Gym Submission Ch. 01

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Usual disclaimers, though if you are already browsing stories on this site, you must have an idea what you’re getting into by now. 😉

This story contains Male/Male sex and Dominant/Submissive themes, so if this is a problem . . . wave off!

This story is fictional story based on a fantasy of mine. While it is fiction, I did use myself and locations I knew as a basis. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to send your thoughts, dirty as they no doubt are. It’s always good to get feedback!


It was a normal trip to the gym, though I was a bit later than normal. I usually managed to get there by 6pm, but tonight I had been finishing up a problem at the office and couldn’t break away until late. I almost skipped it, but I’d been so inconsistent with my workouts lately that I felt I had to go. So here I was going for my workout at 8pm.

I had already called my wife to let her know I’d be late. I checked in and headed for the locker room. I walked towards the back of the room and turned into the last alcove of lockers. Standing in the corner was a very attractive man who had just finished undressing before putting on his workout cloths. I found myself unable to resist a look at his cock.

I felt myself flush as my latent Bi side pushed to the front. It was a beautiful specimen. It was almost as long in it’s semi-flacid state as mine was fully hard and it was obviously thicker. His pubic area was shaved smooth as well. With a mental slap I pulled myself back to reality. But when I looked up and away from his equipment I realized he had seen my lingering glance. He had a quizzical look on his face and when our eyes met he cocked one eyebrow at me. I blushed in response. All he did was give an amused chuckle and turn back to getting dressed. Flustered, I studiously avoided looking in his direction again. Though all the while I was getting changed I couldn’t stop the image of his cock from flitting through my mind.

First a little background, I had been having the odd Bi fantasy for almost as long as I can remember. Though I was always much more attracted to women I couldn’t deny that a man’s cock held a certain fascination for me. I’d find myself looking at pictures or movies of women going down on a well hung guy and wondering what it would feel like to be the woman! I had finally had a chance to find out several years ago, before I met my wife. I had been visiting an adult bookstore with a video arcade every so often when I was really horny. I got a thrill looking through the glory holes and seeing guys stroking themselves. I was close several times to actually offering my mouth for someone’s use. The thought of that just made me more excited and horny, but I always chickened out. One trip when I was pretty hot, I decided to leave the door unlocked and see what happened.

Well “it” happened all right. A guy knocked on the door and peeked in. When I just looked at him and didn’t get up from the stool or speak, he came in and locked the booth. The man was a little older than me and decent looking. He leaned against the wall and began stroking his growing bulge. After a minute of so he pulled it out and stroked it a few times while looking at me. This was it, I just couldn’t resist now. I pulled out a condom I had carried with me and rolled it on him. Then, I leaned forward and slid the shaft into my mouth. I was so nervous I thought my heart would jump out of my chest! I sucked avidly on his cock till he filled the condom with cum. He left and I followed a few minutes later now a confirmed cock sucker. I hadn’t had the guts to do anything since.

But here I was in the gym locker room thinking how tasty this man’s cock was. I tried to shake it off and finished changing. As I usually do I went upstairs with my latest book to do the bike for 30 minutes or so. Only one bike was left open so I quickly put my book on the seat and went to grab a towel. When Kağıthane Escort I returned I noticed the peddles had straps on them that I never used. So I knelt down and started removing them. After I pulled them off I glanced up . . . and found myself at crotch level with the same guy from the locker room. He was on his way to grab a towel from the stack nearby. I looked up at him, my face less than a foot from a noticeable bulge in his tight shorts. He just gave me another eyebrow raise, stepped over and grabbed a towel. As he passed by me again he paused, his crotch now even closer to my face.

“You look very comfortable in that position.” He said in a low voice. Then he swayed his crotch a few inches closer to my face as he moved past me and walked away.

My mouth was dry and my heart was pounding. What did he mean by that? Was that just a standard macho statement? Or was it meant to be a joke? Or . . . was he suggesting . . . I stood up and forced down the image that had leapt to mind. And what was worse . . . how excited it made me.

I hopped on the cycle and tried to bury myself in the book. It only partly worked. My mind was still occasionally drifting off. As the timer on my bike ran down I was back drifting in a sexual fog. I suddenly realized that the program was over and gathered my stuff up. I still needed to do some sit-ups before I left. So I went downstairs and grabbed a mat. I positioned myself so my feet were towards the wall.

It was almost closing time and the gym was virtually empty. So there weren’t any of the usual female distractions to worry about. I had done several sets of crunches and was laying back letting my abs relax a little when I heard a voice just behind me.

“Looks like we’re just about the only one’s left.” I opened my eyes to see my mystery man standing just behind my head, legs spread slightly. My gaze locked on his crotch again. It looked bigger than before. He seemed not to notice and squatted down.

“Yeah, looks that way”. I croaked out. His crotch was now hovering above my forehead. “I, uh . . .”

“You what?” He prompted in a hoarse whisper. “Do you want something?”

“No! I just . . .” I couldn’t take my eyes off the bulge in his bike shorts!

“Don’t worry, no one’s around but you, me and the manager. And he’ll be doing paperwork for the next half hour or so.” With that he rocked forward until his knees rested on either side of my head and his restrained cock brushed my nose.

I don’t know what came over me. I should have pulled away, but I couldn’t. The heat radiating from his crotch just added to the warm, flush of my body. I didn’t make any decision, but suddenly I opened my mouth and began nuzzling his package like some lust crazed tart!

He let out a rolling chuckle and rocked back to his feet. He leaned in close before speaking. “I knew you just needed some prodding. I could tell when we were in the locker room that you were really just a closet slut!” I felt my cock throb at the word “slut”. I was almost shaking with desire and excitement.

“And as we all know, sluts are always hungry for cock . . .”, he paused, “and thirsty for cum.” With that he stood up and without a look back walked down the hall towards the locker room.

There didn’t seem to be any reason to think about it. My lust fogged brain was still nodding at his last statement as I got up and hurried after him. I knew that in doing this I was admitting not only that his statements about me were true, but that he was in complete control.

I walked into the locker room and walked towards the back. When I got to the rear alcove he wasn’t there. I just stood there for a second, taken aback at his disappearance. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned. He stood there completely nude and smiled at me. I looked down to see his cock fully erect and pulsing with his heartbeat. He surprised Kağıthane Escort Bayan me with a shove. I stumbled back, caught my legs on the opposite bench and tumbled backwards against the lockers. I started to pull my feet under me to stand, but he quickly stepped in and , using his feet, spread my legs wide so I couldn’t go anywhere. He reached down and grabbed both wrists and brought them together over my head. With a tug he pulled me up so I was sitting upright with my back pressed against the lockers.

“Sluts like you need someone to take control of them so they don’t chicken out of doing what they really want to do. Now open your mouth, slut!” he barked.

I responded to his order immediately and was rewarded as he swung his hips forward and slid about half of his cock into my mouth. I heard a low, pitiful moan and it took me a few moments to realize that it was coming from me! I was completely helpless, hands held tightly above me, legs splayed wide while a complete stranger filled my mouth with his cock. And I was in heaven! My body was shaking with excitement and my own cock throbbed.

He continued to thrust his cock in and out of my mouth, a little deeper each stroke. My mouth that a few moments ago was dry and parched was now salivating so much that I could feel myself drooling down my chin at each backstroke.

“Open wide, my little slut.” He pushed till the head began to press into my throat causing me to gag a bit. He pulled out a little then pressed back in until I started to gag again. I felt him raise up a bit so he was thrusting as much down as forward into my mouth, my head tilted back somewhat. Then with a slow thrust I felt a cock in my throat for the first time.

“Ooooo – mmmmmmm.” I moaned around the shaft. The feeling was wild. After the first few short strokes he began to feed the rest of his cock into me. The combination of the cock filling my mouth and throat and my completely helpless position were almost enough to make me cum right then.

“That’s it, that’s it.” He soothed. “Take it all down your throat like the cock sucking slut you are. I bet if I just touched your cock you’d blow like a geyser.” My only response was another muffled moan as I felt his balls against my chin and realized I had every last inch of his cock inside me.

The thought excited me. I *wanted* him inside me. All of his cock wedged inside my body for his pleasure. Filling my mouth . . . my throat . . . my . . . ass . . . Yes I wanted to feel this gorgeous cock filling my ass! But first things first. I re-doubled my sucking efforts.

He laughed as he continued to take my throat with steady, smooth strokes. “Your mouth was born to swallow cocks! I just had to show you your true vocation as a slut.” He kept chuckling as he watched me suckle on his rod with loud slurps and moans. Finally I could feel his body begin to tense.

After another deep stroke he pulled completely out of my mouth with a wet, sucking sound. He held the saliva dripping head just out of reach. “Is slut ready to be fed?” He asked in the same tone of voice you would use with a small child. He pressed the tip to my lips and smeared spit and pre cum around my lips and cheeks.

“Yes!.” I said in a out of breath whisper. “Please.”

“Please, what? Cum-sluts have to tell me exactly what they want if they expect to be fed.”

On one level it was so humiliating and dirty, but at the same time I reveled in my complete loss of control and any vestige of pride. “Please feed me your cum!” I pleaded like a starving child. “I want to taste your thick, hot cum as it fills my mouth. I need to -” I was cut off as he completely sheathed his cock in my throat again. On his second stroke he bucked and I felt his cock swell and pulse. His body was spasming but he continued to fuck my face.

The first spurt shot straight into my stomach. The second filled Escort Kağıthane the back of my throat. The next splashed across my tongue in gooey strands. Then he pulled completely out and splattered my chin and cheeks with his seed before sliding it back in my mouth. My mouth became a filled with with warm semen as I fought to swallow it all. It seemed to go on and on, though I’m sure it was only a minute. When he had finished I had swallowed all that I could, while the rest dribbled down my chin and cheeks.

He stroked his softening cock. I just stared up at it as he milked out several more dollops of cum. I opened my mouth and let the last few drips fall into my mouth. He just smiled and began using his dick to smear the cum into my face.

Finally he let go of my arms and told me to pull down my sweats and take out my cock. He had me get down on my hands and knees and stroke myself while he sat in front of me and stroked his cock.

“Don’t cum though!” He told me sharply. “Keep yourself on the edge.” I watched his cock start to stiffen again. He came over to me and placed two fingers in my mouth. “Suck,” was all he said. I did. “Get them nice and wet.”

When he was satisfied with my job he pulled them out and leaned forward over my back. I felt the fingers begin massaging my asshole, then without warning he pushed both of them inside.

“Aaaahhhhh.” I cried out at the short, sharp pain.

“Don’t whine, slut. We just have to get your pussy used to it. In fact, in a few minutes you’ll be begging me to put more fingers in!”

It was already starting to feel better. Soon it did feel good. As he slipped a third finger up my ass I let out a little moan. He quickly stifled it, however by stuffing his rejuvenated cock down my throat. He used his fingers in my ass like a handle and rocked me forward onto his cock. This time there was no pretense of kindness or concern. He just plain fucked my throat.

Even though it was getting sore, I loved it. Being used simply as his cum receptacle was turning me on! I flexed my throat and worked my tongue for all I was worth to make him cum again. It took him a while but I began to feel the tell-tale signs of impending orgasm.

“Jerk your pathetic little cock, slut. I want you to cum while I fill your mouth and fuck your ass. I want you to remember this every time you come in your wife’s pussy or mouth! Get ready.” He pumped a few more times then grunted and shoved a 4th finger into my ass. I felt the first pulse from his cock as my own orgasm overcame me. “That’s it,” he grunted as my mouth filled with warm semen again, “cum for me slut!”

And I did. My whole body convulsed as I emptied my balls on the floor. My ass squeezed his fingers and my mouth clamped down on his cock. All I could do was shake and let out moans muffled by his cock. It seemed to last longer than normal. By the time my cock finished dribbling he had pulled his fingers out of my ass and shoved them in my mouth in place of his now wilting dick. “Clean my fingers off, slut.” I did as he told me. I was in a daze and my body was still quivering a little. When he was satisfied he removed his fingers and pushed my head down to the small pool of cum I had deposited on the floor. Without hesitation I lowered my mouth and slurped up my own semen.

When I finished I looked up to find he was gone. I was left there alone in the locker room, on my hands and knees and with cum smeared across my face. I heard some noise out near the entrance and quickly pulled myself together. I gathered up my stuff and pulled up my sweatpants. As I hurried out I passed the manager and that was when I realized I still hadn’t cleaned the drying cum off my lips and chin!

I glanced back as a headed for the door. The manager was watching me go, a half smile on his face . . . and his hand slowly stroking a bulge in his shorts. I almost turned around!

—– The End . . . so far . . .


This story is copyrighted by the author. You may post it on other boards, but it must be posted in full, with all headers and credit given to the author. Don’t mind dissemination, as long as I get any fan/hate mail for my work! 🙂


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