Hellie’s Restraints Pt. 03

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After swallowing a fresh spritz of Nicolai’s cum, Hellie sat back up in her seat and saw that the car had pulled up in front of a lovely, cream-colored house with columns. Then she spotted the gold-lettered sign by the door and realized that they were at the spa.

“I let him know you were coming,” Nicolai said. “He’ll be sure you get a ride home.” He stroked Hellie’s hair. “Get some extra rest tomorrow. After a deep tissue massage, you’ll need it.”

Hellie nodded. “Yes sir, thank you.”

Hellie stepped out of the car and heard Nicolai pull off as she opened the door of the spa. She walked into a large, shining lobby lined with plants and gold trim.

“Hello?” she called softly.

It took a few seconds, but a dark-haired young man emerged.

“Hello!” He said. “I am Thierry. You are Helena?”

Hellie nodded. “I’m Hellie.”

“Hell-EE,” Thierry said with a nod. He spoke with a French accent that Hellie suspected was fake, or at least exaggerated.

“I am so glad you came,” he said. “We are so slow today, because of the rain outside. I am the only one here.” Thierry went to the door and locked it. “There. You will have much privacy, and my dear, I will treat you like a princess.”

Hellie blinked.

“Come, come with me.” Thierry took her hand and led her behind the large front desk, down a hallway and into a large room adorned with gold wallpaper. He took her to a white leather chaise.

“Please,” he said. “Remove all clothing. Feel free to put everything in this basket.” He held out the type of wicker basket that was probably worth 5 bucks but sold on fancy furniture websites for 50. Hellie swallowed and took off all of her clothes as he watched. She felt her nipples harden. She put them into the basket along with her purse.

“Yes, very good,” he said. “Now, let’s see your petite chatte.” Thierry sat her down and pushed her thighs apart. Hellie stifled a tiny whimper.

“Oh! So nice.” He looked at her. “You do yourself?”

“Um, yes.”

“Beautiful. You get wax before?”

Hellie nodded. “A couple of times.”

“Ah, very good, so you know the feeling. But Hellie? I wax you like nobody else. Nobody. Else.” He patted the top of her pussy and Hellie drew in a breath. “Oh,” he said casually. “May I take photo for before and after?”

Hellie nodded.

“Very good, spread the legs just a little bit more…parfait!” Thierry took a photo of her pussy with his phone. “So beautiful. And we make even more! Now please turn over, I will wax your asshole too.”

“Oh! Right.” Hellie turned over onto her hands and knees.

“Head down please, head down, yes, sit back on the heels…perfect!” Hellie could hear the camera effect on his phone, and each time it went off, she felt her pussy and asshole squeeze and release in a kind of strange arousal.

“Beautiful,” Thierry said again. “Just beautiful. So gorgeous and tight…” Hellie thought she heard his accent break, just for a second.

“Okay!” It came back. “We started with the legs. I’ll put on some music so that you can relax.”

Thierry put a pillow beneath Hellie’s head and she lay comfortably on her back. He opened a box and pulled out a u-shaped object.

“Now,” he said. “We put this on your pussy, just to help you relax. Is there any music that you like best?”

Hellie frowned, unprepared to make a decision. “Um, R&B?”

She watched as he put lube on the object. Then he slid one end of it just inside of her pussy. The other end, he pressed against her clit. He pressed a button on a remote and the thing began to vibrate, pulsing against her clit and g-spot.

“Oh,” Hellie gasped.

“Very good,” he said. He put on some soft r&b and began to spray Hellie’s body with something nice-smelling. He then wipe her down. Her neck, her chest, her breasts, her belly, her hips, her legs, and 1xbet yeni giriş her feet. He opened her legs and Hellie moaned a little as he gently cleaned her pussy and ass while the vibrator did its work. After he’d wiped her down, Thierry began to wax Hellie’s legs, rubbing her with ointment between each pull of hair. He waxed her clear of hair. He opened her thighs and rubbed them as he waxed. Pulling one of her legs up, he rubbed the bottom of her pussy gently with his thumb and Hellie moaned.

“Such a pretty little pussy,” he said. “The heart you shaved is very nice, but I think we should take everything, all the hair. It’ll make the pussy look so nice and puffy and lickable, yes? Like pastry. Like dessert. Americans love this.” He winked at her, his thumb pressing gently at the bottom of her slit but not going inside. The vibrator buzzed sweetly but not hard, keeping Hellie right before the edge, keeping her pussy wet.

“Yes,” she said softly, humming at the pressure from his thumb. “Okay.”

“Very good,” he said. He pressed the vibrator into the top of her clit, making it pulse harder against her, and waxed her pussy. The combination of the hot, then painful wax and the delicious vibrations was strange and nice, almost disorienting. He turned her on her side, and then to her knees and elbows to wax the crack of her ass. Without warning, she felt him slide a heavy, well-lubricated buttplug into her asshole.

“Ooh!” She squeaked. “Oh god,” she moaned deeply, feeling the satisfying fullness in her ass, and the unrelenting vibrator in her pussy.

“Lovely,” he said. When he’d finished waxing, he rubbed her legs, pussy, and ass crack with lotion, his thumbs coming so close to her slit, and then to her asshole.

“You are so smooth now,” he whispered. “So smooth and slippery. I make you a masterpiece, no? I make you a perfect toy doll for cock.”

Hellie moaned, her ass squeezing at the plug, her pussy gushing wetness around the vibrator. She let him take his after pictures of her pussy and ass, both hairless and filled now.

He then waxed her eyebrows, her armpits. He brought her into a room with a shower stall and washed and rinsed her body with warm water, his hands brushing her skin to clear off hair and wax remnants. He moved the vibrator and plug as needed, but put them back afterward.

“I give you exfoliant,” he said as he rubbed her ass and thighs. Hellie moaned and quivered. “You use below the waist in two days, yes?”

“Yes,” Hellie murmured.

“Very good,” he said, moving up to squeeze her breasts. “This is very good for circulation,” he told her. His hands went to her shoulders. “You have tightness in shoulders, neck, hips, knees. These have been doing a lot of work, no? You are ready for massage?”

Hellie moaned. “Yes, please.”

Thierry dried Hellie off in a big fluffy towel. He picked her up and carried her into a cozy room with a massage table. A Terry blanket was draped over the table, and he lay Hellie down on it on her belly.

He began by rubbing his hands softly over her shoulders, back, ass, and legs, making Hellie shiver. He didn’t cover her with a blanket or the towel he’d carried her in. He rubbed her neck, her shoulders, her ribs, along her spine, her hips, the meat of her ass. He gave her ass special attention, squeezing and digging into the muscles there, spreading her cheeks to tease the inside of her ass crack with his fingers.

He moved down to her thighs, and the muscles of her legs, and then he rubbed her feet, pressing hard into the soles and caressing each toe, pinching them between his fingers and then interlacing his fingers with her toes as he squeezed and massaged the bottoms of her feet and heels. He took each foot in both hands to squeeze them with his fingers, rub into them with his thumbs, rubbing out muscles that 1xbet giriş had almost never been touched that way for Hellie.

And then his massage became deeper, as he pressed down into the places on her legs where muscle met bones, and the same on her arms. He sunk elbows into the knots in her back, ordering her to breathe and surrender to the pressure. He opened each of her hips, dug into the meat of her forearms and made her fingers clasp at the air as he massaged the muscles from her elbow to her wrist. He stroked her hands, pinched each fingertip, and Hellie couldn’t hold in a moan as he massaged the meat at the base of her thumb. He pushed into the muscles of her neck until they released, surrendered. And then he turned her over.

After massaging her temples, her jaw, her neck, her collar, and all down her arms, hips, and legs, he finally came to her breasts and belly, rubbing and squeezing firmly, pinching her nipples hard and releasing, finally, an orgasm that Hellie hadn’t realized she’d been edging toward. She screamed as it moved through her, her pussy hungry to have more inside it, her ass contracting deliciously around the plug.

“That’s so good, Hellie,” he whispered, his accent beginning to fall away. “That’s it, just let go, baby. Let go.”

“Oh god,” Hellie whimpered.

He pinched and pulled her nipples until they were bright pink, deliciously sore, and she came again, holding onto the edges of the table.

He rubbed her belly, gripped her hips, and brought his face down to her pussy to breathe on it.

“You look so beautiful, baby,” he said.

“Please,” Hellie moaned, feeling his warm breath on the delicate, completely bare skin of her pussy. “Please, please.”

Thierry gently pulled the vibrator out of Hellie’s pussy and away from her clit.

“Please,” she whimpered again.

Thierry reached a thumb inside of her pussy, his index and middle finger rubbing and then carefully pinching her clit.

“Oh my god,” she sobbed. He made her come, then come again, and he encouraged her cries, her yelling, her sobs.

“That’s it sweet girl, there’s nobody here,” he said. “Let that tension go, let it all go. Be that perfect, loose, divine little toy. Only that pussy should be tight, baby. Relax and cum hard for me, that’s it.” He took his hands from her pussy, rubbed them down the tops of her thighs. He massaged her thick inner thighs, just outside of her pussy, then moved in toward her fleshy outer lips, her soaking-wet inner lips. Finally, both of his thumbs slid into her pussy, massaging her inside, and he bent his head down to suck and lick at her clit.

Her body folded forward, her hips pumping and rolling, pressing her pussy into his face as he slurped at her clit. He pulled his fingers out and held her thighs apart while he stroked her pussy with his tongue, lapping at her newly hairless skin, her pussy lips, and then sliding just inside of her wet pussy slit. His tongue stroked from inside of her pussy up to her clit. He did this again and again and again. His fingers reached into her and pressed down inside of her pussy toward her ass, stroking the inside of her pussy and also pressing against the plug in her asshole, all as he continued to lick her clit.

Hellie lost track of the orgasms, couldn’t distinguish between them anymore. She felt like her body was vibrating, like pleasure was coursing through every part of her, leaking from her pores. She yelped, sobbed, hummed, cried, shouted, swore.

When it was all over, he gently removed his hands and mouth, and filled her spent pussy with his cock. She whimpered and begged, first telling him it was too much and them asking him not to stop. She cried in pleasure as he fucked her pussy, folding her legs back and bending her knees toward her shoulders. His dick pressed deeply into her.

“Oh god 1xbet güvenilirmi oh god ohgodohgodohgoddd,” she cried.

“That’s a wet little pussy isn’t it baby,” he said. “Did Thierry make that little pussy helpless, baby?”

“Yessss,” Hellie moaned. “God, please, fuck!” She came again, nearly passing out, and Thierry pulled his cock from her pussy. Gently, carefully, slowly, he removed the plug from her ass and pushed his cock inside.

Hellie screamed, feeling herself completely shattered. She felt her pussy completely lose control as juice poured from her. She sent sweet juice all over his cock and low belly, and Thierry smiled and fucker her ass with stronger thrusts, making her squirt again, making her cry, making her whole body limp. She was dimly aware of his continued thrusts, and gasped when he came. He left her for several minutes while he went to clean up, and she lay there in delirium.

He came back, picked up her naked body effortlessly, and brought her into a cool jacuzzi. He massaged the inside of her pussy and asshole as she soaked, one finger going in, and then another. Her pussy, still wet and full of both of their cum, stretched for him as he added the rest of his fingers and began to slide them in and out of her.

“That’s what we do here, baby,” he whispered. “We make you a good, wet hole for cock. Are you a good hole baby girl?”

Tears filled Hellie’s eyes, her body overwhelmed with pleasure and sensation. “Yes please, I want to be, please,” she breathed.

Thierry sank his hand into her pussy, making a fist.

Hellie made high-pitched noises as his fist moved inside her, her pussy desperately squeezing his hand. A finger from his other hand continued to massage her asshole. Hellie felt each orgasm throughout her body come together into a continued pulse through her, until finally she really did pass out.

When she awoke, Hellie was in a large, canopied bed, with all of her belongings on a velvet chair next to her. She went back to sleep.

She woke up the next morning to the feeling of Thierry’s mouth on her pussy again. He ate her to rapturous completion, then fucked her pussy and filled it with his cum. After he bathed and dressed her, he walked her down to the lobby.

“I admit,” he said, his French accent miraculously returning. “I would much prefer to keep you here for the pleasure of myself and my customers.”

Hellie giggled. Her brain felt like mush and her body felt like heaven.

“This is my driver, Herman,” said Thierry. “He will get you some breakfast and take you to work.” Thierry kissed Hellie and escorted her to the car.

A few hours later, Hellie’s stomach full of breakfast and Herman’s cum, Hellie walked into the store and clocked into her 12-5 shift.

She apologized to Barry, who’d gone to her house that morning only for Bryan to tell him that she hadn’t come home. He’d later found out from Nicolai that Hellie would be late to work.

“I’m so sorry, Barry,” she said. “I completely forgot. Maybe I could make it up to you?” She gave him a naughty but sincere smile, and later, in Nicolai’s office, Barry ran his tongue over Hellie’s naked pussy while she sucked on his cock.

At 5, the two of them walked to the door to head home. Karen stopped them.

Quietly, Hellie swallowed. She had avoided Karen carefully since she’d accidentally-on-purpose fucked Karen’s father in the store parking lot.

“Hey you guys,” said Karen. “I’m having a July 4th party. I just sent everybody the invite, so you better be there next weekend.”

“That would be great,” Hellie said automatically.

Barry looked at his phone to find the invitation. “Oh fuck yeah, it’s a pool party? I can’t wait to see you ladies in bikinis.”

Hellie whacked him on the arm. “Ew, perv.” She grinned up at him, and they walked out to his car. He rested his hand on Hellie’s ass as she sucked his cock. She moaned as his hand slid into her pants to feel her bare ass. His other hand gripped her hair as she made herself gag on him.

He didn’t turn the car on until he’d cum down her throat.

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