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HAZING Pt2Before we went outside, they decided to mark me up some more. Patrick got me to the floor in a school-boy pin. While he had me down, with his thighs tightly straddled against my side, and crotch right below my chin, Mark grabbed my arms, and held them above my head. I squirmed and struggled, but Patrick grabbed my hair and slapped my face, advising me to shut-up and be a good “pup”. Rob, with his sharpie, started on my face, giving me a black nose and whiskers, then the word “Spot” was written on my forehead. I became furious, and almost started to whimper. Patrick told Rob to mark my tie, in case I got lost when we went outside, I would be returned to the rightful owners. I pleaded with them not to mark my tie, because I had just bought it. But that only rendered me a couple more slaps and Patrick’s hand reaching behind him and grabbing my crotch. He advises me not to worry about my precious clothes, hinting escort kırşehir that he’ll squeeze the hell out of my nuts. Rob proceeds with labeling my silk tie…Property of Phi Delta Fraternity. I start to moan, and Patrick grabs my chest and tortures my nipples through my shirt. The pain becomes intense, and so does my sweating. When Rob finished, Mark released my wrists and Patrick eases off of me. He slips his fingers under my shirt collar and with a firm grip, I’m pulled back up to my knees. Using my leash, and me on all fours, I am escorted outside to a grassy area behind the hotel. Luckily for me, it was getting late and on a weekday, so there weren’t a lot of passers-by. My masters toyed and played with me, making me bark and roll around on the ground, my clothes becoming stained and somewhat soaked…At this point, and with the evidence of my shredded suit coat, and tagged-up tie, I knew my clothing kırşehir escort bayan wouldn’t be left intact much longer, I just hoped I wouldn’t lose them while we were outside. Did they bring the scissors? Are they planning on stripping me right here? All these thoughts ran through my mind as I pretended to be their “pup”.My thoughts wandered from my present predicament as I began thinking back to all the times I’d put myself into positions where my ego was at stake. I’ve been tied and bound in just about all commonly known positions, and beaten down, both emotionally and physically. The dollar amount in clothing I’ve lost is probably in the thousands. If they weren’t cut or ripped to shreds, they were soiled to the point of repair. My ass has taken its share of beatings, and intrusions, where sitting down after-the-fact was a chore. Other parts of my body have taken equal abuse, taking weeks for the kırşehir escort bruises to heal, and the most humiliating of them all, until the night at hand, was when I had been tickled and flogged so badly, the suffering ended with me in tears and having pissed myself. The guy was so mad that I soiled his sheets, he made me do his laundry…”Get in there!” I was so lost in thought when my face was roughly smashed into the ground. The cold, wet mushy darkness shocked me, and my first thought was I had been shoved into a pile of dog shit. Gladly though, when my head was pulled back up, I realized it was just mud. Still in shock, I stood upright, and tried to wipe my eyes clean, then one of them grabbed my head and tosseled my hair with mud covered hands. Not knowing who did it, I collectively cursed the three of them, using the term “mother- fucker” somewhere in my rant. I could barely see, but as soon as I was able to open my eyes from being mud-covered, Rob lunged both his hands out and grabbed me. They were covered in mud, so I assumed he was the culprit. He swung me around by the front of my shirt and put me up against a tree. “What did you say doggie?” TO BE CONTINUED….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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