Having Sex With a Co-Worker

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Having Sex With a Co-WorkerFew days ago at work, I was talking to a server named Mary, Mary is a year older than me and she is a BBW. She’s not that big, I would say close to 200 lbs. Her tits might be D or DD, I didn’t asked.She is a single mother with 2 k**s, her ex-husband left her about 3 years ago for a younger woman. So, at the end of our shift I was talking to her and joking saying she should take me home, and she said ok come with me. We clocked out and she told me to get in her car, she didn’t live far from work. I got in and off we go. On the way there Mary was telling me she haven’t had sex in 4 years, her ex was banging that young chic for a year before he left her for her.We got to her 3 bedroom apartment, walk in and I met her k**s. Mary made some dinner, so I was thinking she only had me here for dinner and chat. After dinner, Marry took me into her bedroom where we sat on the bed and chat. While I was talking she unbutton my pants, I just sat there little bit shocked, I wouldn’t think she wanted to fuck me. She unzipped my pants and pulled them off. Next she grabbed my boxers and also yank those off as well. I sat there with my shirt on still with a semi hard cock, but she fixed that antalya rus escort problem. Mary opened her mouth and sucked on my cock, I got hard fast and she felt my cock shooting up in her mouth. She took the whole cock, she gagged herself a few times, kept going up and down on my cock. I wanted to shoot my load in her mouth, so I told her I’m going too. I don’t think she wanted me too but I kept her head down there. I grabbed her hair and bobbed her head back and forth until I came in her mouth. A big load shot in her mouth and down her throat, it felt so good. I let go of her head and he gagged little and coughed. She was upset that I came because she thought I was done. I told her to take off her clothes, when she didn’t I went up to her and unbutton her pants and yanked them off and her panties. I unbutton her shirt and took off her bra, she was naked. Nice big tits, trimmed pussy hair, I tossed her ass on the bed and started to eat her pussy out. Mary started to have an orgasm but she cover her mouth because her k**s were still up. Her moans got me hard again and soon she came I would hop on top. Her body started to shake as she was cumming, she antalya rus escort bayan grabbed my head and she squirted some. Her pussy was so wet and warm, I climbed on top and shoved my 6 in cock inside of her. I fuck her slow and sucked on her nipples, and we then started to kiss each other. Our tongues were in each others mouth, I stopped kissing and just stare at her while shoving it in her harder. I grabbed her arms and held her down so she couldn’t cover up her moans or loud orgasm. She was saying softly, oh baby, oh baby, yes, yes.I wanted her be louder so everyone can hear her, so I pounded that pussy as hard I can. She started to scream yes loudly and loud orgasm. As I kept pounding her she moaned loudly and saying yes repeatedly. I was very close shooting my load in her horny, wet pussy, next thing I know she yells I’m cumming and I feel warm liquid on my cock. She squirted big time, I slow down and shoved it in her hard and I unloaded my cum right inside of her, I made sure all my cum was in her too before I pulled out. Mary leaned over gave me a kiss and smacked me for holding her arms down. I just smiled, and told her it was a very big rus escort antalya turn on for me to hear you scream. She got on top of me and held me down and sucked on my neck. She took my cock and put it back in her wet pussy and rode me for a bit. Mary and I got dressed and she took me to my car.Next day, she was in a very good mood at work, we would just smile at each other and kept working. When we were slow, I tool Mary to this bathroom that no one uses because everyone thinks its locked. I took her in there locked the door and took off our pants and underwear. I bent her over the sink there and slid my cock in her and pounded her pussy, and she was waiting for it too. I slammed her repeatedly until we came. She didn’t even try to cover her mouth, she let her orgasm out. I came inside of her and kept going little bit more but she told me we had to go back to work now. She pulled her panties and pants up, I started to masturbate. I had to get my other load out, Mary told me later and I wanted to unload now. Mary said fine and she got on her knees and sucked me off, I humped her mouth fast. I grabbed her head and I think she knew I was close, she didn’t want me to cum in her mouth but I wouldn’t let go. I fucked her mouth hard, made her gag some, and shot my load in her mouth, when I pulled out I was still shooting my cum, I came on her face and her shirt. Mary cleaned her face off but didn’t noticed the cum on her shirt. Not sure if anyone said anything about that, I’m not even sure if they noticed we were gone for a while.

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