Harmony’s Milk Vol. 02

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It was several weeks before I heard from Harmony. She told me that she had a surprise that she knew I would enjoy but that it would require some coordination. After a couple of false-starts, a date popped up when my wife would be visiting her sister in Ohio. I found myself knocking on Harmony’s door. But she didn’t answer it. Her friend Kit, who I hadn’t seen in twenty years, did. I had a crush on Kit back in college and had even hinted clumsily that I wanted to have a three-way with her and Harmony. The hint was not well received.

But here I was being invited in by Kit, who had only gotten better looking with age. She had been a tall, pretty, skinny college sophomore with a brunette version of the “Farrah Fawcett” hair-do when I had last seen her. She still had nice long hair, but had added some very nice curves to her still trim figure. Harmony greeted me with a hug and poured wine for all of us.

Harmony explained that Kit was a single mom who lived a few towns over with her mom. They had reconnected a few months ago and got together periodically to catch up and share stories of single-motherhood.

“I told Kit about you helping me out with my excess milk production,” Harmony said with a sly smile.

“Yes,” said Kit. “I was very jealous. Harmony and I delivered within a week of each other and I have the same problem.”

I became a bit nervous at the thought that my little affair with Harmony had become more widely known. I guess it showed.

Harmony quickly said, “Kit knows you’re married and neither of us wants to create any problems with that. But she and I got to talking about breastfeeding and what to do about all the milk. After a glass or two of wine, I told her that you had helped me out.”

“She made it sound so good. I was jealous. And she told me that you had wanted to do a three-way with me back in college. And I remembered how handsome you were back then and started to get ideas…” Kit said. “You’re still very handsome. I find a little grey hair to be very sexy.”

Kit reached out and flicked my hair. She looked so sexy. Even though she wore a baggy sweater, I could see she had kept herself in good shape and bounced back from pregnancy quickly. I really wanted to get a sense of her breasts. She had been a “barely-B-cup” back in the day. I reached out and stroked her hair which had a few strands of grey in it.

“Yes, a little grey can be very nice,” I said. “So, Kit, you’re breastfeeding?”

She nodded. I pointed at Harmony and she nodded. Both women were smiling as I tried to grasp just how lucky I had gotten here. Harmony sat at one end of her sofa and spoke.

“Let me dumb this down for you, Stud. You’re alone in a house with two women who are furiously lactating and haven’t relieved the pressure since this morning in anticipation of having you here to help us out. I can feel my milk letting down now, so I need you to put your head in my lap and stretch out.”

As she spoke, Harmony peeled off her sweatshirt and undid her bra. I never could resist the sight of her huge hangers. I collapsed on the sofa positioning my head below and between her enormous tits. I saw milk steadily dripping from her left nipple, but she grasped her right breast in both hands and kneaded it before feeding the big nipple into my mouth. I latched on and suckled. My mouth was filled with warm, sweet milk. I gulped it down and settled into an unhurried rhythm of suckling and swallowing. I could smell the faint floral perfume Harmony always wore. The fullness of her fleshy breasts was soft soft against my face. I nuzzled into the full fleshy pillows. Before long I could feel wetness on my chest. I looked up and Harmony’s unattended left breast was squirting its milk from her long, thick nipple in a delicate arc onto my chest. We shifted and I latched onto the fountaining teat and greedily gulped down its liquid treasure.

As I began to suckle this milk reservoir, a saw Kit kneeling behind the sofa, watching Harmony and me at close range. She reached over and unbuttoned my shirt, rubbing my chest. I heard Kit let out a very quiet moan at the same moment that Harmony purred softly. Both women smiled.

“Watching you suckle from Harmony’s big breasts has triggered my ‘let down’ reflex. I hope you’re thirsty, Stud.” Kit said in a husky whisper, using Harmony’s pet-name for me.

Kit took a place at the other end of the sofa. Out of the corner of my eye I could see her removing her sweater. Wow. Her “barely-Bs” had developed into a pair of large, firm, round tits that barely betrayed any of the effects of gravity. When she removed her bra they looked even bigger with dark aureole and small but stiff nipples, each tipped with a little, white droplet of milk.

I sort of rotated on the sofa putting my head on Kit’s lap. I grabbed a small pillow for under my head to reach Kit’s tits as they didn’t hang as low as Harmony’s did. My hand caressed her left breast. It was so much firmer than Harmony’s, although not quite Gaziantep Fetiş Escort as humongous. I brought my mouth to her nipple and began to suck. Kit moaned.

“Harder, please. Suck harder and squeeze it,” Kit whispered.

I grasped her big tit in my hands and squeezed. I felt the flow of milk increase and I repeated the squeeze and sucked hard on the small, hard nub. As I focused on Kit, I felt my shoes being untied and removed. Then my socks came off and I felt hands undoing my belt and jeans. Kit was running her fingers through my hair and cooing in my ear as I sucked her big tit. Her milk was a sweet and warm as Harmony’s, but did have its own taste too. And Kit’s own aroma was not of perfume, but of clean, womanly flesh. I inhaled deeply as I squeezed her breast more aggressively and sucked her nipple harder.

I glanced down and saw a now-nude Harmony remove my boxers and kneel down in front of the sofa and begin to stroke my cock to its full hardness. Kit nudged me over to her right breast and shifted to accommodate my attention to the now-leaking breast.

“Mmmm. That’s it. Do this one the same way. Be as rough as you want. Say, I see why Harmony calls you her stud. Nice cock!” Kit giggled.

I firmly squeezed Kit’s tit and latched onto the nipple and suckled it. As I enjoyed her sweet bounty, I also gave her nipple a little bite and felt Kit’s hips wiggle in response. I quickly lost myself in the fullness of Kit’s big tits and the plentiful flow of milk. But I was not so far gone that I didn’t notice Harmony’s mouth envelope the head of my cock. Her tongue twirled circles over the head. I imitated the motion on Kit’s nipple. I felt Harmony move to lick the underside of my cock and I licked the underside of Kit’s big tit.

“Bite his cock, Harmony,” Kit suggested.

Harmony rubbed her teeth as far down my cock as she could. I took as much of Kit’s big tit into my mouth as I could and bit it. Kit moaned. Her hands rubbed my chest and reached down to where Harmony was now pumping her mouth up and down on my stiff cock.

“Want some, Kit? My breasts still have milk flowing. Swivel around, Stud,” Harmony told me.

I got back into position and began more aggressively squeezing and suckling Harmony huge milk bags. She moaned more loudly. I could taste the difference in the milk of the two women. It was such a thrill to have this huge supply of milk to myself, not to mention two sexy women taking turns servicing me. I looked up and saw Kit strip off the rest of her clothes. She had an amazing body. She was toned and fit with those big tits. She wasn’t fashion-model-skinny, but had a nicely rounded, almost athletic shape.

The flow of milk from Harmony’s tits was slowing as I felt Kit’s mouth on my cock. She kissed the length of it and my balls before moving back up to the head and engulfing it in her wet, warm mouth. Harmony used to joke that she was “no Linda Lovelace” and, in truth, she was not super-skilled at sucking cock. She could get the job done, no doubt, but Kit was an artist! She attacked my cock, swirling her tongue and twisting her head and bobbing up and down as if she hadn’t had a cock to suck in years.

I guess that between the feeling of having a hungry mouth emptying her huge tits of their built-up milk supply and seeing her friend performing expert advanced fellatio on her “stud”, Harmony was getting hot and bothered. I could feel her hips squirming and eventually she slipped a hand down to diddle her clit and finger her pussy. And when her fingers weren’t enough, she moved from under my resting head to straddle my face, facing Kit.

Kit lifted up from her cocksucking. “Ooooo, yeah. Let me see how an expert eats her pussy. Harmony says you are the best pussy-eater in the world. Let’s see!”

As much as I would have loved to concentrate on the amazing blowjob that Kit was giving me, I was overwhelmed by the familiar, musky aroma of Harmony’s aroused pussy. I kissed her thighs and was going to tease her a bit, but she lowered herself down on my mouth and began to grind up and down. I felt her warm, soft, wetness extended my tongue to try to take control. I reached up and around and grabbed Harmony’s asscheeks and positioned her so I could shove my tongue deep inside her cunt. She moaned loudly. I heard Kit moan in reply. I moved my tongue from Harmony’s pussy hole up, between her full pussylips up to her clit. I sucked her clit directly and heard her moan and felt her shudder. I moved back to suck and bite and gently chew on her cuntlips, then dipped my tongue back inside her pussy. I was giving her the full treatment.

Meanwhile I could feel Kit alternating between expertly sucking and stroking my fully engorged, rampant cock. When she had her mouth on my cock, she would cup and squeeze my balls and tickle my asshole lightly. Then she would lift off it and stroke my shaft up to the head with a practiced twisting motion that felt amazing. Although I couldn’t see, I assumed that she was watching me and Harmony whenever she wasn’t sucking my cock.

Again I licked from Harmony’s stiff, little clit back between her full cuntlips, into her vagina, and across her asshole. When she seemed to enjoy that, I licked little circles around her nether orifice. Finally, I pushed my tongue into her asshole slowly, as deeply as I could. Harmony arched her back and sucked in a big breath between clinched teeth. I loved back to her clit and sucked the area around it while encircling it with my tongue. I could feel Harmony’s passion rising. I ran my tongue between her pussylips and sucked hard on them. Harmony twisted and ground her cunt on my mouth. She was ready to explode. I grabbed her asscheeks and pulled them apart. I rubbed her asshole with my thumb as I moved my tongue back to her clit and began flicking it up and down, side to side, and round and round. Experience told me that this combination would drive her over the edge with maximum intensity. And I didn’t have to wait long.

Harmony shrieked out a howl and then growled like a bear. She put her full weight down on my mouth and face and humped and ground her pussy all over me. I tried to control her movements so I could continue to stimulate her and make her come more, but she was in another world. Her whole body shuddered and shook and spasmed. Just as seemed she was done, her whole body would jerk and twist again, each time accompanied by a new moan.

When she finally pushed herself away from me and collapsed back at the end of the sofa, Harmony was grasping for breath and dazed. Kit still had one hand squeezing and stroking my cock, but had, unbeknownst to me, moved up to where she could hold and suck Harmony’s huge tits as she enjoyed her volcanic climax. This put Kit’s big tits within my reach. As I moved toward them, she spoke.

“Wow, Stud, Harmony wasn’t kidding. You are the pussy-eating king! My turn!”

Kit pulled away from me positioned herself at her end of the sofa inviting me to spin around again and push my head underneath her splayed thighs. I obliged. Kit’s pussy was completely hairless. She had a small wisp higher up, but her pussy was soft, warm, and smooth. I kissed all over it. I kissed her thighs and all around her pussy. This was the teasing Harmony hadn’t wanted any part of. Kit was reveling in it. I blew gently on her sensitive skin and felt her shudder slightly.

In the meantime, Harmony had recovered and moved to kneel over me and began to suck my cock. I guess she must have watched Kit’s technique as she seemed to be trying to duplicate it. And she was doing a pretty good job! She was also watching me eating Kit’s pussy.

“Isn’t he the best pussy-eater? I told you, Kit. I told you. He has a very talented tongue. He knows right where to go and just what to do. And he loves to eat pussy. Don’t you, Stud?”

I moaned into Kit’s pussy as I began to kiss her vulva directly and lick it. I rubbed my face against it and probed it with my tongue. Kit was gently starting to grind her pussy on my mouth. I pushed my tongue into the cleft of her pussylips and felt her wetness. I tasted Kit’s cunt-honey and lapped it up. Her lips began to swell and gape open. She had thicker, meatier cuntlips than Harmony and bit and chewed them, gently at first and then less gently. Kit seemed to like it better less gently. I shoved my tongue deep in her pussy and she moaned loudly.

“Oh, Harmony, your stud is so good!”

I moved up to Kit’s clit and slowly, gently explored it with my tongue. I let Kit’s moans and hip movements guide me. I could feel her clit swelling in a way I had never felt before on any woman. I opened my lips to take the area around her clit into my mouth and sucked gently on the whole area. As Kit cried out, I increased the suction and flicked my tongue over her now half-inch long clit. Kit’s body jerked and she began bucking her hips to fuck my face. Her pussy was so wet it smeared my face with its juices. I moved down to bite and suck Kit’s meaty lips and the harder and rougher I was with them, the more she seemed to like it.

I moved lower to shove my tongue deeply into her pussy and tonguefucked her sopping wet hole with swirling, long, deep strokes. Kit was humping up and down on my face.

“Eat my cunt, Stud. Eat it all. Lick up my juice. Let me hear your slurp it up. There’s more where that came from. You like Kit’s sooth, hairless pussy, Stud? I know you do. Is Harmony doing a good job on your cock, Stud?”

I lapped and slurped at Kit’s pussy. Her juices were flowing like I had never seen before. For her part, Harmony pushed as deep down on my cock as she could. I heard her gagging and gasping for breath and felt her throat’s thick saliva dripping down to my balls, which she cradled in one hand. I moved my attention back to Kit’s big clit. I puckered my lips and sucked it in and out, as if it was a tiny cock. Kit’s moans intensified. This was going to get her off. I licked and sucked on her clit in every way I could think of. Finally, I licked it’s underside up and down very quickly, vibrating my tongue. As I did this I reached around to grab Kit’s asscheeks as I had Harmony’s. I pulled her cheeks apart and probed the entrance to her asshole.

I kept that up for a few seconds and heard Kit say, “Oh, fuck!” Then everything went crazy. The first thing I felt was an explosion of wetness as Kit’s juices gushed out in a flood. I moved down to lick up the wetness when the second gush deluged my mouth almost drowning me. These were not little squirts, but long torrents that soaked my face and the sofa cushions. Kit lifted up and down on my face hard fucking it one minute. Then she was grinding down hard on it the next. All the while she was screaming and shrieking and babbling like a woman possessed.

It seemed to go on for a long time. And unlike Harmony, when the intensity would subside a little, and I would lick at Kit’s clit again, she would grind down onto my mouth and explode again. I lost count of the number of gushing floods she produced. And I’d only be guessing at how many times she came. Finally, Kit lifted off me and collapsed back against her end of the sofa. I noticed that Harmony had moved toward her and had been sucking Kit’s tits as I ate her pussy. Harmony still had a hand slowly stroking my almost numb, rock-hard cock.

I was stunned (and incredibly turned-on) when I saw the two women lean into each other and kiss deeply. I sat up and Harmony turned toward me and began kissing and licking Kit’s juices from my face. I turned toward Kit and she gave me a deep, sensuous kiss. I turned back to Harmony and kissed her deeply. Then the women kissed each other again. Each woman’s hands went to the big breasts of the other. This was beyond any fantasy I had ever had. I sat back and slowly stroked my cock watching. Kit seemed to snap out of the erotic haze first.

“Harmony, dear, we both owe this stud a big thank you. I wonder what we could do to repay him? We know he likes big tits. And we both have big tits. He loves pussy and we have two pussies that are dying to get fucked by that fine stud cock. And I know he likes a nice tight asshole and we each have one of those too. And we have our ‘bag of tricks’ too!”

“Oh yes,” whispered Harmony. “Let’s go up to the bedroom and give our stud what he needs.”

Harmony grabbed a mostly-full bottle of wine and her glass and headed upstairs. Kit gave me another deep kiss and took her glass and followed her friend. I took a glass from the bar and joined them. By the time I got to the bedroom, the two women were reclined on a king-sized bed sipping wine. I offered my glass to Harmony to have it filled and then took a big sip myself.

I took my place between them and felt four hands on me immediately. Kit kissed my mouth again and began kissing me lower and lower. Harmony did the same. They met down by my cock, kissing first each other and then my still mostly-hard cock. As it began to respond they pushed closer and each began to rub their big tits on it. The soft, fleshy pillows cushioned and caressed my increasingly hard cock. It was as sexy as hell, but a bit awkward for my playmates to really wrap their tits around my cock effectively. So, each one took a turn helping the other to entrap my hard meat and stroke it within those big, beautiful jugs. My arousal was back up to a boil. I pushed Harmony onto her back and moved between her legs. I kissed her mouth deeply and shoved my tongue in for her to suck. That always used to drive me wild and it still does.

I was about to take my cock in my hand to rub it along Harmony’s pussylips and into her cunt, but Kit’s soft hands beat me to it. She parted Harmony’s lips with one hand and guided my cockhead to her pussy with the other. I began pumping my cock into her with long, slow, deliberate strokes. Lifting myself away from her, I could see Harmony’s big jugs bouncing and jouncing as I pumped my stiff man meat into her like a machine.

“Oh, you like seeing her big milk-filled tits bouncing, don’t you stud? Do you like Harmony’s bigger tits more than mine?” Kit asked playfully.

i said, “I love watching Harmony’s big fucking tits bounce with every pump of my cock in her cunt. And I couldn’t pick between loving her big, soft, milk bags or your big, firm ones. Two different but wonderful experiences.”

I don’t think Harmony was even listening. While she drank me in with her eyes when I first plowed into her, she had since closed them and seemed to be headed for an orgasm. I leaned down just above her and said directly into her ear, “Cum on my stiff cock, Harmony. Feel every inch of my stiff cock pumping your pussy. Now work your cunt to a climax. Do it.”

And she did. Rarely have I felt a woman’s whole body quake and jerk the way Harmony’s did. She was in another world for a solid minute before she was just cumming. It was another minute or two before she slumped back in exhaustion. And when she did, I pulled my hard-on from her soaked pussy and turned a quarter-turn to my left and found Kit on all fours begging for my cock. And I obliged her.

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