Happy Birthday Ch. 02

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Non Nude

Disclaimer: All characters are 18 or older.

Content Warnings: unrealistic anatomy, incest, huge cocks, giant breasts, exhibition, excessive cum, cum drinking.


Chapter 2: The Main Event

John couldn’t help but watch as his mother climbed the stairs to the stage ahead of him, entranced by the almost hypnotic sway of her wide hips. With each step, her red stilettos tapped sharply on the stairs, and her mature, child-bearing hips swayed, sending her mouth-watering ass jiggling, tantalizingly close. The temptation to reach out, sink his fingers into that perfect ass and give it a greedy squeeze was almost overwhelming. He might have done it, were his hands not occupied holding on to a sister apiece. As his mother climbed, his eyes followed her, taking in the sight with blatant hunger.

When Ava reached the top, she paused, glancing back toward her son, throwing her long, dark, wavy hair out of the way as she twisted at the waist. John hesitated, stunned by the vision of beauty and sexuality before him. The stage lights made Ava’s flawlessly tanned skin glow. One long, shapely leg emerged from the slit in her evening gown, drawing the eye up toward her magnificent ass. The bright red, slinky material of her gown left nothing to the imagination, clinging to every curve of her mature, hourglass figure. Twisted like she was, her mountainous, beach-ball-sized tits jutted from her chest in what could only be described as a truly epic rack. The bedroom eyes she shot him and the soft smirk that tugged the corners of her full, red-painted lips up toward her cheekbones told him the view wasn’t entirely accidental.

John’s smirked and shook his head, reluctantly tearing his gaze away from his mother’s mouth-watering backside. He pulled his sisters closer, hands squeezing possessively on their hips as he drew their voluptuous bodies against his sides. Eve gave a soft coo at the touch. John’s eyebrows arched when he felt his older sister’s hand slide down his back to give his steely buns a playful squeeze, glancing curiously in her direction.

Eve fluttered her eyelashes innocently as John’s gaze slid over to her, a clueless expression on her face, betrayed only by the hint of a playful smile at the corners of her full, pink lips. He found himself drinking in the view of her model-perfect features, framed by shoulder-length brown hair. But inexorably, his gaze was pulled away, drawn into the deep crevasse of softly jiggling, tanned titflesh that was her cleavage. The basketball-sized breasts strained to overflow her pink strapless evening gown, one side of the the shelf they formed resting against his arm. The massive melons eclipsed the rest of her flawless figure entirely from John’s perspective. His grip tightened on her waist, his mouth watering as his stare lingered.

It took a herculean effort to tear his eyes from Eve’s titanic, tanned tits, but he managed, shaking his head once more. After almost an entire day without release, being surrounded by such intense, raw sexuality on all sides was beginning to take its toll. He had a job to do as the guest of honor, and it’d never get done if he kept getting so distracted. He strode forward, ushering his siblings forward and up, mounting the stairs swiftly. But he nearly missed the final step, hesitating mid-stride when he felt delicate fingers grip the long bulge running down his inner thigh and give it a playful squeeze.

John’s gaze snapped down as he recovered from the near-miss-step, finding the hand resting on his shaft and following the arm attached until it settled on Vickie. His little sister didn’t bother to play coy, a sultry expression on her face as her tongue slipped out to wet her glossy lips lasciviously. Blonde highlights streaked her long brown hair, a few errant locks cascading forward over her shoulders to draw the eye toward her proud, volleyball-sized H-cups. With his eyes on her, she pressed herself against his side, flattening her firm mounds against him. His eager eyes caught a glimpse of just a sliver of her pink peaks peeking over the extra-low neckline of her white strapless gown. John couldn’t help but react, the thick bulge in his slacks lurching against her palm. She bit her lip, squeezing a little harder.

Eve shot Vickie a glare, then turned her gaze up to John. “Come on, little bro. The main event awaits.” she urged, stirring him to start walking again with squeeze of his rear.

Vickie smirked triumphantly as the trio made their way across the stage, her hand never leaving the swiftly-swelling shaft at John’s thigh. “Feels to me like ‘little bro’ is growing up fast…” she commented, squeezing him once again.

As the group made their way to center stage, conversations began to die out in the little ballroom, eyes turning to the stage as they took note of the movement. The beauties of the Best clan were drawn toward the stage like moths to flame, expressions of eager excitement on their faces. John and his sisters made Maltepe Escort their way to a large armchair in the middle of the stage, stepping around a two-gallon measuring bucket and a trio of pitchers along the way. The girls reluctantly stepped away from their brother as he settled into the seat like a king taking his throne, but staying nearby standing to either side, anticipation on their faces.

Meanwhile, Ava strode to the front of the stage, taking hold of a microphone. There was a whine as the speakers came to life, before she began to speak. “Alright, everybody! You know what time it is! It’s tonight’s main event!” she announced, a cheer rising from the crowd before them. “Is everyone ready?” she asked, grinning broadly as a second cheer, even louder than the last, answered her. She pulled the mic from the stand and turned to face her son as he sat in the chair. “Another year, another birthday! And my, how my baby boy has grown!” she commented, cheers and whistles coming from the audience.

Ava strode toward her son, rolling her wide hips seductively as she moved. “I almost hate to share my not-so-little boy with his special day so close… The mommy in me just wants to spoil him alllll day long…” she purred lovingly as she drew close. She shook her head suddenly and turned back to the crowd. “But tradition is tradition! And it’s time to get this particular tradition started!” she announced, pushing a button on a small remote. A projector flickered to life, shining a huge image onto the screen at the rear of the stage, a live feed from a camera high above, aimed straight down and zoomed in on John’s lap. “Enjoy the show!” Ava added to a thunderous cheer, before putting the mic and remote aside and turning to her son once again.

John leaned back in the armchair as his mother and sisters drew closer, eager grins on their faces. The three girls slid to their knees in front of him, their titanic tits squishing against each other’s as they leaned in, presenting a magnificent buffet of breasts to his hungry gaze. Six hands came forward, caressing his thighs and squeezing at his thick bulge as they made their way toward his waist. They worked with single-minded determination, his belt, zipper, button, and briefs giving way under their swift, skillful fingers. One hand plunged out of sight into his briefs, its owner giving a soft coo as it closed around the prize of the night.

The hand in John’s slacks pulled, and there was a moment of silent anticipation. The weapon that emerged was nothing short of jaw-dropping. It seemed like it would never end as inch after inch after inch of serpentine semi-soft shaft emerged from his briefs. Finally, the tip pulled free, and the full shaft flopped heavily onto the seat before him. It lay before the gathered girls, barely half-hard and easily as long and almost as thick as the forearms all around it. Thick veins wound all across its surface, leading the eye in crazy, winding routes over his length, and a flared, reddened crown capped its tip. The ballroom was momentarily silent.

John’s beastly cock pulsed, veins bulging, and the trance was broken. A soft moan of pleasure passed through the entire Best clan as they laid eyes upon the fearsome instrument of lust. But only three were in the position to do anything bout it. Six hands descended on the shaft at once, their every movement displayed on the big screen as they began to caress the mighty slab of cockflesh. They squeezed, stroked, and pumped, barely able to cover his entire length as they urged it toward its full, glorious size. One hand reached under his shaft, digging into his briefs once more and hauling forth a pair of orange-sized balls from the confines. The owner let loose another soft moan as the hand began to heft and squeeze the heavy orbs, feeling the oceans of thick, creamy jizz sloshing within.

John’s massive shaft pulsed again and again under the eager caresses of his mother and sisters, winding veins bulging as they fed blood to the monster. With every throb, it swelled larger, longer and thicker, growing harder and harder. They stroked, caressed, teased, and squeezed at the growing member, sometimes all at once, sometimes in concert. The soft, skillful touches drew forth a groan of pleasure from his lips, mingling with the soft moans and coos of awe and lust the three girls let loose as they watched him grow under their attentions.

John’s monstrous shaft bowed in the middle, straining to lift its own weight as it grew stiffer and stiffer. Finally, the titanic shaft gave a mighty lurch, straightening up to its full, glorious size, standing proudly from his hips, a meaty pillar of pure masculine power. The fearsome cock loomed nearly half a yard long, as thick as his wrist, every inch pulsing hotly with life. Every heartbeat made the flared, apple-sized crown and the winding veins running chaotically over his length throb visibly. His orange-sized balls churned, heavy with seed waiting impatiently for release.

A Kurtköy Escort powerful pulse brought a splurt of clear, sticky pre to the tip of John’s massive member. A single dollop of his precum was more than a normal man’s entire load, and it left the flared head gleaming under the stage lights. Ava moaned softly, the sight stripping away her self-control, and she fell forward, her brilliant-red-painted lips parting. Her tongue peeked out, the pink muscle reaching forward toward the object of her desire, flattening against the smooth crown, and she let out a moan at the explosion of his musky flavor on her tongue. Her plush, pillowy lips wrapped around his knob a moment later, engulfing it in a warm, wet embrace, her tongue swirling around his tip. Her cheeks hollowed as she began to suck, slurping hungrily at her son’s delicious cock, her eyelids fluttering with pure lust as she was rewarded with both a fresh spurt of salty pre and a deep groan of pleasure from her son.

“Mom~! No fair hogging it…” Eve whined, enviously biting her lip as she watched the ecstatic expression on her mother’s face as she sucked desperately at her brother’s shaft. She tore her gaze away, letting it roam down the steely shaft before her. Even with six hands stroking at it, there was more cock than they could cover. She licked her pink-painted lips, staring at the pulsing shaft. She couldn’t resist getting a taste of her own. She puckered up, leaning forward until her plump lips met the searing-hot flesh of her brother’s shaft, planting a kiss atop a knot of bulging veins. But the peck swiftly became less and less chaste, her lips pressing harder against him, then parting as her tongue pushed through to join in, flattening against the side of his shaft to taste his musky essence. Soon her lips formed a lewd O, her head twisting this way and that, lustily making out with the unyielding flesh, leaving a soft pink ring of lipstick on the side of her brother’s beefy shaft.

Vickie wasn’t about to miss out. She shot forward into the fray, mashing her lips against John’s titanic cock opposite her sister’s lusty kiss. But while the other two lavished attention on one spot, she planted a string of hot, passionate kisses, all along the length of his perfect, potent shaft. Each time she pulled her lips away, leaving another glistening kiss-mark behind, she shot him a glance and let out a soft moan, her chestnut-brown eyes shimmering with adoration and lust. “Mmm… So BIG… So HARD…” she purred, her breath hot as she punctuated her words with sensual smooches. “…Is it because of us? …Do we make you horny, big brother? …Do I? …Mom? …Eve? …Your aunts? …Your cousins? …Do you want us? …Want to FUCK us? …Because we want you. …Ooooh~! …We all want YOU. …We want to TASTE you! …We want to FEEL you. …We want you to FUCK us. …We want you to CUM for us!” she moaned, her pleas growing louder and louder with each kiss.

John groaned again, his mighty member lurching as his closest relatives lavished his massive, meaty shaft with lusty attention. The three crowded together, sucking, licking, and kissing all at once, skillful hands still stroking at whatever of his length went un-kissed. The sensation was indescribable, the experience, incomparable. No other man was big enough to let three mouths and six hands service him all at once. Nobody else had a family like his, full of the most beautiful women in the world, with perfect bodies, insatiable sex drives, and no taboos. Nobody else would ever experience the perfect storm of pleasure that was a three-way blowjob from their mother and sisters while a dozen cousins and aunts watched on, oohing and ahhing at the action and every one of them wishing they could join in. He groaned again, at a loss for words as the action unfolded before him.

Eve finally pulled her lips from John’s shaft with a wet pop and a desperate gasp, her lipstick smeared after the messy, passionate cock-kiss. She panted for breath momentarily as her hands stroked down the woefully un-sucked length of his steely shaft, until they met the root and slid down. Her delicate fingers cupped and squeezed at his heavy, cum-filled balls as they hung like ripe fruit off the root of his shaft. She felt them slosh with pent-up ball-batter, felt them churning as they tirelessly manufactured his potent swimmers. “Mmm… Maybe these big, beefy balls need a little encouragement to let all this backed-up cum out…” Eve purred, licking her lips as she ducked down beneath his throbbing shaft. She cradled and massaged one oversized, orange-sized orb as she brought her lips down, planting a sensual tongue-kiss on the fat nut, softly, silently urging it on as it made more and more of his thick, delicious spunk.

Vickie gave chase as her sister headed below, not about to be outdone, suddenly coming face-to-ball with John’s meaty man-fruits. The powerful, musky scent of his man-tackle hit her suddenly, filling her nose, making her vision Kartal Escort swim. The scent could only be described as potent. It was the pure essence of manliness, an entire gender distilled into an intoxicating odor that instantly soaked her thighs in a flood of her womanly nectar. She moaned, eyelids fluttering, and practically dove forward, mouth open wide as she buried her face in his hefty sack. She kissed, sucked, and licked at every inch of the immense ball she could reach, spit-polishing the heaving, churning nut with a wild, uncontrollable lust, swiftly leaving every inch of the globe glistening with her saliva, giving the occasional muffled moan around a mouthful of ball-meat

With her daughters focused on her son’s studly seed-sack, Ava saw her chance. Her cheeks hollowed deeper as she redoubled her suction on John’s massive knob, her tongue never stopping as it swirled and lapped around his crown tirelessly. She swallowed down a fresh dollop of sticky, salty precum, savoring the flavor. She looked up at her baby bow as she kneeled before his cock, eyes shimmering with love and lust as they looked into his, and pushed herself forward. Her full, red lips stretched thinner and thinner around his fat knob as she inched forward, strained to a thin red band before they finally engulfed the flared crown. But she didn’t stop there. Her eyes glistened with tears of effort as she kept pushing, the tip prying open the entrance to her throat before she finally managed to take him. But she didn’t stop there. Her throat stretched lewdly around his thickness as she stuffed inch after inch of her son’s massive cock into her tight throat, swallowing over and over as she reached the halfway point, milking his shaft hungrily.

John’s mind swam with pleasure. Eve treated one of his cum-stuffed spheres to a sensual kiss and massage. Vickie sucked and slurped at the other with wild abandon, lavishing every inch with attention. And perhaps most impressively, his mother had a good nine or ten inches of wrist-thick cock stuffed into her tight, rippling throat. A voice from the crowd urged her to take him further. He could have held out against any one of them, but together? The sensations blended together into a single experience far greater than the sum of its parts. He wanted nothing more than to savor the experience, but the pleasure was just too great to hold back. His massive shaft lurched, trapped in the tight confines of his mother’s throat, and his monstrous balls tightened, signaling what was to cum.

The girls snapped to attention. They knew what the signs meant, and they knew what they had to do. One by one they pulled back, Ava slowly pulling herself off inch after inch of cock, Eve pulling her lips from his massive nut with a pop, Vickie snapping out of her ball-worshiping trance as his orb tightened up. Vickie took hold of his immense balls, tugging them down, delaying his release as Eve reached around behind her mother and grabbed the clear plastic measuring bucket. Ava’s lips finally pulled off John’s cock with a smack, and she shuffled aside, Eve moving the bucket into her now-empty spot. Vickie released her hold on his cum-factories, and six hands wrapped around his monstrous shaft once more, wrestling the steely member down until it pointed directly at the bucket. With practiced coordination, they stroked in sync, milking his member for the impending load. “Come on, baby. Cum for mommy.” Ava breathed hotly.

John let loose a groan from deep in his chest as he finally came, the sound resonating through the ballroom. Seed rocketed up his lengthy shaft as it lurched against the girls’ grip, surging forth until it finally blasted forth like the spray of a firehose. A finger-thick rope of pearly spunk arced through the air, a seemingly endless stream of creamy cum that hung in the air for what seemed to be an eternity before finally splattering into the bucket before him. It struck the side with such force that the bucket wobbled, almost tipping over before the weight of his ball-batter settled it back into place. As the end of the first streamer splattered into the tub, the bottom was already covered with nearly an inch of steamy jizz. His balls tightened again, and again, and again, firing salvo after salvo of seed, each nearly as impressive as the first, splattering into the bucket one after another until it sloshed with potent ball-cream, as thick as cake batter and almost as delicious, as all those present knew well enough.

When John’s nearly-endless cum finally slowed to a drip, the clear bucket on stage sloshed with a truly epic load. There was more cum than an entire football team could have produced in a week. The scent of hot, musky cum filled the air, making mouths water all around the room. His mom and sisters milked the last few dollops of his seed from his length, squeezing out his cum-channel for every last drop. Ava paused for a moment, wrapping her lips around his still-steel-hard crown and sucking it clean of the last few clinging drops before pulling away and shooting her son a proud smile. All three girls let the shaft go, and it sprang up once again, standing proudly, not a fraction softer even after the tremendous load released just moments ago. Someone in the crowd oohed softly at the sight.

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