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Hallie and Kassie were both freshman; they were designated roommates by the apartment office for the complex in which they had chosen to live. The university did not have near enough dorm space so the local apartment complexes did a booming business renting to students.In a questionnaire that was part of their apartment application, Hallie and Kassie had each answered many demographic and personal questions. The apartment management had worked out a system to sort students into roommates based on their answers. Over the years, the majority of matched students stayed together without problems, and the few times they faced difficulties, management made appropriate moves to keep everyone happy.From their first meeting, Hallie and Kassie hit it off. They shared similar views on almost everything they discussed. Both were attending on academic scholarships and were on the Life Science track, so they were together in two of their five courses. They were overjoyed to be on their own, free from parental restriction, able to pursue the fun and freedom college offered—boys and sex being their main pastime.Having lost their virginity soon after their sixteenth birthdays, they now had about two and a half years of sexual experience squeezed into their parentally-controlled time. Now they were out to enjoy themselves to the max.Neither one had any interest in an exclusive, boyfriend-type relationship. They had long-term career plans and saw the now as learning time, both school-wise and pleasure-wise. The friends with benefits concept was perfect for their current situation.They’d each had a hookup with guys from another frat that had been moderately satisfying, but they were on the hunt for more exciting and fulfilling experiences. They decided to return to the Beta Upsilon Eta house and look for some major league fun. It was the third time they’d gone there for a Saturday night party. After their experience of other frats, it was obvious that the Beta’s threw the best parties and had the hottest guys.Having observed the way the hottest girls dressed, they also dressed for attention and fun. Hallie wore super short, cut off old jeans and a tank top; Kassie a mini-skirt and tube top. Both tops were cropped enough to expose their belly buttons and the jewelry that adorned them. They left their panties and bras at the apartment.Hallie had a target. She’d seen him during their previous venture to a party at the frat house. They literally bumped into each other on her last visit, but circumstances prevented them from spending time together. She spoke with some girls and learned that his name was Tom, though many just called him Ee. A senior and the vice president of the frat, the gossip was that he had the largest “love muscle”, as one girl called it, of any guy in the frat.The DJ was playin some rockin dance music; the floor was crowded with gyrating, twisting bodies. Two guys pulled them both to the floor. They were now part of the flowing, whirling mass of moving bodies. Enjoying the music and dance, a spiked punch in their hand, they reveled in it all—especially the guys. Into the third dance, their punch drained, they were now occasionally twerking the guys, their lack of undies, especially Kassie, was evident to the eagle eyes of their dance partners.Through the looks they gave each other, Kassie was obviously pleased with the guy who had hit on her. Hallie still was interested in Ee. She was having fun with her partner but kept looking for Ee, finally seeing him off to the side; their eyes met, locked, and then broke off at the same time.Kassie kept on dancing, their movements taking on more and more sexual overtones, while Hallie excused herself from a disappointed guy and headed to get more punch. She had grabbed a new cup and was about to dip out a ladle full when she heard, “Be careful, that has been known to pack quite a punch, pun intended.”She spun around, finding Ee right behind her. “Oh Anadolu Yakası Escort really? Well maybe I need quite a punch,” she said, sporting an impish smile.“Since you’re going to indulge, I’ll join you. My name is Tom by the way.”“Hallie. Nice to meet you.”Confidently, he took her hand. “Lets go where it’s a bit quieter,” he said as he led her to a vacant sofa. She happily complied. His firm grip, confident manner, ease of just taking control all fed into what she had hoped for.As they sat down he said, “So I think I’ve seen you here once or twice before but you’re not a regular. I would have noticed. Your eyes are beautiful by the way. They seem to reflect tiny gold flecks.”A bit taken aback but pleased by his comment about her eyes and amazed that she’d not yet seen him drop his eyes to her prominent boobs and obviously hard nipples, she simply replied, “Thanks, not too many people notice that, especially so soon.”She, on the other hand, had not missed the large bulge in this pants that could only mean one thing, the rumors were probably quite correct. His slacks were soft and somewhat form fitting. The long tube they concealed aroused her. She had been attracted to him from her first sighting and now she was sitting next to him. She knew her pussy was significantly damp as the narrow crotch of her shorts squished between her lips.He kept up an engaging conversation as they drank their punch. It was all about her. Where was she from? What was she studying? What were her favorite this to do? She began to feel like she had known him for at least months, if not longer.When they’d finished their punch, he put their cups on a table and pulled her to him, tightly. His kiss was surprising and enchanting. She responded with equal vigor.As they parted, his hands brushed her nipples. “Listen Hallie, I live in a small house less than a mile from here. Lets go.”Chills ran through her from the light touch. At that moment she wanted this more than anything.“Okay! But I need to tell my roommate I am leaving. Can we find her? Then I am yours!”“Sure,” he said, standing and pulling her up into another deep kiss. Now hard, his manhood was pressing against her. They reluctantly broke apart and began to search for Kassie. Hallie soon spotted her off in a corner making out with a guy.Tapping her on the shoulder, Hallie told her she was leaving with Ee. Tom smiled inwardly at her use of his nickname.“No problem sweetie. Gary and I are going to hang out here. I will see you tomorrow. We can text if we need anything. Have fun you two. Don’t do anything nasty!” she said, displaying a big grin.“You neither! Gotta bunch of condoms I hope.”“Nasty, nasty, nasty!” Kassie said as she turned back to Gary. Hallie was already being pulled by Tom.“So where’d this “Ee” come from? I never mentioned it?” Tom asked as they headed outside.Hallie blushed a bit. “Oh, one of the girls mentioned that was your nickname when someone asked who you were. It just popped into my mind when I was talking to Kas. So why do they call you that,” she asked innocently.“I think I’ll let that be a secret for right now. We’ll see if you can figure it out later. C’mon, I’m parked out back.”He put his arm around her. She leaned into him as they walked to the rear parking. At his car, he released her to unlock the door and smacked her on the butt as he opened it for her.“Ow!” she exclaimed. Beaming up at him, she said, “You better not do that more than another ten or twenty times!”“No problem.” Then he gave her another smack as she began to get in the car.She wiggled her ass at him and sank into the seat saying, “That’s two buster. You’re a wicked man!”He laughed, walked around to the driver’s side, got in and drove off. “You know I have to say that you have extremely shapely and silky looking legs. Those shorts, what there is of them, shows them off to great advantage.”Being a naturally uninhibited Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan smart-aleck, and also having had enough alcohol to increase those tendencies, she twisted in the seat, putting her left leg up on the car’s console. “So how do you like its feel?”Her ran his hand up and down her calf. “Very smooth and enticing, just like I thought.” Glancing down at her now exposed crotch he said, “It looks like your short’s seam is not doing its job. Something else very smooth and alluring is on display.”She reached between her legs, running her finger up the seam. “Oh my! How could I ever have let that happen. You’re so naughty for looking.”They laughed as he pulled into the driveway of a rather small, shabby looking, white concrete block house. She brought her leg down and tried, weakly, to pull the shorts down a bit.“Don’t be put off by the look of the place. I have lived here for two years. It is nice inside. This is just an old neighborhood and the landlord is not big on making the outside beautiful.”She followed him to the front door and, after he opened it, scooted inside to avoid another whack. He was right, the place did look good. He kept it fairly neat and tidy, something she did not expect from a guy. The hardwood flooring was nicely polished. He had pictures on the walls and all the normal furniture one would expect for a house this size.“How ‘bout a beer?”“Sure.”She followed him into the kitchen where he retrieved two from the fridge and popped off the tops, handing her a bottle. They clinked them together, had a long pull and both set theirs on the counter.“Sooo…” she said.“Sooo…” he repeated as they both looked at each other.“Well you invited me here and here we are. Now what?”“I think you know,” he said, stepping within inches of her.“I have no idea,” she said innocently. “A tour of the house?”  Looking down at her now very prominent nipples, he quickly clasped each one between his fingers and thumbs, pulling her up to him. “A tour of the bedroom,” he said as their lips met, mouths opened, their tongues rolling around each other.Tom squeezed and rolled her nips as they kissed. Hallie moaned and sighed as he increased his pressure. She broke their kiss and gasped into his ear, “You promised a bedroom tour I believe…”Releasing his hold, he found the hem of her tank top and whisked it over her head. At almost twenty-two, he had seen more than his share, but the breasts that confronted him were exquisite and bewitching.“My god Hallie, they are incredible!”She stood with her eyes slightly closed, still panting a bit from his handling of her. He bent down, his lips finding each in turn, kissing and gently sucking.“Oh Ee they want you. Don’t wait too long for that tour, I may not be able to continue standing.”Grabbing her hand, he led her into his bedroom. The king-size bed was neatly made and folded down on one side. He stopped just short. “Now is the time to get on your knees and investigate.”“Gladly,” she said, sinking down and pulling his zipper as she dropped. She had an enticing idea of what she would find as first his pants came down and then his shorts.“My god Tom, you are magnificent. It is enormous!”As she pulled him into her mouth, it hit her, and she giggled inwardly—Ee was for enormous. Those girls knew what he was like. Many thoughts ran through her mind as she stroked and sucked him. Could she take him? What would it be like? Was this really happening? On and on they ran…She heard him moaning from her efforts and released him long enough to say, “Holy shit you are going to split me. You could make pornos. God, I never…” Then she took him back in as deep as she could, loving ever inch that would fit. Her free hand found his pendulous ball sack. Keeping one hand stroking him, she held each one individually, amazed at their size.He knew she was a freshman, eighteen at the most. Her oral abilities Escort Anadolu Yakası were some of the best he’d ever felt. Normally he could hold off for as long as he wanted but found she was quickly bringing him close. Sure that his pre-cum had already dripped into her mouth, he pulled her up as she resisted leaving her treat. He’d pulled off his shirt while she was on her knees. Now stepping out of his shoes, pants, and shorts, she started pulling and wiggling to get her shorts off.“Want me to cut them off?”“Funny guy. You liked them plenty good as you watched me tonight. Help me pull’em off,” she said as she sat on the bed. He pulled and she squirmed; they were soon in his hands and discarded.She pulled the covers back, quickly laying on her back, legs spread wide. He wasted no time settling between them, eyeing her swollen, dripping pussy.“God Ee I want you, but please take it easy. I have never had anybody close to your size.”“You are so puffy and wet I am sure I could just slip right in… but a little fun first.” He pinned her legs open with his knees and began to repeatedly slap her clit with his cock.“Oh damn, that—fuck, oh my god!  Tom, Ee, that’s—fuck it is so sensitive! If you keep that—Holy crap you are going to make me—shit, damn!” she cried as the orgasm swept through her body.He wasted no time. Rubbing his cock up and down her slit, he was soon coated with her love juice. He pushed just slightly in and leaned forward, taking her legs under his arms.“Relax now baby. Just relax and enjoy. You are so fuckin hot and wet this will glide in and fill you like you have never known.”Just recovering from her surprisingly massive orgasm, Hallie did not fully comprehend what he’d said when his cock started to enter and stretch her tunnel.“Oh yes lover! Damn you are so big and it feels wonderful. I want you all. Quit teasing me, I can take it and I want it!”“Hallie baby, your pussy is amazing. You’re so friggin wet and slippery. You’ve totally captivated me. I think I’m going to stay in here permanently!”Of course that did not happen, however he did last a long time, giving her orgasm after orgasm. Amazed at how tight she gripped him every time she came—always with a cry of delight and a quivering body. Eventually he could hold back no longer; her breathless panting showed her obvious exhaustion.Without a word, his body tensed as he released the first of countless streams of spunk into her. That triggered her last tremendous orgasm. Gasping for air, she was barely able to utter, “Ee, fill me. Pump me full of your cum. God I love it! It feels so hot and consuming. Damn what you have done to me?”They disentangled themselves and lay spread-eagled on the bed, sweat running off them and his cum trickling out of her in a small rivulet. She reached down, scooping what she could into her hand and bringing it to her mouth.“Mmmm, I love this baby. You really taste good mixed with my nectar.”“I am so crazy about you. You’re an incredible lover.”“I think that monster expanding and pounding me had something to do with it.” Her smile turned into a giggle.They spent the rest of the night alternating between more love making and napping. At the rising of the sun, they’d reached the end of their stamina and drifted into a deep sleep.Waking around noon, he called for a pizza delivery and then they both showered away the night’s detritus that had almost fused to their bodies. They did not speak much but did enjoy rubbing each other clean.Unknown to each other, they both were thinking about similar things in slightly different ways. Tom thought about what a wonderful girlfriend she would make but knew he was not ready for an exclusive commitment due to his further career plans. He wondered how she would react. Hallie thought about what a great boyfriend he would make but knew she was just starting her four-year education while he was almost done. Also even though he was very tempting and exciting, she wanted a bit of freedom to experience others. She was just starting down the road he had traveled for the past three years.The pizza came. They enjoyed it with the beer and talked about the night’s events—reliving parts. Laughing about some things, more serious about others, they both avoided what they had been thinking in the shower.

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