He got her cherry

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He got her cherryShelley and I dated since grade 9 and we were each others first boyfriend and girlfriend, and we were best friends on top of that who got along great. We rarely argued or fought, and the chemistry between us was amazing, and deep down I always knew I would one day marry her and spend my life with her. In high school we both played sports, I was on the basketball team, and the track team, she too played on a couple teams, and she would always come watch my games whenever she could. Our relationship was perfect, almost too perfect, and if there was one problem we had, or at least that I had, was that we didn’t have sex. She wasn’t ready to have it yet, and she wanted to wait, but wait for what she never really said. In fact I didn’t even get to see her pussy tll 2 years into our relationship, when about once a week she finally started letting me eat her out, something I loved doing, and she really seemed to enjoy it. She orgasm every time, and she felt like that was good enough for now, why did she need sex? She would always jerk me off after, occasionally give me a blow job, but that was rare. In our senior year she started to change a little, she had become more of a woman, and dressed a little bit sexier, really showing off her body. All the guys noticed her, especially when she wore her lulu lemons. I have to admit she was really starting to drive me nuts, and I was dying to fuck her, all my friends were banging girls steady and it seemed like we were the only ones not having sex. Out of the blue one day while chilling at my place she asked me something unusual. She asked if I ever thought about other girls, to which I said no way. She rolled her eyes, and said sure whatever, so güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I asked her if she ever thought about other guys, and she replied just a couple. When I asked her who, she said Adam and John, 2 guys from school, and both guys were typical cocky players who had fucked half the girls in the school. They hung out in the same circle of friends, so I knew them pretty well. I asked why she was thinking of these 2 guys and she explained a few of her friends have hooked up with them, and they both have really big cocks according to her friends. I was shocked at the way she was speaking, and asked her where this was coming from. Shelley explained she was just curious, and wanted to know why all her friends kept going on about them. I felt a little bit jealous and angry, and i guess she saw that and told me to stop acting possessive. She left and told me to pick her up later before the party and we would go together. When i got to her place later that evening I didn’t’ know what to say or do, so I went over to her and started to kiss her, making my way down to her pussy and licked it for at least and hour, making her orgasm a few times. She was wetter than ive ever seen her and my cock was hard as a rock. She finally stopped me and said we have to go now, and she put on a skirt and top, and we headed out. When we arrived I told her to take off her underwear and leave them in the car, she gave me a look, but was still so horny she did it, and handed them to me, and they were soaking wet. We got inside, party in full effect, and we went our separate ways to be with our friends. About an hour went by and I found her and she wanted to dance, but I said no güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri way I hate dancing, and told her maybe she should dance with Adam or John, if she wants. She just smirked and smiled at me, and said if that’s what i want… I lost her again, and when I found her she was on the dance floor with a bunch of people, including the 2 guys. I have to admit it was a hot scene seeing her in there, and my cock began to twitch, especially when she was grinding against John with her ass. I knew right then and there, she was a changed girl, no longer just mine, it was like a feeling of jealousy, hornyness, and drunkingness all rolled into one. She saw me watching her, and she came to me and asked how I was, I told her lets go home, and ask John if he wants to come with us.. Before I knew it the 3 of us were in the cab back to my place, and when we got there headed straight for the basement. It was quiet now, and there was some awkwardness, as I am sure he wondered what he was doing with us. I decided if she was going to keep thinking of this guy she might as well see what he’s all about, knowing she would regret it most likely and see his true colors. John said if i don’t mind him crashing on the couch for the night, and my response was “my girlfriend wants to fuck you” and Shelley slapped me across the chest as to shut up. He laughed and said oh really is that true, and looked at me like are you serious? I pushed her towards him, and he reached out and held her, looked at her and started to kiss her and was grabbing her ass and reached up to feel her bare ass. He hiked her shirt down, and told her to remove her top, so now she was totally naked before him, güvenilir bahis şirketleri and he kissed her some more. I sat there stunned and mesmerized buy it all, and she took his shirt and pants off leaving him standing in his underwear, a massive bulge and his cock clearly visible and hard. She pulled them down and it popped out in her face, and looked at me and said now fucking way.. no way will it fit in me. I told her to relax and do what she was comfortable with, she she pulled them back up and she lied him down and got on top of him, they kissed forever it seemed, she rubbed her wet pussy on the outside of his underwear grinding against him, having no clue it was driving him insane. He managed to slide them down, finally revealing his big cock and huge balls to me as I sat and watched. Ive measured my own cock at 5.5″ and he had to be at least 8.5″ but what shocked me more was the size of his balls, they were crazy big. They continued to kiss, she was rubbing her clit against his cock now, grinding back and forth on him and even had an orgasm while doing it. I continued to watch and they both went really quiet and I realized he was slowly inserting his cock in her, and she was whimpering it’s too big, and hurts like hell. He barely had the head in her, and I should have stopped it, but couldn’t . He held her hips, and slowly pushed a little more, she screamed a little, and I could see he was 3/4 in her, he held her ass, and she rode him up and down barely six times before she said it hurts way too much, so he pulled out and started spewing cum everywhere. Shelley got up and ran to the bathroom, John just looked at me ad said sorry dude.. I was shocked.. He actually fucked her, took her cherry right in front of me. I went to comfort her, she was ok, but in pain. After cleaning up we went to bed, she slept in my arms, my cock hard as a rock as I recollected about the night. We woke up, John was gone, but the memory of the night was etched in my brain, and the carpet on the floor serving as a reminder to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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