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helping grannyA friend of mine grandmother need help around to house,and he asked if i I could help her for the next few weeks,I figured since i was off work for awhile i would help.She lives about 2 hrs away,so packed up some clothes and my tools.The next day i headed out to her place,when i got she was seating on the porch,I greeted her and said my name is Paul and she said her name was friend Bill did they me anything about her but she was my idea of the most perfect granny.Flo was about mid 70’s and she was about 5’6″ tall and around 300 Ibs.long gray hair.Flo was still wearing her nightgown,Flo told me to come inside and she would fix breakfast for us.As she turned to walk inside I could see thru her gown and noticed she was wearing a Diaper,which was yozgat escort a huge turn on for me,cause that is one of my fetishes.After we ate i got my clothes unpacked in the bedroom, which i glad i brought my diapers and nightgowns and my big nylon granny panties.I changed into my shorts and put on my nylon panties and meet flo back down stairs,She had also changed into a sundress.We got to work outside,every time she bent over i could see her big ass was wearing big panties also which now had my leaking so bad.Now i was so horny seeing this beautiful granny all day i couldnt wait to get to jerk off tonight.That night after dinner she told me to go get a shower,which was a in her bathroom,after i got in there and got naked i noticed her hamper in escort yozgat the corner and had to check it out andwhat i found was some size 14 nylon panties,dream come true,as i picke dthem up i could see the crotch had gray pubes stuck in it.i thought this granny must be very hairy,so get my shower and walk back over to my room and i notice my stuff has been moved around and the bed was made different,so now i am thinking she has seen my diapers and panties,so put my shorts on and go back downstairs and she is waiting on the couch for me,she says hope your shower was good and that she was going to get hers now.When Flo comes back down i notice she has her gown on and is wearing her diaper.She sits down and ask me if i would like to get changed into yozgat escort bayan something better,I said like what she said like the nightgown and diapers that i seen in your room.She says its ok if you crossdress why your here.So i change and come back down stairs and she says that much better isnt it.Yes. Know come sit next to me and we can snugle up watch TV,as we are sitting there she puts her hand on my leg and starts rubbing it and is slowy working her way up till she reaches my cock which is very hard by now, she is now rubbing my cock in my diaper which is leaking precum,so i reach over and slide my hand up her gown and i can feel she is an natural women with nice hairy legs as i reach her diaper i can feel she has a very hairy bush,as put a finger inside her diaper she is already wet,as we sat there and played she ask if i would like to sleep in her bed, i said to her you are dream come true.she said you are to now lets go make love all night this old pussy needs your cock so bad. part two later

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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