Heaven Sent, Chapter 5

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Etan and Angel walked back to the bedroom, and he took her over to the side of the bed. “Kneel,” he commanded and she smiled, kneeling immediately. As she watched, he took off his shirt and t-shirt. She looked admiringly at his chest.Even though she had seen it before, she still loved the way his chest looked and felt. The powerful chest, the muscular arms, the way it felt when she was up against it and wrapped in his arms. It was one of her favorite places to be. Then her eyes moved lower to his belt, and the telltale bulge under it.”That’s right, my little slut. Playing with you has gotten me in this condition. And now you are going to help me get out of it too! Now unbuckle my belt and take off my pants. But only my pants – understand?”Angel nodded and began working his belt loose, finally unfastening it and then sliding his pants down his legs. He used the footboard of the bed to stabilize himself as he lifted his feet out of the pants, then Angel took his pants and folded them neatly, laying them over the back of a nearby chair with great care.Returning her attention to her Sir, she sat awaiting his next command. “Good girl. Now I want you to take off my shorts, and I am going to let you explore my cock. Up until now, we have behaved like a couple kids having a quickie in our parent’s bedroom before they got home from work. It’s time you learned how to admire and pay homage to my cock – Ankara bayan escort the source of your pleasure and the means of your own gratification.””Yes, Sir.”Angel reached up and slowly began pulling his boxers down. She pulled them down until just the tip popped up over the waistband and she smiled. She pulled his boxers down a bit more and the whole mushroom cap was exposed.She pulled down his shorts exposing inch after glorious inch of his hard fat cock until at last his balls came into view. When his entire manhood was out in the open, she pulled the shorts the rest of the way off him.”Good. Now take the cock in your hands like this and feel the silky texture of the skin. Feel the bumps and ridges, the veins running just under the skin. These ridges and bumps are what makes the cock feel so good inside you.””Oh, yes, Sir. I remember how good you felt inside me!””And you felt good wrapped around me, my sweet slut. Now I want you to grip it a little tighter and feel the hardness that my cock has. This is the duality of a man’s cock – how it can feel soft on the outside and yet still be hard as steel.”Angel moaned softly as she felt the thick, hard shaft. She remembered fondly how he had taken her for the first time just the day before. Since then she had been introduced to edging, fingerplay, and having her pussy eaten. She could hardly wait for the Escort bayan Ankara next adventure!”Okay now so far you know how it feels to hold my cock in your hands and you have felt me inside you. Now you are going to get to see what my cock tastes like! Any submissive worth her salt knows how to give a good blowjob and how to please her Dom with her mouth. It is a basic skill that one needs to obtain if they want to become a proper submissive.””Yes, Sir. I do wish to become a well-trained and proper submissive.””Well, you always start out by introducing yourself. You take the cock in one hand by the base like this.” and Etan showed her how to hold him in one hand. “Now just lean forward and give the tip a little kiss. That’s all for right now, just kiss the tip. Yes, like that.Angel gave his cock a soft kiss on the tip as he directed.”Good now I want you to lick around and over the cap completely cover the cap including under the rim for right now. Taste the saltiness and the drop of pre-cum that waits at the tip for you.”She did as he told her “Mmmm… I like the taste of your cock very much, Sir!””Well, I’m glad for that! Now that you have the head all lubricated, It’s time to lube up the shaft. This is done with long slow licks from the balls to the tip all the way around the shaft. Make sure the whole thing is covered in your saliva, and you will Bayan escort Ankara be ready for the best part!”Angel did as he said covering the whole cock shaft in a tongue bath. When she had gotten every inch wet with her tongue she looked up at him.”Good girl. Now, are you ready? I want you to point the tip of the cock at your mouth and slowly push your head down on the cock. Do it slowly – part of the fun of a blow job for me is watching your sweet lips go up and down on the shaft!”She started to sink down on his cock a little at a time. “That’s it just like that. Don’t worry about how far you can go – we will work on deepthroating another time. Right now, I just want you to get used to the technique.”Etan put his hand on the back of her head and showed here the depth and rate and tempo he liked. She was a quick learner – before long she was giving a pretty decent blowjob!Now Etan was the one moaning and squirming, and Angel used his vocalizations as a guide to knowing how to please him. She tried different things she had seen in the movie. Some he liked, and she remembered them for future reference. Some he wasn’t all that fond of and she dismissed them.She learned he liked to have his balls played with sucked and licked. But he REALLY liked it when she licked under his balls – his perineum was extremely sensitive and his gasp and moan when she licked him there told her this was a definite stop on her oral explorations!All too quickly, Etan felt himself getting perilously close to the edge of his resistance. He didn’t want the party to end just yet and knew he’d better make a change. So reluctantly he pushed Angel off him and instead bent her over the edge of the bed with her ass high in the air.

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