He Got To The Airport Late

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Ron got to the airport late but was glad to see he was not the only one as at least four others were rushing to the check-in counter. The ticket agents must have been in an exceptionally good mood today as they escorted their small group through the airport straight to the waiting plane. The very pleasant fight attendant then showed him to his seat. As he took off his coat, he looked around. Although it had a small cabin, he was pleased to find that only a few people were on-board. It would be a nice quiet late night flight.

No one sat on the other side of the aisle. Until…

A woman walked in just before the doors closed. She strode up the aisle and took the window seat across from his. As the latecomer got situated, Ron did an innocent double take in looking her way. She was an attractive blonde. He watched as she laid her small brief case on the seat and proceeded to take her coat off. She was smartly dressed in a pressed gray skirt and matching jacket. The smart but nearly plain business attire looked good on her. He could not help peering over the aircraft emergency card he had in his hands to catch a glimpse of her long, very long, legs. Moreover, although not large, her breasts thrust out through her white silk blouse as she stretched back to remove her coat. She leaned over and laid it on the seat next to her.

Then suddenly eyes turned and met his stare.

Ron’s eyes locked to hers before he realized. He lowered the card from his face and gave her a warm smile.

She smiled back before taking her seat.

He couldn’t believe what he had just Rone. He felt extreme guilt for his brief lust-filled thoughts. He imperceptibly shook his head and reached for the airline magazine.

Moments after takeoff, Ron looked over to his stranger and saw her lift the small briefcase into her lap. She opened it and rummaged through some papers. She pulled out a legal pad and sat the briefcase back on the seat next to her. He couldn’t help but gaze over at her as she sat and furiously wrote notes on the pad. Even her fingers were so long and sexy. He thought of how they must look typing away on a keyboard. That evoked the very fond memories of being in the chat room at Literotica. His favorite lady friend on the other end…**Shar**. He always pictured her fingers gliding across her keyboard as they chatted long into the night.

Ron sighed at the sweet memory. It had been several days. His laptop was not working so on this trip he had not been able to chat with her alone from his hotel room. It had been nearly two weeks since they last chatted. They had ‘graduated’ to calling one another on the phone, but they had only been able to catch up with one another once during his trip and that was early last week.

After awhile his sexy stranger put all her papers and her pad back into the briefcase. As Ron watched, she stood and stretched to put it away in the overhead storage bin. She stretched so far she pulled the tail of her blouse out of one side of her skirt. Before she sat down, she tucked it back in by smoothing her hand and the blouse back into her skirt.

“Well, that’s enough work for one day,” she whispered to herself as she sat back down.

“My thoughts exactly,” Ron replied from across the aisle.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” The blonde stranger turned startled. She caught Ron watching her and smiled at him.

“No, no, that’s okay I wasn’t resting. I probably will here soon, it has been a long day. And you are right that was enough for one day.”

“Always deadlines.” She said as she took her seat and buckled back in. “I think I’ll take a nap myself.”

With that, she fluffed up her tiny airline pillow, reclined the seat back and turned toward her window.

Ron felt drowsy now, too. Nevertheless, he couldn’t stop thinking about this woman. She obviously radiated something sensual, which would arouse most men’s thoughts. Only, now thinking of the translucent blue eyes he had just connected with, he realized it was more than a feeling of lust. At least it was not a lust only for this blonde stranger. He daydreamed about another pair of beautiful eyes he had never actually set his eyes upon, luscious and blue. He settled back in the soft upholstery, closed his eyes…and thought about Terri. He had met her last summer, just a few months back. Actually, he had never really ‘met’ her. He and Terri ‘met’ on a chat line. An erotic sex chat line, called ‘Literotica’. They had become friends before they had become what they call ‘cyber-lovers’. the undeclared war izle They had hit it off from the very beginning. Ron travels a lot and one night Terri called him at his hotel. That began their phone-sex liaisons. From there it had become a weekly routine for him to call her early in the morning, to rouse her, to arouse them both. He enjoyed talking to her, her voice was so calming, so sensual, and oh yes so stimulating. It has been too long since he had talked to now. The sound of her voice had been as reassuring to him in his busy life as it was extremely capable of making him aroused at the very first syllable. Her voice had always Rone that to him from that first night in his hotel, as he lay under the sheets, naked, listening to her talk to him. He knew he could not go long without hearing her voice again. He hoped to call her a couple days after he got back home. That voice was so familiar to him…in fact…

He suddenly opened his eyes just as they hit a pocket of turbulence. He stared over at his stranger as she sat in her seat across the aisle. He found her acting very nervous and fidgety. She caught his gaze.

“Oh, I’ve not flown that much before. Ron’t deal with bumpy rides very well.” She rambled.

“What?” Ron sat up in his seat.

“I’m just a nervous wreck.” She said just before a severe bump of the plane occurred. “Oh, my God!” The woman shrieked. The seat belt signs came on as she gripped the armrests.

“Ladies and gentleman, this is the Captain again, looks as if we’ll have a short stint of bumpy air. Please stay in your seats with those belts buckled. We’ll get through it as quickly as we possibly can. Thank you.”

“It’s just a few bumps. Nothing to worry about.” Ron looked over at the woman.

“I suppose. But it sure is nerve wracking.”

He knew that voice! He looked at the blonde hair, the blue eyes…the long legs extending out from under that smoothed skirt.


“Ron?” Her look was one of astonishment. “You…is it you?”

“Yes.” Ron just stared at her face. “Yes it is.” His voice cracked when he realized the woman he was addressing was his cyber-friend/lover. His eyes widened. “How, – where, what are you doing here?”

Just then, another sudden jolt of turbulence hit.

“Oh my God!” Terri called out.

Ron then remembered her ‘omg’s she always typed on the chat line. He smiled broadly at that thought then and now. The intense sensations of their chats and phone conversations came flooding into his mind and body.

“May I come over there?” Ron asked, seeing her grip the armrest.

“Oh, please. Yes do.” Terri nervously smiled at him.

Ron got up and moved to the aisle seat next to her. He buckled himself in, just before another jolt.

Terri immediately leaned against his shoulder and unconsciously grabbed his arm.

Just naturally, Ron felt the need to put his arm around her shoulders. Terri snuggled closer, visibly more relaxed now. He slipped his hand down slightly from her hair to stroke her neck. He looked at her face and his fingers played with her ear lobe.

“I haven’t talked to you in almost two weeks. When and, well, how did you get here?” Ron said as he looked again upon the face he had only fantasized about all these months.

“Actually, I was just passing through. My flights changed twice. They got me on this one at the last minute, so I can get another hop back home.”

“I’m glad…” Ron whispered, his honest emotions coming out. “I mean, I’m not glad you got bumped twice, but that by some fate, we finally get to meet one another…in person.”

“I’m very glad too.” Terri smiled at him.

“I really feel like we’ve known one another for so long. I thought if this day ever came I’d be nervous as all hell.” He caressed the back of her hand. Then looked at her hair; the blonde hair. The he remembered the blonde ponytail she teased him about all the time. “But I’m not. I’m actually so comfortable right now.”

Another bump of the airplane.

Terri gripped his arm tighter. Then she settled into him more. “I’m just so glad to finally meet you for real.”

The flight attendant chose that moment to dim the lights.

Ron was dumbfounded by the presence of his friend, his fantasy. He was also becoming very distracted by the feel of his cyber-lover’s breath on his neck. His hands moved unconsciously in the semi-darkness until he found himself caressing Terri’s the watcher izle arm, who until a few minutes earlier he had thought had been a total half a country away. This was too good to be true!

The noticeable signs his manual efforts were stirring in his lovely friend made him believe it truly was real. Terri’s face looked flushed, her eyes were soft and her pupils dilated. Her lovely blue eyes stared up at him. A vision he had always fantasized about ever since they had been ‘chatting’.

His right hand slipped down to close over her thigh. She made no effort to discourage him, so he gradually eased his hand into a position where he could massage her inner thigh just below her skirt. She snuggled closer and started stroking his leg, fairly innocently near his knee. The hem of her skirt had ridden up enough for him to stroke further up her stocking clad thigh.

“Wait!” Terri suddenly whispered. She reached down and retrieved a blanket. She covered their laps with the thin blue material. Ron smiled at her and boldly stroked her thigh, working her skirt hem back as he went. He was pleased to find warm, smooth, bare skin above.

She sighed and parted her legs slightly when his hand moved along the last smooth inches of her warm leg and his fingers at last brushed gently against….then he remembered.

“No undies Ron.” Terri looked in to his eyes and smiled a lusty smile.

Ron was filled with the excitement and anticipation of reaching a much sought after target. He had sought out and met this point many times over while typing away on his keyboard or whispering over the phone. But now it was for real. Really for real!

He could also hear she was panting.

His fingers drifted between her legs and stroked gently along the warm and noticeably damp cleft. His imagination had told him this was extremely electric. His touch now told him it was ultimately ecstatic.

She sighed and gripped him tight as his finger delved between the wetness of her nether lips. He deliberately continued up, sought and found her tiny pleasure spot.

Her hand squeezed his trousers.

She leaned in to him.

He turned his face closer.

Then they kissed.

All these months they had ‘cyber-kissed’. All these months he knew he had truly felt her lips on his.

Now they were.

They kissed long and passionately.

Ron exercised as much self-control as he could muster as he felt the exquisite feeling of her hand gently exploring. In return, his fingers parted the warm silkiness of her womanhood. He was able to stroke the warm downy softness and feel the incredibly inviting slipperiness. His two fingers gently massaged. She clung to him more tightly, eyes closed, and her thighs seemed to shudder around his hand.

Terri sighed again and lifted her face to his and they kissed.

This was naughty enough, Ron knew. In an airplane full of people, it was another idea to remove the clothes necessary for them to couple in the way they were both obviously craving. He knew he had to find release for the wild passion he had built up not over the last few moments, but over the last two weeks of being ‘separated’ from his most charming lover. If her actions told of her sexual frenzy, they both felt the same thing.

How could they satisfy their needs? With other passengers just a few feet away and a cabin crew occasionally wandering back and forth, to and from the galley, they could not easily strip off even the essentials and start making mad passionate love without creating an on board sensation. Only nothing else seemed to matter except that overpowering urge he had to get passed clothes or between unyielding aircraft seats.

Terri knew what to do. She gave Ron a gentle squeeze, unbuckled and got up without a word. She smiled back at him as she strolled casually to the front of the cabin and the lavatory.

Ron sat and pondered the situation. He knew a couple that had Rone nasty things in an airplane lavatory once. It was possible he figured. Only it seemed to be a very uncomfortable setting and one less fit for romantic passion than raw dirty lust. His heart beating in his ears told him he could easily stoop to the latter at the moment. However, as the pretty flight attendant strolled by, he had no doubt that between her or the passengers watching the movie they would have noticed a couple sneaking off for such an obvious interlude.

Before he could reconcile that thought the watchful eye izle though, Terri emerged from around the small screen. As she walked back, she picked up a couple of blankets from empty seats. She sat back down and immediately covered them with the blankets. Then she snuggled back against Ron.

In the semi-darkness Ron’s hand went back to where it had been. It seemed she was even wetter than before.

Her hand dove under the blanket and quickly began undoing his zipper. In no time, his manhood was raised from inside his briefs.

He discovered she had also removed her bra as her nipples strained against the thin material of her blouse. He undid her blouse to expose her breasts, to his eyes only, under the blanket. He then lay across her and greedily took her left breast to his mouth. He tickled the nipple with the end of his tongue and found it to be appreciated by his love. She cradled his head with one hand like a baby held to her breast and gently stroked him with the other like the lover she was.

Terri unzipped her skirt and wriggled out of it, still under the blankets.

“Please…” she moaned – “oh, please…” She turned to face away from Ron, and firmly pressed her shapely bottom against his thigh.

It was as if she was sitting on his lap now. She arched her back and raised her right thigh, firmly holding him, guided him to her. Ron cupped her breast and pulled her against him as gently but firmly as possible. She sighed and shuddered as her hips rocked slowly and rhythmically. The need to avoid attracting attention was not forgotten, despite their extreme passion. This need forced each to move just enough against equal and opposite nudges from the partner. Doing it slowly and quietly, so as not to attract attention, made it easier for both to prolong the excruciating, but exhilarating pleasure.

The ecstasy in their bodies peaked and with a quiet breathlessness they both shared a delicious release.

Only Ron suddenly felt an extreme cramp in his leg and he had to stretch it out. That made Terri fall from his lap and he lurched forward to catch her…

Ron’s eyes opened as he found himself leaning forward in his seat. His leg did cramp and he reached down to rub it out. He also realized that he had just had a most incredible dream. He must have fallen asleep as soon as he had laid his head back in the seat. He looked down and saw that he had a blanket over him. He didn’t remember getting one before he sat down. Someone must have…

Ron nervously looked back over his shoulder and the seat back. He just caught the flight attendant’s head move as she disappeared behind the galley curtain. Had she realized what kind of dream he had been having? No way. Thinking back to his recent dream he remembered how he and Terri had ended in a most compromising state of undress.

He immediately lifted the blanket and looked underneath.

His pants were still on.

Yes, it had been all a dream, a wonderful dream, but nothing he should have to be embarrassed about, as he would walk off the plane passed the flight attendants or other passengers later.

“Well sleepy head, you finally came back to us.” The pretty flight attendant came up behind his seat.

“What? Oh, yea I guess I was awful tired after all.” Ron said as he pulled the blanket off and sat it in the seat next to him.

The flight attendant proceeded to pick it up and fold it.

“I hope you Ron’t mind but I thought you were getting chilly laying there after a little while. You tossed and turned a little bit and kept pulling your arms tighter around yourself.” She finished the folding, laid the blanket neatly in the seat and smiled down at him.

Was that a knowing smile? How could she know? Judging from the look she gave him every once in awhile during the last half hour of the flight he knew she suspected something. He just sat there wondering how often the seats of this more private cabin saw couples consummate their raw desires.

All he could really think of though was getting off this plane, getting to a pay phone, and calling Terri. He only wished she would be alone and that he could find a secluded pay phone.

He needed Terri!

Over the phone…a whispery, sultry, voice…tells him…

“Sitting on the deck with you, in just our robes, the afternoon sun is still warming our bodies. There is a light breeze, just enough to make it a perfect afternoon. I walk over to your chair, and slowly kneel down in front of you, my hands on your thigh, my eyes looking up into yours. I slowly lower my head, and bring my lips down to the head of your manhood. I run my tongue so light across the tip, tasting your excitement……I feel your hands move to my head, stroking my hair…your hips begin to rock…..slowly thrusting making you go deeper in my mouth.”


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