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group playkk and i stand face to face with our hands clasped behind our backs, eye forward, head held high. our Masters step forward a bit of chain with a clamp on each end. you attach one clamp to each of your wife’s nipples. i watch her wince slightly as they bite into her. you step back and Rob does the same to mine..damn they do pinch hard. he steps back and hands you a short length of chain and says “you do the honors mate” and with that, you hook up together by our nipples chains. you and Rob retreat to the couch and make yourselves comfortable. you say “this, dear sluts, is a contest to see who is willing to endure the most pain for their Master. i will count slowly and as i do, you will move away from each other…little by little so that lovely chain gets tighter. you will keep doing so until one of you has pulled those clamps from your tits. if either of you give up, that slut will receive 20 strikes of the crop from the one who does not. the one who pulls the clamps off first will be declared the winner. i will tell you your prize once this….game is completed. you look over at Rob who nods and waves his hand the says go ahead. 1 and we take a small step back. the slack in our tether lessens. 2 and the slack is gone and bahis firmaları the clamps stand out from our bodies. 3 the tension extends our nips and a quiet little moan escapes from us both. i feel more than see your and Rob lean slightly forward, eyes intense on your sluts. 4 and nips are stretched tight..starting to elongated. sweat starts to form on our skin as the pain digs in. 5 a stranged cry comes from kk as i grow deep in my throat. our nips have turned white as the clamps pulling so hard on them. i hear Rob whisper “you go my slut. you will win this for me”. a fierce smile crosses my lips. 6 kk and i are staring into each others eyes…the pain and fear plain to see but also determination. we both scream as we put more pressure on our leash. though the clamps start to slip, they stay attached. the pain, the fire burns hot, nips screaming with us for release. 7 clamps hold just the tips of our nips and i take a deep breath and pull the clamps from my nips. OMG! are they still there? i screamand my hands go to my nips but even my tough makes my eyes water. the heat is so intense, i can see or hear nothing for a few seconds. “may i?” i ask you as i tilt my head towards kk. with your permission, i remove kk’s clamps. the kaçak iddaa release of pressure makes her yelp. i bend down and ever so gently kiss each tip then caress her cheek with my hand. “that’s my brave slut. good job” rob praises me. “kk, my slut, well done” you say to yours. we turn to face you 2, breathing hard, skin sheened in sweat, bodies trembling slightly as the pain settles into a burning heat… pulsing. “congrates sluts. nice little show you have provided us. now for the prize. Rob’s slut has won so she gets to choose. she can suck my cock or lick my ass and as he has the winning slut, Rob, he may choose what my slut will do with him” i speak up “i choose to face fuck by your cock. i walk over, get down on all fours in front of you. Rob speaks up “i want to fuck my sluts ass as she sucks your cock. kk may lick my ass and balls as i do. she will also make sure my cock is lubed for my anal assault, her choice as to how she does this and be my hands to guide my cock”. fair deal for all, lol. your cock is hard as i talk you all the way down my throat in one bob of my head. my eyes water and gag just a bit. i am so wet my cunt is dripping and i feel Rob’s cock being coated in my juices then pressing against my tightest kaçak bahis of holes. your cock slides in and out of my mouth as i suckle your dick, not to fast but a nice steady rhythm. i freeze with your cock buried deep as Rob’s cock pushed into my ass. i groan against you and you feel the vibrations against your cockhead. no more playing now, just sex. your hands hold my head as you piston your cock into my throat. Rob’s cock is doing the same to my ass. kk is happily rimming Rob with her tongue, her hand messaging his balls. harder the b**st moves, faster, deeper. moans and groans fill the air. my eyes stream with tears as i struggle for air, my pussy running like a river. i feel kk fingers enter my cunt and explode, my body jerks, back arches as i scream against your cock. this, of coarse sets you guys off. you slam your cock as deep as you can and unload your load. i choke and gag …so much cum. i feel Rob’s do the same and slam deep. i feel the heat of his release as he fills me. sweat dripping, freight-train breathing and a round of “omg’s!” all around. lol good fun. now kk and i go about cleaning up our Master’s cock, each our own….waste not, want boys, it’s the ladies turn to be cleaned up….no, no just make yourselves comfy over there on the couch. kk and i have got this. not exactly what you asked for but (then you did not run it by Masterfirst either) but i do hope it gives you a few real hot images to fuel the fantasy…xxx

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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