned eighteen she went and had it done. Carolyn saw the coast was clear, then swung the door open wider. Her hair, a gradient of dark blue to sea-foam green, ended just past her jawline. Her features, like my own, were sharp but delicate. Although the T-shirt she wore was long and loose-fittings, the shapes of her breasts were apparent through the purple fabric. The shirt ended midway down her thighs, and a pair of white socks hid her from the ankles down.

“I need help.” Carolyn said quietly.

My senses returning, I noticed how flushed she was. She looked weak, shaky, and strands of her blue-green hair clung to her forehead. Then I noticed how long and smooth her legs looked; how short the shirt was that they disappeared beneath; how the edge of that soft fabric must be only inches from velvety lips–Good lord, what is wrong with you, stop! I drove the thoughts from my mind.

“Oh god, you don’t look so good.” I said, then suddenly remembered it being Finals Week. “Don’t you get me sick!”

“I’m not sick.” Carolyn grimaced and her knees weakened but she caught herself on the doorframe. “I need your help.”

“With what?” I asked wearily, assuming it was some kind of horrific mess by the look of her.

“Come here.”

“Carol, I don’t know…”

“It’ll just take a minute. Promise.” With that she turned and vanished from the doorway.

I grudgingly rose from my chair and was reminded of the wet patch I had made on my jeans. I couldn’t ask to change first, so I silently prayed it would go unnoticed. At the same time, feeling how soaked I had gotten flared my desire to return to my room as quickly as possible and finish myself off.

“So. What is it?” I asked, stepping into her room. It was warmer in here than in my room, and it was dim. The only light came from a lamp beside her bed, but it was enough.

Carolyn sat down on her bed and spasmed again. “Ah! God.”

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Umm..” She dropped her gaze to the floor. “Don’t be mad. I was playing and it… got stuck.”

I blinked slowly, trying to figure out what the hell she was talking about. When Carolyn looked back up her cheeks were Kadıköy Escort even redder than they had been in my room. “What are you talking about?”

Her head stayed up, but she was desperately avoiding eye contact. “I was… playing and it got stuck. Inside me.

“Huh? What were you playing?” I was still having difficulty grasping what she was saying. My head was still swimming with thoughts of Red and the orgasm I ruined.

Carolyn sighed heavily. “I was fucking myself and the vibe got stuck in my pussy. I can’t get it.”

I stared at her for what felt like five whole minutes before her words had fully sunken in. “Jesus Christ, Carol! What do you want me to do about that!?”

“I need it out. It’s–hhhnnn–It’s driving me crazy.”

“And? What, Me!? You want me to…”

“Please? I can’t–ahh–I can’t take it anymore. Please help me.”

“Carol, I…”

“It’s you or the hospital, Beth.” Carolyn laid back against her pillows and threw the blanket over her legs. “Just reach under and do it. It’ll be like the gynecologist.”

“I can’t see what I’m doing.”

“Whats there to see anyway?”

I felt myself blush. “Ok, ok. I’ll do it. Just… Relax.”

Carolyn whimpered as her body spasmed. “Whatever. Just hurry!”

I took a breath, sat down on the bed, and pulled the blanket off Carolyn’s legs. My gaze traveled slowly over her body and I swallowed hard. Her legs were spread wide, the heels of her feet dug into her mattress on either side of me. Her shirt was pulled up past her naval and her thighs had a slight sheen. Finally there was nowhere else to look. Her labia were shaved clean, visibly engorged, and glistening with her juices. For a moment I even forgot it belonged to my sister. It was just beautiful and beckoning. –No! You sick fuck, no! Get a grip!

I squeezed my eyes shut to break the spell. “Carol…”

“It’s not weird. Don’t make it weird.”

“It is weird, Carol. Can’t you just…” I made a scooping gesture with my fingers.

“I tried. It’s… I think, it’s too slippery.

I bit my lip and sunk my index finger into my little sister. She was hot and absolutely sopping wet. I shivered. –Bad! No! Don’t you dare!

There! I could feel the vibe with my finger tip.

“There it is.” I said, as calmly as I could. “Wait. I can’t grab it.”

There seemed to be an unusually long pause before Carolyn said, “Use two fingers then.”

I hesitated; but only for a moment. Lining up with two fingers, I entered her again. When my thumb bumped against her clit she squeaked. It was a soft sound, a little bit surprised, and it made my pussy clench.

My boldness increased and I wanted to see if I could elicit another such sound. Slowly, I started rubbing her gspot. After five strokes I felt her clamp down on my fingers.

“That’s not the vibe!” Carolyn cried, squirming.

“It’s… being tricky.” I resumed my rubbing and with her muscles contracted it wasn’t long before I was rewarded by a second squeak. Satisfied with my results, I reached for the buzzing toy again, but wriggling my fingers more than necessary.

As it turned out, Carolyn was so wet that getting a hold on the vibe was actually proving difficult. Without waiting for instruction, I added a third finger to the mix. I didn’t even realize I had been staring, just watching my fingers sliding in and out of her, until I heard a soft Kartal Escort moan. I looked up and Carolyn had her head leaned back, eyes closed tightly, and teeth had sunken into her lip.

–Oh, she’s enjoying this… Ok then.

My boldness increased again and I placed a hand on her thigh, squeezed, then slid down to grip her calf. I lifted her leg onto my shoulder and moved into a position where I would have a better angle and leverage. When there was no objections, I started fingering her a little faster and a little deeper; massaging her gspot as she rhythmically clenched my fingers. I could feel the vibe still buzzing away and I tried to catch it. I finally managed to retrieve it when she squeezed particularity tightly. I held it between my fingers and pressed it into the wall of her cunt.

Amidst the small whimpers and moans, I heard Carolyn mumble something. It was almost too quiet to even hear.

“What?” I asked, slowing my rhythm and immediately feeling anxious and preparing for the inevitable disaster I had made of things.

“Don’t stop. I said don’t stop!” Carolyn begged.

I pressed my thumb into her hard little clit and started rolling the vibe up and down over her gspot.

Carolyn began to scream but I quickly covered her mouth with my free hand. Her body shook against my legs and her pussy began spasming in my hand. A trickle of cum flowed over my wrist and with a final jerk of her hips; Carolyn lay still. I left my fingers inside her until she sat up and scooted backwards. She reached down and effortlessly removed the small vibe from her slick pussy and clicked it off.

“Thanks for your help” She said, then winked at me.

“You– b-b-but– wha–” In the middle of my baffled stuttering, Carolyn reached out and slipped the dripping toy into my mouth. She grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled my face to hers, kissing me deeply, then she sucked the vibe into her mouth and released my hair. She spit the toy into her hand, looked up at me and started giggling at my shocked face.

“You.” I tried to begin but my head had just exploded.

“Me? No you. You just finger-fucked your sister!” She teased. “You took your baby sister’s virginity. Did you like making me cum? Did you like my pussy squeezing your fingers?”

“Carol, stop…”

“You hold me up like a liquor store and fingerblast me to orgasm, and now you’re uncomfortable?”

“This was your plan! You-you-you asked!”

“I asked you to fingerbang me?” Carolyn laughed. “You did that yourself. Come on, tell me you enjoyed it.”

“Stop it.”

“I know you did. I saw your face. You loved it.”

“Shut up!”

“You got off on it!”


“Make me!”


“You? You what? Come on, don’t–“

Before she could finish, I leaned in, grabbed the back of her head, and pressed our lips together again. As if she’d been expecting it, Carolyn’s arms instantly wrapped around my back, pulling me on top of her as she laid back down. I resisted as best as I could while still being half brain-dead, managing to at least pull away from the kiss.


“I’ve wanted this since you came out,” She said. “Since before that too. You’re all I’ve ever wanted. I love you.” Carolyn pulled me down to plant a kiss on my lips and the last of my resistance crumbled. I kissed her back, hard, sucking her tongue into my mouth and exploring hers with mine. I was drunk on lust, this woman was willing, and the fact that she was my sister seemed a silly reason not to fuck her brains out. I reached down to the bottom of my hoodie and started to pull it off when the world suddenly exploded with light. Instinctively, I shielded my eyes and heard my sister yelp beneath me.

“What in the fuck is going on here!?” Our mother’s voice demanded.

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