Hall Lust

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Apple Head

“Hey, Josie,” I said slyly. “You know what really turns Jackson on? It’s when you…” I reached over and poked my friend Jackson’s sides, “…poke him just like that.” I giggled as he ran down the hall to his room and dramatically slammed the door.

Josie and I laughed.

Under her breath she whispered, “But he has a soft stomach! He isn’t fat, but it’s a little pudgy.”

“Oh girl, come on. He’s sexy, and seriously, hard stomachs and really rippled muscles skeeve me out,” I teased. Fortunately, I finished my sentence as Jackson peered out his door and came barreling down the hall towards me.

I was too slow to react, and before I knew it I was pinned to the gray carpet. Jackson’s warm body was on top of me, groping around trying to tickle me. My immediate defense was, of course, to push him off of me. Then I remembered that it was my sexy neighbor on top of me!

Doing the worst impression of a porno film I said, “Oh, no, Jackson. Don’t! Stop! Don’t….Stop…Oh, don’t stop. Ha-ha-ha.”

He grinned and I swear his hand “accidentally” grazed my breast as he climbed off of me.

“Good thing you’re a good sport,” he offered me a hand up.

“Yes, well, when it’s you it doesn’t bother me quite so much,” I taunted as I stuck my tongue out at him.

A group started to form in the hall. Our hall was on 22 hours of quiet because it was finals week. Fortunately, our hall cannot be quiet for one, let alone 22, so being noisy was acceptable. Josie and I glanced at each other and then at Jackson.

My God, he’s gorgeous. I’m tall, so at six feet, it’s nice to know people who are taller than me. Standing at 6’4″ I literally looked up to him. He was kind of skinny, but he didn’t look unhealthy. His chestnut hair was still wet from his shower, and the ends curled just a little around his ears, forehead, and nape of his long neck. His black and red workout shorts were new, I noticed, and his shirt was one he proudly had gotten for free. It was black and had some silver words on the upper breast. I have no idea what they said, because I was too preoccupied.

During the past year, Jackson and I had gained quite a history. We had grown from being okay friends and complaining about our roommates together, to hanging out in each other’s rooms and enjoying the freedom of having singles. I’d like to think that we got to be best friends of a sort; at least we were on our way to that destination.

I never had a brother, and no matter how much I wished for one, I was so glad that Jackson wasn’t related to me. I don’t think he understood how attractive he was. His face was very chiseled, with amazing cheekbones, a very pronounced nose and a cute goatee that covered just the bottom of his chin. He was also the most non-metrosexual metrosexual that I had ever seen. He wanted to look nice, and was always experimenting with different hairstyles; he genuinely cared about his appearance, but was by no means a “pretty boy.” He also never referred to himself as “metrosexual.”

My friends and I made it a point to go outside to the grass and watch him and the rest of my neighbors play Frisbee. Fortunately, Jackson was always on the skins team. How lucky we truly were!

He knew we were there to watch him, but he never said anything about it. I think he silently appreciated our admiration. I always flirted with my neighbor, but it was friendly and flattering, and neither of us thought anything else of it. Okay, that’s a lie. I oftentimes wondered what it would be like to cuddle with him, kiss him, but never sleep with him.

Boy, was that about to change!

“Jackson! Get your ass over to your room and put on something sexy! We’re leaving for the club in 10 minutes!” I yelled down the hall.

Knowing that I was serious, Jackson peeled off his shirt as he ran to his room. That was totally unnecessary, I thought to myself, but I enjoyed the view anyway.

“There, how’s this? Is it hot enough, yet bad enough to let everyone know I’m straight?”

“Yes, that’s just fine. Besides, no matter what, if you get hit on by a boy, well, that means you’re way too attractive for your own good.” I grabbed my keys and we headed out to the club.

Jackson was a little hesitant to dance at first. The people around us were wearing very skimpy, skanky clothes and everyone was grinding on each other. Ah, free love. I decided that if I ever got him up to dance, I’d grind on Jackson a little extra.

“Please, Jackson, come dance with us girls, it’ll make you feel popular having three girls dancing around you! This is the best place to find single, straight girls, I promise.” I grabbed Jackson’s lean arm and tugged playfully, very intent on getting his sexy self on the dance floor.

“If you come dance, I’ll be your friend,” I pleaded.

“Mel, you already are my friend.”

“Well, okay, I’ll be your BEST friend!”

“But, you’re already almost there on your own merit.”

Holy shit. I froze. Jackson just said that I was a mere step away from best friend status. When did this happen? How entirely sweet was that? For escort bostancı a moment, my concentration was gone. Jackson took the opportunity to wriggle back to his bench and began watching the girls shake what their mamas gave them.

Well, I’ll show him. I got up and started dancing with my friends, Erica and Macy. Every once in awhile I’d get kind of close to Macy and grind on her, looking over my shoulder to see Jackson’s reaction. I swear, when he looked up there was a twinkle in his eye. I almost had him.

After the song ended, I grabbed a water bottle from the cooler and sat down next to him. I took a hearty drink of the cool liquid and handed the bottle to him. My chest was heaving and sweat glistened on my brow as I smiled slyly when he turned back around to return the bottle.

I leaned across Jackson’s lap seductively to talk to an acquaintance. How very clever, my full breasts barely pressing against Jackson’s legs, his hand slid down from the back of the bench and came to rest in the middle of my back. Impatiently, he drummed his fingers on my spine. I sat up and grinned at him.


“Oh, what? Nothing.” Sly as a fox, he moved his hand back up to the bench.

“Mel! Come dance with us, it’s our song!” Two of my friends grabbed my arms and before I knew what was happening, I was thrust onto the dance floor, my shoe going the other direction, into Jackson’s lap. Laughing, he picked it up. Not wanting to get run over by people, I went with the flow and began dancing and grinding with my friends.

After the immediate rush of people died down, Jackson reluctantly came over. “Did you lose this?” He teased, holding my shoe just out of reach.

“Give me my shoe before I lose a toe, or my whole foot! You know you’ll be sad if I end up footless because of you!”

Finally, he tossed my shoe at me and turned to go back to his seat. Before I even got a chance to put my shoe back on my foot, I snagged his elbow. There was no way he was getting away from me this time.

“Jackson! You! Dance! Now!”

My instructions were clear, and like the good boy he is, he started moving his feet slightly and kind of swaying. It was cute, but painfully obvious that he wasn’t a good dancer at all. In an attempt to make him feel more comfortable, I glanced over at Macy and Erica. Without a word, all three of us slowly advanced and made a circle around Jackson. With the three of us grinding on each other, and cautiously around him, he was the most popular guy there. And the look on his face gave away the fact that he was enjoying his position all too much!

As if planned, I came up behind him and gently touched his hips. “Just follow me,” I whispered. I pushed my body close to his. The club was hot, but the heat from Jackson’s body nearly drove me crazy. I also realized that he was wearing cologne. Jackson never wore cologne. It must’ve been an important night.

Our little dancing group shifted slightly, so that mine and Jackson’s dance lesson was publicized. Instead of being embarrassed, Jackson decided to take the initiative. He flipped himself around, pulled me closer, and began to grind on me. He leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Like this?”

“Oh, well,” I said coyly, “you’re not close enough. Your hips and pelvis should be closer.”

Obediently, his hips came into contact with my ass and his hands firmly grasped my hips.

The air seemed to get hotter, and soon it seemed like it was just the two of us on the dance floor, engaging in an intimate, seductive dance. Finally, the trance was broken when the music changed to something slower.

“Wow, where’d that water go? I’m thirsty as hell,” He stammered, obviously not knowing how to react to what had just happened. We went from being almost best friends to dirty dancing in less than thirty minutes.

Thoroughly danced out, and extremely turned on, I looked over at Jackson. He was even hotter under the black light. Small beads of sweat slid down his chin and his chest heaved slightly. His eyes darted across the room, looking for nothing in particular.

I ran my hand up his thigh. I didn’t know where anything was going. Were we just friends or had this night opened a new door? I was determined to find out for certain before the weekend ended.

“So, I’m kinda worn out, how about you?”

“Yeah, actually, I wouldn’t mind going home, jumping in the shower then watching a movie or something.”

“Great, if you wanna get our coats, I’ll go say goodbye to my friends,” I stood up, brushing imaginary wrinkles out of my jeans and fidgeting with my halter top.

“All right, I’ll meet you at the door in 5 minutes.”

Four and a half minutes later I met up with Jackson at the door. He handed me my jacket and I slipped it on while he held the door for me.

We walked to the car in silence. After we got onto the highway, Jackson turned down the radio. It was zero hour; we were going to have ‘the talk.’

“So, about that movie I was gonna watch, did you want to join me?”

“Does this mean I’ll have to ümraniye escort sit all alone in one of your chairs?” I whined. “I really would like to be on a bed.”

“Well, I guess I could sacrifice a larger television so that we could utilize your king size bed.”

I glanced over, but couldn’t see the face he was making. What in the world did he mean by ‘utilize’?

I was soon to find out.

I had just gotten out of the shower when there was a knock on my door. Tightening my towel around me, I unbolted the door.

“Hey, you’re a faster showerer than I am, I’m not dressed yet!”

“Oh, oops, well I can come back in a couple minutes, if you want.”

“No, no. I’ll just change in the bathroom; it’s no big deal. Come in, sit down, make some popcorn; I’ll be right back.” I grabbed a pile of clothes and ran into the other room.

A minute later I emerged from the bathroom blushing. “I grabbed the wrong shirt, I hope you’re okay seeing my bra.”

Jackson pretended to be preoccupied with his popcorn. “Huh? Oh.” He looked up and his gaze lingered on my breasts, just barely covered by the black lace, and slightly flowing over the cups when I bent over to pick up my camisole.

“What movie did you bring?” I asked as I plopped on the bed next to Jackson, stealing a pillow from under his elbow.

“I brought over ‘Lord of the Rings’ if that’s shibby with you.”

“Sure, I’ll probably fall asleep like I did in the theater, though,” I admitted.

“You fell asleep during one of the greatest movies ever?!”
“Hey, I fell asleep during ‘Lord of the Rings,’ not ‘Princess Bride,’ duh.” “Oh, you’re totally asking for it. I am going to make you stay awake for the entire film. I think you should sit up and not even get to lay down,” he stole my pillow and threw it across the room. With a soft thud, it hit the door and fell to the tiled floor.

“You think that’s going to stop me?” I said over the opening credits. “Oh, we’ll just see how long this lasts, you’d better keep one eye on me, because I’m sneaky.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” He winked.

Indignantly, I folded my arms and pretended to pout.

“Oh, don’t be like that,” Jackson laughed, grabbing my shoulder and pulling me towards him.

Our faces were centimeters from each other and the air was electric. Being the ultimate tease I turned away and pulled up my blanket. “Since you threw my pillow on the floor, you’re going to have to spare yourself,” I pushed Jackson down onto the bed and snuggled against his shoulder.

“Oh great, are you comfortable now?” He mocked.

“Why yes, I think I am. If you wouldn’t be so stingy with the popcorn, life would be perfect.”

Before the last syllable even left my mouth, I felt myself become overpowered. As I regained my senses, I figured out what was going on. Jackson had rolled over on top of me and was trying to tickle me.

“No…stop! It’s quiet hours; we’ll get in trouble! Ha-ha-ha! Stop!” I gasped. Catching a mouthful of air, I gathered enough energy to start to scream. My attempt to yell was muffled by Jackson’s mouth.

Without warning, he covered my lips with his and slowly caressed my lips and tongue with his own. As he leaned in closer he pushed my arms above my head; I couldn’t help it, a small moan escaped my throat.

Visibly shocked by his own actions, Jackson sat up and released my arms. He crawled off of me and sat back down on the bed. Shaking his head he said, “I am so sorry, Mel. I have no clue what just came over me. One minute we were wrestling, the next, kissing.”

“Shh, it’s okay,” I reached over and put my arm around his shoulder. “The friction has been in the air all night. I was wondering which one of us was going to make the first move.”

Leaning in closer, my hot breath on his neck, I gently kissed him. “I know that we’re really good friends, so I understand if you don’t want to take things further. We can just watch the movie and forget that anything happened.”

“That’s just the thing,” He turned to me, “usually that would be the best thing, right? Well, right now I feel like that would be a huge mistake. There’s some force, something cosmic between us. I feel like maybe we’d be breaking some universal law if we just ignored this spark.”

“Well, I think it’s pretty obvious how I feel about this whole thing.” I rubbed his arm, “So, it is entirely up to you. Whatever you think is best, then that’s what we’ll….”

His decision was made. Jackson pulled me close and we locked in the most passionate kiss I have ever experienced. My skin got goose bumps when he touched me, I could feel my heart racing, and the anticipation welling inside of me. The answer had come. It had come so divinely, in this package of a man so perfectly sculpted. More amazing and beautiful than Michelangelo’s David – a living, breathing work of art.

As our bodies separated, we lay there, on the bed, in the dark, catching our breath. I rolled over to face him, and placed my hand on his stomach – that gorgeous stomach that isn’t too firm or too soft. kartal escort bayan A devious look crossed Jackson’s face, and I wondered what he had in mind. Inching closer, I could feel the heat radiating off his body. I closed my eyes and nuzzled his neck. I decided it was time one or two hickeys that boy got were from me. Quickly, I began to lick and suck the supple skin on Jackson’s neck, claiming the territory as mine.

A slight moan escaped his lips as his hands moved across my back; with one swift motion, the snap on my bra came undone and my breasts fell with gravity onto his chest. Soon after, his warm hands were traveling under my camisole and up my back. He continued his feather light touches as I sucked furiously on his neck.

“Ooh, I think that’s enough for you right now,” Jackson grinned as he overpowered me once again and rolled me onto my back.

Like a flash, my arms were over my head as I wriggled out of the silky black camisole and bra that had been unhooked earlier. My bare breasts were exposed to the cool air and my nipples immediately began to harden.

Taking one nipple in his right hand and placing his left hand on my hip, Jackson slowly kissed and licked up my stomach from my navel and towards the nub that had been neglected by his left hand. Swiftly, his tongue reached out and enveloped it. My back arched slightly as my body was covered in goose bumps from the amazing suckling sensation paired with the twisting and rubbing of the other nipple.

My hands frantically scrunched up his shirt to his shoulders. Reluctantly, Jackson removed his mouth so that I could add his shirt to the ever-growing pile on the floor.

Instead of going back to the task at hand, Jackson scooted up, one hand on my breast, the other supporting him on the bed, and kissed each of my cheeks. After kissing my chin as well, his lips once again found mine. The slight pressure from his warm, firm lips and skin-to-skin chest contact nearly pushed me over the edge. I reached up and clasped my arms across Jackson’s shoulders, pulling him closer to me.

“Jackson, did you want to… I mean, were we going to… should I grab some…?” I stammered. The electricity flowing between us disabled me to the point that I could not complete a coherent sentence to save my life. It was happening, the one thing I hadn’t imagined happening was about to happen.

“Yeah, if you…do you think…?” Looks like I wasn’t the only one having problems speaking. “Are they still in the bottom drawer?”

“Yes…hey, how did you know that?”

“I saw you put them in there the day you bought them. If you don’t want people spying on you, you ought to close your door once in a while. I always wondered who you had in mind when you bought them.”

“Well, no one in particular, I thought it might be smart to have some on hand, you know, in case the need arrived,” I smiled, gesturing to him and our half nakedness.

After pulling the condoms out of the drawer, Jackson decided to slip off his pajama pants and boxers. Shy at first, he finally realized that we were about to engage in the most intimate act of all, and that there was no reason to be shy at all.

“Hey, why am I the only one naked here?” He asked.

“Oh, sorry. Let me get these,” I slipped the silk pajama pants off my feet and reached for my panties.

“No, no. Let me help you, you’re doing it all wrong,” grazing my thigh ever so slightly, Jackson slipped a finger inside the light cotton fabric and caressed my wet slit.

Although it had been totally in the heat of the moment, Jackson’s senses seemed to return. His head snapped up and he exhaled loudly.

“I am so, so sorry. I just…just realized that I’m…you know.”

“It’s no problem, you know I am too, Jackson,” I patted his shoulder. Deciding to get things moving once again, I pulled my panties off and threw them across the room. They landed with a soft “thunk” on top of the pillow that had gotten thrown over there earlier.

“How about we both take things slowly, there’s no rush at all.” With a soft nod, Jackson got back onto the bed and lay down next to me. Softly stroking my breast, he leaned in and kissed my neck softly. I reached over and rubbed his inner thigh getting closer to his hard cock. The closer I got, the more intent his mouth became on claiming my neck as I had his.

Automatically, my hips began to rise with each stroke as I ran my hands up and down his hard shaft.

“Ohhhh, yes, Mel, yes.”

“Mmm, Jackson.”

Without further invitation, I spread my legs apart and Jackson took his cue and positioned himself between my knees. Grasping my hips, he pulled himself up to my body and gradually pushed his throbbing cock into my eager pussy. My hips rushed up to meet his as he began to thrust in and out slowly.

As our bodies meshed, I couldn’t help but lie back and take it all in. This beautiful man was on top of me, inside of me, he wanted me and craved me. This carnal lust that we both had carried was being satisfied.

When I snapped back to the episode taking place I gripped Jackson’s back tightly, my fingernails slightly scraping his tanned flesh. A moan escaped my lips, and as if trying to silence me, Jackson leaned down and probed my mouth with his sweet tongue. In and out just like the action that was occurring farther down.

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