Happy Ending in Indian Train

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Big Tits

I would like to express my gratitude to karthi965 for editing my story & for keeping the raw originality of the story intact.


I am a 38 yrs old sex pest turned gentleman leading a cursed love life. My life has turned a new leaf after my marriage, which was a turn for the worst. I am leading my horrible days with an ugly wife who rations my doses of sex.

My sex life is now incredibly depressing to the extent that my only maid goes around the house with her forehead fully covered with a pallu and comes to work wearing a full-sleeve she even keeps her blouse fully covered by her saree, so that there is no chance by which even the cuts of her melons would be exposed by chance. With such a completely damn sex life, my only way to get sexual pleasure is to get satisfaction from chance sexual encounters.

This is one such account of my true sexual encounter I had with a complete stranger, while travelling by Sayaji Express from Bombay to Surat.

I am 5ft 6 in tall, blunt nosed, of average built and fair in colour. People describe me as a very average looking & girls both in my school & college thought me as a harmless. Women think I am too weak for sex. Actually beneath my soft-spoken interior, I hid a craving for digging my nostrils into round asses of middle-aged women.

This took place when, I was returning back by the Sayaji Express to Surat to join Company duty after a weeklong vacation with my parents at home. The total duration of the journey from Bombay to Surat was 6 hrs. I had already reserved a window-side berth in a train compartment which had one more unoccupied seat/berth beside me till few stops. I was clutching my Laptop sling bag which was resting on my legs. I had kept my Laptop Bag with me to prevent the possibility of theft.

As the train moved on periodically stopping & moving from various scheduled stations, I was blankly staring out of the window with no one to talk to and did not realise when I had dozed off completely.

I woke up only when I felt someone brush my arm. I looked at my right to find a ordinary looking daily office-going woman of average built and around 30-32 yrs of age sitting beside me with her left arm slightly brushing my right arm. She was seated just like me with her Laptop bag resting on her legs. She was quite attractive with beautiful, dark, South Indian skin, long jet black hair and dark thin eyebrows. She was wearing a red sleeveless shirt and tall flowing skirt. The cuts of her cleavage were visible from the top. The skirt was black with big colourful leaf patterns embroidered on it. She had gold bangles on both hands & her feet had silver anklets. The sleeveless shirt complimented her brown skin very well and her skirt was perfectly accentuating the curves of her round & firm bum. She looked very sexy in this attire.

After a brief uninterested sleepy look to my right, I again turned my face back towards the window. Few moments later, I felt her come so close to bingöl escort me that now her entire left side was touching my right arm.

My virgin body stiffened with the touch of the soft woolly skin of this pretty woman and my cheeks flushed red. I had really no inkling of what was to happen next.

I slowly pulled out my right arm which was stuck between our bodies & took it up behind her & rested it on the top of her seat back. Slowly I brought my hand down to touch her uncovered back. Her curvy back was glistening with tiny droplets of sweat which added to the sex appeal of this petite beauty.

I gently caressed her back with my fingers. She neither resisted nor moved but just sat still. Taking this as the first cue of acceptance, I moved my fingers further upwards to her neck, caressed the nape of her neck, and then slowly pulled her ear lobes by taking her ear lobe between my index finger & middle finger. Now the intensity of her breath had increased, eyes had opened wide and she had tightened the grip of her laptop bag, but she did not make any movement to resist my advances.

The game was heating up. My fingers started travelling from her ear and travelled slowly down the nape of her neck to her right shoulder till it finally reached near her right sweaty underarm. I poked my index finger & then my middle finger inside her right underarm & brought it near to my nostrils to smell the aroma. The smell was ordinary with a slight hint of deodorant but the sex inside my brain loved it. As I again put my moist fingers under her arm for some drops, she pulled my fingers with her left hand towards her breasts.

Her breasts were not so big but well-rounded. I felt her perky nipples stand up. After few seconds, I had regained my senses, I grabbed, pressed, mauled & molested her oranges as if there was no tomorrow. All along, I was planting tiny kisses every now & then on her left cheek which was facing me.

After finishing with her breasts, I withdrew my arm from there to reach for her belly, but she caught my hand and refused to let me withdraw my hand. Quite forcibly, I freed my hand from her clutches & slid my hand along her stomach to her belly. After circling her belly with my fingers for about 10 min, I moved my hand to towards her vagina.

Our game of passion was hidden from other passengers with our Laptop Bags tightly clutched with the other hand. Nobody could actually know what was going on behind & below our bags.

I parted her legs & cupped her vagina over her clothes with my palm & pressed my thumb hard into her pussy. She was allowing this to do without even a small flinch. Then, I slowly sunk my middle finger hard into the vagina. Being the first time, I could not immediately find the exact spot of her vagina & my palm encountered a rock hard surface.

I withdrew my palm & slowly loosened the knot of her skirt with my heavily trembling fingers. The skirt opened & gave bodrum escort my palm access to her panty. I pulled & parted her panty from her belly with my fingers & put fingers deep inside her panty, so that my fingers were now directly touching her pubic mound. I was fingering her moist pubic mound and pulled her curly pubic hair strands with my fingers.

What I didn’t notice by now was that her right arm had travelled across our laps to touch my pant zipper. Her hand had crept into my pant zipper and was trying to pull it back. I moved slightly so that she could pull my zip easily. As she pulled the zip, my red jockey underwear came into view. With her deft fingers she pulled my underwear down over my rod. My caged manhood sprang up to full attention immediately and it had already wept copious tears of precum clearly indicating that it was unable to hold itself from bursting.

When her fingers touched my cock, my mouth let out a deep involuntary Aaahah!! of pleasure. She started fondling my cock while my fingers were busy working on her pubes, pulling, twisting & parting her pubic hair gently, pinching & fingering her clitoris & finally making in & out movements out of her soft pink cunt. We were some facing difficulty in pleasuring each other as our hands were moving & clashing simultaneously. There was no conversation between us.

Suddenly from nowhere, the Ticket Examiner came from behind to ask for our tickets. As were both deep into the game, we were startled by the sudden interruption and could not gather enough time to close my zipper or pull her skirt up. However, all that we could do was to put my bag over my pants to hide my open zip & she put her bag over her open skirt. We both showed our tickets to the TTE and the Ticket Examiner examined the tickets & went away without knowing what was going on few moments before. After the danger had passed, we both looked at each other with an expression of relief. My heart started heavily panting due to the danger of being caught. The sudden interruption caused our game to momentarily break & I was wondering if my partner would be interested to continue the game further.

I kissed her left cheek warmly to find out if she was still in the game. Instantly to my pleasure, her fingers went for my protruding penis and with deft fingers teased & pulled my foreskin back. As we were in a train, it was not possible for us to make any vigorous movements so she gently pinched penis exposed head & then began gently stroking the entire length of my cock up & down. Occasionally, she was fondling & cupping my testicles.

I restarted my game by sliding my palm inside the back of her panty onto the soft mounds of her cold buttocks. I cupped & pinched her ass cheeks & my fingers came just above her butt-hole waiting for permission to go down further. She cooperated by moving upwards slightly to allow my hand to creep inside her tender valley. Thus now my palm was trapped bolu escort below her cold ass, as she was now seated on my palm. Her uncovered delicious pubes were on my palm & my palm was directly touching her cunt. To my delicious pleasure, she now began gyrating motions of her lower body while seated right over her palm.

Meanwhile I was stretching my fingers in & out of her cunt and was stroking her clitoris from beneath. Few minutes after twiddling my fingers with her cunt, she suddenly clasped her open legs tightly shut and she collapsed on the back of her seat with a part of my hand still underneath her buttocks.

My hand was stuck under her buttocks. Fearing that I would be noticed in this position, I tried pulling my hand out from below, but could not as her legs were tightly shut & her entire body weight was on my hand. Her fingers which were active on my cock suddenly stopped moving completely & her hand simply lay idle on my pants. Not having similar experience before, I could only guess that she must have reached her climax. For a minute, she lay silent with her eyes shut.

Moments later she brought her fingers to my cock, encircled it & began pulling my cock again. This time I lost control & submitted myself to an intensely explosive orgasm. Wave after wave of pleasurable convulsions hit my body. The front taper of my cock puffed up like a balloon, throbbed violently & spewed oodles of white sticky cum onto her hand, on our bags, some on our seats and onto the train compartment floor. I was heavily perspiring and could feel drops of cold sweat on my forehead. I was too exhausted to even pull my pant zip up and thus sat back with my eyes closed & legs parted widely with my cock lying exposed to the world.

Thankfully nobody noticed. After my shuddering climax had ebbed away, I pulled out my hand from under her ass to find my hand bathed with her sweat & watery juices of her nether regions. An all pervading musty odour was floating around formed by the mixture of her oily, salty sweat, lavender perfume, the mysterious aroma of her dripping pussy juices and along with it the fruity smell of the blobs of sperm on our clothes.

We finished our game by entwining our fingers with each other & just sat holding our hand for a few seconds without looking at each other. She then straightened her clothes, abruptly got up from her seat and almost thrust her ass into my face.

To my utter surprise, I noticed that she had pulled her skirt up from the front but her rear was still exposed as she had neither pulled her panty nor skirt from the back. I could not resist stamping my warm lips on her bare bum cheeks & dug my nose & tongue deep between her butt cheeks. Thus my fetish for buttocks was satisfied. I felt as if she was inviting me to use my olfactory senses to taste her raw sweaty bum and keep it as a memento of what had transpired between us few moments ago. She quickly alighted at the next stop.

As she alighted from the train onto the platform, I tried looking for her on the railway platform from my side window, but could not spot her anywhere. She had vanished into thin air as suddenly as she had come from nowhere. When it was time for me to get down from the train a few stops later, I could barely stand on my wobbly legs.

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