He Did it in My Mouth (2)

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Double Penetration

He Did it in My Mouth (2)Second time with Cal, learning to suck in car and a dark, private, parking lot.___________________________________________________________All I could think about in the days after meeting Cal in a darkened corner of The Basement recreation center was how disturbed I felt after my first time sucking cock. I was concerned with the thought of being considered a cocksucker even though sucking was something I had wanted to do for a long time.At first, it had seemed easy for me to think of myself as innocent in the matter because, after all, it was Cal who had pushed his penis into my mouth while I had remained passive. I shucked it off as a one-time thing and not evidence that I was a cocksucker despite the longing to suck that pooled itself somewhere deep within me.But Cal had not returned to the rec center the next day nor the next nor for over a full week. His first days of absence were something I welcomed because my best friend was his granddaughter Taylor and being with her while having him around would have been very difficult. I mean, I already felt like a traitor because I had gone with her grandfather and I had gotten on my knees and he had exposed himself to me and “influenced” his cock into my mouth and the expansion of those activities led to him fucking my mouth and ejaculating in it. What kind of friend would do those things? But, after ten days, I found myself with questions and longings. Didn’t he like me? If so, why hadn’t he come back? Wasn’t it good enough for him? Was he like the other adults in my life who didn’t really care? Because he had payed attention to me and seemed to like me, he was the only man I would have sucked that first time. And since then, I craved the feel of that hard thing in my mouth and sucking on it and feeling his hands on my head and his hips moving and then, those magical moments when he filled my mouth with that nasty stuff. Despite its ill-provoking texture. I would have taken it from him over and over because I knew how much he wanted to do that.As the days passed I suppose I was giving up on him. It made it easier to be with Taylor but I just could not dispatch the desires I had felt and the feel of sucking on that hard thing and tasting it.I felt betrayed. Cal had told me so many nice things and then he had just cast me aside. I didn’t mind feeling used because I have always felt that being used is part of my existence, but I did mind that he didn’t like me enough to come back. I eventually put him and those disappointments behind me and I focused on my one true friend, Taylor–the girl who accepted me for who I was, a skinny, cumbersome, unconfident, unboyish boy. I suppose it was the 12th day when things changed. Cal brought Taylor to The Basement in the morning and signed her in. He didn’t seem to see me and he left. In the early afternoon, I was outside and alone when I heard a horn honk briefly. When I looked in the direction of that sound, I saw Cal’s older luxury four-door parked at the left curb of the one-way avenue with him looking toward me and motioning with his hand.As if he was the Pied Piper and I had no willpower, I found myself moving. His car was perhaps 30 yards away and parked on the street under heavy shade trees. I walked to a gate in the fencing and as I neared his car, he seemed quite eager for me to quickly get in on the other side.He explained his absence, playing it off as being out of town but also not knowing what to do after our time in The Basement. “I don’t do things like that. I know you probably think I do, but I don’t. I didn’t know how to face you or what you thought of me or even what I thought of me.” He smiled and asked what I thought. I shrugged. His fingers touched my longish brown hair and I instantly fell under the familiar spell of his hand on my head.”But I figured that since you been coming to the rec center everyday then you must be okay with things. Right Brynn? And, uh, well, I also have to admit, I been thinking about you a lot.”I know my face brightened and he continued. “I like the time we spent, not just that Tuesday when–well, you know—but I mean all the other times we talked. Although, I must say, that Tuesday was . . . it was great. Can’t get it out of my mind.”He asked if had I thought about that Tuesday and had I thought about doing it again. Because I was shy and uncertain, I probably shrugged. There were just too many thoughts in my head to get down to just one answer.”Have ya Brynn?” he asked again. “Have you thought about it at all? Have you thought about . . . ” He lifted his button-down shirt and shock overwhelmed me. Right there in that old car that was parked with his side closest to the sidewalk, his shirt was pulled up and his cock . . . it was standing straight and as hard as I had ever seen. I . . . I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. It was what I had fantasized about every day since he had fucked my mouth. I stared at it. I wanted to dive down and gobble it up but . . . we were . . . we were on a public street and there were k**s from the rec center not that far away and—-“Have ya, Brynn?” he asked again. Then, he looked around, then straight at me while holding his adult-sized boner with his left hand. “Go ahead Brynn. Just like before. Just a few minutes. I really want to feel that mouth, Brynn. It’s all I’ve been thinking about.”RIght then? Right there? Suck on his cock? In his car?His right hand curled around the back of my skinny neck and I didn’t resist him. He pulled my face to his lap. My mouth opened. His cockhead pried at my lips and my mouth surrendered. I felt his hips push up with power, a sensation I remembered all-too-well from that Tuesday night. I felt his hands pushing my head slowly down rus escort ara and up and slowly down.I was too shocked to do anything but wonder how such a thing could be done in broad daylight, by a youth recreation center, and only a few feet from a public sidewalk. Yet once again, I charged doubts off with the idea that Cal was the initiator. I had not caused anything to happen. It was all on him if anything went awry.But that reasoning didn’t cover all of what I was experiencing because . . . well . . . his hard hard cock seemed to feel ten times better in my willing mouth than the first time and I couldn’t keep my mouth from sucking and sucking like some kind of dark alley cocksucker. Maybe Cal was responsible for making that sex act happen in that car, but I was the one responsible for giving his rock hard shaft a passionate sucking as it burrowed in my mouth.”Pampah! Pampah!” Dammmmmmm! It was Taylor’s voice! Cal yanked my head upward and told me to raise up while Taylor was running to the open gate and then to the car.”Pampah! I didn’t know you were still . . . Brynn. What are you . . . ? What are you—-“Cal interrupted. “He looked feverish princess. You know, it’s a hot day. I told him he could come sit in the shade.””Oh so that’s why he looks like that. But, Pampah, why are you here? Are you picking me up early?””No, no princess. I had some errands to run and was passing by. I saw Brynn and now you’re here.””Yeah, we’re all here. Maybe I should get in and we could all do something together.”Cal laughed. “No Taylor, not right now. Besides, I have to be going. I’ll pick you up just after 5pm.””Okay, well then I will see you.” She leaned into the car to hug her grandfather’s neck and when his arms moved upward, so did his shirt and I was surprised Taylor did not see her grandfather’s erection because it was visible from my angle.After she left, he said, “Damn, that was close. Okay Brynn, you meet me here at 7pm. Right here. Where I’m parked. Tonight.”I think I nodded. I don’t think I said “no” because I believed he was the type of man who would have tried to coax a different answer.But then, would I actually do it? I mean, it had been one thing for him to seduce me in a darkened corner of The Basement, but it was quite another for me to walk four blocks to meet him all the while knowing that each step was an agreement to take his cock in my mouth. And later, while I was walking, there was no way for me to argue that every step of that four block walk was an admission that I was a cocksucker. I turned the corner and saw his car. He motioned for me to get in. He brushed my hair and told me I had the kind of face he liked. He drove to the corner, turned left, passed the front of the rec center, and clicked a button on a plastic box he had pulled from somewhere. Iron gates to a broad parking lot began to open. “Back in the back. Back behind them two buses.”He pulled into a space between a block wall and the buses and he turned off the engine. He tugged his shirt and, just as before, his cock was as rigid as the metal poles that supported a few, sparse overhead lights.”Ahhhhh yeah, Brynn, ” he sighed, “so glad you made it. I been really wanting to . . . to see you again.” He looked down at his cock and the hand that was slowly working it. “See that? That’s how glad I am to see you. Been like this ever since last time. You made me feel so good, Brynn. Yeah, you made me happy with that nice little mouth of yours.”I felt weak. He liked me. He had missed me. He liked my mouth and, yes, I loved knowing that my mouth had made him happy. I wanted to him to like me even more and I knew when the time came, I would let my mouth be pushed down onto his shaft and I would do everything and anything to make that cock cum in my mouth again. It didn’t matter that I found semen yucky. What did matter was that Cal liked me and wanted to have sex in my mouth and he wanted to cum in my mouth again and I would do all of that 100 times that very night if that was what he wanted.”Why don’t you . . . you know . . . like this afternoon.” His hand nudged my head and the cocksucker in me did the rest as I lowered my mouth onto his cock. He sighed. He called me a good boy and said he loved effeminate cocksuckers. I sucked. I wanted so much to make him like me even more. I was also beginning to understand that it didn’t matter who put their cock into my mouth, once it was there, I HAD to satisfy it. Something within compelled me to fully pleasure any cock that found its way between my lips and I would suck or get mouthfucked or do anything to make sure that hard thing got what it needed. Even as I sucked, I was reminded of Taylor. She was my best friend and I was betraying her by performing oral sex on her grandfather. But, I couldn’t help myself. I had to please Cal and sucking was how I pleased myself. And, I had to make sure that the hard cock in my mouth got what it wanted. If I had to suck on it all night long or have it fuck me in the mouth 50 times, then I would do that. When he left me, he had to be able to say that he got what he wanted and that my mouth had pleased his cock.I have no idea how long I sucked but I do know he was full of compliments and his hands pet my head softly, almost as if I was a puppy. “You know Brynn, for someone who only sucked one time, you’re a helluva cocksucker. Last time, you did just like I taught you. This time, well there’s something else I want to do. If you want men to like you and for me to like you even more, well then, it’s important for you to do it.””Do? Do what?””Well, I know this will be hard, but it really is a part of cocksucking. In fact for some men, its the most important part.””But . . . what?” rus escort bayan ara I asked.His face neared mine and he looked into my eyes. I could tell he was as serious as ever. “Swallow.”My expression must have looked strange because strangeness was what coursed through me and made me speechless.”You want men to like you, don’t you? Swallow Brynn. Just swallow. I’ll help you learn.”I don’t know if I was feigning not understanding or if I hadn’t heard correctly but I felt my face wrinkle as I asked, “S . . . Swallow?””Yes Brynn. Swallow. Brynn, if you swallow, it will make it all ten times as good. You want to make me happy don’t you? Just swallow. Semen is good for you. There’s millions of cocksucker-boys like you swallowing semen right now, this very minute.” His eyes studied mine. “And Brynn, I hate to be the one to have to tell you this but, you’re not a cocksucker unless you swallow.”He pushed my head down again and my mouth felt the velvet tip of his hardon as it slowly pressed into my mouth. My head spun with confusion. Swallow? That “stuff”? Semen? It came from his penis, that thing he peed with. Swallow? Yet, beneath the turbulent wave of his new information was a deep pool of awareness that he was right; cocksuckers swallowed. Spitting suddenly seemed disrespectful and like a rejection of the man. Although I didn’t want to ever be known as a cocksucker, I couldn’t stand the thought that I would ever be known as a cocksucking failure. To prevent that, I had to swallow. I . . . I had to swallow.His hips pushed slowly upward and his cock slowly fucked my mouth while his hands controlled my head and I just surrendered to it and let it happen. He continually talked about me swallowing and how much he would love it and how men all over the world loved boys who swallowed and would I do it?”Ahhhhh yes Brynn. You won’t be sorry. You will make me a very, very happy man.”He pulled my head up and he told me to lean back against the passenger seat and slide down about half way. He straddled me and my eyes were fixed to his rock-hard adult cock as it swung before my face. His hands lodged to my head and held it in place.”Brynn, this is exactly how I fucked you last time only you was on your knees. This time, you’ll be more comfortable. So, just let me fuck you. I need to do this Brynn. I need to do it in your mouth.”He moved forward and his shaft spread my lips wide and they surrounded his manhood. As it entered me almost to my throat, my mouth snugged around his cock and my tongue was at work doing things I had never trained nor agreed for it to do.His hips thrust and he sighed and told me to just relax and let him fuck me. He began slowly and his strokes were expert, never touching my throat to gag me. It was as if he had fucked many mouthes before. Sensations ran through me like lightning bolts. One told me I was a cocksucker and a damned good one. Another told me I would be a forever-faggot if I didn’t stop. Another stole every ounce of my will because that part of me wanted to get fucked in the mouth—fucked in the mouth —- fucked in the mouth. Another part wanted to make him like me more than ever while that another wanted to make sure his cock got every bit of satisfaction from my mouth as possible. I felt sexy and appreciated and wanted and even though the thought of having jizz in my mouth disgusted me, I would let Cal ejaculate in my mouth all night long if he wanted to. I couldn’t yet imagine swallowing that nasty stuff but I damned well would force myself to—all of it! It bothered me some that I was like a whore, just letting a horny granddaddy fuck me in the mouth, yet that was also a thought that turned me on. He was fucking me! He should be home fucking his wife but instead, he was fucking ME! That was so convincing of the favor I had found with him.”That’s it!” Cal exclaimed. “Just like a girl. Be a girl for me, Brynn. Let me fuck that mouthpussy. Just let me . . . fuck you!”Well, I wasn’t about to go anywhere. He had me trapped with his hands and his body leaning into me and my mouth impaled on his needy cock and, even more, I was trapped by my own need to let this horny man fuck my mouth and use it until he was satisfied.”You’re . . . You’re going to . . . swallow, aren’t you Brynn? You said you would. Are you?”Getting fucked in the mouth by a horny head-breeder doesn’t give much opportunity for a vocal answer but I nodded.”Ahhhh yeah, baby. Good girl. Going to swallow for daddy.”‘Girl’? Is that what he called me? Well, I guess whatever he wanted to say was okay as long as he finished in my mouth. I had to make sure he ejaculated that nasty stuff into me. I would feel like a devastated failure if he didn’t. Just as I was wondering what it would look like should someone see us in that car—-seeing a grandpa screwing the mouth of a skinny and effeminate schoolboy, Cal began to growl, then moan. He told me to let him cum in my mouth but “don’t swallow til I tell ya.”Then, I felt his cock quiver and he called out he was going to cum and to keep my lips tight on his shaft and then his cock jerked and then . . . He did it.Taylor’s grandfather pinned my head to the seat and began ejaculating in my mouth, spurt after spurt after sticky spurt. I held still and received it. I felt almost afraid to do anything because I didn’t want to disturb him. His cock jerked violently as he relieved his balls between my lips and all over my tongue and tonsils. I had my throat closed off so I wouldn’t gag and I felt my mouth filling with that warm and thick substance known as semen. A grown man was ejaculating in my mouth and I was willingly holding still and receiving it from him. His cock raged and pumped before it escort rus ara began to subside and then, the storm was over. Sweat from his pelvis covered my face. His hands began to release their tight hold on my head. His cock stopped spurting and it lay still inside of me. He pushed on my head and his hips slowly—-very slowly—- began to pull back as he withdrew himself from me and I sat in utter awe and with a mouthful of thick, sticky, granddaddy sperm. “Savor it Brynn. Get use to it. Taste it. Run your tongue through it. You’ll never be a cocksucker til you love that sh— stuff.”My eyes were closed. With the heat of our passionate sex dissipating, I was feeling reality press upon me. Would I really swallow Cal’s jizz? Had I become that much of a queer? The fires of our passionate sex had made it easy to think I would but now, with those passions ebbing, I was left to do it on my own, that is, if I could.Cal was silent. It was probably two minutes of silence but it felt like a half hour. Then he spoke. “You still go that stuff Brynn?” He turned toward me and his face came closer. “Now Brynn, you will make me very happy and men everywhere will really like you if you do this. You want that, don’t you? Open your mouth, Brynn. Show me. Show me all of that sh—- stuff in your mouth.”He actually wanted to see it? Although it seemed so twisted, I had the need to please him and my mouth opened and when he told me to run my tongue through it and to savor it and to smile, I did.”Ahhhhhhh good girl, Brynn. Now, are you ready for your big moment?”I had no idea if I could swallow stuff that nasty. I mean, it was a full load of a grown man’s semen. He was stroking his cock again. “Ahhhh yeah boy. Do it slowly. Three or four swallows. I want to watch. Do it Brynn. Swallow. Swallow!”I thought I would hurl, but I swallowed a little.”You did it? You swallowed some?” Cal asked, his face purpling with lust.I nodded. He patted my head. “Ahhh such a good boy. Love watching a ‘girl’ swallow my cum. Do it Brynn. Swallow some more.”I did as he said and after a few more repetitions, I felt the last of his slimeball slither down into my throat and then further down into me.Cal was filled with glee. “Yeah! Yeah cocksucker and I do mean that word ‘cocksucker’ in the right way. You swallowed it all, didn’t you. Now, open your mouth. Prove it. Let me see!”I felt embarrassed because by opening my mouth I was proving that I had swallowed and that was evidence that I was a cocksucker. My lips spread. My mouth opened. His eyes were two inches from my lips and he growled his delight and stroked his cock and told me I was a good boy. Then, he pushed my head down on his cock and I sucked on it before he put my head against the seatback and he fucked me in the mouth again, jizzed in it, required me to show it and swallow it, then drove me back to the one-way street.My head was dizzy. I don’t remember walking home. I don’t remember what I was thinking. My head held too many thoughts and conflicts and uncertainties. It seemed like a war with many factions and I couldn’t figure out if the commotion was caused by me being new to cocksucking or if being fucked in the head twice by an older man and swallowing two loads of adult semen was enough to screw up anyone’s thought processes.Above that mental battlefield were some things that seemed fixed and settled. 1) I was indeed a cocksucker whether I was ready to agree with that or not. I had sucked on a grown man’s cock three times and in 12 days, he had fucked my mouth three times and I had swallowed his semen twice. 2) The sight of a rock hard cock was total seduction to my mouth. It couldn’t say “no” and once a cock was in my mouth I would suck until it was satisfied. 3) Cal liked me a lot, other men might also and those things were important to me.I masturbated twice before falling asleep. I could still taste Cal’s jizz in my mouth and feel a gob of it still trying too ooze down my queer throat. I had no idea how I would ever face Taylor the next day if her grandfather’s glob was still there. I was glad I had become a good actor in the days following her grandfather’s first fucking of my mouth and it was my hope I could continue to fake it with her. I literally trembled with the fear that she might some day find out that I was sucking on her grandfather’s cock and swallowing her grandfather’s jism. I would literally die if she ever found out! I would die 1000 times more when she realized how long I had kept it all secret and how I had looked her in the eyes hundreds of times and had never evidenced the secret that I was fellating her grandfather.What a despicable friend she would discover and all of the hate and anger she would spew at me would be well-deserved. I hated myself for it but I needed Cal and if I had to be his mouth-whore then I would be just that. I was caught in an impossible situation and I knew if I had to choose between Cal and Taylor, my mouth would surround Cal’s cock right in front her if that was what he required. I had to have his attention. It was essential. A necessity. It came from being uncared-for by parents, unnoticed by adults, and unimportant to anyone over the age of thirty. And, it was becoming more evident that I had to have his cock. Cal was the first adult to pay attention to me. He was the first to spend time with me and say he liked me. He was the first to sooth me with the touch of his hands on my head. He was the one who cared enough to be patient and not angry and to accept me for who I was. He liked me and I gladly sucked on his cock and would as much as he wanted and I would swallow his semen all day and all night if that’s what it took to prove to him how much I liked his attention and being with him.Those were the days of newness and learning; the days of innocence before manic seasons of indulgence. They were times before he introduced me to other men and those crazy nights when many cocks would find what they wanted in the plush warmth and wetness of a mouth that was made to be used.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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