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A cool breeze brushed around the corners of the motionless fire trucks with a soft whistle, then carried the last remnants of heat into the dark night. After the 100-plus-degree day, the shadow and shade of the department bays felt cool and refreshing.

I unbuttoned the top of my shirt to cool the scalding temperature of my body and shuddered as a set of chills crawled up my spine and set in my shoulders. The eerie sensation of being watched made the hair on my neck prickle and I turned around to greet whomever was in the bays with me. Not seeing anyone, I shook off the feeling and slowly walked along the fire trucks and into the back of the bays where the rows of lockers sat faceless, coats hung up on hooks, pants and boots neatly placed on the bottom in constant readiness.

Above the lockers were the names of the firefighters and personnel. I walked to the last locker and looked up at the name, M. Donovan. Reaching up, I traced my fingers along the ridges and grooves of the white name plaque, remembering the first time I had seen him, my first day on the job.

Seventy-mile-an-hour winds were thundering against the 90-year old fire department building, bucking and rattling the windows with their force. To add madness to fury, the sirens on top of the station had been going off nearly non-stop for the past 15 minutes, alerting volunteers and staff to the fires and injuries being reported as a result of the summer storm. Firefighters and Emergency Medical Personnel rushed into and out of the building, answering calls in waves.

A flash of lightning briefly sucked the electricity out of the building and then receded in a deafening crack, causing the lights to glow brighter for a second before returning to normal as Matt rushed through the door. Dressed in jeans and boots, he was still struggling into his department shirt. Sweat from the muggy heat outside glistened on his bare chest as rivulets of moisture gathered around the sculpted muscle, trickling down. He carried himself with an air of self-confidence as he walked forward, his dark head bent over his task.

As his hands, beautiful, long-fingered, and strong, finished buttoning the shirt, I squelched a pang of disappointment that the view of his chest had been so quickly and expertly covered. Then he had looked up, and I had been startled into immobility, staring.

“Hey, Chief! What’d I miss?” The beginning of a smile played at the corner of his mouth.

Chief Roy chuckled and gave an approving look to the newcomer. “Thanks for joining us, Matt! Running in late as usual, I see.”

Matt grinned. “Couldn’t be helped, Sir. I was babysitting the twins and had to wait for my sister to get back. Luckily, she heard the sirens and sped up her shopping. I can’t believe how many diapers those two rugrats need.”

Still smiling, Chief Roy shook his head. I listened as he started running through the recent calls to which the department had responded. A house fire, which had required help from surrounding jurisdictions, was under control in the southwest corner of the city, a minor fender-bender with one injury had occurred near the college, and a possible stroke had the Paramedics leaving, their lights and sirens whirring.

I let his voice trail off and continued to look at Matt. There had been more to him than just his looks. He carried an air of electricity that charged the room just by his being in it. I wondered briefly if the electric flash that had occurred just before he charged in had happened, or if I had imagined it as a precursor to the man. Noticing that the conversation between Matt and the Chief was ending, I put a smile on my lips and looked up.

“Just do me a favor and hang out here for a few minutes. The way this day has been, we’ll get another call in a few seconds, and I’ll need you.”

“You got it, Boss.”

“Oh, before I forget, this is Mackenzie. She’s just hired on in the customer service position. Show her around and make her feel at home, will you?”

Stunned by the full force of Matt’s attention on me, I felt more than saw the Fire Chief move away. I had thought Matt was beautiful before, but his features were incredible up close. I did a quick once over, noting the boyish smile, kitten-gray eyes, and strong jaw. Head to toe, he was a wet dream waiting to happen.

And my assessment hadn’t gone unnoticed. A knowing smile spread across his mouth, and I watched as he allowed himself the luxury of doing the same. I flushed as his eyes traveled over my body unhurriedly, making me feel as though he were undressing me slowly in his mind. His eyes traveled down over my breasts, and the caress of his gaze put them on high alert. I almost groaned aloud as that same intent look traveled over my hips and a trickle of juice escaped my body. One look and I was ready for him.

His assessment of my body traveled to my tanned legs, mostly bare in the black mini skirt, and then back up. A broad smile spread across his mouth when he the way home izle noticed on the return trip that my breasts had hardened into stiff peaks, and then, finally, the full weight of his gaze settled back on my face.

In a low, husky voice, unmarred by amusement, he said, “Ma’am, something tells me that if we don’t stay far away from each other, the next fire this department puts out will be ours.”

I responded with a slow smile, my own voice thick with desire. “Something tells me you’re right.”

Now, three years later, I still wanted him. After that day, he had avoided me as much as possible, working closely only when necessary. His ability to walk away from that sexual tension had set me back a few steps. I started believing I had imagined the attraction, or, worse, that it was one-sided. My side.

My sexual curiosity was still on high alert, and my body could still make a bottle of K-Y jealous whenever I thought about him. He was no longer a wet dream waiting to happen. No, I’d had those dreams over and over and over again.

Once more, the prickly feeling of being watched shivered up my back and I looked around to be sure I wasn’t alone. Footsteps echoed from behind one of the engines, and then Jeff and his wife Carol appeared.

“Hey, Mac.” Jeff smiled a tired smile, a hint of sadness reflected back at me. “We sure are going to miss you.”

“Don’t worry, you two; I’ll still be around. I’m not going far.” I smiled and joked. “Besides, I figured you’d be relieved without me around to crack the whip and keep you all in place.”

“This place won’t be the same with out you.” Carol impulsively hugged me, chuckling. “I almost feel sorry for the new department you’re joining. They have no idea what a slave driver you are!”

“Thanks a lot.” I laughed. “So, is the party over? Has everyone left now?”

“Yeah, everything’s been cleaned up, and we’re the last stragglers out the door.” Carol responded. “Are you locking up?”

“Do you want us to wait for you?” Jeff asked.

Stifling a sharp pang of disappointment that I had missed saying goodbye to Matt, I rolled my eyes at them. “No, I don’t need you to wait. Sheesh! How many times have I done this before? Besides, I heard that you had a babysitter for the night. Go home and take advantage of the alone time! I wouldn’t be waiting for you if things were reversed.” As they looked at each other, I marveled that sparks still appeared even though they had been married for fifteen years. “Go. I’ll be fine.”

Then, after one more hug from each of them, they disappeared out the side door, and the building grew silent. I loved this place. Every part of it. The smoky smell left over on the uniforms from hundreds of fires fought and conquered, the camaraderie of those who had worked side by side to destroy them. There was a magic about the building, and I would miss it.

A car engine sounded outside, the crunch of gravel beneath tires, and then they were gone. Everyone was gone. Matt was gone. Swallowing a lump of self-pity that welled up in my throat, I turned and looked at his locker and once more traced his name with my fingertips.

A sudden image of his fingertips tracing the grooves of my body flashed through my mind, and I groaned at the swift flash of want and disappointment that rushed through my core. As I had many times before while thinking of him, I felt my clit engorge and swell. I was powerless to stop or control the immediate reaction.

I caressed my breast with my free hand, the other still resting on his nameplate, the closest thing to him at that moment, and then moved my hand away from my breast to stroke the soft skin under my skirt. Through the fabric of my panties, I rubbed over the swollen nub, in a fruitless attempt to ease away the ache. After a few moments, I sighed and gave up, resigning myself to a night of sex alone. One that could begin just as soon as I’d locked up, dropped the keys through the slot in the door, and gone home.

I turned to walk back toward the front of the building, but stopped short. The hair on the back of my neck prickled and stood straight up. Although I was alone in the building, I still had the oddest sensation of being watched. I just couldn’t seem to shake it.

I looked around slowly, trying to locate anything out of place, but there was nothing. No movement in the shadows. No sound. Cautiously, I began to walk forward, believing with each step that I was just being paranoid. Then, with a loud shutter and creak, the bay doors rocked in the rafters and began their rapid descent, closing. I jumped, stifling a small scream, and a cold sweat broke out along my arms and back at the unexpected action.

My heart hammered in my chest and I stood immobile, surprised by the revelation that someone else was there with me. Jeff and Carol had been mistaken about being the last out the door. It was probably someone I knew, I thought, relieved. the witcher izle I took a deep breath and walked toward the door, calling out to the unknown colleague. “Hello? Hey, I’m still in here. Hello?”

No one answered. “Hello? Anybody still in here?” Again, no sound came back to me. Exasperation at being unnecessarily frightened started taking the place of the horniness and fear of moments earlier. Sighing loudly, I started walking between the engines toward the front door, more than ready now to go home. And then the lights went out.

“Hello? Hey! I’m still in here!” I yelled. Since the light switch was located inside the bays, I knew that whoever had turned the lights off had to be able to hear me. But there was no answer. There was also no sound of a door opening and shutting. Someone was still in the bays.

Adrenaline rushed through my veins. I tried to gain control of the fight or flight response and think about what I knew. I knew there was someone in the bays with me and that they didn’t want me to know who they were. I also knew that being in the center of the bays as I was, I could be approached from almost any angle.

I glanced around at my surroundings. Although it was dark inside the bays, there were emergency lights spaced several feet apart around the walls. They allowed small pockets of light and cast shadows that seemed to grow and dance ominously.

I removed my shoes and eased sideways toward the back of one of the engines, watching for any sign of movement. Once there, I stopped again and looked around, searching. I needed to make it to the connecting door to the office, which was now one water tender and one rescue vehicle away.

My breath came in short gasps and seemed as loud as a dozen tornadoes in my ears. My heart hammered like thunder claps. The noise was so deafening I could hear nothing else. I peered around the engine, ready to make a break for the door.

One step and I was grabbed from behind, an arm encircling my waist, trapping my right arm to my side, and a hand covering my mouth. I screamed and fought with my left arm, moving it back in an attempt to connect with the solid figure behind me while trying to wiggle free. My screaming turned to sobbing and then the arm around my waist relaxed at the same time the oh-so-familiar voice reached my ears. “Shhh. Mac, it’s me.”

Hot lips connected with the skin on my neck and the husky timbre of his voice vibrated through me. A shudder coursed down my spine and my consciousness shifted from the fog of fear into the abyss of desire. The speed at which yearning took over made my knees weak and I melted against him.

His hands on my upper arms, he turned me so I could look at his face. Even in the shadow, I recognized the set of his square jaw, the way his hair fell against his forehead, and the sensuous curve of his lips. His breathing was hard and raspy, his body steely and tense, like a Cheetah coiled and ready to attack. I could feel his restraint and it only served to fuel my need. My senses sparked and ignited, kicking into high gear so that only he and I existed in that moment.

He pulled me closer, his hard body contouring to mine, his head resting against mine. “God, Mac, I’ve wanted this for so long,” he gasped against my ear. “Please tell me you want this too….”

I opened my mouth to respond, but instead felt the sweet invasion of his tongue and tasted the lingering remnants of raspberry punch and chocolate cake. I groaned an “uh huh” and clawed at his back, showing without words my desperation. Three years of longing unfurled and charged forward with the force of passion.

Our tongues darted and danced, our teeth biting and nipping as we ravaged. I jerked the hem of his t-shirt from his shorts, pulling it up high enough to expose the sculpted muscle of his body and the hard peaks of his nipples. I relished each inch of flesh.

With almost brutal interest, I broke our kiss to suck on one of his nipples, thrilled at his quick intake of breath. He smelled like sunshine and spice, and for a moment nothing mattered except satisfying my curiosity about his taste. Releasing his nipple and letting his shirt fall, regretting that he was covered once more, I started to descend, easing my fingers under the waistband of his shorts.

“Oh, no, you don’t.” He chuckled, above me. I felt a hand weave through my shoulder-length brown hair, pulling me upright and snapping my head back. He nibbled along my throat as he moved me backward until the cold metal platform on the back of the pumper hit the back of my legs.

“Step up.” His voice was husky and thick, and I grabbed the railing and hauled myself up to stand on the tailboard, looking for the steps, believing that our final destination would be the hose bed on top of the truck.

“No. Don’t.” He said, stopping me.

I looked down at him, and then shivered as his hands settled on my thighs. They moved upward, the witcher blood origin izle sliding my skirt higher as they climbed. Finally, at my hips, he paused. A glint of light flashed off metal and my breath caught in alarm when I realized he was holding a knife. Cold metal slid along my hip to the flat of my abdomen and the rip of fabric whispered in the quiet as he cut off my thong.

A small laugh escaped at the unexpected move, but died in my throat when he suddenly knelt and his hot mouth clamped over the smooth skin of my sex. His tongue slithered between the folds of my pussy and brushed over my clit. My knees nearly buckled at the tender assault, and I grabbed for a handhold, my hands finding his head, my fingers weaving between the strands of his silky hair. I struggled to regain my equilibrium as his tongue continued its stabbing motion.

I eased my legs apart, gaining balance and giving him full access, something he quickly took advantage of by moving deeper, until finally he found my center. I had wanted him for so long. Had wanted to experience and ride the electric current that formed whenever he was close, and finally, fulfillment was near. Better than I could have fantasized or imagined. Repeatedly, he plunged and devoured, a torrential force that had me trembling and sobbing, begging for climax.

Instead, he stopped, and I cried out at the loss, my fingers digging into his scalp and pulling his hair in protest. I looked down at him, meeting his eyes. We stared at each other momentarily frozen in time and place, and then I felt his fingers move up my thighs. Felt them tangle in and play with the slick wetness between the folds of my sex. I felt the thick roughness of his thumb ease inside my tunnel causing a hot pool of liquid to escape and he let out a tormented groan.

He trembled beneath my hands and I removed my fingers from hair. I grabbed his shirt collar and pulled upward, desperately hoping he’d get the message to join me.

With lightning speed, he stood, his mouth covering mine in a fluid movement. The juice from my body covered his face and it felt cold on my nose, cheeks, and mouth. I inhaled the musky smell of my wetness and marveled at the combined taste of his mouth and my sex. Still aching with desire, I pulled him toward me, until his body molded against mine.

The solid length of his dick pressed against my stomach and I reached down to stroke it through his shorts. Then, in a bid to finish what I had started earlier, I eased my fingers under the waistband of his shorts and pushed them down.

His cock sprang forward, hard and seeking, and I reached down to caress the smooth length of him. Wrapping my hand around his shaft, I stroked upward, letting my fingertips finish the embrace by tickling around the ridge and pulling on the head, then sliding back down. Our mouths continued to ravish, and, with increasing insistence, I repeated the motion of my hand, until he was rocking back and forth against me.

I wanted him. I wanted to feel him inside me. I suddenly felt the longings of three years gang up on me, pushing me to finish what we had started. I relinquished my grip and reached for his hand. Turning, I climbed the stairs to the top of the engine, pulling him with me.

The cord of the fire hose felt coarse beneath my ass as I sat down, but I barely paid it attention as Matt finished climbing up behind me. I reached out, pulled his shirt off, and then unbuttoned mine the rest of the way, wanting the skin-to-skin contact as we fucked. I lay down, and, with desperate roughness, he positioned himself between my legs. Hard, fast, and with violent purpose, we came together, selfish in our mutual conquest. Together we moved, savage and merciless, each of us seeking out the volcanic end.

The heat of the day lingered in the ceiling a mere foot above us, bathing our bodies in sweat as we bucked and rocked. My nipples turned into stone pebbles as they rubbed against the hair on his chest. The smell of him was intoxicating. I trembled. He pushed up with his arms above me and I felt him drive deeper inside as we continued to move together, my hips rising to meet him with each thrust. I reached up to play with his nipple, making it hard against my palm, and felt the hammering of his heart.

He went to one hand, the other expertly traveling down my body until he reached my clit and began to massage. I gasped at the immediate reaction of my body’s race to climax, becoming mindless in my quest to spill over the edge of sanity. Hard and urgent, we came together, the slap of our bodies shattering the silence of the department bays.

His cock became steel inside me, and I thrilled at the sensation. I climbed higher and higher, my nerves coiling tightly and then exploding outward as I came. Above me, he shuddered and, with a low growl, joined me in release. Together, we rode a shooting star and fell back to earth with it.

We stilled, our bodies joined. Savoring the feeling of satisfaction that seeped through my bloodstream, I sighed, content. His ragged breathing evened, and he shifted to relax beside me. Lying down on his side, he propped his head up with one hand and looked at me.

“I’ve waited a long time to do that.” He chuckled. “Ever since the first time I walked through the door and saw you.”

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