Harem Ch. 01

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Adriana Chechik

Jelena’s family was poor, and unable to send their eldest son onward to higher education. If only they could send him to school, he could become a lawyer, or an engineer, and help their family rise out of poverty. Jelena had heard from a friend about Harem, a small country, its borders remaining intact into present day due to its ability to pay its annual protection fares to the country it lay within. It’s King, Gerig, hosted over 50 young women from all over the world to entertain his wealthy guests. He had a particular taste in his women, young, nubile, and pregnant. He would bring them in under the terms that if they performed for him for 9 months they would earn their freedom and could live in their new country unbound.

When she told her brother of the scheme and of the payment she could potentially earn for their family in this country, he bought her a plane ticket on credit and sent her off to Harem. When Jelena walked into the day lit room of Gerig’s manse, it was completely empty. She walked through it slowly, tugging her small wheeled luggage bag. She approached the a small office to the side and knocked lightly.

“Come in,” Gerig beckoned from inside.

Jelena opened the door to his office. Gerig sat behind his desk, he was perhaps forty, but extremely handsome. On his lap he held a newborn baby boy, and a young lady sat across from him crying.

“Take a seat young lady,” he said to Jelena. He turned to the crying lady, “This boy will be called Ivan. It is a strong name for a strong boy, now stop crying like a cheap whore and hold him.” He gave the baby back to the mother and handed her an envelope. “Your severance is here. You are still young enough to come back if you please, but first you must lose at least 50lbs and tighten up that flabby ass.”

“Please Gerig!” She wailed. “I love you! It’s a boy, you’ve wanted a boy for years! Please wife me!! I will be your most devoted servant!”

Gerig shooed her away with his hand. “You slept around, how can you prove that he’s mine. You can stay within Harem, go apply at an Inn, earn a living, lose some weight, and come back when you think you’re worthy to apply again.” The woman hesitated, thought better of it, bowed, and left with the child in her arms. Gerig turned his attention to Jelena. “So, who do we have here?”

“My name is Jelena,” She whispered with nervousness. “I’ve come to start a new life here and send money home.”

“Same story, different broad,” he said rolling his eyes. He looked her up and down. “Come here sweetheart.” Jelena approached timidly. “You’re a shy one aren’t you,” he said, stroking her cheek. “They all start out shy and unaware … but soon you’ll be a masterpiece of sex. I can see it, you have the perfect hips, a cute little ass and that look of innocence about you. Are you a virgin?”

“I am”

“We’ll take care of that tomorrow. Tonight you’re going to settle in with Fini’s old room mate, now that she’s had her baby. Her name is Isla, she is one of my most accomplished concubines and you can find her here.” He ripped off a piece of paper from a pad and wrote down Isla’s room number.


Jelena wheeled her little suitcase to the back of the manse. It was attached to an old boarder-style residence. Jelena walked up to bornova escort flights of stairs and knocked on room 226. The door opened slowly …

“So, you’re the new room mate hmm?” Isla stood at the entrance of the door, head to tail nude, and seemingly far more than 9 months pregnant. She had long flowing blonde hair that hung over her large pendulous breasts. They rested softly atop her huge round white belly.

“I … I am.” Said Jelena, stuttering from seeing Isla’s massive nude form.

“Gerig said you were fresh off the boat, and likely a virgin. I can see he’s right. He’s asked me to give a few tips and tricks for you. Come in and sit on the couch.”

Jelena sat down on the large blue sectional couch. Isla backed her huge rear end up on Jelena, grinded for a moment and then slid down comfortably between her legs. “Hold my breasts darling, they’re aching.”

Jelena hesitated, and then reached for the large soft doughy breasts. They were warm and filled with milk … she could feel it sloshing around inside. She was immediately turned on.

“Keep massaging, the more love I get, the more tips you get … and that’s just a fact about stripping haha.”

“I, I don’t know what’s expected of me.” said Jelena. “I’m not even sure if I’ll be able to do this right.”

“First thing’s first, Gerig is going to want you pregnant asap. He can’t use you while you’re a skinny stick, and even once you’re pregnant he probably won’t showcase you until you’re 6 months in … that’s the start date for most first timers. Mmmmm yeah, keep pinching those nips” she moaned. “Second thing is that Gerig has fucked us all, and will continue to fuck us all. There’s no jealousy at Harem you hear?”

“I hear”

“Good. Most to almost all of us are preggers with Gerig’s seed. He gets off on it. He gets off getting you pregnant, fucking you pregnant, watching you pregnant and having others watch you dance pregnant. And the highest honor of all is to move up from concubine to wife. I’m not eligible to be a wife since I came here pregnant, he only want’s wives that have been his and only his from start to finish. He has four, you can tell by the thin gold rings on his cock, and the wife he favors the most when he dies is the one whose son will be his heir. Right now his wives have only had daughters, so he’s on the lookout for a new wife.”

“But there was a woman in the office … one who just had one of his sons”

“That’s the thing, who knows if its his son or not, Fini was a little whore. She used to sneak patrons back here during the show to earn a little extra cash. Now seeing as you’re a virgin, that’s worth a lot of money. He’s likely going to try to auction you off to some old fucker for a lot of cash. You’re in a bad place because if he does he’s not going to want you as much if you’re pregs with some other guy’s baby. You need to convince Gerig that you want him. You need to convince him to set aside hundreds of thousands of dollars to fuck you instead.”

Jelena sat there pensively for a few moments, massaging Isla’s enormous belly. And then she knew what to do.


Before leaving her home, her cousin had given her a gift in a small tube. She said it was radioactive birth buca escort control from the local town that had been devastated by a nuclear leak. Apparently the pill when taken had the effect of making a girl pregnant on the first try. She knew this may be her only hope. She stashed the pill in her bra and went to the manse at noon.

The room was dark when she entered. A hostess, pregnant of course and maybe 4 months along, guided her past the main stage and into a small room. As soon as she entered it all of the sound from outside was muted. The room was dark, she walked to the centre of it where there was a single spot light. Once she was in the centre of the circular room she could see that there were windows surrounding her, and she could see dark shapes of men behind them. She was in a dance booth. Suddenly the speaker above her crackled.

“Please state your name, age and sexual status.”

“Umm, Jelena. 18. Virgin”

“Let us see your body, take off your clothes”

Jelena hesitated, thinking that only a month ago she was back home where the only person who saw her without her clothes was her boyfriend. But then she remembered that she had a duty to her family, so she removed her clothes and struck the best pose she could think of.

“And what makes you desirable Jelena?”

Jelena pulled the pill out of her bra on the floor, showed it to all of the windows and then swallowed it. “That pill is a birth control tablet from the nuclear accident that happened a few hundred kilometers from my home. The effects of the radiation have …”

But before she could finish the lights went out and a voice came over the speaker, it was Gerig. “Stop. Please wait Jelena”. The lights came back on and there was silence. She could hear the muffled voices behind the glass speaking to one another urgently. Then a door opened and Gerig came out. “You were very wise to obtain that pill, we’ve heard about what it can do and we’ve been curious for a while to see it’s effects.”

“Has my virginity been purchased?”

“Yes,” he whispered. Getting closer and wrapping his hands around her. “By me. The others have paid a smaller fee to watch, and to sit front row at tonight’s show … which you’ll debut in”

“But I’m not pregnant yet!” she moaned as Gerig dropped to a knee and began to eat her out.

“Not yet,” he said, laying her down on the floor and positioning himself over her. “This might pinch a little.” He pulled out his thick verile cock and pushed it against her tight little pussy, rubbing it up and down her lips until they became wet. The dim light caught a glint off the 4 rings at the base of his cock. The pain was momentary, but the pleasure was overwhelming. Jelena moaned with ecstasy as Gerig pushed himself deep inside of her. He fell atop her and began slowly, letting her feel each thrust. Then he began to gather speed, pumping, pumping, pumping, until it was like one fluid feeling of togetherness. Jelena’s small tits giggled with the movement, and he caught one of her nipples with his teeth, nibbling and tugging until jelena moaned out loud. He went at it for about 5mins before spilling his seed inside of her. When he pulled out and she tried to sit up, Gerig forced her back down.

“Stay still çeşme escort so the seed can take.”

He walked out and the lights turned out. Jelena lay alone on the floor in the dark for a few minutes, reminiscing about what had just happened. Her heart fluttered as she thought about Gerig. But as it continued to flutter she realized that it may not be in her heart, but in her belly. Jelena reached her hands down to her flat belly. Nothing. Her heart sank … maybe the pills didn’t work … maybe she would be sent home … maybe …

But then it happened …

Her belly rippled, and then rose slightly. She now could feel what was like a belly after a big meal.

Jelena stood up and walked to the door, and when she opened it to the main performance room she was blasted with noise. The room was packed. The usual dancers were there, strutting their round bellies, swinging around poles and peeling off their clothes. Gerig summoned her over with a finger and she came to him obediently and sat on his lap. The largest of the girls, a massive black haired woman shot her a nasty look, while simultaneously squirting streams of milk from her tits into the crowd. Gerig ran his hand over her tiny little bump. She moaned out loud and shuddered from within and it swelled again. Gerig lifted his hand back in surprise, and then went back to rubbing. Again her belly throbbed and grew again.

Jelena knew this was a the perfect opportunity to seduce Gerig again, “Do you feel me Gerig?” she whispered. “I’m full of your seed. But only one has taken … do you want me to have more of you inside of me?”

She could hear his breath catch in his throat, and his big cock swell underneath her. He shuddered at the thought of taking her again, but then whispered, “No my darling, we must wait, the show is about to begin”

The lights dimmed, the dancers on stage left and then a voice came on over the speaker system. “Gentlemen, tonight we have a very special event for you. Just turned eighteen year old Jelena … fresh off the boat, and a fresh virginal womb, just pierced by our own Gerig. Put your hands together for their first dance.”

Gerig lifted her up onto the stage, still completely naked, and pulled a chair up for himself. He sat down as a spotlight came onto both of them. Jelena understood that she was supposed to dance for Gerig as some sexy music began to trickle out of the speakers. She had never given a man a sexy dance before, but she had seen videos, and the moves came naturally to her. She played the seductive virgin, tempting him, then drawing away. Grinding against him, and then walking off his lap. She did this for over a minute until he grabbed her wrist and forced her onto his lap.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” he spoke, “You’ve seen it once before with my original progeny Jessica, my milky maiden. Now watch as a new concubine is born.”

He slid down his pants and revealed his pulsing cock. He grabbed her hips and slid her on with one smooth motion, and ran his hands along her belly.. The sudden penetration and the touching caused her body to quake and swell. His pre-cum must have taken. The audience grew silent in awe of her expanding belly. The music stopped, and the room was as quiet as a grave. Jelena looked down and watched her belly expand from a small bump, larger and larger. It was like a balloon. Gerig thrust one more time, ejaculating inside of her. And with a ‘pop’ her belly button thrust from inside to out, she now looked 9 months pregnant.

The audience was still silent, having never seen something so amazing before.

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