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A movie studio-Womanly Ways headed by Cindy Luv is getting ready to merge with Girly Girl Studios. Naomi, Cindy’s assistant, has been given notice she will no longer be needed. Naomi is in Cindy’s office preparing for the meeting between the studios when she notices strange e-mails and documents on Cindy’s laptop. She notices what may amount to insider trading. Naomi realizes Cindy is set to make millions and this is her chance for a big payday.

Cindy comes into the office wearing a snug fitting blouse and short skirt with nylons on and a pair of Prada shoes. Naomi confronts her about what was on her laptop. A monetary settlement is reached between the two ladies. Naomi leans in and tells her the money is not the only thing she wants and starts French kissing Cindy. Naomi begins to run her hand up Cindy’s nylon and starts rubbing her pussy over her purple boy shorts. Cindy begins to take Naomi’s blouse off revealing her erect nipples. Cindy dives in and starts to suck her breasts. Naomi roughly pulls Cindy’s panties off and starts fingering her pussy sending Cindy to the moon. Both women quickly disrobe and Naomi grinds her pelvis into Cindy’s getting both women off. Cindy throws Naomi onto the desk and dives for her pussy licking Naomi to completion. Naomi bends Cindy over the desk and licks her from behind lightly slapping her bottom. Cindy screams in ecstasy and turns around and begins to kiss Naomi. As Naomi leaves she tell Cindy I expect the money in my account by tonight or else I turn the information over to the police.

Several weeks later Cindy receives a phone call telling her to go to an address deep in Bell Gardens, California and when she gets there to knock 3 times on the door. Cindy does as she is told for fear of losing everything and going to jail. The door opens and Mistress Elexis and Mistress Savannah appear wearing leather panties and bras and long black leather duster coats. They Grab Cindy by the arms and hair and lead to a dark room where they disrobe her and put a ball gag in her mouth, bind her arms behind her back and put a collar on her with a chain. They lead Cindy to another room and attach her to a cross and Mistress Elexis begins to tweak Cindy’s nipples while Mistress Savannah lightly runs a cat of nine tails over her exposed pussy. You can lightly hear Cindy moaning. Mistress Elexis takes the gag off her and begins to kiss Cindy while Mistress Savannah spanks her pussy.

Mistress Elexis takes off her black coat and begins to suck, pull, and lightly pull on Cindy’s nipples. Mistress Elexis tells Mistress Savannah to eat her pussy now. Mistress Savannah begins to slowly lick her clit her lips gradually building up speed. Mistress Elexis removes her black leather bra and tells Cindy to suck my tits now. Cindy eagerly licks her breasts while cumming in Mistress Savannah’s mouth. They unhook Cindy from the cross and bend her over a table. Mistress Savannah tells Mistress Elexis put that strap-on on and fuck her now. Mistress Elexis slowly enters her from behind and slowly begins to fuck her then faster. Mistress Savannah has removed all her clothes and climbs on the table and orders Cindy to eat my pussy now. Cindy laps at pussy with unbridled enthusiasm. Cindy begins to orgasm from Mistress Elexis fucking her and Mistress Savannah cums in Cindy’s mouth. The two ladies kiss and then move in onMistressElexis. Cindy finds a double headed dildo and Mersin Escort the two girls move to the floor and insert the dildo . They gaze into each others as they slowly build up the tempo. Mistress Elexis is the first to go with Mistress Savannah kissing her passionately followed by Cindy.

when it is all over Cindy asks for the flash drive and documents.

The two Mistresses both tell Cindy “Get out now your appointment is over.”

Furious Cindy leaves empty handed.

Part II.

Fast forward one year where we meet Magdalene, a Los Angeles socialite, who is fed up with all the Los Angeles ass kissing. She decides that a change is needed and leaves behind her long time lover, Heather Silky, and heads for the desert town of Mojave, California. Magdalene is unaware that Heather has reported her credit cards stolen and drained her bank account. Magdalene breaks down on the edge of Mojave and her car is towed. Magdalene is soon arrested by Sheriff Rayveness Wayne, who is dressed in thigh high black leather boots, black mini-skirt with no panties, a snug fitting brown sheriff’s shirt and the standard sheriff’s hat. Magdalene is thrown in jail for using stolen credit cards.

Across town at the home of Naomi Knight. Naomi is lying in bed with none other than Cindy’s step-daughter, Rebecca Luv. Rebecca begins to kiss Naomi with her tongue and playing with breasts over her blue bra that is cut low. Naomi pulls away.

“No, we cant Rayveness will be home soon.” Naomi moans softly.

Rebecca begins to rub her shaven pussy under her blue boy shorts slowly at first then faster and sucking on her nipples. Naomi screams in ecstasy. Naomi lifts Rebecca shirt over her head.

Rebecca coyly asks “I though you said no, Rayveness will be home soon.”

Naomi throws her on her back and slides her panties down. Naomi removes her boy shorts and begins to grind her slowly and kissing and sucking her breasts gradually grinding harder until both women climax. Naomi lies on her back and Rebecca licks her way down her body and eagerly licks her pussy until she cums in her mouth. Naomi pulls Rebecca up and slides two fingers inside her and fucks her till she cums all over her fingers and then makes Rebecca lick them clean.

Later that night Rayveness arrives home. The two lovers make small talk. Rayveness tells Naomi, “I know how you got the 300,00 dollars.”.

Naomi looks startled “What?”

Rayveness tells Naomi. “I found the flash drive, documents and the pictures of what u made Cindy do. You know Cindy got 500 million from merger. We need to make her pay one last big amount.”

Naomi screams that “Bitch!”

A phone call is made to Cindy. A deal is made everything for 75 million in cash delivered here in Mojave, California.

Cindy calls her step-daughter, Rebecca who is suppose to be at UCLA, unaware that she too is in Mojave. One week later with cash in hand Cindy heads for Mojave.

The Conclusion

Naomi has invited Rebecca over the night as Rayveness is working the overnight shift. Rebecca shows up and goes upstairs to find Naomi wearing a black see thru nightie with nylons.

Naomi says “Hi Baby look what I put on for you.”

Rebecca starts to take off her blue jean shorts and tennis shoes stripping down naked. Naomi tells Rebecca to get her hot little pussy over here. They start French kissing with Escort Mersin Naomi fingering Rebecca’s pussy causing her to moan uncontrollable. Naomi hears the door open and begins to roll Rebecca onto all fours away from the doorway

Cindy has opened the front door and set the money down and begins to head upstairs as instructed. She pauses halfway up the stairs hearing moans. She senses something is wrong but begins to reflect on what Naomi has made her do since this started. She begins to feel excited and realizes in a strange way she likes everything that has happened. She heads upstairs and enters the bedroom to find Rebecca with Naomi.

Naomi turns and says “Just in time I see.”

Cindy says “What the hell are doing here Rebecca you should be at school.”

Rebecca tells her step-mother” I dropped out to be closer to Naomi.”

Naomi tells Rebecca go to your step-mother and stick your fingers down her shorts. Rebecca resists at first but then Naomi brings her over to Cindy. Naomi sticks Rebecca’s hand down Cindy’s shorts.

“That’s it finger fuck her.” Naomi tells Rebecca.

Cindy begins to moan.

Naomi commands Rebecca .”Now kiss her and suck on her nipples.”

Rebecca does as she is told. Rebecca removes her finger and Cindy slowly sucks the juices off.

Cindy whispers in Rebecca’s ear “I’ve wanted you since I married your father.”

They move to the bed and Cindy lays Rebecca on her back and begins to grind on her pussy slowly at first and then building the tempo until both climax and lock lips and tongues. Rebecca rolls Cindy over on all fours and begins to spank her bottom and kissing her bottom. She slides her tongue over her bottom and down to her pussy and begins to lick Cindy to an earth shattering orgasm. they both lean in to kiss each other.

Rebecca gets up and goes downstairs for some water. Suddenly Rayveness comes flying upstairs.

“Cindy Luv and Naomi Knight you are both under arrest for extortion and insider trading.” Sheriff Rayveness tells the ladies.

Both ladies appear shocked and bewildered as they are lead away in handcuffs. Who turned them in? Who figured it out?

Later that night at the jail. Cindy, Naomi, and small blonde girl who was arrested earlier in the day for stealing kiwi’s from the local fruit stand sit in a cell next to Magdalene. Rayveness goes to Magdalene’s cell and tells her to stretch her hands and feet out. She ties Magdalene to the bed.

Rayveness tells her “Guess what I have a surprise for you.”

Just then Heather Silky appears out of the doorway to the office. Heather followed Magdalene to Mojove. A lover scorned. Rayveness tells Heather go to her she’s yours. Heather opens her shirt and walks to Magdalene who is helpless. Heather begins to massage her breasts until milk begins to spray over Magdalene’s mouth and face. Magdalene begins to lap for the milk and moans “Feed me.”

Heather slides Magdalene’s skirt up exposing her panties. She begins to rub her panties and opens her blouse and lowers her bra and begins to suck on her nipples. Magdalene is thrusting and bucking.

Meanwhile in the cell next door, Cindy has slid her hand down her shorts and is masturbating. Naomi starts to rub her leg and leans in to kiss Cindy while watching the show. The unknown blonde has taken off her clothes and is standing at the bars rubbing her breasts Mersin Bayan Escort and playing with herself.

Heather sticks her breast in Magdalene’s mouth for her to suck the milk out. Heather begins to moan “It feels so good.”

Magdalene’s mouth is full and milk is dripping down her chin. Heather rips Magdalene’s panties off and moves down to lick her.

Naomi and Cindy are nude with Naomi riding Cindy’s leg to orgasm. Naomi begins to French kiss Cindy.

Cindy moans “Your all I ever need baby. I cant stand to be without.”

For you see what Naomi and Cindy truly desired was each other, unfortunately they discovered their love for one another too late.

Heather licks Magdalene to orgasm with cum oozing from her pussy. Heather runs her finger thru it and feeds it to Magdalene. Magdalene slides Heather’s panties off and starts to finger her. Sending Heather to the moon and spraying milk all over Magdalene. They begin to Kiss passionately.

Heather breaks away and says “What are ya going to do now bitch, no more milk for you.” and walks away.

The next morning Magdalene and the ladies awake to a strange man in the office. “Good morning ma’am.” says the man.

“Who are you?” asks Magdalene.

“I am sheriff Peter Wayne.” Says the man.

“Sheriff?, what about Sheriff Rayveness?” says Magdalene.

“She’s no Sheriff, that’s my sister, she got out of Bellevue a year ago and moved back to Mojave. We just let her pretend to be sheriff so she will stay out of trouble.” Explains the sheriff.

“Where have you been?” asks Naomi.

“I patrol up in Bishop during the day and Mojave at night” explains Peter.

“By the way Miss Magdalene the bar dropped the charges.” The sheriff tells Magdalene.

“Bar, what bar?” asks Magdalene.

“Boy, you were drunk. When they towed your car you went to the bar and got drunk then went to the tow company and tore the place up when they gave you the bill” said the Sheriff.

“I thought I was in here for stolen credit cards, Sheriff Rayveness was here last nigh with my former girlfriend.” Magdalene tells the sheriff.

“I don’t think so, my sister left last night with her girlfriend, Rebecca to start a new life in Boise, Idaho.” said the sheriff.

Last night had all been a dream for Magdalene.

“As far as you two ladies go the Federal Marshalls will be here in the morning. Somebody sent them documents, pictures, and flash drive of everything you two have been up to.” said the sheriff.

“What about the 3o million dollars in the duffel bag?” Cindy asks.

“I found no money when I searched the house and your car.” said Sheriff Wayne.

For u see the true mastermind of these events was not Naomi or Rayveness. It was Rebecca. Rebecca saw Naomi and Cindy that night in the office when she went to see Cindy about her monthly allowance. She overheard everything and realized she could get a big payday by hooking up with Naomi. then when Rayveness appeared on the scene she realized what a true psycho Rayveness was. She figured she could get all the money by doing away with both Cindy and Naomi. Rebecca was running the show. She sent the information to the Marshall’s office, and Rayveness arrest Naomi and Cindy.

Where is Rebecca and Rayveness now. On to the next unsuspecting victim.

As for Magdalene she realized she missed Los Angeles and needed to find love. As Magdalene was heading out of town she noticed a sweet young thing looking for a ride. The hitchhiker, Faye, Naomi’s daughter. Perhaps Magdalene will find true love.

All is not as it seems all the time in a small town.

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