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Chapter 1

The ad was for a studio apartment on Lincoln in Venice Beach. Even a studio was expensive, especially close to the beach, but Dean really wanted the place. It was close to work, and he could work out with muscle dudes on the boardwalk. It was perfect, but it was out of his price range. He had to make it work. Maybe he could find a roommate, although that could be awkward. A female roommate would be great, but having to share a bed with a guy she didn’t really know would be awkward for her, and if she was into being a friend with benefits, Dean knew how that always went. It had happened to him in college sharing a room with Sophie. The girl was cray-cray. They shared a two-bedroom apartment off-campus. It started off to be fun with lots of good sex, but she got clingy. Holy sit, Dean Dixon didn’t need to get married and settle down.

Dean’s breakup with Sophie had been ugly. He finally had to have her evicted, and he got a restraining order to keep her away. Sometimes the fucking you get is worth fucking you get. It was that incident that caused him to move to Southern California after graduating with his BS in business. He had to get out of Minnesota, away from Sophie and away from the cold. Being a bodybuilder, Dean wanted a real tan, not fake-n-bake in a tanning bed. His ultimate goal was managing a gym and eventually owning one.

He was a hot guy, 5’8″, 180 lbs. of solid, bulging muscles. Dean’s biceps were beefy with protruding veins when flexed. His back was broad at his shoulders and tapered to a narrow waist.

With short dark brown hair and brown eyes, he was a lady killer. He was also a gym rat, which had kept him from developing any long-term relationships with a woman. When all eyes were on his handsome face, it was hard for a woman to compete. Dean kept his body shaved and smooth, even his pubs and ball sac were clean. He also offered an eight-inch uncut dick and big juicy balls.

The leasing agent couldn’t help but flirt with Dean. He was all that a more. He decided to take the place, he had enough to cover the rent for six months, and if he couldn’t find a roommate by then, he’d move on.

The Venice Gym had hired him from a portfolio and resume he had submitted online. He was the manager which gave him free access to work out as much as he wanted, which was usually 3 to 4 hours a day to keep that six-pack in shape. Dean posted a ROOMMATE WANTED sign on the bulletin board at the gym, but after two weeks there were still no takers. The owner also allowed Dean to free-lance at the gym as a trainer when he wasn’t on duty. That gave him an extra bit of cash to keep him in healthy groceries.

Dean’s shift ended at 6:00 p.m. and he had a client lined up for 6:30. The guy was new to the gym and said that he was new to working out. He wanted to hire Dean as a trainer for a couple of weeks to show him the ropes and get him on a good routine to pack on some muscle. The guy sounded young, but Dean was surprised at how young the guy looked when he showed up.

Joey Harlan looked like a twink, maybe 18, if that. He was a good-looking guy with short brown hair, parted on the side, brown eyes, 5’6″, about 130 lbs. Joey was in good shape, but he had no definition. This would be a challenge for Dean to put some muscle on the young Turk, and Dean took it as a personal challenge. If it worked out, he could use Joey’s pictures for advertising his services. He wasn’t sure it would attract any female clients for him, but Joey’s face on a flyer would definitely bring in a few gay guys. Dean didn’t care. They all paid the same, and he wasn’t going to fuck ’em, just get ’em enrolled and on a routine. Like most guys, they would stop coming in when they knew Dean wasn’t batting for their team.

“Joey, my man,” Dean said, extending his hand. “Glad you could make it. Welcome to the Venice Gym. Is this your first time working out?”

“Nah, I worked out in high school. I was on the wrestling team, 125 lbs. weight class. I was pretty good. I took division senior year, but I got eliminated first round at state.”

“Not bad, dude, not bad. So, your senior year was, like, last year?” Dean asked.

“Um, ya. Is that gonna be a problem?”

“Not as long as you have the money to pay for membership and my training lessons,” Dean answered.

“Cool, cause I really wanna do this. There’s like this chick at work that I wanna bang, but she’s like way outta my league. I figured if I had some muscle she would notice me.”

Dean pointed Joey to the locker room and waited for him to change into his workout gear. When Joey returned, Dean was at the counter flirting with two hot babes in slinky gym wear. Joey gave a broad smile and the gap between his front teeth.

“Who’s this cutie?” Stephanie said. The tall, buxom blonde ran the manicured nail of her index finger from Joey’s chin to the waistband of his gym shorts. She pulled and peeked inside, then let it snap back, making Joey flinch. “Nice package for a little casino şirketleri guy.” Gina giggled along with her friend Stephanie, and the two walked away with both guys drooling after their sexy asses.

“See what I mean,” Joey said. “She called me a little guy. I need to pack on some muscle to be taken seriously.”

“Come on man, she said you have a nice package,” Dean said wryly. His own index finger pulled the elastic on Joey’s gym shorts, allowing him a good look. “She’ right. You do have a nice package.”

It didn’t hurt that Joey’s dick had begun to chub up with Stephanie flirting with him. He punched Dean’s arm. “Fucker!” Dean just chuckled at Joey’s mock anger.

Using his iPad, Dean recorded Joey’s weight, height, and measurements: biceps, neck, shoulders, waist, and quads. Dean pulled up Joey’s tee-shirt and saw that there was no rack of abs, but the boy was trim. He ran his hand across Joey’s smooth belly, ostensibly to feel for muscle. Dean noticed the thin brown line of hairs running from Joey’s inny belly button down to the top of his shorts. Just to fuck with him, Dean surreptitiously wet his finger with spit, and then, stuck the wet digit in Joey’s naval and twisted.

“The fuck, man?” Joey jumped back with Dean laughing. He gave Dean a look of disgust, but it also made his balls tingle. “What the fuck, indeed?” Joey thought about being turned on by Dean’s finger twisting in his belly button.

“Sorry, just having a little fun. Relax. If you’re not relaxed when lifting, you’re gonna hurt yourself,” Dean said with a smile and patted him on the back. “Let’s get started.”

After warming up and stretching, Dean showed Joey each machine. He explained what it was for and how it operated. Joey would then do a set of reps, and Dean would record the weight. After completion of the circuit, Joey asked Dean why he wasn’t showing how to use free-weights. “Later, dude, after you build some muscle. That shit is for the gym rats.”

First workout complete, Joey went to the locker room with Dean following. Dean was done for the day. As they stripped down to shower, Dean saw Joey’s little white bubble butt. Nice. Dean had no compunction about admiring a body, male or female. He admired his own body a lot, standing in front of a mirror flexing and jacking off to his own image. Dean had often shot off a load while looking at himself in the mirror; shooting his watery jizz at the glass full force and watching it ooze down in runny rivulets. Dean was a master blaster, a gusher when it came to cumming.

Dean wasn’t the only one who admired his body. As he stripped off his gym clothes and sweaty jock, he was showing off his muscles for Joey and Joey appreciated the show. That’s what he wanted — more muscle. The two talked as if they had been friends forever. Even though Dean was four years older the Joey, they had a lot in common from sports to music to movies.

Standing at the urinals, still talking, Joey glanced over at Dean’s long, thick cock. Dean rolled back his foreskin and exposed the smooth plum-shaped head. His piss slit was wide and nearly bisected the leaking crown of flesh. When Dean cut loose, a whoosh of piss sprayed the back of the urinal like a golf course lawn sprinkler. It sounded like a wet ratchet, Shhh-sptz, Shhh-sptz, Shhh-sptz. Joey was mesmerized by the sight and sound of Dean’s large appendage taking a whiz. Jesus, he must have pissed out a quart or more. “How fucking big was this dude’s bladder?” Joey thought. “It was obviously big enough to match the size of that appendage hanging over Dean’s walnut-sized gonads.” Joey thought it very cool that Dean shaved his body, including his balls and pubes.

While Joey was paying attention to Dean’s monster cutting loose, Dean was looking over at Joey’s pissing cock. He was circumcised and had a nice smooth cock. It looked big, only because Joey was shorter and lighter in stature. In boxing, he would weigh in as super bantamweight. Dean could easily have bench pressed Joey high over his head. Joey had maintained a semi-chubby all the time working out. It was only natural. Having Dean touching and prodding him during his workout was somehow erotically enticing, not that Joey was gay and he didn’t think Dean was gay. It was just a human reaction to skin touching skin.

Dean saw that Joey had a semi and chuckled to himself. “Horny teenage boys.” Joey’s cock had a slight curve at to it and was surrounded by a bush of thick brown hair. However, the guy’s balls had no hair on them. Interesting. Where Dean pissed like a stud horse, Joey held the tip of his dick with two fingers and squirted, squeezed then squirted, squeezed then squired.

After showering, the two continued to talk as they left the locker room and headed for the front desk.

“Ryan, this is Joey Harlan. Joey, Ryan,” Dean introduced them. “Ryan works the evening shift. Joey, here, just signed up and will be under my control at the gym.”

“Dude, if anyone can blast your muscles, its’ Dean. Look what he did for casino firmaları me.” Ryan stood up and flexed his biceps, then lifted his tee-shirt to show off his six-pack. The guy was ripped.

Dean handed Joey a bottle of water. “Keep yourself hydrated after your workout, or you’ll get cramps.”

“I don’t bleed, dude,” Joey joked.

“I meant muscle cramps, not your period cramps, you pussy,” Dean shot back. “Wanna catch a beer?”

“Uhm, I’m not 21 yet,” Joey sort of mumbled

“Christ, I forgot. Sorry. You could try to pass,” Dean said with a wry smile.

“Are you fucking kidding? Look at me. I don’t look like I’m even 16, let alone 18. I always get carded,” Joey said with a disappointed look.

“I have an idea. I need protein. There’s a burger place down the street. We could still hang. I’ll buy the beer, and we can pour yours in a paper cup. How ’bout that?”

They grabbed their gym bags and walked down the block. “I don’t have a lot of friends here, yet,” Dean said. “I just moved here a few weeks ago from Minnesota. The gym offered this manager’s position, and I jumped on it, anything to get out of the cold Midwest. Besides, I’d just broken up with Sophia after I graduated from U of M. Nothing was keeping me there. How about you?”

“I got a super cool job at Staples after graduation. I run the copy department. I’m registered to start at Santa Monica College in September,” Joey said.

“Cool, what do plan on majoring in?”

“I was thinking Design Art. I kind of like doing computer graphics and junk,” Joey answered.

“Girlfriend?” Dean asked.

“Not now, we broke up last month. She was fucking some college dude, and I found out from a friend. It got ugly. I got into a fight with the guy, and he decked me. She was a skank anyway,” Joey said. “She couldn’t even give a decent blow job.”

Dean laughed Joey’s description of his ex. She sounded like a skank. The waitress at Sprouts came to the table for their order. Dean ordered two beers and a double burger. Joey ordered a single burger and a Coke. He planned on dumping the Coke so Dean could fill the cup with beer. He liked hanging out with Dean.

“I’m still living with my folks. I wanted to get a place of my own, but I can’t afford it on what I make.”

“Funny should mention it, but I’m looking for a roommate,” Dean said happily.

“No shit. That’s awesome. How much is the rent?”

“Upside — it’s only $1,000 each, which includes utilities and Wi-Fi. Downside — it’s a studio,” Dean said with a sneer.

“What’s a studio?” Joey asked naively.

“Kitchen, bathroom, one bed in the living room,” Dean said with a chuckle.

“One bed? Where would I sleep?” Joey seemed confused.

“In the bed,” Dean answered sheepishly.

“Where would you sleep?” Joey asked innocently.

“In the bed, but it’s a queen-size bed, plenty of room. You don’t snore do you?” Dean was talking fast.

“I don’t know, dude, it sounds kinda gay,” Joey said guardedly.

Dean took Joey’s Coke and emptied it into a dirty cup from the next table which had vacated. He poured in one of his beers. Every time the waitress came around, she would flirt with Dean.

“She’s hot,” Joey said.

“Not really. I tried when I first came here. Bitch doesn’t want to put out. She’s just trying to get a bigger tip.”

“I’ll give her a bigger tip,” Joey said, grabbing his dick, and laughing.

“Yeah, you at the front door and met at the back door, rockin’ her world,” Dean said holding up his beer in a toast.

“Or DP her,” Joey whispered across the table.

“You’re a nasty little fucker, aren’t you?” Dean said rhetorically. Joey chuckled and shrugged his shoulders, realizing that he was sore from the workout.

They finished up their food and beer and paid the check. “You wanna come over and check out the place. It’s on the beach. It would be fun. Lots of pussy in bikinis day and night,” Dean said, trying to tempt his new buddy.

“Sure, let’s go,” Joey said.

They went down the boardwalk and turned the corner. Dean opened the door and ran up the flight of stairs to the second floor with Joey, hot on his heels. When the lights came on in the apartment, Joey was able to get a better idea of what a studio was. It was nice. He had imagined that would be like a dorm room he had seen when he visited the colleges he was interested in attending.

Dean’s place was nothing like that. It was modern and clean, with a big screen TV in the corner so you could lie in bed and watch movies. Dean was right; there was plenty of room on the bed for two. It was better than his room in his parent’s house. He showed Joey the bathroom and the kitchen and the closet they would share for clothes.

“Deal. I’ll take it,” Joey said.

Dean gave him a happy smile, and they fist bumped to seal the deal.

“When can you move in?”

“This weekend? I don’t have very much shit,” Joey said.

Chapter 2

The last güvenilir casino of the boxes were finally in the studio apartment. Joey was an independent man with a good job and his own apartment. Well, a shared apartment, but it was with Dean, who turned out to be a great guy. Dean treated Joey like he was older than his 18 years and he appreciated that.

Dean was working at the gym that Saturday morning. After Joey unpacked, he was sweaty and decided to take a shower in his new place. The cool water cascaded over his slender body. His muscles had finally adjusted to being strained from working out every other day with Dean helping him. He lathered his head of thick dark hair, washing his face, eyes closed to keep away the soap. Down his hairless chest, his hands roamed, tweaking his little brown nipples on their way down his torso. When his hands reached his crotch, Joey’s cock was as hard as steel and just as smooth. His cock had no outward appearance of veins. It had a slight curve back toward his belly when it stood at attention, but it was a perfect prick.

His hands soaped either side of his erection making sure his thick bush of brown pubes was clean. Then he tugged at his nut sac and washed them thoroughly. Joey’s fingers traveled south to his taint and landed on his butthole. He liked the feeling of touching his puckered opening, pushing and releasing, pushing and releasing, but never penetrating. This action never failed to produce a stream of precum from his piss slit. Tapping at his back door stimulated his prostate.

Joey had wondered what it would be like. He had seen lesbo porn where chicks’ finger fucked their buttholes, but he was never horny enough or adventurous enough to try it. He squeezed some shower gel in his hand and rubbed it around his butt crack and returned to toying with his anus. He was relaxed enough that his hole opened involuntarily and seemed to suck the tip of his finger inside. Joey gasped in pleasure. This was a new experience, and he enjoyed the feeling. Slowly he pushed in more of his finger, up to the second knuckle. The tip of his finger hit his love button, and his body shuddered in response.

Joey’s thighs trembled, and he spread them wide. He knew he was about to shoot and he shoved his finger in hard, pulled out and shoved it in again, and again, and again. He was groaning and wiggling his ass on his finger trying to get maximum pleasure. On his tiptoes, his body was a mass of tingling electricity. He had to use one hand on the shower wall to keep from falling over while he finger-fucked his asshole with his other hand. Without even touching his hard cock, Joey shot a huge load, blast after blast of jizz spraying into the air and falling on the shower floor, only to be washed down the drain. His climax began to subside, but was the best orgasm he had ever had. He pulled out his middle finger and looked at it expecting the worst, but there was nothing. His finger was clean. He committed to trying that again.

It was great having the place, at least a few hours, alone, unlike his parents’ house, where he had to always be on guard that his mother or father might catch him jacking off. Plus, at their house, there wasn’t even the remotest possibility of bringing a babe home for a suck and fuck.

Dean got home a little after six. He was wearing his workout wear instead of the shirt and tie he wore as the manager. His workout wear consisted of white runners, white socks, a muscle tank that barely covered his big brown nipples, and blue shorts that fit very tight because of the size of his quads. He looked as though he had oiled himself for bodybuilding. Dean confided in Joey that he oiled up before he came home so that the babes would take notice of his tanned muscles.

“All moved in?” Dean asked. He took a bottle of water from the fridge and downed it in just a few gulps.

“Yup. You okay with me sharing the top drawer of the dresser for my underwear and sock.”

“Not a problem,” Dean answered. “I’m gonna go shower, and we can walk down to the boardwalk and get some food. I need protein after that workout.” He stripped down right there in the living room in front of Joey and tossed his workout wear into the hamper. Dean walked around the living room, scratching his nuts, and letting his fat limp dick sway back and forth. Joey tried not to look, but it wasn’t easy. The goddamn thing kept distracting from his conversation with Dean.

Oddly, Joey had begun to chub up. He wasn’t sure why, but having Dean’s muscular ass parade around the apartment naked was giving him a bone. Finally, Dean went into the bathroom but left the door open as he showered. Joey was laughing at Dean singing loudly off key while he washed his body, getting his nads and butthole clean as a whistle.

When Dean returned to the living room, Joey had on his Beats listening to music. His eyes were closed, but he was aware that Dean was in the room getting dressed. Dean had his back to the bed where Joey was lying on his stomach. He bent over to get a shirt from the bottom drawer of the dresser placing his exposed butthole right in Joey’s line of sight just as Joey opened his eyes.

“Christ, don’t stick your ass in my face,” Joey chuckled and rolled away.

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