Hazing the Marine

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Confidential information in this account of a failed USMC experiment has been marked [REDACTED]. Names have been changed to protect the Marines involved.

Christen had her heavy seabag slung over her shoulder, but even its weight couldn’t hold her down today. She had been reassigned to a new squad, but not just any. She’d been selected for a new program to test the feasibility of integrating women into traditionally all-male squads. She was excited, honored, and looking forward to the challenge.

She’d miss her old women-only squad, especially the handful of special…friends she’d made. Christen was bisexual and had found numerous fit and willing female partners to bunk with. Those silent, after-hours rendezvous had been by far her favorite extracurricular activity as a Marine and she hated to think they’d come to an end, but this transfer meant good things for her career, or so she had been told.

One thing she was not looking forward to was leaving the relative comfort of her two-to-a-room “dorm” style barracks to the very old-fashioned open squadbay her new squad was staying in. She hadn’t even seen one since bootcamp, and she was a little shocked to learn that Camp [REDACTED] even had them. But lo and behold, following the directions she’d been given she arrived at her new barracks: a small, sad building on the outskirts of the Camp. With a deep breath, she stepped inside.

She’d been fearing a cool reception, or perhaps even a hostile one (this was the Marine Corps, after all) but as her Squad Leader, Sgt. Harrison introduced her to the others she felt very welcomed. It probably helped that she was five and a half feet of tight, sexy woman with an adorable face, perky tits and a smackable ass. Even in uniform, she could feel the men in her new squad checking her out. She was use to that, but it had been years since she’d had sex with a man, mostly preferring the ladies. Still, the attention felt kind of nice and she found herself dropping slightly her typically professional veneer as she chatted with the guys.

The day passed normally, with the squad kept busy doing [TROOP MOVEMENTS REDACTED]. Christen was getting a lot of attention as the squad’s newest member, with many of the 12 men ribbing her throughout the day for being a newbie, and for being a woman. Luckily, part of the reason she’d been selected for the assignment is that she could not only take a joke but deliver one of her own, a trait which quickly ingratiated her with the squad.

Like nearly everyone she’d met in the Corps, her squadmates were sticklers for tradition. They felt part of their legacy was to carry on the rituals that had helped define [SQUAD DESIGNATION REDACTED] and shared many of them with Christen. She thought that they were a bit silly (one of the first she’d learned had to do with how the squad sat down at mess) but she knew better than to question them or even to appear anything less than enthusiastic about it.

The evening brought a new but not unexpected complication. The squadbay did not have gender-separate bathroom facilities, nor did the the shower room have stalls.

“The whole purpose of you joining this squad was to prepare everyone for the potential challenges that integration might create,” said Sgt. Harrison, “That said, I say we give you and the boys a little more time to get acquainted before you go shower with them.”

Christen was a little peeved. She knew the Sarge was trying to look out for her, but she had been fully prepared to join the group in the showers. By not doing so, she was alienating herself from the squad, which is the exact last thing she wanted.

Still, Sarge’s word was law. Some of the guys made some fairly harmless jokes about how they’d miss her as they went off to the showers, but a few seemed at least a little bit annoyed that she was getting special treatment.

“Shit,” muttered Christen, noticing a few glares.

The men showered and dressed, then it was Christen’s turn. She entered the still-steaming shower room and disrobed. Turning on the nearest faucet, she let the hot water of the shower jet across her smooth, lithe body. As she rubbed soap over her super-perky b-cups, she felt the familiar tingle of pleasure as her fingers glided over her sensitive nipples. When she’d had a private shower, she had masturbated in it nearly every night. Her mind knew that was off the table, but her body didn’t and started reacting to her touch. She wanted nothing more than to sate the tingling itch that was growing in her pussy, but she knew she couldn’t.

As if to highlight that point, Christen became aware that she was being watched. She wasn’t sure who, but in her peripherals she could tell that at least one guy from the squad, maybe two, was slyly peeking around the corner into the shower room. “Slyly” might be overselling it: these guys weren’t trying that hard to not be seen. She heard an audible giggle followed by some scuffling. Part of her felt like her privacy was being violated, but overwhelmingly she felt like the best response escort bayan was to play along with her voyeurs and show them she wasn’t bothered.

So instead of being bashful, Christen decided to put on a show. If her squad wanted a look, she’d give them a look. They were expected to fight for eachother, might as well show them what they’re fighting for. Plus, she was still horny, which made playfully showing off her toned ass and tits, even for a couple of dudes, made her feel kind of sexy.

Satisfied that the guys had gotten a good look (and had figured out she was allowing it) Christen turned off the water and started towelling off. Her voyeurs, whoever they had been, had disappeared by the time she turned the corner out of the shower room.

Christen had been assigned the bottom bunk, under a guy named Lawson. She hadn’t talked to him much that day, but he was a good-natured guy and friendly. He apologized in advance if his snoring kept her up at night, but she told him she was a heavy-sleeper and it wouldn’t be a problem. He grinned, kind of strangely actually, and climbed onto his bunk.

The lights went out and Christen pulled her green, wool blanket up over her, reflecting on her day as she always did. It had gone well, she thought. She could do this, she WAS doing it. Lawson started to snore in the bunk above her, but her eyes fluttered closed and within minutes she was asleep.

In her dream, she was cold. So cold her arms and legs were frozen. No, not frozen. She couldn’t move but she could still feel them. Something tight on her wrists, her ankles. What was that? And still cold, very cold.

Christen woke with a start, instantly aware of the binds on her ankles and wrists that kept her strapped tightly to her bunk. Her heavy wool blanket had been thrown off, leaving only her skivvies to protect her from the chilly night air. Quickly she realized that surrounding her bunk on all sides were her squadmates. They were chuckling at her attempts to pull free from her confinement.

“Don’t bother, we’ve had plenty of practice tying down stronger Marines than you,” said Grear, one of the bigger guys in the squad.

“Sorry to do this, but tradition is tradition,” said the Sarge, standing at the foot of her bunk, “We’ve all been there, so just relax and it will be over soon.”

Christen’s heart was pounding, her adrenaline was pumping hard. She was scared but did her best not to show it.

“Alright, who has the markers?” asked the Sarge.

“Right here,” said Lawson, handing him a dozen or so permanent markers.

“So here’s how it’s gonna go down,” said Sarge, “We used to get new members of the squad so wasted they’d passed out, then we’d draw dicks on him, but in the fucking new Corps the drinking is out. So now we tie ’em down and then do the drawing, understand?”

Christen didn’t like the sound of it. She was prepared for some hazing, but this was a little scary. Nevertheless, she was a Marine.

“Yes sir,” said Christen in her bravest voice.

“See men, that’s a Marine,” said the Sarge. He cracked a smile, “Now let’s draw dicks on her.”

The squad laughed and the markers were handed out. Within moments, Christen could see and feel the men pressing the ink against her skin and tracing the trademark shape of penises onto her arms and the exposed parts of her legs.

“Sarge, we usually strip them naked, right?” asked Williams, a skinny guy Christen had found kind of annoying.

“It’s a new Corps, Williams,” said Sarge.

“But that’s the tradition, right?” asked Williams.

Christen heard murmurs of support for what Williams was saying. She didn’t doubt that, tradition or no, at least some of the guys just wanted to see her naked. But that was going to happen sooner or later, so she figured she might as well try to score some points.

“I can take it,” said Christen, mustering a grin, “If you boys can.”

The guys laughed and gave their approval for Christen’s willingness to stick to their traditions. However, with her arms and legs strapped they couldn’t just pull off her shirt and shorts.

“Someone grab a field knife,” said Porter, a stocky guy who seemed to always be in a bad mood.

A knife was produced and Porter quickly, but carefully, went about cutting a slit up the side of her shirt, first one side then the other. There was something seductive and sexy about it, which made Christen’s plump little nipples go hard and tingly. She could even feel her pussy starting to moisten as the tattered remains of her shirt were pulled away, exposing her bare torso for all the squad to see.

“Jesus,” said Williams, “Nice tits.”

Everyone seemed to agree. The guys were still laughing and joking around, but a heavy air of sexuality was settling in. Someone she couldn’t see was running their fingertips across her shoulder, tracing the outline of the large rose tattoo she had there. She quivered imperceptibly as Porter turned the knife to her shorts

It took him a moment to bursa vip escort get through the waistband but eventually he was slicing down the side, revealing Christen’s silky smooth hip and thigh as he went. By the time he was working his way down the other side, a hush had fallen over the room. As her ruined shorts were ripped away, Christen could feel not just the cool air but also the eyes of every man in the room on her exposed pussy. She was clean-shaven, the smooth skin of her slightly puffy labia glistening even in the low light of the barracks. She’d always been proud of her pretty, perfect pussy, but she never thought she’d be showing it off like this.

“God damn,” said one of the guys.

Christen watched the men as they all just stared at her naked body. She could see bulges in the front of their pants, which some were grabbing or rubbing openly.

“Sarge, do we have any traditions about fucking a squadmate?” asked Williams. The men laughed. It sounded like a joke, but the way Williams was rubbing his crotch told Christen it wasn’t.

“Shit,” said the Sarge, “I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this.”

Without another word, the Sarge began unbuckling his pants. The others weren’t far behind and soon Christen was strapped naked to her cot staring up at a dozen hard cocks. Having been exclusively with women for years, there was something strange and foreign about seeing so much dick. The guys, however, acted as natural as can be as they eyed her flesh hungrily and stroked themselves.

“Fuck,” said Davis, his hand moving from Christen’s shoulder tattoo down to her perky tit. He encircled it once with his fingertips, squeezed it once in his palm then started circling her hard nipple with his fingers. The guys on the other side of the cot weren’t so gentle. Two or three hands were jostling for groping position and her nipple was getting pinched and tugged roughly.

Somebody slapped a fat cock across her face, covering her eyes at first. When he moved it up to slap her forehead, she saw that it was Porter. He smacked her a few more times with his thick, musky cock before laying the head on her lips.

“Open up and suck it, bitch,” he said.

It had been awhile since Christen had sucked a dick, but if she remembered correctly it wasn’t particularly difficult. She opened up her mouth and the head of Porter’s fat cock slipped in, resting on her tongue. She could taste the salty flavor of his precum already oozing out. She couldn’t move her head much so Porter turned her face toward him and started to pump his cock in and out of her open lips.

Someone’s hand was on her pussy, which was now soaked from the unrelenting nipple stimulation Davis and the others were giving her. Davis had crouched down and was dragging his tongue in long, slow circles around one of her juicy nips while someone kept tugging on the other with their fingers. She was almost relieved when the hand on her pussy moved down from her clit to enter her. Much more stimulation on her clit and she probably would have cum.

As hands roamed her body and Porter’s fat cock fucked her mouth, Christen couldn’t help but feel amazed at how quickly things had accelerated. Under no circumstances would she have ever thought fucking her whole squad was a good idea, but had they really forced her into it? Or did she secretly want them to? And in the end, did it really matter? She was completely in their control. Nothing and no one could stop what was happening now. Her options were to resist and get fucked, or submit and get fucked.

Another cock appeared on the other side of her face and Porter pulled his out and turned Christen to face the new one. It was smaller than Porter’s, basically average size. Christen glanced up to see it belonged to Barnes. She opened her lips and let him slowly pump it inside her.

Porter stepped aside, letting another Marine take his place at Christen’s mouth. The next guy was also average in size, and Christen found herself kind of missing Porter’s chubby monster. But, she resigned herself to the task of blowing the two guys whose dicks were in her face.

“God, she sucks like a champ,” said Barnes as Christen milked him with her tight mouth.

“She’s got those dick-sucking lips,” said Sanchez, the other guy she was servicing. More guys chimed in, but she couldn’t tell who they were

“Sluts like her always give the best head.”

“Her pussy is fucking drenched. This bitch is in heat, boys.”

“Gonna tear that sloppy pussy apart.”

There were at least two fingers inside her wet cunt, but they were clumsy and lacking the skill she’d grown accustomed to fucking other girls. Her orgasm was backing off when the fingers were removed, along with the hands on her tits. With Sanchez’s prick in her mouth she glanced down to see a large, muscular, hairy man climbing between her spread legs. The Sarge was mounting her. She could see his huge, veiny cock standing at attention, and the heat coming off it as he bursa elit escort laid it across her sopping pussy. He dragged it down, collecting her juices along the length of his member, pausing to rub his bulging cockhead around her sensitive clit before continuing down to her opening and slowly applying pressure.

“Damn, she’s a tight little whore, that’s for sure,” said the Sarge.

No, your tool is just fucking huge, thought Christen, wincing as the thick monster pushed inside her, stretching her out. She’d fucked a lot of toys and dildos, but something about having a real cock entering her pussy was intensely erotic. And painful.

“UNGH!” Christen shouted, letting Barnes’ cock slip out of her mouth

Sarge started pounding her rhythmically, drawing his hefty cock out and back in with long, smooth strokes. The other men stepped back to give him room, except for Williams who saw an opening. Carefully, he climbed onto the cot near Christen’s head facing the Sarge. Squatting down, he dropped his smooth, salty balls into Christen’s mouth and started jacking off.

The three fucked like that for a few minutes, the Sarge keeping his steady pace and Williams feeding Christen his balls and cock. One of them (Christen couldn’t see which) was tweaking her nipples. Coupled with the wet slapping of the Sarge’s hard abs against her clit when he penetrated her deep, Christen was damn near cumming. She moaned loudly while sucking Williams’ balls into her mouth.

“Damn, you’re gonna cum, aren’t you?” asked Williams.

With his balls gagging her mouth, she could only nod her head in response.

“You’re a fucking slut, aren’t you?” He asked, pulling his nuts from her lips.

“Yes,” said Christen.

“Prove it,” he said, scooting forward so that his asshole was hovering just inches from her mouth.

As if possessed, Christen tilted her head forward and started kissing and licking Williams’ ass. The other men laughed.

“Fucking whore”

“Dirty little girl”

“Ass-licking slut”

Her clit getting rubbed, her nipples getting tugged and her tongue roaming around Williams’ asshole, Christen started to cum. There were cheers and more laughter from the men watching as she shook so violently Sarge had to pull all the way and give her some space. William’s stayed right where he was and shot a load of cum across Christen’s thrashing torso. He climbed off her now flushed, red face.

“Clean her off and untie her,” said Sarge, stroking his viciously hard dick.

Someone used her tattered shirt to wipe the cum off her chest and tummy while others unbound her wrists and ankles. She tried to relax her tired arm and leg muscles but she was still tensed up from her orgasm.

The men weren’t going to wait for her to catch her breath. Someone grabbed her legs and turned her perpendicular across her cot, flipping her onto her stomach. On all fours, her head was facing out one side of the bunk bed while her ass hung out the other side.

Two men stepped up, pressing their hard dicks against her face, aiming for her mouth. Another got behind her, squeezing and smacking her tight ass while lining up his cock to fuck her recovering pussy. Christen tried to manage the cocks vying for her mouth, but their intention seemed to be to get inside her at the same time. Her lips stretched as wide as she could, she sucked the heads of both dicks simultaneously while a third penetrated her from behind.

“Dirty whore can’t get enough meat!”

“We’ll see about that”

Her mouth was so full Christen could barely move her tongue as the two slippery cocks jostled for position in her slobbering mouth. One of the men pulled his dick out, wiping spit and precum across her face as he rubbed and slapped her with it. The other grabbed her roughly by the hair and started fucking her mouth savagely. The room filled with the sound of her labored breathing and gagging.

“GUK GUK GUK!” the noise emanated from somewhere in Christen’s narrow throat but she had no control over it. The man face-fucking her relented long enough to pull his cock out and wipe even more spit around her pretty face. He pulled her hair hard and leaned down, wanting her to look him in the face, but her eyes were too watery to even tell whose cock she’d just been sucking.

“You want more dick, bitch?” the man asked, laying his cock across her messy forehead.

“Y-yes!” Christen sputtered, any attempts to maintain control of the situation disappearing entirely.

The man jammed his dick back in her mouth, where it was soon joined by another (Christen wasn’t sure if it was the same duo as before or if this was a new cock).

The man fucking her doggystyle had been spanking her ass with increasing vigor. Christen’s tight butt was turning red from the abuse. With one more hard smack, he pulled his cock out to let someone else have a turn.

The next guy had a bigger dick, but Christen was plenty wet and plenty warmed up after getting fucked by Sarge. The new man slid into her cunt easily and started humping.

Two new waggling cocks had taken the place of the others she’d been sucking, but these two guys weren’t interested in sharing her mouth at the same time, preferring to take turns. One of them had a quick trigger and started to cum after only a minute or so.

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