Helen Agrees

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Remarkably, after the assault by the stranger, things began to look up for Helen.

On her way to work the next morning, she’s stopped at the bookstore, and in their small DVD section, found a copy of Y Tu Mama Tambien as a gift for Gwen. She’d seen the film at a local art cinema; it was quite well done and terribly sexy. After her experience the previous night, she felt like being daring.

She had second thoughts when the time came for the Secret Santa exchange. But since she had nothing else to give Gwen, and the DVD had already been wrapped at the store, she sheepishly gave it to her. Helen’s cheeks were burning as Gwen opened it, and let out a squeal of delight.

“Oh, I’ve been wanting to see this! I hear it’s very naughty!” She gave Helen a hug and thanked her.

“That’s the one with the two young guys and the older woman, isn’t it?” added Mary. “Have you been holding out on us, Helen?”

There was a good deal of joking about getting together to watch the movie in the lunchroom, but thankfully nobody seemed to find it the gift inappropriate.

Helen’s gift from her own “secret Santa,” Don in accounting, was a jar of bath salts.

“My wife picked the gift,” he announced sheepishly as Helen opened it. She thanked him, and meant it. She loved nice bath things, and it was a much better gift than many.

Later in the day, when the party was over and everyone had returned to their desks, she got a call from the auto shop. Her car was ready to pick up, and the final repair cost was less than the estimate!

After work she took the bus to the auto shop, and picked up her car. She arrived home late, and found a message from her boyfriend on the answering machine: “Helen, I’ve been thinking a lot about some of the thing you said when we were fighting. I’m afraid, if that’s the way you feel, you’re just not the right person for me. I don’t think we should continue seeing one another.”

That was just like him, she thought. What a cowardly way to break up – leaving a message on the machine! Oddly enough, she felt more relieved than upset.

She made herself a light meal of leftover Chinese food, topped of by a glass of wine.

Finally, she had to face the thoughts she’d been avoiding all day.

The previous night she had almost called the Police to report that she had been raped. But in thinking about it, she wasn’t sure how she felt. The stranger had done nothing to really harm her… and several times, he had told her it was her choice if she wanted to continue. And it had been an incredible experience… frightening, but at the same time incredibly arousing.

Finally, she sat down at her computer and composed an e-mail message:


To the mystery man from San Francisco (I don’t know your name!)

You told me I must write and thank you – which seemed a terribly arrogant thing to say, after forcing yourself on me. But I must confess that, despite my fear, I enjoyed everything you did. I loved being exposed, being controlled, and being fucked by you. And since last night, I actually feel better about myself than I have in a long time. So yes, I will thank you.

The orgasm you gave me – or rather, I gave myself while you watched – was the most explosive I’ve ever had. I really thought I would pass out. When you left, I didn’t untie myself right away. I lay there, bound and gagged, and masturbated again, until I had another orgasm.

I was able to work out of the restraints without real difficulty. It would have been horrible to have to pound on the wall until someone heard and found me! But you were sure I could work free, weren’t you?

You asked me what I wanted from our “relationship!” Well, last night was perhaps the first time in my life I have thought of myself in purely sexual terms. I want that feeling again, and I am willing to try a variety of things that will give me that feeling. But there are some rules! I do not enjoy extreme pain, and I don’t want to be harmed in any way. I don’t want to be exposed in a way that would jeopardize my job. I do not intend to be anyone’s sexual slave… everything Bycasino I do must be done of my own free will, and under my control.

If you can abide by those rules, then I suppose we have a relationship. Oh, and you might tell me your name!


She hit the Send button without giving herself time to think. She went on to read the rest of her e-mail… a short message from her sister, a couple of work-related messages, and about a dozen offerings for Viagra, penis enlargement, and home mortgages.

She was about to close her e-mail when another message arrived. Her heart was racing as she opened it:



Thank you for your gracious message. I accept your rules. Here is what I would like you to do:

Buy yourself some sexy new bras and underwear. This is very important. I want you to think of yourself in sexual terms, and to dress the part!

Tomorrow at 7:00 PM, I want you sitting at your computer, in your new underwear and nothing else. Check your e-mail then.

For tonight, you must entertain yourself. Perhaps the photos I left will help?

– Will


“Well,” she thought, “at least now I know his name!”

By 6:00 the next evening, Helen was already at her computer. She was wearing the things she’d bought that day… a red lace strapless bra, and a matching thong. The lace was very revealing and made her feel sexy and a little slutty.

She had Will’s photos spread on the small table she used as a computer desk. There were a dozen men and women in the various pictures, having sex in various combinations. One of the men had a huge cock, and she noticed that there were pictures of him with each of the women. In one photo, two of the women had their hands on his enormous shaft. Though many of the photos included faces, none of the men looked like Will.

Helen found herself getting more and more aroused looking at the photos. She was touching herself, rubbing lightly over her lacy panties, and feeling them getting damp. She opened her e-mail program impatiently.

At exactly 7:00, a message appeared in her mailbox.



You were blindfolded when I left you. Find the blindfold and put it on. I want you standing in your living room, wearing nothing but your new bra and panties, and the blindfold. Wait there.

– Will


She suddenly found herself frightened by what she was doing, and how vulnerable she was making herself. Her legs felt weak as she stood and went to the bedroom, where she had left the blindfold. Her breath was coming in short gulps and her heart was racing as she returned to her living room and hesitantly tied the blindfold on.

Moments later she heard a key in her door lock. The door opened, then closed again.


It was silent for several moments. The she heard his voice, “You look beautiful. You’re a very desirable woman, Helen. You make me glad I moved to London.”

She felt his hands on her breasts, his fingers brushing lightly over the soft swell of her skin, then rubbing gently over the lace, teasing her nipples into hardness.

She felt his kiss on her cheek, then her neck. His breath was warm on her skin. He took her in his arms and pulled her to him, kissing her deeply, his tongue exploring her. She could feel his cock, big and firm, pressed against her as he kneaded her arse and pulled her tightly against him.

He ended the kiss and stepped away. She heard clothing being removed and tossed to the floor.

Then her was behind her. She felt his cock pressed against her again, nestling against her. His hands explored her body, brushing over her skin, teasing her. He tweaked her hard, aching nipples through the lace of her bra. His fingers slid under the elastic of her panties, caressing her soft mound, and then withdrew. He bit her neck lightly, continuing to tease her.

She was melting into him… she wanted to slide to the floor and let him make love to her. Suddenly, she became aware of another sound in the room… the clicking of a camera.

“Will! Is there someone Bycasino giriş else here?”

“Relax Helen. Just some pictures for my friends in San Francisco. It’s only fair… you’ve seen them.”

“I can’t do this Will. I’m sorry, I just can’t. I want to make love with you, but not like this, with someone watching.”

She reached for the blindfold, only to find her wrists grasped and pinned together behind her. She heard Will’s voice in her ear.

“Of course you can, Helen. This isn’t about making love. This is about sex, and pleasure. My friend with the camera is a visitor from San Francisco. He’s here on business with our company, and he’ll be leaving tomorrow. You’ll never see him again. But tonight, he’s going to take you.”

He let go of her wrists.

“Or we can leave now. And you will never see either of us again. It’s your choice.”

“Oh Will… I just can’t.”

“I’m going to make this easier. I’m going to bind you again, so you won’t need to pretend resistance. If you want me to stop, just tell us to leave. Otherwise, we are going to take you and use you, and you will experience sex like you’ve never had it before.”

She felt him pulling her arms back behind her head. From somewhere he took a strip of cloth and bound her wrists. He wrapped a loop of the cloth around her neck, then tied it, making it impossible for her to more her arms. The awkward position pulled her breasts up, making them jut straight out, making her feel exposed and helpless.

Will stood behind her and squeezed her breasts again, kneading them through the lacy bra. After a while, he unhooked it and let it fall to the floor, exposing her breasts and her hard nipples. As he played with her, she heard the camera clicking. After a while, it didn’t matter. His hands were on her, touching her like fire, racing over her skin. He pulled down her thong, touching her, rubbing her wetness. He parted her swollen lips, sliding a finger into her, and all the while the camera clicked.

She was moaning as Will rubbed her, spreading her wetness over her click, caressing her. The camera had stopped, and she heard a zipper, heard cloths falling to the floor. Then there was another body pressed against hers, a strong male body. He was kissing her kiss tongue forcing its way into her mouth. She was sandwiched between the two men, and their hands were on her, everywhere, touching her. She felt a hard cock trapped between the cheeks of her arse, and another cock – and enormous cock – pressed against her in front. She thought briefly of her fantasies while watching Y Tu Mama Tambien. She laughed a little, thinking of Gwen, wondering if she might even now be watching the movie while these two sexy men took Helen.

She felt Will pulling her backward, drawing her into the next room. The other man’s hands were still on her, touching her. Will pulled her down into a chair, and she felt her legs being pushed apart. She felt warm breath on her pussy, and seconds later she felt a tongue between her lips, licking her. A part of her realized that these two men could do anything they wanted to her… she hadn’t even seen one of them, didn’t know his name.

“Oh god, Will, I can’t do this. Don’t let him do this,” she whimpered.

She felt another mouth on her, kissing her nipples, sucking them. Her body was on fire. Her hands tied behind her, the blindfold firming tied, and she could do nothing but lie back and let the men pleasure her.

She felt herself raising her hips, pressing her hot wetness against his face as he licked and sucked her pussy. She wasn’t even sure which of the men it was, but he was licking her, sucking her clit, grinding his face against her. She felt fingers sliding into her, moving in and out, as he sucked her clit. Other hands squeezed her breasts, pulled at her nipples, held her down as her body thrashed.

She screamed as she came… her body quaked and trembled, her legs locked around the man kneeling in front of her. She felt kisses on her body, then her face. She eagerly kissed the man – whichever man it was – whose lips touched hers.

The Bycasino güncel giriş man pulled away… she heard them moving. Then something brushed across her lips. She recognized the scent, the feel of a man’s cock. She opened her mouth, knowing what he wanted, and felt the soft skin of a cock head between her lips, slick with the salty taste of pre-cum. She felt it pushing into her mouth – god it was enormous! She opened her mouth wide, stretching her lips, and the head of his cock popped into her mouth and her lips closed on the shaft. She thought of the pictures she’d seen – the women sucking that huge cock – this cock? She started to move her head, bobbing up and down, slurping wetly as she sucked him.

She felt something touch between her legs, felt another cock pressing against her pussy, sliding into her. She moaned as Will began to fuck her, sliding in and out of her inflamed pussy, filling her with long, deep strokes. The other man, Will’s friend, began to move his hips, fucking her mouth, pushing back into her throat, somehow just short of gagging her, and Will plunged in and out of her wet cunt. She lay there, her body trembling, hands tied back behind her head as the two men filled her and used her.

Will’s cock was moving faster and faster, and she found her hips bucking, meeting each thrust as he pounded into her, his balls slapping against her. She heard him let out a long groan as he buried himself in her a final time, and shot his cum deep inside her.

She felt the men pull away again. Then she felt hands on her body, lifting her from the chair, pushing her to the floor. Her wrists were untied, and she was on her hands and knees. She breathed in the scent of her juices as she felt Will’s cock brush across her face. She took him into her mouth, sucking him, cleaning her juices and his cum from his cock. She felt the other man behind her, the head of his cock entering her, stretching her. She cried out as he forced himself roughly into her. She’d never felt so stretched, so filled. He began to move, forcing himself deeper into her with each stroke, hitting something painfully deep inside her.

She focused on Will’s cock, reaching up with on hand, touching him and caressing him as she licked and sucked him.

The other man was fully in her now. She couldn’t believe she could take something so big inside her! He was moving, in and out, fucking her. Her pussy was drenched, and there were wet gushing sounds as he pumped in and out. She was moaning now from pleasure as her touched her in ways she’d never imagined.

Will’s cock was fully hard once again. He was pumping in and out of her mouth, her hand wrapped around the based of his cock. The men instinctively matched their rhythm, and she gave in to the incredible feeling of two men fucking her. She began to cum, her whole body shaking, her pussy clamping tightly on the thick cock that was filling her. The men moved faster, their cocks wet with her cum and her spit, and she was cumming again, moaning and whimpering as one orgasm after another swept over her.

She felt the man behind her bury his cock in her, felt it jerk and spasm, shooting a thick jet of semen in her. Will grasped her head and jammed his cock into her face, flooding her mouth with his spunk.

The man behind her was still buried in her cunt. She felt Will pull away, and she lowered herself to the carpet, resting her face on her arms. She heard the camera clicking again, and for the first time, heard the other man’s voice.

“E-mail me copies of those, OK? I can’t wait to show Jen.”

“Sure. Give her my love!”

Then she felt arms around her, lifting her, as the thick cock slid from her with a wet plop. She felt herself led to the bath, her blindfold still in place. She heard water running, the scent of bath salts, the men easing her limp body into the warm bath. She felt lips brushing hers, a soft, tender, sensual kiss. Then another kiss… slightly different, but equally wonderful.

“You were wonderful, Helen. I’m so pleased you didn’t ask us to leave. I think it may be time to find some new playmates for our little group… I can’t depend on friend from San Francisco to fly over whenever we want to play. Think about it…”

She heard the men dressing, heard the front door open and close, and heard the key in the lock as she relaxed into her bath.

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