Hell of a First Time

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Chair Sex

Vyrra repeated the basics of her training in her mind as she stepped through the door into the mortal world. Find a lustful man; use the energy of his lust to give him his fantasy, driving the lust higher; store up as much energy as you can; when he passes out, come back through the door. Succubus 101. She put on her best smolder and sauntered towards the bed, the strength of her target’s half-asleep sexual fantasies already feeding her. The bed creaked as she placed a knee on it, and the man…Mark, she read from his mind, lurched to disoriented wakefulness. Her first job had begun. She was trained, she was ready, she could do this. She hoped.

“Huh, wha, who are you? What are you doing here?” Mark tried to cover the evidence of his fantasizing with his blankets, but Vyrra pulled them back.

“Oh, lover, I’m here to make your dreams come true.” She ran one black nail down his chest and stomach, stopping her hand right before she made contact with his cock. “My goodness, your dreams are quite naughty, aren’t they? I can work with that.”

Vyrra’s read of his thoughts had a distinct theme focused on her sinfully lush curves: bigger. At least she’d gotten someone with mundane fantasies for her first run; every guy liked some extra tits and ass, right? She directed a thread of the lust energy she’d gathered towards her figure, and Mark’s eyes went wide as he watched her generous handfuls double in size, and her pert butt follow suit. “There you are, that’s what you like. You’re just about to burst, huh? Go for it, lover.” She moved her hand that last inch, and ran her fingers lightly up his shaft; he shuddered and came all over her hand. The surge of lust thrilled her. She was doing it!

A human might stop here, but she knew how to push him further. She prepared to feed a touch of energy into him, but stopped as she felt his lust still rising. She’d really gotten lucky. What was making him so eager? A thought came through clearly as his orgasm passed: bigger. Oh really? “My oh my, you’re a greedy one, aren’t you? I like that.” She slid her body down the bed, laying between his legs, and wrapped his still-hard cock between her breasts. “Watch closely now,” she purred, and grew for him. Her breasts swallowed up his entire length, growing to soft pillows her hands could barely hold, while her behind swinger seks hikayeleri rose upward into prodigious, jiggling domes with wide hips and thighs to match.

Mark was over the moon. “Oh fuck, this is unbelievable. Mmf, ah that’s good. Yeah, like that, so hot, don’t stop.”

He didn’t know who she was, or what, but he was entirely in her thrall now; even a human who could match her size could never match her skill. Vyrra hadn’t even given him the main course yet, but she was already getting more lust out of him with a titfuck than she thought she’d get at his peak. Why had she been nervous, she was a natural! Besides, it felt so much better for her when she relaxed into it, and he was right, this was quite arousing.

“Gimme another one, lover. Right here, all over these fat tits. You know you love them. Cover me with your cum, do it.”

She bit her lip as the dirty talk ratched his lust even higher; damn, if he kept this up, she was going to come just from feeding on him. She redirected a smidgen of the energy to her curves, just two or three more inches to each measurement. Mark noticed, and it was too much for him. His body tensed with a second orgasm, stronger and more copious than the first. The sudden wave of energy pushed into the still-open channel Vyrra had forged to her tits and ass, pumping several more pounds of mass into each, while the bulk of the lust filled her reserves and drove her whimpering over the edge herself.

She caught her breath, put both hands under one of her now-huge boobs, and lifted the overripe mass to her mouth to lick the hot spunk from her skin. She’d been caught off guard by that climax, and wasn’t sure how much more lust she could handle. Unfortunately, seeing her tonguing her tits clean pushed Mark’s desire even further; his lust battered at her defenses with one unchanged, undeniable demand: bigger.

Fuck, so much for mundane fantasies. Worry was creeping back in; if she didn’t sate him, if he stayed conscious much longer and kept wanting her so badly, she could drown in the lust and never make it home. That usually took an exceptional human…which he might be…or a rookie succubus…which she was. Vyrra had to end this, the only way she knew how. She looked down at Mark’s throbbing, amazingly still insistent member, then slowly raised her eyes to meet his, her gaze full of an unholy amount of heat.

“I want it inside me, lover. I’m going to give you everything, and you’re going to come so fucking hard.”

A little concerned with how much she actually meant that, she straddled him and lowered herself onto his cock, sheathing him in one long, smooth stroke. His eyes closed, his back arched, and if he hadn’t already gone twice it would have been over just like that. Instead, the energy of his lust poured into her; coupled with being filled physically, she struggled not to lose herself in the pleasure it brought. He wanted bigger, needed bigger, so she gave it to him. She made it a slow trickle of power, propped open so she’d expand gradually and continually without thinking about it.

“Hmmm, baby, oh lover, I’m going to get so big for you. You ssssee my tits growing? F-feel my big round butt b-b-ballooning under your hands? Yeah, fuck, fuck, you’re making me so huge. Oh darkness, yes I love it.” She told herself she was just being convincing, just trying to get him to finally finish, but she knew there was a lot of truth to it.

Her breasts swayed and bounced heavily as she rode him; she had to use both hands again to lift a nipple to her mouth. Oh fuck, he liked that a lot, and the boost in lust bumped her growth up faster. Vyrra liked it, too; it was really good, intensely pleasurable, too much. She moaned and whined around her mouthful of thick, swelling nipple as another orgasm tore through her. Her muscles wouldn’t follow instructions; she dropped her enormous breast and fell forward, the soft warmth of her bosom spreading across his entire chest. This was dangerous; if she kissed him, he’d blow right past her defenses and she’d never leave. She pushed herself up to arm’s length, muscular thighs still bouncing her immense butt up and down, and made herself smirk down at him. Her boobs covered him from neck to belly, and still crept outward.

“Fuck you’re good. Am I big enough for you now, lover?”

The answer rose from deep inside his psyche: “Never.”

Shit, she’d messed up and underestimated him, asked the wrong question, and his lust hammered into her. She had to find another outlet, somewhere else to send the energy so it didn’t overwhelm her. There weren’t many options, so she picked the most obvious. She could feel the stretching as every downward thrust of her hips drove his cock a little further into her; maybe making him grow was a mistake, but it felt wonderful, and she didn’t really have the wherewithal to come up with anything else. He was nowhere near her limit, she knew that from training, but he’d get there quickly if he got more turned on.

“Oh fuck, am I, fuck I really am. Aaaaah, how did you know? Yeah, bigger. More.”

Damn it all to hell. How many size kinks did he have?

Vyrra responded in the only way she could. She fucked him silly, orgasms washing over her several more times despite herself, while they both grew bigger and sexier by the minute. Her training in intercourse went out the window, and she moved on dark, sensual instinct alone. She sat back up, and her breasts grew to cover his body anyway. Each thrust was enough to slide even an above-average rod out of her, but Mark’s cock bloated obscenely to nearly two feet long, filling every bit of her admittedly inhuman capacity. The bed creaked ominously underneath them every time she brought down what had to be over two hundred pounds of unnaturally perky, impossibly jiggly ass.

She couldn’t handle much more, her control was slipping after more orgasms than she could count and more lust energy than she’d ever channeled. Three more minutes, maybe five if she was lucky, and she’d lose her mind. Thankfully, he lasted two more minutes before he blasted an impossibly huge load of cum deep inside her, balls the size of grapefruits draining themselves as his lust peaked, pleasure overwhelmed his senses, and he lost consciousness.

The cessation of the flow of energy felt like a haze had lifted, like the air had been swelteringly hot and humid just before a winter wind had blown through a window. Vyrra rolled sideways, gasping as inch after inch of his cock slid out of her, and stood beside the bed. She was absolutely enormous, mobile only because her body didn’t particularly care about mortal trivialities like physics. She smiled down at Mark’s sleeping form. He’d be back to normal by morning. Well, mostly, and whatever extra size lingered he probably wouldn’t complain about. “Thanks for an unforgettable first time, lover.” She walked to the door of the room, eager to be home.

Oh right. How was she going to fit through the door to get the damn portal to work? Now this was a rookie mistake.

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