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Grudge FuckMy wife and I have been divorced for a few months and we divide our c***ds custody every other week. This weekend my ex was going out with some of her girlfriends to a local bar that was only a few blocks from my apartment. It was the middle of the night when I was woken up by a loud pounding on the door. Checking through the peep hole I could see my ex dressed like the slut I knew her to be weaving back and forth drunk off her ass. I opened the door quickly before she could pound on the door again and possibly wake our son who was sleeping in his room. I opened the door and she staggered in. Without so much as a hello she said “I gottta pee” and brushed me aside and bouncing off the walls made her way in the bathroom. I heard some banging and the toilet seat being slammed down, it is a guys house after all, some more indistinguishable noises and then the toilet flush. A couple seconds later she came out smoothing down her dress that barely covered her ass. She looked at me and said, “What? I had to pee, alright? “ I looked at her she was obviously drunk wearing a black mini-dress stockings and a push up bra that lifted her tits almost out of the top of her dress. “What are you doing here and would you keep it adiosbet yeni giriş down the k** is sleeping” She went to light a cigarette and I took it from her mouth. “No smoking in my place” she smirked at me and staggered into the living room. “My ride got lucky and picked up a guy, she dropped me off here and said she’d come back for me in the morning. I’ll just crash on the couch” “Great”, I said “when he wakes up he can see his Mom the party whore passed out on the couch. Take my bed and close the door and I’ll sleep out here in front of the TV. You can shower in the morning and borrow some clothes to get home.” “Fuck you I’m no whore but I will take your room.” She took two steps and tripped and began to laugh. Sitting with her ass on the floor her legs opened and her skirt pulled up revealing her black panties. She tried to cover herself but there wasn’t enough dress to pull down to cover herself. I tried to lift her but she fell through my arms landing on her ass again laughing. Finally after a couple of tries she stood braced against me but went into the living room instead. “Get me some water or something” she said flopping on the couch and again tried to light a cigarette. This time she almost adiosbet giriş burned her eyebrows off with the flame.“Fuck it” I thought and found a plate for an ashtray and got her a glass of water. When I got in the room she was passed out, the cigarette almost had fallen on the carpet. Her legs were wide open head fallen back snoring. I tried to lift her to get her into the room but she was all dead weight I succeeded in her only falling over the arm of the couch, face in the cushion, ass in the air, Her skirt was now practically around her waist, thong panty and stockings exposed. She always did have a nice shapely butt and the thong split her ass cheeks in half. She lay there snoring quietly away, my cock starting getting stiff. I looked down the hall. My sons door was still closed I looked back at my wife’s ass again. I slowly pulled the thong to the side revealing her shaved pussy and pink asshole. I slid my finger down her pussy separating her lips with my finger. I began to rub her moistening cunt feeling it get juicey as I slowly rubbed up and down it. I slid my finger into her and I heard a soft moan. Yeah she was really passed out. My cock now bulged in my pants and I dropped them to my knees. adiosbet güvenilirmi My cock sprang out searching for its old playground and I stood between her legs. It was just at the right height for me to pop my dick inside her so I slid it in slowly. She didn’t move but another moan came quietly from her. I grabbed the fabric of her dress and began to slide my dick slowly in and out of her. It was like putting on a favorite pair of shoes. I picked up the pace a little getting braver by her lack of response. She was nice and wet and my balls began slapping her as I thrust back and forth. She wiggled her ass slightly and I kept going. I went now even faster bending over and grabbing her tits mashed into the couch cushions. I went in as deep as I could and froze for a second and ground my groin firmly into her round soft ass. I fucked her again going a little quicker and then began to feel my dick swell and balls tighten. I suddenly realized that I better not cum inside her so I pulled out and jacked myself off all over her back and ass cheeks. “DAMN that was fucking HOT” just like a porno movie. My cum slowly oozed down her ass cheek so I buttoned up and went to the hall closet and got some towels. Wiping my jiz off her ass I put her panties back in place, and lowered her skirt. I then wrestled her into my bathrobe and laid her on the couch, garbage can by her face. Feeling proud of myself for getting a grudge fuck from her I went back to bed and settled in for the rest of the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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