Hello Mr. Robinson Pt. 11

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Alex Kingston

All characters are 18 years old or older. The race for reaching the anomaly near the sun is on. Greg finds his life becoming bogged down in meetings and trying to keep his world in balance. The people he cares about move in and out of his life. There are other things taking up his attention. Yellowstone caldera is building up to what can only end in a catastrophic event. Can they find a solution before it erupts?


Solaris: Launch

It all happened quite swiftly. I had never seen Nick so damned excited before. He had Ares restructured for its new incarnation as Solaris. I helped where I could but I had a full plate working with NASA, the Pentagon, and the White House. Of course, there was also my other job as Nick’s Black Bishop within the confines of the Order of Chthon. I was his go to guy on all fronts. The face shifting was a talent that took some getting used to. Rhea took full advantage of it behind closed doors. I had no idea she was such a fan girl. The face shifting also allowed for different voices as well. I could not only look like another person but sound like them if I have heard their voice. I had created two personas, one of them was a handsome man in his forties with bright blue eyes and a deep booming voice. He stood out in any crowd and not just with members of the Order. The ladies liked him as well. It feels weird thinking about that face in third person. But I couldn’t help it. He was so over the top and drew attention wherever he went. The second face was average with brown hair and brown eyes. He was quiet, often looking down, and was invisible at the bus stop or behind a desk.

I shook off the fugue and stared down as the gate was activated in the chamber below. Project Solaris slid into the gate passing from this underground base to earth orbit. Once it was clear of the ring it fired it’s maneuvering thrusters. We had telemetry and as the gate closed we monitored Solaris’ via ground radar. I glanced around to see politicians, military, and members of the scientific community. They were all wide eyed and cheered when the main engines fired sending the probe towards the sun. The flight would be controlled and monitored by the autonomous robot created by Nick. They even nicknamed him Gregory. I once again was the center of attention and a celebrity within a whole new community.

“When do we tell the rest of the world?”

The scientist who asked the question was glared at by many of the politicians and military. He sat back down and fell silent. I felt for the guy. I understood politics enough to know that this secret wouldn’t soon be seen by the general populace. It would cause panic and chaos. The religious right would as Lydia knew all too well lose their shit. Nick set his hand on my shoulder as he watched the perfect launch of his largest project ever. The hard part began, the waiting. I checked my HUD and saw that I had an appointment in thirty minutes and couldn’t be late. I had to be at a meet and greet for some of the middle echelon of the Order. I had been ordered by Nick to and I quote ‘play nice’. It meant I was supposed to take their requests seriously and report back with the ones I felt were viable. These were the eldest sons newly graduated from the academy located in southern Missouri. Nick had suggested I even visit the small town of Short Mahmer so that I could properly appreciate what the latest generation had been through.

I made my farewells and promised to meet up for what they were calling the after party. I had never seen a scientist drunk before. It might be worth my time to make an appearance. Would they be telling math jokes or just be silly? Rhea was flanking my right shoulder when we reached the elevator. Once the elevator door closed she turned to face me. She had that look in her eye.

“What?” I asked watching her body language.

“You are going to keep your promise.”

“Have I ever disappointed you?”

“No… it’s just this is a particular fantasy I haven’t shared with many people. I hope you enjoy it.” She said and then became noticeably animated. “Did Cindy get in touch with you?”

“No, I’ve been so damn busy with the launch I haven’t checked my emails.”

“She broke up with Oz. He crossed a line. I don’t know which one that might be but you should call her.”

“I swear if he violated her ass I will…” I fell silent as the elevator door open onto the lobby. “I will call her when we get to the car.”

Rhea chuckled but remained alert of our surroundings and everyone within line of sight. The car was waiting outside for us. Rhea got behind the wheel while I sat in the back. Once the vehicle was moving I began changing into the clothes set aside for my meeting with the Order. While the clothes were casual they were top of the line costing over ten grand for the entire outfit. I called Cindy once I had slipped my shoes on. She answered within three rings.

“Hello daddy!”

“What did he do?” I asked cutting to the core of things.

“I gaziantep escortları don’t want to talk about it. If I did you’d kill him.”

“That doesn’t ease my worries. I will have to track him down and ask him ‘nicely’.

“I know what that means. Okay… fine… he had me blind folded and handcuffed. That wasn’t the part that pissed me off it was… it was… oh damn it dad he invited two of his friends to join in without my consent.” She admitted finally. Silence. “Dad? Dad don’t kill him!”

“I think I can have Rhea take off a few days. She might enjoy a good hunt. Did they… break any boundaries?”

“Yes, they all did.” She said her voice filled with venom.

“I’ll handle it.” I said.

“I shouldn’t have said anything.” She replied.

“I have a meeting but the first chance I have I’ll drop by for a visit. I love you.”

“I love you too daddy.”

I hung up and changed my features and hair color to match that of my Black Bishop persona. Rhea drove me towards the rental car lot. There was a black convertible mustang with my persona’s name on it.

“Hey Rhea.”

“What is it Greg?”

“You ever wonder about Isix’s holographic mask.”

“What do you mean?” She asked and then suddenly I felt her mind align with mine. “Wait a fucking minute! If Nick had tech to change your appearance why did he choose to expose you to that god damn parasite?”

“Yeah, that has been bothering me since I saw her use it. Any thoughts?”

“He didn’t divulge the tech until after you had been exposed to the first half of the bonding process. The container broke before you could even decide. The things he put you through.” Her voice became venomous as she thought about the possible harm I had been exposed to. “He has got something in play. There must be some real reason he gave you the parasite.”

“I was thinking the same thing. He has plans in play and this is part of them. I… we will have to wait and see. Drop me off here. I can walk two blocks to the car lot.”

“Here is your wallet and be careful. Please leave Oz and his friends to me. I will find out the truth and if he did violate Cindy he will suffer proportionately.”

“I trust you and so does Cindy. Okay, I am off.”

I walked the two blocks and watched as the limo pulled away and disappeared into traffic. I felt a little naked not having Rhea looking out for me but I had to go to these meetings alone. The car lot was relatively quiet. I had already picked out the car and all that remained was filling out a little paperwork. I strode into the office and noticed the secretary’s subtle flush of color. Her heartrate increased as she asked me if she could help me. I told her I had ordered a car and gave her my persona’s name. She pulled up the order and smiled. I signed off for the vehicle and received the keys. My hand ‘accidently’ brushed hers and her color darkened to crimson. She was so flustered she was barely able to tell me to have a good day. I drove the mustang off the lot and slid into traffic smoothly. The club was downtown and with traffic a twenty-minute drive. It took those twenty minutes to push the urge to say fuck it and go hunt down Oz and castrate him.

I parked in a rear parking lot. The lot was unremarkable. The building it served was equally unremarkable. Even the neighborhood was unremarkable. It was the perfect disguise for the Washington D.C. chapter house for the Order. The front of the building was currently a dry cleaner. It was just the latest iteration that spanned over two hundred years. It had been any number of businesses over its history. It had housed a shoe shop, a tailor, and even a silver smith early on. It served its purpose to perfection. I got out of the car, walked to the basement steps, and walked down to the plain wooden door. I used my signet ring to unlock the door. There was a ten by ten space between the back door and the door that opened onto the interior of the chapter house.

I opened the interior door and smiled seeing its rich aristocratic atmosphere. It was like many of the other chapter houses but held its own unique characteristics. Among those items were artifacts that belonged to the Washington D.C. area. While most of them belonged in a museum they were the bragging points for members of the Order. I was greeted the moment I entered the club.

“Ryan, how the hell are you?”

“I can’t complain Charles. How is business?”

“Couldn’t be better, your guests are in the game room. Watch your back they are young bloods.”

Charles Manchester was a regular fixture at this chapter house. His duties here was one part bouncer and one part manager. He did the meet and greet for members when it was their first time at this club. The chapter house’s purpose was a place where members could relax and unwind. It also acted like a safe place to carry on business negotiations. Violence was a big no-no within the confines of the chapter house. I grabbed a pint of beer and walked into the gaming room. I saw the three young men surrounding a pool table. They were all around the same age and dressed impeccably. They couldn’t have been over twenty-five and that concerned me. Since I had become the Black Bishop the members I had been dealing with were older and more settled. These guys gave off a real chaotic vibe. I smiled as I approached them. They introduced themselves and I recognized the last names, Vellicate, Blackburn and Kung. I didn’t give them my name as a sign of authority. I was the one in charge here and they should understand it from the beginning.

“What can I do for you?” I asked touching their surface thoughts to see if they are lying or hiding anything.

“We were seeking funding for a project we hope will earn our families not only a healthy profit but some recognition as well.” Blackburn said playing the part of leader and smooth talker.

“What kind of project are we talking about and how much capital do you require?”

“One hundred million would get the ball rolling nicely.” Blackburn said without flinching or his voice altering in pitch or volume.

“Only a hundred million,” I replied and they smiled. “What do you need that kind of money for?”

Kung tossed a data crystal onto the emerald felt. I scanned it for viruses before I touched it. I found three viruses as well as a few other nasty surprises. I raised an eyebrow and tossed the crystal back at Kung. My frown surprised them, I assumed they thought they were being clever. I gestured and the holoprojector above the table came to life. It showed the poisonous code contained within the crystal and the three young men were on the edge of panic. I counted to ten before I spoke again.

“I will have to report this to the Hidden Master as well as your fathers. I cannot judge how upset the Master will be but he frowns on things like this. Your families will be penalized for this little breach. Now, I am going to order lunch. You had better be gone before the food arrives am I clear?”

They were out of the club long before the waiter arrived with my second beer. I accessed a secure military satellite and sent Nick a message detailing the actions of the three young men. I left punishment up to him. He might give the families a slap on the wrist or he might want to make an example of them. This was the first time someone tried something so stupid with me. It might be wise to let them know that I was in fact his representative and there were consequences. I ordered a steak and ate quietly casting a wide psychic net around me and the club. The three young men had moved from stupid to suicidal. They were lurking across the street planning on how to murder me when I came out. I did the only sensible thing. I reached out to Rhea’s thoughts. She was never terribly far away when I was on duty. I sent her images of the trio and let her handle it. There was a brief flash of rage and then her mind went silent. I pitied them. They had no idea how cold blooded my bodyguard and lover could be.

I threw a few games of darts before heading out for a meeting at the Pentagon. I opened the back door and saw the flashing lights of three police cruisers and two ambulances. As I walked up the steps and towards my car I could see one of the bodies loaded onto a stretcher. She didn’t kill them she only wounded them. I guess Nick was in a forgiving mood today. They were lucky and I hoped they learned their lesson. I returned the mustang and walked a convoluted path back to the limo. I made sure I wasn’t being followed before changing my features and clothes. There was a dead drop along the route with jeans, a black t-shirt, and running shoes. I reached the limo with my own face and relieved to have that nasty business over with. Rhea was all smiles and went into a play by play over how she dealt with the young bucks. Nick had ordered her not to kill them only put them in the hospital. Rhea had complied with great gusto. They had never noticed her and when they did it was far too late.

“I coated the knives I used with a plant extract that affects short term memory. They won’t even remember their meeting with you. I am glad I didn’t have to terminate them. They were so young and so stupid. I hope they learn from this experience.”

“If their memory is compromised how could they learn?”

“Nick, as the Hidden Master, contacted their fathers directly. He was pissed! No one and I am quoting him here, no one plans to murder his bishop and gets away with it. He has your six Greg and always will.”

“Has my six?”

“Sorry,” she said blushing. “It means he has your back.”

“Have you had some military training?”

“No, I dated a marine back in the day. He was fun. Better change into your fancy dress we are getting close to the Pentagon.”

“After this meeting, my afternoon is free and you know what that means.”

“MMMM, yes I do.” She purred as we neared the first checkpoint to the Pentagon.

My meeting with the Joint Chiefs was a follow up of the launch of Solaris. I pulled up the ship’s location and found that it was on course and on time. It would reach the portal in two months. The fusion reactors aboard allowed it to accelerate steadily for the first week of the voyage. I also had an update on the Spiderbot. It was ahead of schedule. A report from NASA said that it had found a cluster of dead satellites. The robot had snared them and converted them to base components as it carried the remnants to the International Space Station. The scientists aboard the ISS had reported enormous success using the raw materials to fashion repair parts and tools with the 3d printer aboard the station. Spiderbot was working perfectly and ahead of schedule. I was thrilled to share this news with the Joint Chiefs.

I still got goosebumps when I walked through the halls of the Pentagon. I was a simple guy at heart. To find myself addressing such impressive men and women had me on edge. The meeting went off well and I answered all their questions including one that took me off guard. It was the question about the A.I. at the heart of Project Solaris. It was an Admiral who voiced many of their concerns about the robot.

“My understanding Mr. Robinson is that your employer, Nick Shaw, used a unique artificial personality for this mission. Am I correct?”

“You are Admiral. The A.I. running Solaris is based off my own consciousness.”

My words left them speechless for all of five seconds. The uproar that followed was deafening. I waited until order returned and I explained how and why I had been chosen. Nick had given me the okay to reveal the machine brain interface. There were tons of questions about what I could and couldn’t do with the interface. There was silence while they considered weaponizing the technology in my head. I told them they would have to address Nick directly regarding that. The implant was still being studied and not marketable now. I left the meeting feeling a little nervous. I had cutting edge technology in my head. Would they see me as a viable target to kidnap and remove it? I hoped not. I believe they feared Nick’s reprisal if I suddenly went missing. He had given them a distinct advantage over other nations and held the keys to survival in his hands. If Yellowstone erupted their only hope was the blink technology. The odds of surviving a nuclear winter of such proportions was low indeed. The clouds of volcanic ash would persist long enough to create a new ice age. Billions would starve in the ensuing cataclysm.

I pushed such dark thoughts out of my mind as I left the Joint Chiefs. I walked down the hall to catch up with Rhea and our drive home. I felt a chill in the air and my defenses rose instantly. Rhea was sitting at one of the many guard posts within the Pentagon but she wasn’t alone. The handsome young soldier she was speaking with was the source of the chill I had felt. She was obviously fawning all over him which was quite out of character for her. The soldier got to his feet and turned to face me.

“Hello Greg,” he said and only when we made eye contact did I recognize him.

“Nyarlathotep, how are you doing M’Lord?”

“Respectful as always,” the Crawling Chaos said with a grim smile. “Jon and that bitch have eluded me. Do you have any ideas where they went?”

“I would tell you if I knew. I don’t.” I said keeping my words brief.

“You are telling the truth. Pity. I was hoping to play with your female friend here. I will leave you alone, for now. We have future history you and me. I will enjoy the next time we meet, until then.”

Rhea shook her head and wrapped her arms about herself. She looked at me and frowned. I held her when she got to her feet. I knew that the entity that wore such a charming façade was in fact something ancient and without pity or conscious. I remembered the images of the blasted landscape of a world the Crawling Chaos had hurled out of its orbit. That kind of power was unimaginable. Humanity’s entire nuclear arsenal was pale in comparison to the capabilities of the dark god. We were insects to it and we could only hope not to draw its unwanted attention. I had gotten Nyarlathotep’s attention. It had said that we had future history. What did that even mean?

“Can we go now?” Rhea said her voice soft and on the verge of panic.

“I got your six.”

We left the Pentagon and went straight home. I drove while Rhea enjoyed the alcohol bar in the back of the limo. She wasn’t quite drunk when we pulled up to our house. I played chauffeur and went around and opened the door for her. I didn’t miss the two empty bottles on the floor of the car. Rhea leaned against me as we walked to the front door. Isix must have seen our arrival and opened the door for us. She helped me guide Rhea to the couch where she plopped down. It wasn’t until Rhea was safely stowed on the couch that I noticed that state of Isix and her clothing. Her hair was up in a single ponytail, her skin was stained with six or so different colored splotches, and her clothing was in a bit of a disarray and carried the same stains as her bare skin.

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