Help from sister in Law Ch 3

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Help from sister in Law Ch 3″I didn’t know what I was supposed to do,” he tells her.”Jesus Christ, Tim!” Rhonda admonishes him. “Can’t you see she’s reaching out to you? Don’t make her grab your dick before you’re willing to respond!””I just wasn’t in the mood,” he says, turning onto his side. “I was thinking about today and being with you…” Rhonda jumps to her feet and glares down at him.”Oh no!” she yells, pointing her finger at him. “That’s not what this is about! I am not your girlfriend or your mistress or whatever. This is fucking, just fucking! That’s all it is.” she tells him. “You are not using me as an excuse for what you do or don’t do with Sharon!” She stands there, her firm tits heaving up and down as she clenches and un-clenches her fists.”I’m not using you as an excuse for anything,” Tim says quietly, “and I know it’s just fucking, okay!” He spits the words back at her. “I just wasn’t in the mood last night, that’s all.””Well, you’re going to be in the mood tonight,” Rhonda says, crushing her cigarette in a water glass and sitting on the edge of the bed. Her anger starts subsiding as quickly as it arose. “I’ll just have to send you home ready, willing and able,” she says, matter of fact-ly. “Come on. Let’s take a shower. Your dick is nasty,” she laughs, smacking him on the ass, before heading into the bathroom.Tim follows her into the shower, where they spend the next half hour lathering soap over each other’s bodies. Rhonda spends a lot of time soaping his genitals, running her fingers along his shaft, and tantalizing his balls with her fingernails. After they rinse off, Rhonda kneels on the tile floor and Tim feels her breath on his hard cock as she lifts it up and drags her tongue along the underside of it”Mmmmm,” he closes his eyes as Rhonda’s lips touch his cock head and her tongue flicks the small slit on its tip. Slowly feeding him into her mouth, she sucks her cheeks in and glides his cock head towards her throat. Oh fuck! She’s deep throating him! Tim grabs her hair and starts pumping his fully recovered cock into her talented mouth.”Oh God! Rhonda!” Tim says as the tension builds in his balls and his fingers entwine in his sister-in-law’s hair.”Huh uh!” Rhonda says, after pulling his hands from her head and letting his hard cock plop from her sultry mouth. “Save something for Sharon,” she smiles.”Come on, Rhonda!” Tim pleads. “I was just about to cum!” She wraps her arms around his neck, mashing her tits against his chest as she grinds her pussy against his cock.”I know but Sharon is reaching out, Tim,” she says as he cups her ass cheeks and tries to lift her onto his cock. “Now you can reach back.” She steps away from him and his hard cock springs out in front of him.Tim just looks at her. She’s just standing here, naked in the shower, with her aroused nipples taunting him and her hairy pussy calling to him. Goddamn it! She’s right, but that’s not what’s important right now.”Okay,” he sighs. “I’ll fuck Sharon, but that’s not until later tonight,” he whines. “Can’t we just finish this? You know, I can get it up later.””Look, Tim,” she says, stepping closer and grabbing his hand. “Feel that?” she asks, rubbing his fingers through her wet pussy. “I want this as much as you do and I believe you’ll fuck your wife even if we finish…””But…” Tim says, waiting for her argument.”But, you’ll fuck her more enthusiastically if we stop now,” Rhonda says, pulling his hand away and stepping out of the shower. “Want to draw cards for next week?” she asks.”Sure,” Tim says, his shoulders slumping as he follows her out of the shower.”Hey, cheer up,” Rhonda says. “You fucked my pussy, my ass and my mouth today. It’s not like I’m holding out on you,” she says, kissing him as she picks up her panties and starts getting dressed.”You’re right,” he says as they finish getting dressed and draw cards for next week. Rhonda draws a standard sixty-nine and Tim draws a doggie style ass fuck. Raising his eyebrows he looks at her and she shrugs.”Your wife’s waiting,” she smiles and they kiss politely as if they were never lovers, and head out the door.Sharon has dinner ready when Tim gets home. She’s been in a quandary all day, worried about Tim’s lack of response and the meaning of her dream about her brother. She can’t blame Tim; she hasn’t exactly been the perfect wife. How did she expect him to react? Did she think he’d just forget the whole first year of their marriage and start fucking her brains out?She went through her classes on autopilot, collecting homework and handing out assignments. About midway through her day, she started worrying that Tim would never respond to her. What if he’s found someone else? Would he have an affair? He seems to have resigned himself to their unusual sexual relationship. Was that because he’d found another outlet for his desires?By the time she got home from work, Sharon had dismissed the idea of Tim having an affair and replaced her worries with something else. What if Tim fucked her and there weren’t any rockets?What if she only reacted that way with her brother? Her dream had been so vivid. She relived riding her brother’s cock and the feeling of the pleasure rockets shooting through her body.They ate dinner, made small talk and then watched some TV until time to go to bed. Tim thinks about staying up and jacking off in front of his computer but decides that Rhonda is probably right; Sharon is finally reaching out to him. He watches her disappear into the bathroom as he gets ready for bed.Lying in the semi-darkness, naked under the covers, Tim waits for the bathroom door to open. He’s wondering if his wife will come to bed naked again and what it will mean to their love making if she does. Still horny from his unfulfilled final minutes with Rhonda, his cock stirs as the doorknob turns.Light from the bathroom silhouettes his wife’s gorgeous body and his cock springs to attention at the sight of her. Completely naked, Sharon momentarily hesitates in the doorway and Tim views her perfectly sculpted curves with renewed anticipation. Forget Rhonda! She can’t hold a candle to Sharon’s stunningly proportioned body.Sharon turns off the light and walks nervously towards the bed. Her uncertainty diminishes when Tim invitingly pulls back the covers for her. He’s lying on his side and she slips in next to him, jerking back when she accidentally brushes her thigh against his hardened cock. She settles onto her back hoping Tim will make the first move.Anxious to explore his wife’s body, but aware that this is a big step for her, Tim gently places his hand on his wife’s cheek and turns her face towards him. As his lips find hers, he lovingly caresses her cheek.Sharon shivers and tiny goose bumps dot her shoulders and breasts as Tim’s fingers glide down her neck. With his tongue exploring his wife’s mouth, Tim slowly moves his hand down to cup her magnificently exposed breast.”Mmm,” a small moan escapes Sharon’s lips when Tim’s thumb lightly strokes the inner curve of her right breast. Her nakedness feels sinful, but her insides are on fire as her husband’s fingers squeeze her breast and his thumb brushes across her taut nipple. Returning his passionate kiss, her legs instinctively part and her thigh again bumps against her husband’s hard-on.Tim wants to further explore his wife’s mouthwatering tits and suck on her thick nipples but he’s worried about how long her willingness will last. Reluctantly he releases her tantalizing breast and slides his hand down across her flat stomach, combing his fingers through her soft pubic hair.Momentarily disappointed that Tim didn’t spend more time with her breasts, Sharon’s heart thumps in her chest as his hand slides between her legs. Forgoing any artificial lubricant in hopes of a more natural coupling, she is surprised at the lack of any friction when his fingers graze her outer labia.Damn! If Sharon is surprised, Tim is downright shocked at how wet his wife’s pussy is. His fingers glide right through her slick lips and slip inside her before he even realizes it.”Ahhhhhh!” Sharon breaks the kiss and drops her head on her pillow as tremors of pleasure surge through her body. She can’t believe she’s waited a whole year for this. If she’s sinning, then so be it…her whole body is trembling with the more pleasure than she expected.Tim twists his fingers around in his wife’s well-lubricated pussy while his thumb gently massages her aroused clit. When she broke the kiss, he leaned his head down and sucked her closest nipple into his mouth and now he’s finger fucking her and devouring her succulent tit.”OhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHH!” Sharon’s body responds to her husband’s explorations with a spontaneous burst of orgasmic pleasure. Holding his head against her sensitive breast, she thrusts her hips up, grinding her pussy against his hand.Feeling his wife’s body shudder, Tim doesn’t hesitate to take it to the next level. Raising his body over hers, he pulls his fingers from her pussy and lifts his head from her breast. Pressing his lips to hers and pushing his tongue into her mouth, he gently slides his rock hard cock into her anxiously wet opening.”Ahhhhhhhhhh!” Sharon moans into Tim’s mouth when she feels his hard cock penetrate her pulsating pussy. This is what lovemaking should be, she thinks as her hips rock in rhythm to her husband’s rapidly pumping cock.Tim can hardly believe this is the same woman he’s been sleeping with for the past year. Not only is she sexually responsive, she’s actually hungry for his cock. Her legs are spread wider than he’s ever experienced and she’s driving her pussy onto his cock like a woman in heat! Even Rhonda isn’t this wanton.He feels his release building as he rams his cock into his wife’s fiery pussy. She’s completely out of control, digging her fingernails into his ass cheeks and silently urging him to fuck her harder. He can’t hold out much longer. fethiye escort His balls constrict and he slams into her; three long, urgent strokes, exploding on the third downward stroke with a thunderous expulsion of built up cum.”Oh god! Oh god!” Sharon is right with him, shaking and shivering through her first orgasm since her i****tuous coupling with her brother years ago. Squeezing her husband tightly to her breasts, she rides out wave after wave of wondrously intense pleasure. Then his mouth is on hers and she’s trying to catch her breath around the warmth of his moist tongue.As her muscles relax, she savors the feeling of him still filling her insides and pulsating pleasurable shivers through her sensitive vaginal walls. Why oh why did she ever have to fuck her brother?”I love you,” Tim says as Sharon squeezes her pussy around his spent cock. Leaning his head up, he kisses her forehead and then each cheek, noticing tiny teardrops in the corner of her eyes.”I’m so sorry…” Sharon whispers.”Shh… it’s okay,” Tim brushes his lips against hers. “It’s more than okay… it’s wonderful.” His cock is stirring within her hot, velvety pussy.”Oh, it is so wonderful… that’s why I’m sorry I made you wait a whole year.” Her eyes plead forgiveness but all Tim feels is love for his beautiful, sexy wife.”You’re worth waiting for,” he tells her as he gently rocks his hips, trying to coax his cock toward a faster recovery.”I love you so much!” Sharon sobs, squeezing her husband tightly while her pussy responds to the subtle movements of his cock. Ohhh! He feels so good. “I’m going to be a more loving wife, Tim. You’ll see,” she vows as her hips pick up his rhythm and her lips find his.Tim can’t begin to understand what caused Sharon’s sudden change, but he’s not about to question it. With his cock nearly at full recovery, he rocks faster, wondering what else his wife’s sexual awakening might mean… oral sex? anal sex? If not, he still has Wednesdays with Rhonda.True to her word, Sharon becomes the sexually willing wife Tim has always dreamed about, crawling into bed naked and ready every night of the week. Tim is hesitant to change anything in their routine but is constantly thinking about doing more, including eating his wife’s pussy. After their fourth night of enthusiastic, missionary position fucking, Sharon surprises Tim by changing the routine.Crawling into bed, she pushes Tim onto his back and kneels beside him. Pressing her warm lips to his, she spreads her hand across his chest in light caresses before letting it roam down his body towards his semi-erect cock. Tim is fully aroused by the time she wraps her hand around his thick shaft, gently stroking up and down as their tongues entwine in a passionate kiss.Tim reacts instantly to his wife’s touch and begins fondling her tits as she swings her leg over him. With her wet pussy positioned over his cock and her fingers still holding him, she rubs his cock head across her moist lips and then feeds him into her slick opening as she lowers herself down. Fuck! This is what he’s been waiting for, Sharon taking the initiative in their lovemaking. Anything is possible now!”Mmmmm!” Sharon moans, breaking the kiss as she pushes her husband’s hard cock into her anxious pussy. When he’s fully inside of her, she sits up and squeezes her vaginal muscles as she squirms around to get into the exact position she was in the only other time she has sat on a cock.With his hard cock sheathed in the buttery heat of his wife’s pussy, Tim has no idea that Sharon is trying to recreate the feelings she had on that i****tuous morning back in college. He’s just excited by her sexual adventurousness and reaches up to squeeze her luscious tits and pinch her taut nipples.”Oh yeah!” he cries as she starts rocking back and forth, working her pussy muscles on his hard shaft. He kneads the soft flesh of her full breasts as she develops a steady rhythm on his cock.Working from memory, with vivid images from her dream thrown in, Sharon tries desperately to recreate the explosive sensations she felt when she rode her brother’s cock. Her recent lovemaking with her husband has been wonderful and she’s completely addicted to the orgasmic bliss he brings her to every night, but it hasn’t had the same intensity that she remembers from her forbidden coupling with her brother. She wants that same feeling with her husband.Tim is in heaven as his wife rides him like a wild woman, bouncing so frantically that she almost bounces off of him. He gives up trying to hold onto her tits and lets them bounce freely against her chest as her pussy flies up to the tip of his cock and slams back down. He’s amazed that this woman assaulting his cock is the same person who told him he was being a little rough a couple of weeks ago. He grabs her hips and thrusts up into her, matching her frenetic rhythm as he tries to hold back his impending release. Fuck! Tomorrow he’s going to eat her pussy! He didn’t realize how ready she was for more intense lovemaking. Wait until Rhonda hears about this!”Ohhhhhh!” Sharon cries as she viciously hammers her pussy onto her husband’s cock, reaching for that elusive memory of rocket launches that lives inside her brain from so long ago. Her pussy is on fire and Tim’s cock feels fantastic, but it isn’t igniting her passion like she thought it would… like she needs it to… like it was…With her eyes closed, she can see her brother’s face contorted in pleasure as the rockets started to launch. Stop it! Stop it! She admonishes herself. Opening her eyes, she stares at her husband’s face as she feels her orgasm build.”Oh! Sharon!” Tim screams as she drives them both to intense orgasms, clamping her vaginal muscles around his cock as it spasms inside of her. Tim’s release is powerful and he thrusts his cock deep inside of her as he shoots into his wife’s reawakened pussy.Sharon collapses on her husband’s chest, depleted, exhausted and… disappointed. She thought it was the position. She can’t… won’t think about the alternative. She loves Tim. There was nothing wrong with her orgasm. She feels very… warm and satisfied. Maybe there never were any rockets… maybe that was her imagination… maybe because it was her first time… it has nothing to do with it being her brother. Then why was she picturing his face? Tears trickle from her eyes as Tim’s hands spread across her naked ass. She holds back the tears and presses her lips to his.As much as she tries to fight it, Sharon is distracted the entire next day by thoughts of rocket launching orgasms. She is obsessing about achieving them with her husband. Since it’s not the position, what is it? She teaches her class on autopilot, barely acknowledging her students’questions as she tries to sort it out in her mind. She won’t let herself speculate that only her brother who can give her this feeling. That’s an unacceptable conclusion that she won’t even entertain. She dismisses this notion over and over.Tim is almost as inattentive to his class as Sharon is to hers but for different reasons. His mind is still reeling from the shocking turn of events last night. His nearly frigid wife riding his cock like a bronco tamer, her firm tits bouncing all over her chest is all he can think about. He sits behind his desk most of the day to hide his raging hard-on. He can’t wait to take it to the next level tonight. He can almost taste her.Sharon and Tim are both nervously anxious as they eat dinner and discuss their respective classes. Neither one can wait to get to bed but they go through the motions of a normal evening, watching TV and commenting on their favorite shows. By the time they reach a respectable hour to turn in, Tim is hard as a rock and Sharon’s pussy is dripping with desire.This time it’s Tim’s turn to surprise Sharon as he pushes her onto her back and kisses his way across her chest. Sharon, already aroused from a full day of imagining rocket-launching orgasms, holds her husband’s head against her chest as he sucks and nibbles on her hardened nipples.Emboldened by his wife’s reaction, Tim slowly kisses his way down her body, licking her smooth skin as he heads for the elusive treasure.Sharon suppresses a gasp as she realizes what her husband is about to do. Oh no! That’s so indecent. Only whores would let someone do that. No decent woman lets her husband do this. She squirms uncomfortably as Tim kneels between her legs. Only a slut would…. Ohmygod!Tim spreads his wife’s legs, looking directly into her pussy for the first time. Fuck! Her lips are so wet, glistening from her juices and broadcasting her arousal. Glancing up, he sees her taut nipples pointing straight at the ceiling and a noticeable look of panic on her face. Uh oh! He better move fast. As she squirms around and starts to close her legs, Tim pushes his tongue against her wet pussy lips and takes one long stroke from the bottom of her slit to her clit.”Ohhhhhh!” Sharon moans as he repeats the long lick and she u*********sly spreads her thighs to give him more room. She’s never felt anything like this. How could something like this be wrong? She feels his tongue penetrate her pussy and she grabs the back of his head, arching her back as she pulls him tighter against her inflamed opening.Tim responds by taking a deep breath and attacking his wife’s pussy more vigorously than before. Her frothy syrup is so delicious, he laps up the sweet nectar while she bucks her hips off the bed and crushes his face into her pubic hair. Her scent is intoxicating as he breathes through his nose and tongue fucks her aching pussy.”Oh my god!” Sharon cries when Tim moves to her clit, flicking his tongue across it before he sucks it into his mouth. The unexpected sensations drive her completely wild.”Oh! Ohh! Ohhh! Ohhhhh!” Sharon screams as her orgasm builds and Tim pushes two fingers into her soggy pussy. She is humping escort fethiye against his face like a mad woman, her fingers entangled in his hair so he can’t pull away. He sucks on her clit while continuing to pump his fingers in and out of her hot pussy.”Oh! Tim! Oh! Don’t stop!” Sharon clenches her pussy around his fingers, jerking wildly as her whole body shakes. Her head and shoulders come off the bed as her orgasm erupts and she gushes hot cream all over his hand. He slowly extracts his fingers and slides his mouth down to hungrily lap up her delectable juices.Sharon falls back on the bed, releasing her grip on her husband’s head as he licks all around, cleaning up her quivering pussy with his tongue. Oh God! It wasn’t skyrockets but it was incredibly close. She doesn’t know what just happened but it feels divine. Okay, bad choice of words, maybe heavenly. No! Isn’t that how Paul described their lovemaking. Why is she thinking about Paul at a time like this?Before she can think about it any further, Tim has licked his way up her body and is pressing his hard manhood into her very welcoming pussy.”Ohhhhhhh!” Sharon spreads her legs and wraps her arms tightly around her husband’s back as he plunges into her in one swift stroke. Yes! This may be it!Tim is ecstatic! His wife loved having her pussy eaten and now she’s rocking under him like a house afire! He rapidly pumps his throbbing cock into her as she turns her lips towards his.Without thinking Sharon drives her tongue deep into Tim’s mouth as she bucks her hips up to meet his powerful strokes. Her pussy is on fire and she claws his back as she tries to quench the incredible desire that has built up inside of her.What the…! It takes nanoseconds for her brain to process that the tangy taste on his tongue is her own orgasmic juices. Oh God! No! This is so wrong! She tries to pull her head back but there is no room and Tim is returning her kiss by vigorously pushing his tongue into her mouth, pinning her head against her pillow. It never occurs to him that she tastes her own pussy juice as he jackhammers his cock into her at breakneck speed.Conflicting emotions are tearing through Sharon’s brain. Her pussy can’t get enough of his hard cock while her mouth is repulsed from the taste of her own love juice. Oh God! She is a whore!She has become what her brother warned her about… and she can’t even stop! She grabs Tim’s ass, urging him to continue his pounding rhythm, rocking him on top of her as another orgasm builds from deep within her cavern.She never knew an orgasm could build for so long. Her rocket-launching orgasm with her brother exploded without any warning. This is totally different. This is mind numbing, life altering, unadulterated lust! Suddenly Tim’s mouth even tastes lustfully delicious. She grabs the back of his head and plunges her tongue deep inside his mouth, sweeping it around and devouring the tangy aphrodisiac.When Tim finally realizes what his wife is doing with her tongue, the erotic imagery sends pulsating sensations to his cock and he has trouble holding back his release. He slams into her, grinding his pelvic bone against her clit and driving her to the summit.”Ohhhhh! Ohhhhhaaaaaaagggghhhh” Sharon screams as her orgasm rips through her body, momentarily blinding her as she nearly passes out. Her chest is heaving and her pussy is quivering as Tim explodes inside of her and they collapse in a heap on the bed. Tim relaxes on top of his wife’s body and enjoys the pulsating sensations around his spent cock. They fall asleep wrapped in each other’s arms.The next night is almost an exact replay, with Tim eating his wife through a lengthy orgasm before pounding his solid cock into her anxious pussy. Sharon reacts even more enthusiastically to his oral machinations, entangling her fingers in his hair and arching her back as she rocks her pussy against his mouth. When he slides his hard cock into her sopping wet hole, she doesn’t hesitate to plunge her tongue into his pussy-flavored mouth. Their bodies rock together in an explosive, lust-filled frenzy that weakens them both and they again succumb to peaceful, exhaustive sleep.For the past few weeks, Tuesdays have been a high anticipation day for Tim as he looked forward to his Wednesday afternoons with Rhonda. But this week his mind is fully occupied with thoughts of his wife. Even Keisha’s generous cleavage, displaying the swell of her mocha colored orbs as she leans across his desk to ask a question, can’t distract him from reflecting on the taste of his wife’s succulent pussy. He glances down Keisha’s blouse but his cock doesn’t respond to the partial view of her dark areolas like it has in the past. He’s too focused on what he’s going to do tonight at home.Sharon sighs as she inserts the Tampon into her bleeding hole and pushes the string to the side. Pulling her cotton panties up, she takes her nightgown from the hook on the back of the bathroom door. Turning sideways, she looks at herself in the mirror and smiles at the sight of her jutting nipples. She’s never thought of herself as sexy before, but this past week Tim has made her feel like the sexiest woman on earth.Taking a deep breath, she watches her breasts swell and feels the pull of her skin on her taut nipples. Letting her breath out slowly, she tries to hide her disappointment that they won’t be able to continue their love fest for a few days. She’s surprised by how much she loves the feel of her husband’s mouth on her nipples, not to mention what his tongue has done to her everywhere else. She reconsiders the nightgown, hanging it back on its hook. She’ll still be able to enjoy the feeling of his skin against her aroused nipples.Tim’s cock is rock hard as he awaits his wife’s exit from the bathroom. He still doesn’t understand what caused the dramatic change in her but he’s not one to overanalyze his good fortune. When the bathroom door opens and Sharon steps into the bedroom, Tim whips the covers back invitingly. It doesn’t initially register that his wife isn’t completely naked.When Sharon sees her husband’s rock solid manhood extending like a flagpole under the raised sheet, she smiles shyly and imperceptibly shakes her head. Oh no… poor thing… why does she have to have her period now?”It’s that time of the month,” she says quietly when her husband notices her panties and gives her a quizzical look.”Oh… uh… oh… okay,” Tim responds as Sharon slides into bed next to him. Never in their year of marriage has her menstrual cycle interfered with their monthly lovemaking. It never occurred to Tim that it might become an issue now that they were making love every night. Clearly disappointed but not wanting to show it, Tim slips his arm around his wife’s shoulder and pulls her to him for a kiss.Sharon sees the disappointment on Tim’s face and when his lips meet hers she extends her arm down his body until her fingers gently encircle his rigid shaft. The unexpected maneuver sends a blast of pleasure through Tim’s body and he pushes his tongue deep into his wife’s mouth. Lightly stroking up and down with her hand, Sharon breaks the kiss and slides her body down lower on the bed, trailing kisses down across his stomach.Tim can’t believe his wife is moving her head down towards his cock! He pushes himself up on his elbows and watches her move into positions between his legs. As she stares wide eyed at his throbbing hard-on, Tim mentally urges her forward. Come on… you can do this.Sharon continues her slow motion strokes on her husband’s cock while she wonders what the hell she was thinking. Her face is inches from the smooth round head and bulging veins of her husband’s thick shaft. She’s never seen it close up before. She blinks her eyes, but it’s still there.Oh God, she can’t do this! She can’t put his penis in her mouth. That’s filthy… that’s slutty…that’s not what good wives do! No, but do good wives let their husbands induce fabulous orgasms with their tongues. What about what Tim’s been doing the last couple of days… didn’t that feel wonderful?Sharon’s hesitation is surprisingly having a stimulating effect on Tim’s cock. As he watches her struggle with what to do, his cock is throbbing ever harder in her warm hand. He knows she’s never done this before, never had her mouth this close to a hard cock and it’s almost as if one of his student’s is performing her first blowjob. No, scratch that… his students are probably all more experienced than his wife.How bad can it taste, Sharon wonders? Closing her eyes, she slowly extends her tongue and swipes it across the smooth head of her husband’s penis. Hardly any taste at all. She licks her lips and does it again.”Ohhh yeah!” Tim moans as his wife’s tongue makes contact with his aching cockhead. Encouraged by his reaction, Sharon slides her hand down and licks a circle around his cock just under the domed head.”Oh!” Tim gasps when Sharon’s tongue hits the sweet spot on the underside of his cock. She jerks her head back.”Did I do something wrong?” she asks, startled by his reaction.”No! Just the opposite,” he cries, “you’re doing everything just right!”Sharon smiles weakly and returns her attention to his thick shaft. Pulling it straight down towards her mouth, she swirls her tongue around it and starts licking it like an ice cream cone.Tim is in heaven as his wife licks up and down his throbbing cock. He stifles a moan as her tongue sends electric pulses through his sensitive skin. Pressing his heels into the bed and arching his back, he pushes his cockhead towards Sharon’s moist lips. Come on, he silently pleads, suck it.Sharon pulls her mouth away and takes a deep breath before continuing to lick the sides of her husband’s penis. She knows what he wants her to do and she’s really trying to find the courage to do it. Licking him isn’t as disgusting as she thought it would be. In fact, she’s actually fethiye escort bayan enjoying it and becoming quite aroused in the process. But the idea of him ejaculating into her mouth has her scared to death. What if she gags? What if she throws up? What kind of wife would she be then?Sharon’s licking is having it’s affect on Tim’s cock and he’s bucking his hips off the bed hoping she’ll take it in her mouth before he cums. Resisting the urge to grab the back of her head, he grips the sheet and continues to push his cock towards her mouth. Forgetting his surprise that she’s down there at all, he just wants her to suck his dick!Sharon experiments a little by sucking on the side of his stiff penis and Tim emits a guttural moan as the tension builds in his balls. Finally ready to take the plunge, Sharon squeezes her eyes closed and opens her lips into a wide, round circle. Tim holds his breath and watches her slowly guide the head of his cock into mouth.”Ohmygod!” Tim cries as Sharon closes her lips around his cockhead. He tries desperately to push more of his cock into his wife’s mouth but her hand has a death grip around it. Her lips are soft and her wet tongue is moving all over his cockhead as Sharon tries to figure out what to do with it.Sharon feels so slutty with her husband’s penis in her mouth but it’s turning her on like crazy. She never expected how sensually erotic it would feel. Moving her tongue around she makes room for more of it and slides her lips down a little farther. Her mouth is stretched open and she tries to remember if her brother’s penis is this wide. Ohmygod! Where did that come from? This is a hell of time to be thinking about Paul or his penis! Before she has a chance to consider the implications, Tim’s cock erupts inside her mouth.”Aarrrrgggghhh!” Tim groans as his orgasm hits and he shoots a powerful load of cum into his wife’s warm mouth. He can’t believe it! Even as hesitant and reluctant as she was, Sharon actually sucked him off! His body jerks convulsively as he releases his built up load.Surprised by the blast of hot liquid, Sharon jerks her head back and covers her mouth with her hand. Gagging on Tim’s sperm, she jumps from the bed, spitting the gooey substance into her palm as she runs to the bathroom.”Shit!” Tim sighs, quickly grabbing his cock and massaging the last few spurts of cum out as his wife disappears into the bathroom. He figures that’s the last blowjob he’ll ever see from her. Damn!Sharon washes Tim’s sperm from her hand and rinses her mouth but it’s not enough. She grabs her toothbrush and squeezes a huge dollop of toothpaste on it. While scrubbing her mouth, Sharon looks at herself in the mirror. “Well what did you think was going to happen?” she silently asks herself. Smiling at the absurdity of her question, she watches her breasts swing from side to side as she scrubs her teeth. Her nipples are still hard and she’s still very aroused. She rinses her mouth and takes a deep breath before returning to the bedroom.Tim watches his wife scurry across the room and slide into bed next to him. He wonders what he should say but his wife speaks first.”I’m so sorry,” Sharon says as she cuddles up next to him and kisses him on the mouth.”What?” Tim asks, breaking the kiss. “You have nothing to be sorry for. That felt so good.””Until the end,” Sharon sheepishly adds. “I promise I’ll do better next time.” Next time? Did she just say next time? Tim’s grin is as wide as his face.”I love you!” Tim declares as he kisses his wife’s face.”I wanted to make you feel as good as you’ve been making me feel.” Sharon stares into his eyes.”You did!” Tim retorts. “God, if you only knew how nice that was.””I don’t want it to be nice,” she protests. “The way you’ve made me feel these past few nights has been so far beyond nice. You’ll see…” Her voice drifts off as she wraps her arms around her husband and presses her taut nipples into his warm skin. Tim squeezes her tightly and smiles. Damn!Wednesday afternoon while Tim is racing across town to meet Rhonda, Sharon is doing something she never imagined she would do; she’s searching porn sites on her computer. Using google, she types in ‘blowjob instruction’ and is surprised at how many hits she gets. Clicking through blogs, descriptions and videos, she’s nearly overwhelmed by the amount of material.Embarrassed, and admittedly a little aroused, Sharon checks the clock. Today is Tim’s tutoring day so she has time to explore some of these websites. Unsure about whether this is the right thing to do, she reads a few instructional, text only pages, before venturing over to the videos. After seeing most of the key points repeated several times, she takes a deep breath and clicks on a video site that advertises ‘mind blowing blowjob techniques’.”Oh my!” Sharon gasps when a page displays women of all ages and ethnicities performing fellatio on men with just as varied penis shapes and sizes. Her breathing escalates as she watches multiple videos of naked women licking, stroking, sucking and making even the largest penis disappear into their mouths.”I’ll never be able to do that!” she cries at the screen when a young woman, trying to look like a teenager, takes a penis deep into her throat. Before she knows it, Sharon is squirming in her chair and her nipples are pushing against the fabric of her bra.”This is ridiculous!” she tells herself, when she realizes how sexually aroused she is becoming. For someone who gets embarrassed at ‘R’ rated movies, this is like the proverbial train wreck that you can’t look away from. None of the videos stop with the blowjobs either. She watches men and women engage in a variety of positions for both intercourse and oral sex. Sharon folds her arms across her swollen nipples and squeezes her legs together as she tries to put this into perspective.”Okay. I can see why this is such a lucrative industry,” Sharon says aloud as she presses the palms of her hands against her breasts and tries to calm her breathing. She’s never seen anything like this. “I just need to approach this like any other research project,” she announces to the empty room. Reluctantly removing her hands from her aroused breasts, she opens a blank page in word and makes notes of the key points she’s seen and read. There seem to be five key factors in a successful blowjob:Stimulate with your hand and your mouthKeep the penis lubricated with plenty of salivaUse your other hand to stimulate the testiclesLearn to judge when he’s going to ejaculateEnthusiasm supersedes techniqueSharon smiles when she rereads her notes. It’s just like learning any new skill, she tells herself. One of the websites said that ‘sperm is an acquired taste’ and encourages women to swallow it once and they’ll see there’s nothing to it. Must have been written by a guy, she muses, but then realizes that she doesn’t really remember the taste. It was the idea of swallowing it rather than the taste that made her gag. Well, if other women can do it…Another website suggested practicing with a dildo, banana, cucumber or popsicle. She certainly doesn’t have a dildo… no bananas or cucumbers… she opens her freezer; yes! popsicles. Sharon checks the clock again; she still has a couple of hours before Tim gets home. After deleting her browser history and shutting down the computer, Sharon strips off her clothes and draws a bath before grabbing a popsicle from the freezer.”You won’t believe what’s been happening this past week,” Tim says, bursting into the hotel room as soon as Rhonda opens the door. “We’ve been fucking every single night!” Rhonda closes the door. She’s never seen Tim this animated. His words fly out of his mouth as he waves his arms around. “She even let me eat her pussy!” Rhonda folds her arms over her naked breasts and stares at Tim with disbelief. “Last night Sharon gave me a fucking blow job! She started her period and…” Rhonda grabs Tim’s arm, turns him to face her and clamps her hand over his mouth.”Stop!” Rhonda says, cutting him off mid-sentence. Tim freezes like a statue and Rhonda drops her hand from his mouth. “You’ve got a lot to learn about affair etiquette,” she admonishes him with a gentle push against his chest. “You don’t come busting into your lover’s room, ignore her naked, horny body and start talking about sex with your wife.””You’re right, you’re right. I’m sorry.” Tim sighs, looking at her as if he’s seeing her nakedness for the first time. He reaches out for her but Rhonda steps back shaking her head.”Maybe after I’ve been well fucked and satisfied, I’ll want to hear about you and Sharon’s love life.” She turns away from him and opens the door. “Now try it again.””What?” Tim says as his cock reacts to Rhonda’s luscious body.”I said go out and try it again!” Rhonda grabs his shirtsleeve and pulls him to the open door. Pushing him into the hallway, she adds, “Now, see if you can get it right.” She closes the door.Tim smiles as he knocks on the door for the second time. She’s right. I should have been focused on her, not Sharon. Rhonda opens the door as if the last few minutes never happened.”You look delicious,” Tim says, before he takes a step inside the apartment.”I’m glad you think so,” Rhonda purrs, “because I can’t wait for you to taste me.” Tim steps into the apartment, pulls Rhonda’s naked body against his, and kisses her passionately. Sliding his hands down her back, he cups her firm ass cheeks and grinds his hard cock against her pubic mound as their tongues entwine.”Better?” he asks, kicking off his shoes and unbuttoning his shirt.”We’ll see,” she smiles as she makes herself comfortable on the bed. Rhonda puts her hands behind her head and slowly spreads her legs wide open for him. Tim quickly sheds the rest of his clothes without taking his eyes from Rhonda’s splayed open pussy. She wasn’t k**ding about being horny. Her pussy is glistening with moisture and he hasn’t even touched her.”If I remember correctly, we have a sixty-nine and a doggy style anal card for this week.” Tim smiles as he crawls up between Rhonda’s outstretched legs.”Well at least you remembered that,” she teases him.

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