Gumdrop Ch. 20-21

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Author’s note:

As absurd as the concepts of hucows and ponygirls are, I tried to take them quite seriously, to delve in the psychology of a hucow or a ponygirl and her owner, in search of what these admittedly strange fetishes mean, at least to me. Therefore, beside the tropes of the genre (kinky sex, humiliation and de-humanization), you will find the musings of a young girl who chooses to become a cow in a quest for true love and a place in the world.


20. Savior complex

The beauty of being a cow, is that only the present matters. Why worry about the future? The farmer will take care of that. So, even though our future worried both me and Cupcake, we mostly lived in the present. We had at least a couple of years to find a solution, right? So, that summer went by. We went to three more fairs, meeting her family every time. In one of those occasions, Wren reassured us that Cupcake’s new solution for sending money to her folks had worked.

Even though the fairs all looked pretty much more of the same, at least from the limited point of view of a cow, it was fun to be Fudge’s cheerleaders and see her take home a few prizes. I and Fergie became a rodeo sensation, to the point that Cupcake tried it too with Ava, swearing afterwards that you had to be bat-shit crazy like me to enjoy it. Ava, on the contrary, had a lot of fun and was disappointed that none of her cows would challenge her anymore.

Another big reason for me to be enthusiastic about our trips was that I became Aidan’s prize cow for my production of milk. He paraded me wherever he went. Moreover, those were not the only trips I made that summer. My man also organized a lot of escapes in the country, just me and him. My love for him was stronger than ever, as was the one I felt for Cupcake, but instead of letting this tear me in two parts, I was determined to enjoy all of it.

I learned how to juggle my man and my woman with the consummate experience of a serial cheater and did not feel an ounce of guilt for it: I was finding a way to give to both just as much as one to receive from both. As for Aaron and Cream Pie, they did not leave each other after all. On the contrary, the more he knew about her, the more he needed to share things about himself too. It turned out that Aaron was a much more complex soul than we had given him credit for.

So autumn came again, allowing me to get a glimpse of what a life as a hucow meant. Now I could say that I knew what the future had in store for me for the next couple of decades at least. The cycle of seasons, perfectly predictable, was now the main driving force of the events surrounding me. The peace of mind that this gave to me is hard to describe. I guessed that many people would have found my life boring, but that was just because they never stopped to savor the moment, the glory of the instant, always in a run, like there was something whipping their asses, blinders to prevent them to see where they were, their eyes focused only on the path forward. I was no pony, though, I really was a cow. Those critics were just hypocrites: was not the majority of people believing in an afterlife, in a paradise? And what was heaven, if not an eternity of constant bliss, perfectly predictable? Would they call it dull? No, and they were all wishing to rest there after their death. I just happened to have found mine on earth.

So another year passed and life taught me that, no matter how you wish for time to freeze or at least repeat in loops, it just stubbornly goes forward. The farm was like an island in a river, a sanctuary from the weary flux of events, sure, but not immune to them, for it was still set in an ever-changing stream.

It all started with Aaron. Thanks to Ava, he had started to taste the Reagan underneath the cow and had found her even more delicious than the Cream Pie he had been used to until then. That made him greedy. We noticed that something had changed between the two in the first months of that summer. At first, we worried, because it seemed that the cow wanted to avoid Aaron and in general she looked uneasy with him around. When we asked her if he had done something to her, though, the answer was the last we could expect: he had asked her to resign from the farm together with him, run away to some city where nobody knew either of them, and finally be a couple. We all mooed or neighed in awe, but Cream Pie did not seem so happy.

While Fudge hugged her from behind and softly kissed her neck (ironically, they had become quite close), she explained to us that she was thrilled, of course, at the idea, but she was also terrified by it. It was true that she was not in danger anymore, because she had paid her debt to the people she had gotten involved with, but the outside world scared her nonetheless. She bluntly admitted that she was not sure it was a good idea to entrust her with freedom: the last time she had been free to do whatever she wanted ankara eve gelen escort with her life and body, she had risked overdosing herself. In the farm she was safe and she was in love. Why go away?

Of course, I agreed with her, hoping that Cupcake would too, but she just said that this kind of decisions could never be right if they were motivated only by fear. If Cream Pie wanted to be a cow, she had to own it. Fudge whinnied her approval. I spent the rest of the night in Cupcake’s forelegs, trying to decide what her opinion meant for us. Within little more than a year she would be free to resume being a human again, so was she just saying that she would remain a cow because it was her free choice? Or was she warning me that I had decided to be a cow for good just because I was scared of the world? I turned my head to meet her gaze and a cryptic smile. I replied with a “damn you, devil!” look, making her moo-laugh. As her girlfriend, I had learned that she really could be “a dick”, to quote her sister. She unnervingly enjoyed playing that kind of tricks with my mind.

A week later, Aaron decided to act. During the night he came in the barn and forced Cream Pie to face him:

“I understand that you are scared, believe me, I do.” he whispered.

I imagined that Cream Pie, hidden by the hay, did not seem to think he could, because he added.

“Yes, I do, I am scared too. I keep thinking: what if it does not go well, what if she goes back into the tunnel of drugs and this time she does not make it out alive? It would all be my fault and, well, it would kill me too, Reagan.” he admitted.

“The thing is, though, that this strategy of yours, to remain cooped up here, does not make sense. Do you seriously think that if you wanted to get it over with life and kill yourself, being here would stop you?”

Her moo said that she thought so.

“Ok, fine, so tell me, why do you want to be alive? To enjoy life, I presume, not to lose all the things that make it good. Well then: you are already killing yourself, at least partially. By being here, you deny yourself the very things you are afraid to lose! Like a life, with me! What we have here is amazing, sure, but it is just a bite of the cake!” he provoked her and then added, a little awkwardly “Pardon the pun.”

She did not answer to that, prompting the man to go further.

“Reagan, there is only one way to keep yourself alive and it is to find a good reason to. I hope with all myself that our love is a good one, but even if it is not, you need to keep searching, because it’s out there! If you stay here, you remain in a limbo: unable to kill yourself and yet not living either!”

Cupcake rose and so did the frequency of my heart beat.

“Come with me, Reagan. Choose life!”

I sat down too, just in time to see her moo yes and throw herself into his arms. I was happy for them, I really was, but I also knew that a storm was brewing as a consequence of that act of love.

I recommended to the two lovebirds that they presented the story to Aidan backwards: I remembered that he could be very vindictive and very effective in doing so too, when he felt betrayed. I did not want him to think that Aaron had conspired against him to steal his cow, so I suggested to Cream Pie that she notified him in advance and to Aaron that he staged fights with her, pretending that he wanted her to stay, that his job was great and he did not want to leave it. Cream Pie had also the brilliant idea of fighting with one of her regulars, which gave her a motive to leave the job.

Fortunately it all worked out. Cream Pie had not yet gone and somehow I, Cupcake and Fudge were already missing her. One night she revealed to us that the hardest part of leaving the farm was leaving us. We all teared up after that. She assured us that she would visit from time to time, to tell us how she was doing and would leave her number with Aidan, so that Fudge and Cupcake could find her when they went back to being human. This decision gave me a painful pang to my stomach. How many times would that happen? How many friends would I have to say goodbye to, because they would leave the farm and I could not?

“Yeah, I know it’s a hard blow.” said once Aidan, trying to console me, “However it is not different from what happens to humans all the time. They move, they change jobs… Life is made of goodbyes, for cows, humans and ponies alike.”

He was right and so I got up from his lap, where he was gently stroking my hair and I kissed him. I would never have to say goodbye to my Aidan.

A month before Cream Pie was scheduled to bid us goodbye, her replacement came to the farm.

“So, why all the hush-hush on the new cow?” asked Kam to Ava, looking curiously to the barn front entrance, its doors wide open to welcome the livestock transport van coming slowly in, while the annoying beep that signaled its maneuvering in reverse tortured our ears.

“It’s not like gaziantep escort there’s really anything to announce, is there?” was Ava’s cynical reply “I mean, do you really care about who was this girl before Penny found her?”

We were all on our hooves, leaning against the wooden fence, waiting for the newcomer. On one hand we were excited to meet the new cow, on the other we were really depressed, knowing that it meant that Cream Pie was going to leave us soon.

Unexpectedly, it was Penelope the one who got off the van from the driver’s seat. She was wearing a smug, vaguely haughty expression, which led me to think that this cow too, just like Cream Pie, was one of her failed models.

“Hi, guys! Ready to meet our new entry?” she asked theatrically.

We all mooed and whinnied in a way that sounded much like “do it already!”, while the stable hands were showing polite curiosity. Well, Kam was not polite at all. As he absentmindedly stroked the bulge in his overalls where his cock had suddenly woken up, he was looking like a kid who has been promised a present. I guessed that, even if he was with Daria now, he still enjoyed the idea of fucking a new cow, possibly together with her.

“Well, then!” Penelope said, raising her voice and opening the van’s doors.

We all held our breath for a second and… Nothing happened.

“Jesus, she’s still asleep!” Aidan’s wife exclaimed in disbelief, once she checked inside the cattle truck. In hindsight, that should have prepared me for what happened next.

“Come on, dear, wake up! We’re here!” we heard her say.

A neigh! We cows looked at each other in the eye and then all at Fudge, who was petrified. Our worry for her distracted us from the main event: making the truck dampers creak, the newcomer got off and ran in our direction, too fast for us to do anything but retreat a little. I was just realizing that she had a dark coat and a light mane, when she leaped on the fence, putting a hoof on top of it for support, and jumped on Cupcake. The two fell together on the hay behind.

Everybody was screaming now. Ava had her hands on her mohawk and seemed the happiest woman on earth when she shrieked:

“Oh, Penny!”

I and Cream Pie were mooing loudly, shocked by the assault.

Kam was limiting himself to a “What the fuck?”, while Penelope was yelling quite worried:

“Irish Coffee! Are you out of your mind?”

Cupcake was mooing energetically too, but in a very different way from us. She was happy and angry, moved and scared, all at the same time, for Irish Coffee was no common ponygirl: it was her sister!

As Penelope and Ava rushed to check on her and Cupcake, in the confusion I had the chance to see her body in all its beauty. She was now sporting a blonde mohawk of short dreadlocks, exactly the same color of the cream on the drink. The same was true for her tattoos, which were made with a white ink that blended a little with her natural skin shade. On her lower back, below her name, she displayed the limerick “I got spirit and never tire, just need your cream to go on fire!”, while between her hips and just above her bush she had the script “If you can read this, I’ve drunk enough whiskey!” and finally, on the back of her thighs, to mock the opponents behind her in races, there were “Consolation” and “Prize”, with the first word spread in two lines.

“Don’t…” Penelope was yelling, landing the crop on her ass with all her strength.


Irish Coffee was neighing in pain, as her butt and her thighs were being covered in welts, no matter how she tried to wiggle out of the hay.


She did not seem to regret one bit her choice about the proper way to greet her cow sister, even as she sobbed.

“Ever again!” concluded Penelope, annoyed by her pony’s disobedience on their very first day.

While Cupcake covered her sister in kisses, Ava knelt in front of them, clearly with the intent of checking Irish Coffee out from up close.

“I can’t believe that you actually bought her, Penny!” she murmured in awe.

“Well, it’s the least I could to, seeing how much you have done for me!”

A neigh interrupted their affectionate conversation: it was Fudge’s of course and it clearly meant that she could not believe Penelope’s decision either.

The woman, turned around immediately, a sorry look on her face.

“Oh no, my love, you have nothing to worry about!” she said, taking the pony’s chin in her hands.

Fudge tried to get free of her hold, but her owner was too determined and kissed the pony with passion.

“Don’t be jealous, I bought her for you too, you know? This way you will have a mate! Remember how much Ava loved to have one?” whispered Penelope, stroking her mane.

Fudge whinnied in a way that conveyed that she did not need one. Tears where now about to overflow her beautiful eyes.

“And she will allow you to focus on short races, where you shine best!”

It ankara gerçek resimli escort still was not working.

“And, more importantly, she’s going to stay only if you like her. I want us to be a threesome, but we are entering this journey as a couple!”

Fudge’s eyes suddenly stared, as hypnotized, at her owner’s.

“From what I’ve been told by Ava, perfection can still be improved and what we have can become even better! Think of Irish Coffe’s breaking as a date to which we are both going!”

With that, Fudge looked more convinced, albeit not completely. She knelt next the new arrival and gave her a tentative lick on the cheeks, now wet with tears, both from the whipping and the joy of the reunion with Cupcake.

“Well done!” complimented Ava, fetching a sugar lump from her pockets.

She was addressing both her horses when she added:

“And the two of you better know that I won’t play favorites! Just ’cause you are my hero’s foal, it doesn’t mean that I will go easy on you!”

Time proved her right. Irish Coffe’s breaking was just as hard as Fudge’s. The new pony was isolated in her corral, while the palomino slept with us. I assumed that the presence of her sister would help, even if there was not much contact, but it turned out that Cupcake was a source of anxiety just as much as Ava’s expectations: my girlfriend revealed to me that she and her sister could be quite competitive with each other, so it was hard for Cupcake to convince Irish Coffee that she was proud of her.

I believe that Irish Coffee’s rock bottom was reached just before Cream Pie’s departure. Seeing her friend leaving, changed Fudge’s attitude towards the “intruder”. Up until then, she had just showed disdainful indifference for Penelope’s new pony, which was the best she could do out of respect for Cupcake. Now, however, her mind was dealing with worries I knew all too well.

She revealed to us that in principle she had intended to stay a pony only as long as needed to raise a sufficient amount of money to pay for her college. As all best laid plans do, this went sideways almost immediately when she had a chance to get to know her owner. She had been told that their relationship would be a very close one, but the young girl had not been expecting to fall in love with her! And yet it happened, shifting dramatically her priorities. To make matters worse, Fudge really enjoyed being a pony, the sense of relief that her carefree life implied, the freedom and pride that running and being ridden gave her, the admiration of the crowds… She had never felt so beautiful and sexy, which was good, because she had also never felt so horny! So, she had decided to remain Penelope’s pony as long as she could, presumably until her mid-thirties. Just like me, though, this entailed a good amount of goodbyes with cows who would stay only for a few years.

Irish Coffe, however, was different from any other newcomer. Money was not what had brought her there with us, she was a real ponygirl, one who really wanted to be a horse. What if Fudge had just been handed over an occasion to make a friend who would stick along for the ride? Therefore, she decided to be more friendly and supportive with the newcomer, and this made all the difference. Oddly enough, Irish Coffee began seeing the older pony as a big sister, so to speak.

After that, her breaking went smoothly and when it was finally over, the two ponies were ready for the next challenge: spending actual time together. They mostly went along, but there were some incidents: they made each other skittish a few times and once they even reared up, threatening each other with their hooves.

“There’s something that’s not working with the new pony, but I don’t know where I’m going wrong” Ava was musing with Penelope one night, just outside my breeding room, so that I could overhear while a middle-aged guy was slowly pounding my asshole, savoring the pleasure.

“Yeah, it’s not your fault really. I know exactly what it is.” Penelope replied.


“We are not clicking. She’s does not like me much.” Aidan’s wife explained.

“Well, of course that happens a lot, for obvious reasons, but I thought she was happy with me and you!”

“Nope, just with you, she has an adoration for you, haven’t you noticed?” replied Penelope, amused by her friend’s blindness.

Clearly not.

“Come to think of it, this is the solution!” she said excitedly “We just need to swap our roles: you should be her mistress and I her trainer!”

“What? But I couldn’t, I mean…”

“Do you like her?”

“Well, yeah, she’s even hotter than her mom, but…”

“Oh, Ava, even though you’ve been a pony, that doesn’t mean you can’t be a wonderful mistress!” Penelope encouraged her.

“But I don’t own her, Penny!” Ava protested.

“You are right, we ought to set things right. How about this? I’m gonna give her to you, as a present…”

“What?” Ava shouted disconcerted, interrupting her.

Damn it! The customer was cumming!

“And since you don’t have a farm,” the other went on, more loudly to prevent Ava from protesting further, “I’ll rent our facilities to you for a good slice of her earnings! This way everything is going to stay basically the same, except for a big bump in your salary!”

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