Helen’s Photoshoot

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My husband had been dropping hints for several months that he’d like a set of professionally taken boudoir photographs of me for his fortieth birthday this summer. He’d show me websites of photographers in the area and offer to pay. Most just seemed sleazy.I wasn’t against the idea per se, we’ve fooled around plenty in the bedroom (and outdoors too) with a digital camera, my husband probably has upwards of 200 photos of me in varying states of undress. It just seemed a big leap to take, being photographed by a stranger and I wanted something different to a sleazy centrefold, legs akimbo type shoot.But the idea turned me on.Eventually I acquiesced and agreed that I’d do it. I told him I would research and choose the photographer and studio.In truth, I’d already seen the studio I was going to choose, and it was part of the reason I’d agreed to do it. I work in a major regional city in the UK, just outside the city centre. It’s a great area, edgy, postindustrial, lots of startup creative businesses living cheek by jowl with auto repair shops, scrapyards and derelict factories.The studio that interested me was the other side of the road and a bit further out of town to where I work, in a big Victorian former factory that has been turned into startup businesses, studios, retail units, lofts, workshops, you know the sort of thing, with a smattering of ever-changing cocktail bars, craft beer tap rooms, restaurants and galleries. I walk past it most days on my lunch break.The business that interested me was one that promoted itself as a “vintage studio” offering all things 1950’s Americana, precisely the look I wanted to go for; think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s meets Betty Page. But what disconcerted me was that although it offered 1950’s makeovers, pin up shoots and burlesque shoots for women, it also housed a male barbers that seemed to be aimed at the current scourge of male beardy hipsters.I contacted Tiffany, the owner, and arranged to meet at her studio then have lunch to discuss my ideas and concerns. Seeing the studio, my main concern was that the whole studio was very open plan, with the male barbershop at one end of the studio and the ladies’ salon at the other end, with a 1950’s diner and kitchen set and a vintage car in between. I explained that it was likely I would want some topless shots and potentially some bottomless ones too. I hadn’t seen anything on the website like this and could now see why.Tiffany was several years older than me, early/mid forties. A tiny, buxom, platinum bottle blonde bombshell, just over five feet tall and living her dream, owning her own business that allowed her to wear 1950’s vintage wiggle dresses, lots of tattoos and piercings, obviously a lot of foundation underwear and I guessed stockings, with vintage heeled pumps all the time! She reassured me that she did a lot of this type of work but for obvious reasons the sets were not put on her regular website and that she could arrange an evening shoot after everyone had left. We discussed options and prices and we agreed on a bespoke package that included a vintage makeover and allowed me one costume change, and a choice of four photos from the sets which would then by edited and made available to me digitally.I confided to Tiffany that I was wanting a vintage 1950’s classic pinup shoot but was also maybe interested in a Betty Page submissive/fetish angle to the shoot.We agreed to do the shoot the following Thursday evening at 6.00pm, Tiffany explained that by then, her partner Eric (her partner in business and relationship) who ran the barbershop side would be finishing up whilst she did my hair and makeup and then we’d have the studio to ourselves. It also had the added benefit that my husband was to be away overnight on business that evening so the photos would be a surprise on his birthday. It also gave me the weekend to choose my outfits!I have a reasonably large collection of replica vintage underwear and seamed stockings, almost exclusively bought for me by my husband Cliff from What Katie Did. They’re all his choice but he has always had excellent taste in lingerie and jewellery for me. I have three corsets (two of which are under-bust), a corselette, a Merry Widow, a waspie, several pairs of French knickers, suspender belts, bras, including a replica 1950’s bullet bra similar to the one worn on stage by Madonna several years back, and dozens of pairs of seamed stockings, some fully fashioned, silk, fishnet, nylon, black, nutmeg, green, red, Escort Fikirtepe blue, sky blue, purple, coffee and opaque.I spent most of the following weekend trying on and posing for Cliff in different lingerie combinations together with different dresses, shoes and boots. Cliff thought he’d died and gone to heaven! I genuinely still think he was that horny he didn’t suspect why I was doing it. I cannot count the number of times he fucked me that weekend!I eventually decided on a purple, floral print button through knee length shirt dress that was fitted at the waist with a matching belt; it looks great with a petticoat underneath, perfect for the look I was after. Also a pair of three-inch kitten heeled Fluevog pumps, cinnamon seamed stockings, a black, six strap suspender belt, black silk French knickers, an under-bust waspie corset and a choice of the bullet bra and a cathedral bra.I also chose a matching set of pearl earrings, bracelet and necklace and even decided which nipple ring I’d wear! My plan was to have one set of photos taken with the dress on flashing my stockings and looking either cheeky or demure, which I could possibly frame and have on display in our house, then a second naughtier set just in and out of my lingerie; I still hadn’t fully decided how naked I wanted to get.The working week dragged, I was so excited, and Thursday couldn’t come soon enough! Cliff caught his flight to Germany on the Wednesday evening for his business trip, leaving me free to pack my accoutrements for the shoot. My plan was to wear the dress to work but change into the lingerie in my office after work. I put the extra lingerie in a small overnight bag, together with a butt plug, lube and a pair of smart balls. I’d had a naughty idea that I’d get a thrill out of having my pussy and ass full, unknown to Tiffany whilst she was photographing me. In my fantasy, I was going to a fully-fledged porn shoot where I’d be gang-banged senseless, instead of a soft-core boudoir shoot.I made it to lunchtime before deciding to change into my lingerie. Off came the boring tights, thong and bra, on went the corset, suspender belt, stockings, French knickers and cathedral bra. The bullet bra was a step too far at work I thought, and even then, I had several comments about how narrow my waist was and questions about whether I was wearing stockings or not.Five o’clock couldn’t come soon enough but eventually it did. This presented me with a dilemma as I didn’t have anything to do for an hour; I’d originally planned to get changed in this time but I’d already done that at lunchtime. I decided I’d go and grab a drink to steady my nerves. I was incredibly excited but also somewhat nervous, the dilemma of whether to bare my breasts to a photographer, let alone potentially my ass and pussy was giving me butterflies in my stomach. Before I headed out in search of a stiff drink, I couldn’t resist going to the bathroom to douche my ass, all part of the pornshoot fantasy, then inserting my smart balls in my pussy and the butt plug in my ass. I felt sexy and naughty at the same time.As I left my office and walked through the open plan office, I was buttonholed by an old colleague and friend, Nick, asking if I fancied grabbing a drink or two after work, I replied that I was actually on my way to do exactly that and he was welcome to join me.We headed to the pub I had in mind that was actually in the same development as the photography studio. It serves real ale, craft beer and cocktails plus it has a killer jukebox and is popular with the alternative/artsy crowd that I like to consider myself a part of…Nick ordered a pint of some trendy, strong over hopped IPA from a local craft brewery and I went for a Hanky Panky which is gin and red vermouth in equal measures, stirred over ice. I like mine with a dash of orange bitters too, which made the barman raise his eyebrows when I requested it, but he nodded in approval when he sampled it. We decided to stay at the bar, and I got a thrill as I perched on the barstool as it caused the butt plug and smart balls to readjust themselves.Nick couldn’t hold back for long before he asked why I was wearing stockings to work and how the hell my waist was suddenly so narrow. I spilled the beans about the photo shoot present for Cliff. I enjoyed seeing his jaw drop and him not knowing what to say! Halfway down my cocktail I was beginning to feel very horny. Recovering his composure, Nick bombarded me with questions, Sancaktepe escort most of which I couldn’t answer, he said he wished his partner would do the same for him but doubted she would.A second Hanky Panky was ordered and consumed before it was time for me to cross the lane to the studio. I stood up to go and gave Nick a kiss on the cheek as I left. The cheeky bugger put his hands either side of my cinched in waist then ran them down over my hips, ass and thighs, feeling my corset, suspenders and stocking tops and murmuring “wow” to himself. I was very turned on.I arrived at the salon / studio five minutes late, which is par for the course for me I’m afraid. Tiffany introduced me to her partner Eric and the two other barbers, Alan and Noel, who were both pretty much what I’d expected them to look like; identikit hipsters, tattoos, bushy beards, severe short back and sides and differing combinations of ear stretchers, tongue and eyebrow piercings, plaid shirts, tall, slim. They seemed nice guys though, and as they made their leave, Eric told Tiffany they’d be in the bar I’d just left and for her to either call or join them when we were done.Once the boys were gone, Tiffany gave me the once over view, enquired about which foundation garments I’d gone for, approved my “look” and said she had some ideas on hair and makeup and got straight down to work. Apparently my package came with a complimentary bottle of Prosecco which I knew I wouldn’t get through on my own. I invited Tiffany to share it with me and immediately two glasses appeared. I was getting rather tipsy!Hair was wetted, setting lotion and curlers applied and under the vintage 1950’s hairdryer I went. Very glam’…Once dry and curlers removed, my hair was bouffant in a late fifties sort of way. Pale foundation and very red lipstick of a colour not currently fashionable was applied together with mascara; looking at myself in the mirror, I felt like a fox.We started the photo shoot in the kitchen area of the studio with me trying to look like a demure 1950’s housewife, all cinched in at the waist, happy smiley face, I didn’t feel very convincing despite Tiffany telling me I was a natural and asking if I’d modelled before. I bet she said that to all the girls!We moved on to the beauty salon area where Tiffany suggested I flash a little leg and stocking top; I was starting to feel more relaxed and sexier but still a bit awkward.It was time for my change of outfit, so off came the dress and with it the corset, I wasn’t comfortable being photographed in it. I’m pretty slim for mid-thirties but you can’t escape a bit of a spare tyre above and below the corset unless you’re super skinny! I wanted a more natural, smooth and sexy line; brassiere, French knickers, suspender belt, full length black gloves, stockings and heels were what I wanted.On removing my corset, there were the most horrendous pink welts on my waist caused by the corset wiring. I was a bit upset but Tiffany reassured me that with a bit of makeup and photo editing they wouldn’t be visible. Another glass of Prosecco disappeared whilst makeup was brushed on.Tiffany got me to pose on a sheepskin rug in the salon area, kneeling, on all fours, and on my back with my legs in the air. I was enjoying this and started to feel sexy again.Next up, Tiffany directed me to sit back on the stool in front of the vintage makeup desk, complete with lightbulbs around the mirror. I was starting to relax, aided by the cocktails and Prosecco, and many of the best shots were taken here, with my back in the foreground and my chest reflected in the mirror.Tiffany told me to remove my brassiere; I thought I detected a more assertive note in her voice but was unsure if I wanted to.”Take off your bra, Helen, I insist” Tiffany instructed. I meekly complied.Again I had marks on my chest from the underwire on my brassiere, Tiffany again went to work with her makeup brush, commenting and complimenting me on my nipple ring whilst doing so.Finally, as she was finishing, she tickled each nipple with her makeup brush. I gasped and squirmed, causing my plug and smart balls to move, making me gasp and squirm more. She continued to tickle my left nipple with the makeup brush whilst tugging on my right nipple ring with her free hand. I was in heaven as I heard her tell me we needed to get my nipples erect for the topless shots. My clit and pussy were on fire!We quickly took several topless shots on the sheepskin rug when üsküdar escort bayan Tiffany asked if I wanted to lose my knickers. I don’t know why I said no, I wanted to but I declined. I just wasn’t comfortable.I could sense Tiffany’s disappointment and I was disappointed in myself; it was still before 8.00pm, and I was still up for more but my time was up. I needed to pee.Tiffany saved the day, or evening, by suggesting that I needed to do a similar set, but she had an idea that if I was posing in front of a man, trying to turn him on, doing as she directed, it would be really hot. I kind of agreed with her but told her my time was up. Tiffany replied that if I got dressed again and let her take photos of me trying to turn Eric on by flashing my stockings and trying to get his attention, she’d let me have another two edited photos for free as long as I’d sign a release form on a few of her photos we’d agree on for her website. I needed to pee and agreed without a second thought.When I went to the bathroom, I took my dress and corset and bullet bra. Emerging ten minutes later and fully dressed, cinched in and with my corset on, bullet bra straining my dress, I was taken aback to see both Eric and Alan in the studio.Tiffany explained that Eric needed a plot device to keep him busy, i.e. Cutting Alan’s hair, whilst I was trying to distract him by flashing my stockings, knickers etc. She said to go with the flow and reveal as little or as much as I was comfortable with before I got Eric’s attention. It sounded like a challenge…Tiffany put some music on, Goldfrapp from memory, told Eric to concentrate on trimming Alan’s hair and told me to try and distract him. I started to gyrate my hips…This was the kind of challenge I liked. I could tell the two guys were trying to ignore me as I lifted my skirt to flash my stockings and knickers, I could see Eric’s cock stiffening. I unbuttoned my dress and took it off. Continuing to gyrate to the music I could see Alan’s cock tenting his pants. I unsnapped my brassiere and took it off. My breasts were exposed, my nipples were erect. I cupped my breasts, tweaked my nipples. Now I had their attention!Tiffany told them both to stand up and for me to kneel down between them on the fur rug and look shocked at their erections through their pants. This was easy, it was what I’d imagined, what I’d wanted and hoped for, breasts exposed, in fetish lingerie, caressing two very hard and quite large erections through their pants. Mesmerised, as if in a trance, I found myself unzipping Eric to free his cock. Alan didn’t need any help!So there I was, kneeling on a sheepskin rug, bare breasted with an erect cock in each fist, camera cclicking, salivating. “Lick them Emily, suck them, pump them, cup their balls,” I heard Tiffany directing. I eagerly complied.”I think you’ve been a naughty girly, Helen, I think you need to be spanked” was the next thing I was aware of hearing.Bizarrely I agreed that I needed a spanking. Eric sat in the barbers’ chair and I lay across his lap, ass in the air. Swat, swat swat. Click click click went the camera. It felt nice, I was getting turned on, but Tiffany wasn’t happy.”Lose her knickers, Eric,” she demanded. “Spank her hard, I want to photograph her red ass cheeks.” I squirmed and protested as Eric unbuttoned the sides of my knickers and peeled them off, but I didn’t protest too much; I now wanted to be naked on camera. I wanted to be fucked by these two, I wanted to suck them. Off came the knickers. I shrugged them over my heels then waited for the inevitable swat. Then another. My pussy was on fire and very wet when I heard Eric exclaim, “Well what do we have here, Helen?” I’d forgotten about the butt plug…”Naughty, naughty naughty.” Swat, swat, swat. Click, click, click. Close ups of my plugged ass being spanked.Tiffany told Eric to remove the plug, which he did. “Make her suck it, push it in her mouth,” she instructed. I had no choice. It tasted weird but turned me on. I sucked and bit on it like a pacifier. Swat, swat, swat. Click, click, click. Close ups of my face with the plug in my mouthSwat, swat, swat, my ass was red. The next thing I knew, Alan was stood in front of me, naked, heavily tattooed, a big fat cock in my face. He removed the plug and thrust his cock into my mouth. I gagged… Click…I was embarrassed; I can take much bigger than him without gagging, and I wanted to prove it.I demanded to be turned over onto my back, instructing Eric to play with my cunt while I swallowed Alan. Oops, I’d forgotten my smart balls! Out they came. “Make her suck them,” instructed Tiffany. Eeugh, but I complied. Click click click. Close ups of my face with a set of smart balls protruding from between my lips. I spat them out then swallowed Alan’s eight inches with ease. Click, click click…

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