Haven And Inessa Flex Their Friendship

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“Heidi, hurry up and go after her,” Inessa advised me, leaning to me. “Don’t let her get away.””I’m naked, though.””Who cares? The woman you love is getting away,” Haven whined, waving her hands at me.I bit down on my bottom lip, but after twenty seconds, they both got up and shoved me towards the door. I felt to be in a sauna, but I had to make a move.”Fuck it, I love you two,” I muttered before I walked out of the apartment. “Hey, Skylar!” I yelled, going after her.She turned to me. “What are you doing, Heidi, you’re naked,” she protested, putting her hands up.I halted in my tracks and bit down on my bottom lip again. I didn’t know what to say, but yet, I let my naked body out in the open of that apartment complex. Although, I still stood my ground somewhat as I didn’t back away, though.”What the fuck, Heidi, what kind of sick freak talks about someone like that? Do you think you can just turn me into a lesbian? I kissed you and tried to give you something, but this is too much. I don’t really like girls, but you three are plotting me to be a fourth wheel in this twisted thing you all have going on here. You stare at my thong and whisper to those two all the time too. I give you the benefit of the doubt and actually show up, but yet, you get naked with them and fuck them just for me to see you when I walk in there? Are you like sex fiends, so you can’t just keep your clothes on, Heidi?””I don’t know, but please don’t leave,” I pleaded, closing the gap. “I’ve had a fucking crush on you since I first set my eyes on you.””Don’t get close to me, you’re naked, remember?”I clenched my fists and broke eye contact for a few seconds. “Fine, maybe I am a sex maniac, or whatever you want to call it, but it doesn’t mean I don’t respect you. You’re fucking Skylar Smith, and anyone would sell their soul to be with you. I mean, look at you, you’re probably more dazzling than them, and I haven’t even seen everything under that skirt and top. I don’t see a single defect on you, no pimples, you’re skinny and, of course, that face. Even though I love those two more than life itself, you still top them.””Is that true?” she asked, smirking.”Of course, it is, you damn skank,” Inessa attacked her, coming out with Haven behind me.”What the hell is wrong with you three, someone could see you out here,” she griped, stomping her feet.”What, are you afraid someone might see you from school and sully your reputation, Skylar?” Haven asked, getting right in front of her with her hands on her hips. “Our best friend showed courage by running after you completely naked to make sure you didn’t leave. It’s pretty dark out here now, and I don’t see anyone getting a view of us, so shut the fuck up and tell Heidi you respect her for following her heart. Maybe all three of us are horny sluts that love to fuck each other, but we love one another, and we’ve been getting her ready to ask out a woman. As you’ve seen, she likes your thong,” she said, pulling on it. “You’re the bitch that lets it out and then whines about it later after she checks it out.””Yes, now you’re going to give our friend the benefit of the doubt again and let Heidi please you. Why are you going to do this, because she loves and wants you despite that she’s never seen you nude, or even without a top or bottom? You’re letting out the melons a bit with your visible crack, and we can even see the matching bra that goes with the thong too,” Inessa complained, pulling on the bra. “What, are you teasing her now? Just letting her get a bite, but cutting her off from even having a ‘Skylar’ snack? Guess what, she deserves an all-you-can-eat buffet because she lusts after you. We’re not about to let you be a conniving bitch to our best friend and allow you to leave now.””My fiancé is right, maybe we all went a little over the top talking about you behind your back, but you’re still not leaving so easily,” Haven added, poking her.”What the hell are you going to do? Force me back into your apartment while you’re both naked by dragging me in there kicking and screaming?””If need be, yes, don’t test us, floozy. We’re hussies too, but the only difference is that we’ll go to bat for our friends. We can’t stress it enough; we love Heidi and want her to be happy with someone. She is a wonderful woman and deserves someone that loves her back, but if that’s not you, then leave.”Skylar looked at me for a few seconds as I let all my goods out in the open.Although, she featured a disgusted look. “Heidi, you have a graceful body, but I’m not a lesbian. I’m not just going to start just because you want to get into my panties. It’s a freaky, but nice gesture you came out here naked, but I’m just not interested,” she made clear before going back to her car.She got into it, put on the seatbelt, and turned on the engine. Then Haven and Inessa brought me right in front of her it. Our eyes met again, and she shot us a dirty look, but it didn’t make us get out of the way.I wasn’t sure what our real play was there, but I stood firm with them. Haven and Inessa both even turned their bodies and pushed them on mine, rested their heads on my shoulders. I placed palms on each of their butts too. From the position the car was in, she could only go forward.After a minute, Skylar let her head out of the window. “What, do you think you can just stand there naked all night long and prevent me from leaving?””Maybe, but we promise you, if you come out of there, we’ll flip that lesbo switch,” Inessa mentioned, coming to her window. “You obviously have one deep within you, and we’ll find it come hell or high water. Heidi, over there is rather curious if you have a bush, don’t you want her to find out? As soon as we find that switch, we’re going to turn it, and we’re going to unleash Heidi on you. I guarantee you when we go back to school Monday; your hand will be holding Heidi’s as you walk down the hall. Then you’ll go back to her place and fuck the shit out of her too. Escort ankara We’ve already taught her things that will make you weep when it’s all over, but if you want no part of that, and just want to repress the lesbian side of you, then we’ll let you leave. Now we’re going back inside to find out if you’re interested,” she explained before coming back to us.I clenched my fists and kept my eyes on her for a few seconds before each of them took a hand and escorted me back to their apartment.Haven shut the door behind us, Inessa and I, as we sat on the couch. “Now, we wait.”They both lay back and relaxed, but I stayed upright and just glared at the door. I didn’t know what to think exactly, but I did my best to trust my best friends. No one said a word for the first minute, but we all heard me breathing heavily.Then they both grabbed one of my arms and yanked me back. “Don’t worry, she saw the goods; she knows you’re willing to come out there and risk people seeing them too. You kissed her, so let us ask you this, did you feel something when she kissed you?” Haven pondered.”I guess, but then why didn’t she just want me?””We don’t know, we can praise you all night long, but maybe she didn’t see what we did. We see you as the sexy woman you are, and surely want her to want you too, but maybe we were a little overconfident.””Just a tad, it seems, Inessa. I mean, if what I did was any kind of gesture, then shouldn’t she have at least gotten out of the car?””Maybe, maybe not, but remember, this is a big decision to make, though. We can be sure as hell that she wants pussy, but she still has to come to that conclusion on her own. You made that gesture to her, and it didn’t work immediately, so all we can do is wait. If you feel the way we think you do about her, then she is worth waiting for indeed, Heidi. If it does happen, then think about this as the night before Christmas. You’re about to get presents and have thrills surge through your body too, so just be patient.”I nodded, but I had to eyeball the door again. We just sat there naked still and waited to hear Skylar or see her open the door. I couldn’t be sure what would happen, but I trusted them the best I could while jiggling around.We waited for over ten minutes, but we heard nothing back from her. I felt more than interested in peeking out the window to see if she was still there, but I knew neither of them was about to allow that.”Where the hell is she?!” I roared, launching up. “Doesn’t she want me?” I asked, looking back at them.”If it wasn’t meant to be, then it wasn’t,” Haven consoled me, getting up with me. “We can’t force her into bed, all we can do is put temptation out there, and find out if she gives in, Heidi. You somehow knew Inessa and I were together and let temptation seduce you to go into that stall. That started a chain reaction that got us here, so all we can do is wait,” she made clear before encasing her arms around us.”The sexiest white chick I’ve ever set my eyes on is right here, Heidi,” Inessa added, doing the same.I felt them both press their nude bodies on mine, and no one said a word for a moment as I closed my eyes. Needless to say, I still felt rather loved by them, but still wanted Skylar. Although, they let go of me as we heard the door creak open. We all peeked at the door, and Skylar slowly closed the gap between us after she closed it. “Well, if you got these cunts to love you-“”Hey, witch,” I attacked her, pushing her away. “Treat them with some fucking respect. I might want to get into your panties, but I’m not about to allow you to talk shit about them, though.””Wow, you are a loyal and stunning woman, Heidi,” she complimented me, coming back to me. “Is it okay if we at least have some privacy, ladies? I’d at least prefer not to have an audience.””Fine, lady, we’re just going to spend some quality time together in our room, but treat our friend right, though,” Inessa made clear, stopping in front of her. “If given a chance, she will fuck the shit out of you, so treat her with respect, got it?””Kiss on it, Inessa?”She failed to wait for even a second and pushed her lips onto Skylar’s.Inessa let her lips off hers after ten seconds, though. “Sorry, I’m taken, Skylar,” she made clear, getting behind her. “Although, that hot piece of heaven with the blonde hair wants to show you the lesbian way just as we’ve done for her. Now let your light brown hair lead the way to make her fuck the shit out of you and have you feeling more than ready to return the favor,” she moaned, pushing herself on Skylar. “Will you at least let us know if you have a bush first, though?””No, I’m sure your best friend here will spill all the dirty details, so give us some space if you want this to happen. I might like her, but I don’t need you two to get pushy,” Skylar made clear, coming to me. “Now, I at least would like to talk to my new friend before I decide to let something take place.””Don’t break her heart, chicky,” Haven warned her before she went to their bedroom with Inessa.Skylar peeked back at me and escorted me to the couch. “So, are you just going to stay naked as we talk?””Is it fair to say it won’t make a difference if you have my knockers to look at as we chat?””If anything, it may hurt your chances, because I feel you’re shoving yourself on me. I suggest you at least put your bra and panties back on, Heidi.””Okay,” I sighed, grabbing them both.I turned around as I slipped back into my panties and put my bra on too.Although, she grabbed the clasp and hooked it. “You’re dazzling, don’t get me wrong, but it’s like having access to a full buffet of chicken, steak, and pork chops, but being a vegetarian,” she divulged, turning me around. “You’re one beautiful woman, but I’m just not all that crazy about just starting to eat animals. I’ve sampled a couple before, but I haven’t liked them, though. I’m sorry, but just showboating the goods isn’t going to make Balgat escort me want you.””You want to talk, though?” I pondered as we sat down.She leaned to me and kissed me again. “You have me intrigued, Heidi. I do have another level beneath my ‘bitch’ layer. Call it my ‘sweet’ layer if you want,” she mentioned before going back. “So, you’re a sophomore, but you have a crush on a freshman?””Yes, I guess. It’s not like I have a thing for freshmen; it is just you.””Were you attracted to Haven or Inessa individually, or as a couple?””A couple, I guess.””What makes you like me so much? I’ve never had a woman after me.””I don’t know, Skylar, you’re just stunning, and you get my vagina wet every time I see you.””You mean just me, and not just my thongs?”I nodded.”You can look at me; you don’t need to feel embarrassed. You have me sitting down with you now, and I know you want to have sex with me. So, be cool or at least try.””Okay,” I muttered, jiggling around.”So, have you masturbated thinking about me, Heidi?”My cheeks instantly dyed red, and I covered my face too.”That’s a yes, so what do you have me do, or you do to me when you pleasure yourself?”I covered my face with both hands and felt sweat flowing down every inch of my body. I just maintained my position for a moment, but I felt her hand on my leg. I wasn’t sure what to think, but I lowered my hands a minute after I felt her touch me.”Its alright, Heidi, you may tell me. If you want me to get interested, then feed my intriguing nature.””I’d love to eat your sweet pussy, Skylar. I’d make sure you have a nice bush every time I do it too. I have no idea if you have one, but I certainly hope you do.””Was that so hard?””Do you have a bush?””Play your cards right, and you might find out. You never had sex with a woman before Haven and Inessa?””No, but they certainly captivated me and made me one of them, so to speak.””And now you want to recruit me?””Yes, I guess.””And you desire to find out what it is like to eat my pussy, and for me to eat yours too?” she asked, rubbing my leg some more.”Yes, Skylar, I want to rip off that skirt, your top, bra, and that thong so I can have my way with you. Is that what you want to hear?” I asked, getting off the couch.”Yes, something like that. I’m not a lesbian, but if you want me to let you give my body a ride, can’t you just humor me?” she inquired, getting up with me. “I’m sorry, but I want to hear from you for a little bit, that’s all. I’ve caught you checking me out a million times before, and I’d just like to understand your mindset, that’s all.””What mindset? People just become attracted to other people; you don’t ask why you just go with it. I’m just interested in fucking you, Skylar, there’s nothing more or less to that. I don’t have an actual motive for liking; you’re just dazzling. It’s not like you even have some backstory before I developed a crush, I just wanted to see what you looked like naked from the moment I first laid my eyes on you.””That’s all, just because you like girls, you can’t add anything to that?””Yes, now are you going to let me screw you or not?””You’re not going to create some intimacy, or build up to it; you’re just going to ask me like that?””Fuck, you’re driving me nuts,” I groaned, getting in front of her. “What do you want me to do, kiss you first?””Yes, that would be nice, and now you’re getting my thong wet, so just give me a kiss,” she ordered me, bringing her face within just an inch of mine.I grabbed her arms, closed my eyes, and stayed still for a few seconds.”Come on, I’m the woman you want to bone, so kiss me. Show me how important I am to you, Heidi, show me that being your girlfriend will make me happy. Can you do that?”I took a deep breath and pushed my lips onto hers a second later. She kissed me right back and even put her hands on the back of my head. I surely knew she wasn’t a lesbo yet, but she made me get up for the challenge.We maintained our position for a couple of minutes as she fondled my head. I applied pressure to her arms after only a few seconds, but I did it a little harder after every ten seconds or so.After a three-minute make-out session, she gently pushed my lips off hers. “Okay, you’re swaying me a little bit,” she made clear, caressing my cheeks. “Haven and Inessa are sexy ladies too, but you’re the one that wants to fuck me.””Am I going to get that chance?””Try kissing me some more.”I smiled, and then we both lay down on the couch with me on top of her. Even through her clothes, and my undergarments, I still nearly thought I felt her nude figure. She surely filled my heart and head with hope, but I knew it wasn’t a done deal.She allowed me to kiss her as if she was my girlfriend, but of course, I still had a lot of work to do before I could sleep with her. I masturbated a million times thinking about getting into her panties, but as I had myself in that situation, I wasn’t sure how to proceed.Although, she nudged her lips off mine again. “I must be making you crazy; I feel your juice on my legs down there.””Even through your skirt?””Yes, it’s like you have a cum fire hydrant down there, just how badly do you want to have sex with me?””You have no idea, Skylar. You’ve caught me eyeballing you a bunch of times, but even that is a small number in comparison to how many times I’ve eyefucked you.””You undress me with your eyes and then boink me, Heidi?””Yes.””Well, why don’t you undress me for real?””Seriously?””Yes, but I can’t show you the goods just yet.”I nodded and kissed her one more time. I got off her and brought her up with me.Her arms rose. “Just don’t scream, we don’t need their neighbors hearing us.”I took off her top, but looked away. She failed to speak to that, and then I dropped to my knees. I grabbed onto her skirt and undid it as well.As it fell, I calmly stood up and let my eyes come onto her rack. “Wow, you’re devastatingly hot, Skylar.””Yes, C-cups cause Batıkent escort bayan that to happen to a woman’s figure, and no one said a woman couldn’t appreciate it too,” she said, closing the gap and bringing her hands to my panties. “We both have sexy underwear, almost as if we’re both Victoria’s Secret models,” she suggested, pulling on mine on the sides. “So, you’re curious if I have a bush, but may I ask, do you have one, Heidi?””Yes, you saw it earlier, Skylar,” I giggled.”I know that, but I thought it’d be sexier to ask,” she whispered before kissing me. “How many pussies have you seen since you started fucking Haven and Inessa, not counting theirs or in porn?””None, Skylar.””So?” she asked, backing away slightly. “I know you love bush, but will it disappoint you if I don’t have one?””Maybe, you’re still ravishing though,” I replied, placing my hands on the sides of her thong. “You’re one lucky bitch; you get to look at yourself naked every day.””Yes, I do, but maybe we can both do each other sexy favors and showcase our nude figures to each other, but I must ask, are you going to be able to take the sight of me? It sounds like you’ve built me up quite a bit, but are you certain I won’t disappoint you.””Does that mean you might want me to love the image; therefore, you want to see me again?””Well, you did make that happen by being naked when I strolled through that door, but I guess now that I think about it, I should have knocked.””Duh, you sexy lady,” we heard Inessa let out.”I guess your horny friends are getting a little gitty now, Heidi, I think you should get down on your knees and lower my thong. Then you’ll know once and for all if I have a bush.””What about your bra? I’m still quite curious about what you’re hiding under that too.””No one said you couldn’t get that off too, lewd woman, now get an eyeful of my body if you want one.”Even with her permission given, I still couldn’t just lower myself down to my knees and get that thong off her. I felt to be drowning in her, so to speak, so I couldn’t even swim through the current of sexiness, she was pushing my way.Although, she stole my hands and brought them to her back. “Well, since your knees aren’t working, just use your hands to undo my bra clasp. I’m not about to tease you for another second, Heidi, but I still want you to undress me. You can get that done, right?””Yes, Skylar, I’m sorry,” I muttered, prior to unclasping her bra.”Don’t be,” she implored me, grabbing the straps and pulling it off herself somewhat.Although, she failed to drop it just yet, and kept her tits covered. She grinned at me as the hot to trot chick she clearly was and then let go of her bra.”Oh, your eyes love the sight in front of you now,” she mentioned, closing the gap. “Now, get my thong off too, I’m sick of it riding my ass, and you not seeing my twat. I want you to eyefuck the shit of me; you’ll do that, won’t you?” she pondered, snatching my hands and bringing them back to her thighs. “I might still be a bitch, but guess what, right now, I’m your bitch, so take advantage of your bitch.”I grabbed onto the straps with both of my palms and bit down on my bottom lip too. Even with Skylar beseeching me, I still couldn’t force myself to give myself what I wanted, which was her.”You have horrible breath, but I like you anyway,” she told me before her hands made it onto my back. “You don’t want to see my cherry, but maybe feeling my bare jugs on yours will make you want to view it,” she theorized, undoing my bra.She tossed it and wrapped her arms around me. “So, we’re unmarried, we’ve never had sex, but you’ve masturbated thinking about screwing me multiple times before, and now we’re both just in our panties, and I’m trying to get you to yank down my thong. Would you feel better if we went back to my place tonight? I live alone and have a queen-sized bed to share. If I took you to my bed, then would you take off my thong for me?” she asked before kissing me again. “Would you strip, fuck, and then kiss me again? You’re quaking now, so I’m guessing that means yes, correct?” “Yes, you damn hussy!” I branded her, shoving her on the couch. “I’ll do anything you want in the sack, Skylar,” I made clear, snagging the straps of her thong again.”Then take it off, tart.”I did and threw it behind me. I had to angle my head towards her twat calmly, but yet, I still covered my face with both hands. I surely knew she was eyeballing me, and she gave me a minute to prepare myself.”Come on, take a look at what you call ‘Wonderland,’ Heidi.”I licked my lips for a few more seconds, but I lazily let my hands slip off. “Oh, yes, you do have a bush, Skylar.””Go ahead, touch it, I promise it won’t bite,” she alerted me, placing my right hand on it. “That’s juice getting on your fingers,” she moaned, pushing my fingers on her pussy. “Put your other hand on it if you want, because I’m the woman you fantasize about, woman. You’ve already admitted it to me; there’s nothing to be ashamed of indeed. If you play your cards right, you won’t have to sleep alone, because you’re making me like you. You have soft fingers, Heidi, but let’s feel your palm too,” she muttered, pulling my hand towards her twat.I leaned my head back. “Oh, that’s good, Skylar.””You’re vibrating, Heidi, even more so than my vibrator I have in my bedroom. I must ask, are you looking to replace it for me, not with another one, but yourself.””Yes, Skylar,” I got out, failing to look at her.I shook nonstop for over a minute and felt the thrills surge through my veins that made my blood boil, so to speak. I nearly thought her cherry was burning my hand, but I just knew she incinerated my mind.”Oh, what the fuck, lady?” she asked, arching her back up with me. “Oh, sex-struck are you now?” she asked me before grabbing my thighs, turning me around and shoving me to the couch. “You’re scared, but that’s okay, this horny floozy will take charge,” she made clear, spreading out my legs.I inevitably turned my vibration knob to the right and nearly broke it off as her hands made it up to my slit. Neither of us spoke, and she rubbed my lips slightly as she kept eye contact with me. I surely knew what she had in mind to do, but I waited for her as she had me more than gitty.

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