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Subject: Growing Up Charlie Chapter 11 (Gay/Incest) DONATION: Nifty is a not-for-profit organization that heavily relies on our donations to keep the site free and accessible. Your donations pay for web hosting fees and other day-to-day activities for the wonderful staff of editors/publishers. You can donate on the website at fty/ Every little bit counts. DISCLAIMER: This story is a work of fiction, and contains explicit, sexual content involving adults over the age of 21 and minors under the age of 16, and scenes of incest involving step-parents/step-children. If viewing this material is illegal where you live, OR you’re a minor under the age of 18, please stop reading this. If you’re not sure about this legatilty, please stop reading until you have looked into your own, local laws. Any likeness or similarity between persons, places, products or concepts are purely coincidental. If you would like to leave any positive feedback, please let me know. Thank you. Chapter 11 The second the truck stopped in the driveway, Charlie bolted for his room. Fresh tears on the hardwood floor marked his trail. A short while later, Charlie heard his brothers come home and could hear loud voices downstairs. He wasn’t sure if Justin told his brothers what happened or if their dad was angrily retelling the tale. There was a soft knock on his door. Justin opened it and gently said, “Can I come in?” “Yeah,” Charlie said. His voice cracked from his dry throat and his eyes were puffy from crying. He was clutching his bear as if it was a life preserver. Justin kicked off his sandals and curled up to Charlie, pulling him into his arms. Charlie cried once more but out of elation for the one person who always believed him. Justin held the quivering, little boy to him. He rubbed Charlie’s back and didn’t say a word, knowing nothing he said would change what had happened. He kissed the top of Charlie’s head and held him tight. Once Charlie calmed down, Justin explained that he told Billy and Ry what had happened. Both boys were livid and began an argument with their father once they came inside. “They believe me?” Charlie asked, looking pleadingly into Justin’s eyes. “All three of us believe you,” Justin said. Justin gently wiped the moisture from Charlie’s face. Cradling Charlie’s face in his hand, Justin leaned in and kissed him on the lips. Charlie didn’t move but accepted the affection. Justin didn’t try anything funny. It wasn’t the appropriate time for anything more than a loving kiss. He pulled away from Charlie and smiled. “I hope that was okay.” “Yeah,” Charlie said. “I–,” but he was interrupted by his bedroom door opening. Ry poked his head in. He looked worried then confused. His eyes took in the scene before him. “Is everything alright?” Ry asked, a hint of distrust in his şişli travesti voice. “Yeah,” Justin said, getting up and slipping on his sandals. “We were just talking about what happened.” “Okay?” Ry said, still not wanting to trust anything Justin said. “It’s okay, Ry,” Charlie said, sitting up, hugging his bear. “Talk to you later, okay?” Justin said to Charlie as he left the room. Ry made his way to the bed and laid down next to his brother, who curled up to him. “What happened? And tell me everything.” Charlie recounted the story. How he was blindsided with Brenda’s appearance, how she was fussing over him again, and how she barged in while he was naked and refused to leave, even after the elderly clerk told her to. Charlie made a point to mention that Brenda called herself his stepmother as an excuse for walking in on him. He also mentioned Brenda being banned from the store for life, and how their dad talked to him on the way home. Ry sighed and hugged his baby brother. “I’m sorry that happened to you.” Charlie hugged him back. “What did you say to Dad?” “Well,” Ry said, taking a deep breath, “I didn’t say much. Billy was already yelling at him, when I came in. Billy’s really pissed, by the way. I think this triggered some issues from what happened between him and Dan. I added my opinion, which is that Brenda needs to apologize to you at the very least and leave you alone, but Dad and Billy started yelling when Billy demanded that Brenda not be allowed here ever again. That’s when I left.” Charlie was shocked. He and Billy never really got along. As far back as he could remember, Charlie assumed Billy didn’t like him. “Do you think Dad will dump Brenda now?” “Honestly,” Ry said, “I don’t think he will. I mean, he knows what she did was wrong, but he’s been so lonely since he and your mom divorced, I think he’s scared of being alone again.” “I really do hate her,” Charlie said. “I know you do, and I’m not a fan of hers, especially now; however, as much as we may hate it, it’s ultimately Dad’s decision.” “I hope aliens kidnap her.” “I don’t think they’d want her,” Ry said. “I think she’d tell them that they were probing her butt wrong, and they’d kick her out of the ship.” Charlie laughed. It felt like forever since he had a good laugh. “Can I ask you a question?” “Yes, and you can ask another one,” Charlie grinned, as Ry rolled his eyes at the bad dad joke; it was Will’s favorite. “Anyway,” Ry said, “Why did you text Justin instead of me?” Charlie confessed that he thought Ry would’ve taken Brenda’s side or at the very least, not believed him. Ry felt bad and said, “I’m sorry you felt like you couldn’t trust me. I guess I didn’t see what Brenda was really like till now, and I should’ve paid more attention to what you were saying. beylikdüzü travesti Can you forgive me?” “Already have,” Charlie said, kissing Ry on the cheek. “What was that for?” “For being the best big brother ever.” “And what about me?” Billy said from the doorway. “Runner up, I’m afraid,” Ry said. “Oh well, there’s always next year,” Billy joked as he got on the other side of the bed. He wrapped his arms around Charlie and said, “I’m sorry I didn’t take you seriously.” “It’s okay,” Charlie said. He was feeling overwhelmed from all the love and validation he was getting. Billy hugged his little brother and continued, “So, I yelled at Dad, and he’s not happy about it, but I don’t care. Brenda doesn’t need to come here ever again after that fucking bullshit.” “We can’t stop her,” Ry said, “If Dad wants her here, we can’t say no.” “True,” Billy conceded, “but that doesn’t mean we can’t make her life a living hell the entire time.” “And what will that accomplish, aside from pissing Dad off? You can go to Will’s whenever you want. Charlie and I will have to stay here the entire time listening to him bitch about what an ass you’ve been.” “Yeah, I guess. You know how to suck the fun out of everything, don’t you?” “You never had an issue with my sucking before,” Ry said, without thinking. “Oh my God!” Charlie cringed. His brothers looked at each other, and, for the first time in a very long time, they finally agreed on the same thing: It was time to fuck with Charlie. Billy reached over and pulled Ry closer, squishing the 10-year-old between them and said, “I forgot how nice your lips are.” “Aren’t they, though?” Ry said and kissed Billy. Charlie made gagging sounds and protested his brother’s behavior, especially on his bed. “Come on, Charlie,” Ry said, “We can’t leave you out.” Ry started kissing Charlie all over his face. The boy giggled and almost shoved Ry onto the floor. Billy wrapped his arms tighter, pinning the boy’s arms down. Ry kissed Charlie over and over again, until the door opened once more. Justin poked his head in and said, “And here I am, missing all the fun.” “Help me, Justin!” Charlie called out. Justin considered joining the pile, but the warning look Ry gave him held him back. “I wish I could,” Justin said, “But I don’t think my boyfriend would appreciate it.” “Damn right!” Billy said, tickling Charlie into a screaming fit. “Keep your hands off my man.” Dinner was strenuous at best. None of the boys talked to their dad, who pointedly stabbed at the food on his plate. Every time Charlie would look sad or drop his head, Ry would reach a leg out under the table and tickle the bottom of his baby brother’s barefoot. Charlie would try looking annoyed but couldn’t completely hide his grin. There was a soft istanbul travesti knock on Charlie’s door. “Yeah,” he said. Rick opened the door and said, “Can I come in?” “I guess,” Charlie said. He was sitting up, holding his bear, and pulled his knees up to his chest, as Rick made his way to the bed and took a seat at the end of the bed. “I’m sorry for the way I behaved,” his dad said. “I knew you didn’t like Brenda, but I forced her upon you anyway. I should’ve listened to you when you told me what had happened, but I was too upset to listen to your side. And I’m sorry for the way I talked to you on the way home. I shouldn’t have done it or said what I did.” “It’s okay,” Charlie mumbled into his bear. His body was tense, waiting for the “But.” “But,” Rick said, “I’m not going to end things with Brenda, at least not yet. I’m going to have a talk with her about her actions and behaviors, and I’m going to make sure she never does that to you ever again.” Dread filled Charlie’s heart. Even if his dad did talk to Brenda, Charlie knew she’d never change. She made it pretty clear to him that she didn’t care about him or how he felt. She wanted to have things her way, and nothing he or anyone else said was going to make a difference. “She’s a bad person,” Charlie whispered. “I know you don’t like her, Charlie,” Rick said, trying to hide his exasperation. “I’m asking you to trust me. Can you do that for me?” Charlie wanted to say no. He didn’t trust his dad, because his dad trusted Brenda. Maybe Billy had the right idea about making Brenda’s life a living hell. “Do you still hate me?” Rick asked. Yes, Charlie thought, but he sheepishly said, “No.” Rick hugged Charlie, and it wasn’t returned. Instead, Charlie remained in his tight ball until his dad left the room. Charlie grabbed his phone and sent Justin a text telling him what just happened, and Justin quickly replied. “I’m sorry. I know it sucks. I’ve been there before with my dad’s girlfriends.” “I’m sorry,” Charlie typed back. “Me too,” Justin texted. There was a few minutes pause before his next text. “I can’t stop thinking about our kiss.” Charlie couldn’t help but smile. “Me either,” he wrote back. “I’m glad to hear it,” Justin replied with a heart and kissing emojis. “Can I kiss you again?” Charlie thought about it. He didn’t hate kissing Justin, and after their last kiss earlier, he felt a lot better. “Yes,” Charlie replied. Justin sent a GIF of a man throwing up confetti and celebrating. Charlie giggled. He sent Justin a GIF of a chimp laughing, and they sent a few more, similar GIFs. Justin sent Charlie a pic of him holding Mr. Unicorn. “I sleep with him every night.” Charlie sent one of him holding his bear. “I do too.” “It’s like I’m sleeping with you every night.” “Same,” Charlie said. Justin sent a heart emoji, then texted, “Good night, Charlie.” “Good night,” Charlie wrote. He was about to put down his phone when Justin sent one more text. Charlie looked at it and his eyes grew wide. Justin wrote, “I love you.” ***Coming Soon, Chapter 12***

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