Happy Birthday

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Happy BirthdayIt was Ambers’ birthday and it was almost our 1 year anniversary of being together. The past 12 months seemed to to have flown by without either one of us noticing. 15 months ago, I was still looking for her but hadn’t yet found her. Its a long story, but I’ll share it with you. We had kind of a lost love thing going. I’d met her 16 years ago, she was dating a co-worker of mine. I remember seeing her for the first time, walking with him in the mall. I remember feeling instantly jealous that he was with her boyfriend. She was beautiful. Everything about her was just right. Her blond hair had these soft natural curls, the kind no curling iron could ever make. Her eyes were sparkling and wild with passion. They looked like a great couple, but inside I hated him for being with her. I couldn’t stop looking at her. I was lost in an instant fantasy of my hands caressing her naked body, feeling her hair slip through my fingers as I played with her curls, smelling the warmth of her skin….. I didn’t get to meet her that day,, but over the next few weeks, she’d come into the store with him and I finally got introduced. I’d see them around town, down at the beach, in the mall. Every time I saw her, I fell in love all over again. Her name was Amber. Once in a while, I’d see her. She’d pop into the bar where I worked, usually with her girlfriends and they’d sing karaoke and party hard. We always said hi. I don’t know why, but I never really talked to her, except for casual conversation. I was so taken with her, so silently in love with her, but I couldn’t bring myself to tell her that. I didn’t think she’d take meseriously. I had tried to find Amber several times over the years, but actually didn’t even know her last name. One night I was on Facebook and saw the name Amber pop up in one of the feeds. I’m sure my heart actually stopped for a few seconds, hoping that it was the Amber I knew. I clicked on it and there she was. I’ll always remember that moment because that was the night my life changed forever. Over the next few weeks, we chatted and caught up on each others lives. Like me, she’d married, had k**s and was now separated. She was even living on the island like me, but a couple of towns over from where I was. We started seeing each other, discovered that we had so many things in common, it was almost scary. We’d text or call each other at exactly the same time. It was like it was meant to be. That was 15 months ago, but it seems like it was just yesterday. We couldn’t be happier. It was Saturday. Ambers’ birthday. I got up early, ran down to the car to where I’d hidden the roses I’d bought. Her necklace was wrapped up and hidden under the drivers seat. I left it there. I hoped she’d like it, it was Opel, one of her favourites. I loved Amber more than anything and I was determined to make this her best birthday ever. I dug through the glove box and found her card with the spa certificate in it. I’d booked it for noon, for her and her best friend Melissa. Melissa was almost as pretty as Amber, and I’d often come home at night, and find the two of them listening to music, laughing and having a few drinks. I loved hearing Amber laugh. It was infectious. I zipped back in the house with the roses, placed the spa certificate in her birthday card, and placed it near the sink in the bathroom. Normally I’d make us breakfast, but ever since we’d discovered that little restaurant around the corner, I didn’t even take the chance of competing with their hash browns. We both loved having breakfast there, and as corny as güvenilir bahis şirketleri it sounded, it was kind of “our place”. I snuck into the bedroom and stopped for a second, falling in love all over again. The bed sheet was barely on her, the sun shining through the window, kissing her warm skin. I loved lying next to Amber, tracing my fingers down her side, over her waist and up over her hips. I loved her curves. She always complained that she was fat and just didn’t look the same anymore. To me, she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. I liked everything about her. I laid down beside her, placing all but one rose next to her pillow. Carefully, I caressed her body with the rose, sliding its velvety petals across her skin. I could feel my cock stiffening. I could get hard just by looking at Amber. Every time. I brushed the rose across the back of her knees, knowing that she was extra sensitive there, and then held it just under her nose. She opened her eyes and smiled. I gave her a kiss and wished her Happy Birthday. I loved it when she smiled and she was definitely smiling now. Laying beside her, enjoying the warmth of her naked body against mine, she couldn’t help but feel my growing hardness pressing into the small of her back. She reached around behind her and squeezed my cock. I love it when she did that. I loved it when she took control and got “rough”. “ I want this present” she said, as she squeezed me even harder. I gently bit her shoulder and the nape of her neck then slightly spread her legs apart. My fingers slipped into her pussy, still a little wet from fucking her the night before. I rubbed her wetness onto the head of my cock, then slid inside her. Not a little at a time, or gently. I pushed my cock all the way in at once. She gasped, making a slight moaning sound as I started fucking her. I reached around and squeezed her breasts. I loved how big they were, so firm and soft all at the same time. I loved taking Amber from behind. Pulling her hair, holding her by her hips and just slamming my cock into her. I pulled out and stood at the side of the bed, grabbing Amber by her ankles and dragged her to the edge of the mattress, flipping her onto her back, all at the same time. With my pillow under her ass, she was at the perfect angle. Once again I penetrated her body, holding her legs up with my hands as I plunged deep inside her. I loved looking at her when we made love. Her expressions, her sounds, her smells, the way she tasted. Everything about her turned me on. It was always a struggle for me, not to cum right away. I always tried to wait for her to at least have one orgasm. Once again I pulled out, this time dropping to my knees in front of her beautiful pussy. I know she liked me going down on her almost as much as I loved doing it. She always tasted so good, with the slightest scent of coconuts. My tongue slid up and down her, easily opening her up like a precious flower. Now, I loved every part of Ambers body, but her legs and feet were easily my favourite. Who am I k**ding? I loved it all. But when she wrapped those legs around me, whether it was my back or neck, I melted. The first time she did it to me it reminded me of a Koala Bear climbing a tree, and from that day on, that was my special name for her. My koala bear, or K bear!! Right now, Koala had her legs wrapped around my head, pushing my tongue deep inside her. Grinding her pussy into my face. Fucking me. I loved it. And she knew it. All of a sudden, she quivered and flooded my face and mouth with her wetness. tipobet güvenilir mi That was another thing I loved. I stood up and leaned into her for a kiss. Propping her legs up on my shoulders, my cock found her pussy and this time I wasn’t stopping. Several minutes later, squirting my cum deep inside her, I collapsed on her stomach, my head on her breasts, her legs still wrapped around me. I love my Koala 🙂 By now, the morning sun had lit up our bedroom with a golden glow, a soft breeze stirring the curtains. The roses. What happened to the roses?!! Two of them were on the bed, fully intact. The one I’d been ‘playing’ with was totally destroyed, petals everywhere, and the rest had fallen off the bed in a pile. Something else to laugh about later on!! That was another thing I liked about us. We always laugh. Even during sex. Amber got up, dragging the sheet behind her and headed into the bathroom. A few seconds later I heard the shower turn on and a few seconds after that she yelled..”aren’t you going to join me?” I smiled, knowing she couldn’t live with out me, probably wanted some more lovin’. I tried to open the door and she’d locked it!! I could hear her laughing, knowing I was standing there naked and horny!! What a brat!! 30 minutes later, we were both showered, and headed out for breakfast. She’d discovered her birthday card with the spa certificate in it and was thrilled that it included Melissa. Breakfast was great, the hash browns, even better. As we drove home, I casually reached under my seat to get the jewelry box and placed it in her lap. She loved surprises. I stopped at the next light and put it around her neck. She looked beautiful with it on, and kept checking it out in the mirror all the way home. I wanted this to be a good birthday for Amber. She’d been putting in extra long hours at work lately and her ex, Dud, had been playing head games as usual. I was hoping with all that behind her, that this day would finally get her to relax and just enjoy herself. As we pulled into the driveway, Melissa called to wish Amber Happy Birthday and judging by the laughter, was equally happy to be going to the spa with her for some pampering. Included in the spa package were drinks and a light snack. Perfect. I would have just enough time to do a few errands before picking the girls up. Melissa came over an hour later with a bottle, and I heard ice cubes hitting the glasses. Minutes later, Metallica and Bryan Adams cranked out onto the deck. An hour later, I dropped them both off at the spa and head off to conquer my shopping list. By the time I picked the girls up 3 hours later, they were exfoliated, polished and buffed. And thanks to their afternoon beverages, were feeling no pain. I ordered Thai for dinner, it was delicious and while I was out, I’d found a pastry shop and picked up several cannolis for dessert. Ambers’ favourite. The girls had put a good dent in the rye so before I had too much to drink I decided to grab another bottle before the liquor store closed. When I got back to the house, the music was still playing, and Icould hear water running upstairs and the girls laughing. “Probably doing each others hair” I thought, so I sat down to watch TV. After awhile I went back upstairs to see if they wanted to watch a movie or something. I walked into the bedroom and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I mean, it was good, I just couldn’t believe it. Amber and Melissa were under the sheet obviously naked, and were kissing. Not on the cheek kissing, but, full on kissing. tipobet giriş Really hot kissing actually. I knew Amber liked girls too, and when she was in just the right mood, she liked to play. Sometimes when we were making love, I’d ask her about it, and she’d tell me stories about her and her girlfriend making out. It was always hot listening to her talk about it and every time we would end up having amazing sex. I’m not sure how long I had been standing there before Amber told me to get naked and bring the video camera. She didn’t have to tell me twice. This was the first time she’d ever done this with me at home. If there had been an Olympic event for taking your clothes off while running down the stairs and then back up again, I’m pretty sure I would have won gold. Camera in hand and standing in the doorway with Hard On Of The Year happening, I started filming. You have no idea how hot it was to be watching Amber and Melissa, kissing, touching and playing with each other. Their hair was wet, obviously from having a shower, probably together, and again, I could smell coconuts. The lit candles provided just enough light for the camera. I didn’t know what to film exactly, so I kind of just panned back and forth between them. I had to look, so I pulled back the sheet. Both girls were completely naked. Amber stopped what she was doing and pulled me close to the side of the bed and started sucking my cock and playing with my balls. Melissa laid down flat on the bed and started licking Ambers’ pussy. I completely forgot about the camera and realized I was getting a great video of the floor!! I tried to pull myself together and managed to get a few minutes of what was going on. I wished I had a tripod. Amber stopped sucking my cock and said, I couldn’t touch Melissa, but I could do anything else I wanted. Anything. Melissa leaned back on the pillows while Amber buried her face in Melissa’s pussy. My cock was dripping, I kneeled on the bed and slipped my cock in Ambers’ pussy from behind, slowly pumping her. I noticed a bottle of lube on the small table with a silver bullet beside it. I reached over and grabbed both. With my cock disappearing into her pussy, I used the bullet on Ambers clit, moving it back and forth. Melissa grabbed Amber behind her head and was pushing her face into herpussy. I pulled out. Just in time. I reached down and started fingering Amber, amazed by how wet she was. I couldn’t take it, I needed more. I pulled Amber up and kissed her mouth. It was wet with Melissas’ juices. She tasted different then Amber but the same. I told her to suck my cock which she did, licking down around my balls and back up my shaft. I looked over and Melissa was fingering herself, legs wide apart, and watching Amber suck my cock. I told Amber to lie on her back and for Melissa to ride her face, but so I could see her pussy getting licked. This was all too much for me and I shot a huge load all over Ambers stomach. I didn’t care when they both laughed, this was fucking hot. Hot hot hot!!. After a quick wipe down, I went to get water for everyone. I went back to our bedroom to find the girls on-top of each other. Legs over-top of one another, scissor style, grinding their pussies together. Their fingers, mouths and lips were exploring and tasting each other the entire time. It was so sexy. So beautiful. I’m not sure who came first, or whether it happened at the same time, but after a few minutes, both girls fell down beside each other, out of breath and glistening with perspiration. I was spent. I had just watched my girl and her best friend fucking in our bed. They could tell by the look on my face that words couldn’t explain what I’d just seen. At least not yet. I’m sure Amber and I would be talking about it later. I loved it. Everything about it was hot and OK with me. I hoped there’d be a next time.

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