Helen’s Face Slave Ch. 02

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Helen looked forward to meeting Ed. and hoped he would not be a disappointment. Even though she advised Ed. via e-mail that she was ONLY interested in using him as her personal FACE SLAVE, there are so many insincere and deceiving men who claimed one thing and turn out to be phony. Friday morning finally arrived. Helen was the type of woman who was always early and hated people who were always late. They had agreed to meet at 8:AM and it was 7:50AM. As Helen walked into the Sunshine Pancake house she saw a man who looked to be about 5:8 160 pounds, which was two inches shorter and about 55 pounds less than she was, and who she recognized from the photo he sent her.

He immediately walked up to Helen and introduced himself. “Hello, I am Ed. are you Helen?”

Helen smiled and reached out her hand, “Yes, I am Helen nice to meet you.” Helen had been to the Sunshine Pancake house numerous times, as it was only about one mile from her house. The hostess asked if they wanted a table or a booth? Helen’s take charge nature immediately came out. “We would like a booth in the rear.”

They were seated in a large booth at the end of the restaurant which was more private and away from most of the other breakfast crowd. Ed. was a little shy but could not help being excited seeing Helen. The pink summer billowy dress could not hide her beautiful big ass and thick strong looking legs. She was bigger and taller than he imagined, but the thought of being under such a sexy woman both thrilled and scared him at the same time. Even with open toe sandals, she towered above him. He licked his lips seeing her large, wide foot and long red painted toes.

When they were seated Helen looked at Ed’s face closer. He had a strong jaw, a wide mouth with full lips, and a large Roman nose. She thought he had the ideal kind of face she would enjoy fucking, as she already was planning on how she was going to use his entire face for her personal pleasure, satisfaction and erotic needs. She was looking forward to using him as her personal face slave, but she kept her cool and did not want to appear too eager.

They ordered coffee and breakfast as they made small talk getting to know each other. “So what type of work are you into Ed.?”

“I am an accountant and have my own consulting company from my home. I have flexible hours which makes it convenient for me to do the things I really enjoy in life.”

Helen smiled and raised her eyebrow. “And what are some of the things you enjoy doing?”

Ed. answered immediately, Well, I love to paint, exercise, swim, write poetry, and of course, orally pleasuring dominant women.” They both laughed, breaking the tension with his answer.

Helen found the opening she was waiting for and there would be no more small talk from now on. “As you already know from our correspondence, I am a very aggressive and demanding woman who ONLY wants to use your mouth, tongue, lips and face for my sexual and personal pleasure. You also know I like total control during our sessions, which means I may secure your arms and legs while being orally serviced. If this is also what you also desire, alaçatı escort than we will continue, if not, this will be the last time we will meet. As I wrote to you, I am only interested in using you as my FACE SLAVE for a few hours a week on Friday mornings.”

Ed. realized Helen was the type of dominant woman he was seeking, but in spite of his excitement, he also feared her obvious insatiable sexual appetite and her lust for total control. He feared Helen would smother him under her pussy and big ass, but like the male spider under the spell of the black widow, the desire to submit to the will of this take charge woman overwhelmed him. In a way he already felt trapped by her charms.

In a low and submissive tone he told Helen, “I definitely want to be your oral sex slave but I have to also admit that being under your complete control also scares the hell out of me.”

Helen laughed but than immediately got serious and leaned her face close to Ed.’s to better emphasize what she was about to tell him. “I can understand your apprehension, but I am going to be honest with you. As I wrote you many times, I am seeking a FACE SLAVE and if you agree to my terms, I intend to use and abuse your face with my pussy, ass and feet. I admit to getting a thrill hearing a slave gasping for air as I ride his face and love the feeling of a slave’s face buried in my big, beautiful ass. I am also turned on by hearing a slave gag on my feet as I force them into a slave’s throat. You might as well know now that I am a multi-climatic woman and I never climax less than four times a session. I also recover quickly so you can expect to be kept busy licking and sucking me whenever we have a session. One more thing you need to understand before I agree to take you as my oral slave. I demand and expect you to drink and swallow all my pussy juice and pee the entire time we are together. Are you ready to come to my house this morning and be my slave for a few hours or not?”

Helen’s eyes bore into Ed.’s waiting for a response. Ed. realized he was in the presence of an extraordinary dominant woman who knows exactly what she wants and will settle for nothing less. In spite of his fear, Ed’s submissive nature came out in full force. “Yes, Helen I agree to all your requirements and demands. I promise to do anything you desire. I have never met a woman like you and really want to be your face slave.”

Helen smiled. “I am happy to hear that, but you need to be careful on your choice of words, when you say “you will do anything I desire” you have no idea what I might demand of you. Now why don’t we drink up our coffee and go to my house. My home is only about a mile from here. From now on I will call you by the name I prefer, which is fuck face and you will call me your Mistress.”

Helen lived in a small house on two acres of land. There were no other houses close by the open farm fields and Helen loved the quiet privacy. As soon as she walked into the house she grabbed Ed. by the hand and pulled him into the bath room. The first thing Ed. noticed was that the toilet was larger alaybey escort and higher than the average one. She put down the lid on the toilet. “Take off your shirt and get on your knees in front of the toilet fuck face slave.”

“Yes, Mistress he replied.

Helen threw off her dress and sat down. She looked down at Ed. as she used both of her hands on his head forcing his face in her pussy. “Open your mouth fuck face and keep your arms at your side. That coffee is going right through me and you better swallow fast.” Ed. opened his mouth as Helen crushed his mouth to her wet hairy pussy. Ed. almost gagged as the first shot of pee hit the back of his throat. There was no choice but to swallow as fast as he could or drown in her piss.

The sound of Ed. gulping down her piss made Helen smile in satisfaction that she had finally found a man who would be her face slave. She liked how submissive he was keeping his hands at his sides, as she held his mouth tightly and kept peeing in his mouth, holding absolutely nothing back.

Ed. could not believe the force and amount of pee Helen had, as he kept swallowing and swallowing until finally it came to a trickle. Ed. knew his job as he began to lick Helen’s pussy clean of the remaining pee.

“That’s a good slave, lick my pussy clean.” She held his mouth to her dripping pussy until every drop of her pee was licked and swallowed. Helen pulled Ed.’s head back and looked down at him in lust. “You did very good slave. Hearing you swallow my pee really turned me on. Follow me on your knees fuck face.” Ed. crawled behind Helen’s big wide jutting ass to her bedroom, which was attached to the bathroom.

Ed. was surprised at the size of the bedroom. Even with the large king size bed, the room was large enough to also have a separate padded bench and couch.

“Stand up fuck face.” Helen ordered. He saw her grab what looked like long silk scarves. She walked behind Ed. “Put your hands behind your back slave.” She immediately wrapped one of the silk scarves around both of Ed.’s wrists, making sure there was no way he would be able to release himself. Helen than pushed Ed. on his back in the large bed. She than tied his legs at the ankles with the other silk scarf. She moved him to the middle of the bed and placed a large, high pillow under his head. She stood up over his face while hanging on to an obviously special bar for balance. Helen looked down at Ed. as she placed the bottom of her left foot on top of his face.

She saw fear in his eyes, which excited her. Her large foot now completely covered his face. “Stick your tongue out slave.” As soon as his tongue came out Helen began to place more weight on her foot, rubbing it forward and back on Ed.’s crushed face. “Oh how I love having my feet licked and sucked slave. It makes my pussy wet, which you will be tasting soon fuck face.” Helen made Ed. lick between each of her toes and than demanded he suck on each of her toes, and finally attempted to force all her toes and foot into his mouth, stretching his lips to the extreme. Once both of her feet were licked aliağa escort and sucked to her satisfaction, she began squatting over Ed.’s face.

Helen held on to the front head board as she lowered her pussy directly over Ed’s face. He immediately began to lick her pussy as he felt her weight settle on his face. The fear of being smothered made Ed. lick Helen’s pussy faster. This pleased her as she began to slowly grind her pussy and ass forward and back on Ed’s trapped face.

She felt the first climax coming on and she began to literally bounce her pussy and ass up and down on Ed.’s face. “Oh fuck! Keep sticking your tongue in my pussy slave.” She was grinding her clitoris on his nose at the same time his tongue was fucking her pussy. She rode his face like a woman overcome with animal lust. She was never content with just passively having her pussy licked, and only was able to climax when she literally fucked a slave’s face.

Her pussy flooded Ed’s mouth with pussy juice as she bounced and grinded her pussy and ass on Ed.’s face. He swallowed and kept licking her to climax after climax. He was forced to quickly breathe between her bounces as she sat fully with all her weight on his face. “Keep licking me slave. Suck my clit fuck face and don’t stop.” Helen screamed.

Ed. had under many women in the past, but he could not remember being so brutally face fucked like Helen was doing to him. Ed. was trying to be calm but Helen was smothering him with her grinding pussy and ass. He wondered if he should have allowed her to tie him up because his face was literally trapped and was struggling to take even one breath of air.

She suddenly moved up on Ed’s face so her asshole was directly on his mouth and his nose was buried in her wet pussy. “Stick you tongue up my asshole fuck face.” She screamed.

In a way, it was at least easier to breath in this position as Ed. drove his tongue deep into Helen’s shit hole. Helen grinded her asshole hard on Ed’s mouth trying to get even more of his tongue up her shit hole, as she fucked his nose with her pussy. She was intent on using his whole face for her pleasure.

Helen again began to bounce and grind on Ed’s face using all her weight, making him gasp for air. Her pussy was soaked with her feminine juices as she brutally fucked Ed’s face, with no concern in the least that she was smothering him with her pussy and ass. Like a good slave, Ed. never stopped licking, sucking and swallowing his mistresses juices. Helen moved her pussy again over Ed’s mouth and began to pee.

“Swallow every fucking drop slave.” She loudly screamed. Ed. was getting used to gulping down and keeping up with Helen’s abundant pussy juice and pee. He must have swallowed a quart of her pee before she finally was finished peeing and Cumming.

After Ed. totally cleaned Helen’s pussy and asshole, she got off his soaked face and sat on his chest, watching him catch his breath.

“That was absolutely wonderful slave. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did my little fuck face.”

Ed. was exhausted but happy he was able to please Helen the way she wanted. “I am so happy to be your oral sex slave.”

Helen smiled looking down at Ed’s face. ” I intend to make full use of your mouth, tongue, lips and face. I am so happy to have finally found my own personal face slave.”



P.S. Any comments and ideas are always welcome. Ossforyou.

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