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GropingLisa had plans for the day having arranged to meet up with some friends so I took the opportunity to go into the city and run some errands and we parted on a ‘see you when I see you’ basis.It was mid-afternoon when I finished and I knew the bus journey home would be interesting as it would probably be packed with students, I wasn’t wrong.The bus was quite empty when I got on so I was able to get my favourite seat at the bottom of the stairs and also had a vacant seat next to me. There was a big crowd at the next stop and the bus soon filled up, a girl took the seat next to me and had a nice smell as she squeezed past me to sit down where she was busy having a text conversation with someone. People were standing in the aisle so I didn’t get my usual view up the stairs but the girl next to me was interesting.As more people got on one girl was pushed half into my leg space and another rubbing up against my shoulder, it was tight.The girl next to me who we will call Girl A was still busy texting, the girl half in my floor space we will call Girl B and she had her legs apart and my knee kept touching her knee and the girl who’s arse was pressed against my shoulder we will call Girl C. Having my personal space invaded by 3 pretty girls was quite arousing especially as the jolting of the bus made contact unavoidable and my cock was responding under my shorts which was noticeable to both Girls A and B and I saw Girl B whisper something in Girl C’s ear obviously alerting her to my state of arousal.Girl C shifted her body around and was now facing me her thighs pressed up against my arm which I had placed on my thigh with my hand on my knee which with every bump would rub against the inside of Girl B’s thigh.The bus was packed and was hot in more ways than one as I was trapped in my seat surrounded in all directions, as the bus jolted I felt Girl A’s leg rub against mine and as I glanced across at her I could see a gap between the buttons of her shirt, I had to take a second look to see that she wasn’t wearing a bra and I had a clear view of her bee sting, her nipple was soft. As we went over another speed hump my hand rubbed higher up the inside of Girl B’s thigh and as I got no response I left it there and with every jolt and turn I moved it up slightly until I could feel the fabric of her panties. My cock responded and there was no mistaking the tent pole that had erected inside my shorts.I put my left hand on the other knee which allowed me to touch Girl A’s leg as the bus jolted and it soon ended up on the inside of her thigh and I glanced across at her, her facial expression was like WTF but she made no attempt to move it, my fingers still had contact with Girl B’s panties and with the natural motion of the bus could feel that they were damp. Girl C could see my hand was up Girl B’s skirt and also on the inside of Girl A’s thigh but her main focus was on the bulge in my shorts.As the bus rambled on my left hand was getting higher up the inside of Girl A’s thigh and I felt the pressure of her leg against mine as she widened her legs, her skirt rode up as my hand approached the gusset of her panties and the soft cotton, she looked across at me but I kept my gaze forward and then I felt her hand rub up the top of my thigh and touch my stiff erection.I almost cum inside my shorts as her gentle ödemiş escort touch sent shockwaves through my body and I knew the other 2 girls were watching.As Girl A took hold of my cock through my shorts I could see out the corner of my eye that she was looking down at it, her fingers ran up to the waistband and she pulled my shorts away and down to expose my throbbing cock for all to see.As my cock became exposed Girl B seemed to gyrate slightly which pushed my fingers hard against her crotch, I rubbed at her damp spot and managed to get my finger inside feeling her wet labia lips, Girl A meanwhile had bent over me and now had her head in my lap and I could feel with warmth of her mouth envelope my swollen head. Girl C reached forward to run her fingers through Girl A’s hair as she started to bob up and down on my swollen member.She moaned and upped the tempo as my fingers found her little button and I could feel her panties getting damp as I pressed her button, her moaning increased and it wasn’t long before I felt my cock pulsate and my hot cum shot deep into her mouth, “Mmm” came the mumbled response as I felt her swallowing my seed.As she raised herself up from my softening cock she looked out the window and in a panic stood up forcing Girl B to move to let her off the bus, she gave me a smile as she passed and Girl B quickly took her seat while Girl C moved more into my foot space. The bus was beginning to empty now so I put my cock back inside my shorts but Girl C remained in her place but her stop was next so she said her goodbyes to her friend and left.We only had 2 stops before mine and Girl B just sat there looking at her phone, no words were spoken but I had the memory of what my fingers had been up to . As luck would have it we both got off at the same stop by the park and she smiled as I let her get off first, she headed off through the park and I was a few yards behind her admiring her smooth slender legs as the disappeared up her black skirt. As we passed Doris’s kiosk she turned up the path to the toilet block and gave a quick glance back to see if I was still following, I certainly was.I followed her in and both cubicles were in use so there was an awkward silence as we waited, the eerie silence only interrupted by the faint slurping noses as someone was having fun, it seemed that they were going to be a while and the poor girl was cross-legged trying to hold it in, she looked in pain.“I live 2 minutes away; do you want to use mine?” I said softly seeing how distressed she was, she smiled and nodded and we quickly left and did the 2-minute walk in 60 seconds flat, I pointed to the toilet and she darted straight in there and within seconds I could hear the sound of streaming piss followed by a big sigh of relief.She came out of the toilet tucking her shirt back into her skirt and smiled as she saw me standing in the kitchen, “Thank you so much, I was desperate” she said with a smile, “Oh, I’m Cindy” she said in a soft voice, “You’re welcome Cindy, I could see your predicament and happy to help, I’m Frank” I said smiling back, “Would you like a coffee?” I asked and she looked unsure, no mention of the bus trip was made as she looked at me, “OK, I could use a top up of caffeine” she said with a giggle.“Take a seat” I said pointing at the stool at the breakfast bar escort ödemiş and she climbed up while I put the coffee on, I could see her looking down at my shorts which always enhances the arousal and as I looked at her knees and bottom of her thighs I was starting to get a chubby which got worse as she subconsciously parted her knees giving me a glimpse of her regulation white cotton panties.She saw me looking, “Hmm, do you like what you see Frank?” she asked as she widened her legs further giving me full view of her tight panties, Mmm. This was enough as my bulge grew and she looked down at it, “Mmm, it looks like you do” she said softly beckoning me towards her with her finger.I stood in front of her and she reached forward and pulled off my tee shirt and then running her fingers down my chest to my belly, she looked down and saw my exposed tent pole and gently pulled my shorts over my erection and off, my cock sprung out as her eyes widened.“Oh yes!” she sighed softly as she jumped off the stool and took hold of my cock and gently led me into the lounge and sat me in my chair before kneeling down between my outstretched legs. She took hold of my balls and the base of my cock and just looked at it, “Mmm, so nice Frank” she said as she slowly ran her fingers up and down the shaft teasing me, she then took hold and pulled the skin right back exposing the wet glistening head. “Oh Yes!” she sighed as she leant forward and licked the precum off my helmet, her tongue then exploring every inch of my throbbing shaft before taking in the whole length, I felt the tightness of her throat before she gagged and come up for air.She stood up in front of me and slowly undid the buttons of her shirt and very soon her white bra came into view holding in a nice firm pair of 34b’s. she dropped her shirt on the floor and reached behind herself to unhook her bra and pulling it free, her perky tits stood out.She smiled down at me looking at my throbbing cock as she reached around her back to unbutton her skirt, soon her skirt was around her ankles and she stood there in a pair of tight cotton bikini panties with a little bulge of pubic hair hidden beneath, I leant forward and pulled her close to get a sniff of her crotch, a very strong musky smell gave me a slight headrush as I took a second longer sniff.I spun her around and her panties covered most of her arse cheeks so I pulled them together and wedged them up her crack and lent forward to bury my nose with my tongue getting my first taste of the wetness between her legs and to think I spent most of the bus ride with my hand up her skirt.She tasted sweet as I massaged the cheeks of her arse and pulled them out wide, I moved her bunched up panties to expose her sweet shaded starfish and my tongue just had to say hello.I reached up to the waistband and pulled her panties off and down to the floor and got back to her arse, I felt her push back on my as my tongue probed, “Do you like my sweet young arse Frank?” she asked in a soft voice, “Mmm your tongue is so hot!” she continued as she moaned with the pleasure my tongue was giving being deep in her dirt box, she tasted like heaven.My tongue switched from her arse to her pussy as I bent her over, she was wet all over and moaning as she moved back, I lay back on my chair and let her lower herself down on my and ödemiş escort bayan because of her weight there was no gentle introduction and she cried out as my cock slid into her tight pussy right up to the hilt, “OH FUCK YESSS!” she cried out as she tightened her grip on me, I put my arms around her and cupped her little perky tits as she started to bounce and gyrate and as I tweaked her stiff nipples I felt her jolt and moan as my balls got covered in her juices.She tightened up again and I could feel her insides sucking me in further, I squeezed her tits hard as the sloppy noises intensified.She got the rhythm right and I started to thrust in time so I knew it wouldn’t be long before I filled her, her moans and cries of “Oh YES, Oh YESS, Oh YESSS!!” got louder as I felt my nuts tighten, I grunted loudly as I felt my hot spunk shoot deep into her young belly, “OH MY GOD! YESSSSS!!” she cried out as she felt the warmth in her stomach, she kept gyrating slowly as it felt her cunt was sucking everything out of me and then she slowly pulled up looking back at me and smiling before getting back on her knees in front of me and taking hold of my softening cock she sucked out any last drops licking around the head. Mmm.“I can’t wait to tell Molly we fucked” she said with a smile looking up at me, it turns out that Molly was Girl C on the bus and is a bit of a prude which I had thought from her surprise at the events on the bus. The other girl on the bus was Sharon or Shaz to her friends and Cindy said she was surprised at her sucking me as she didn’t seem that type of girl but it had got her so horny seeing it with my finger up her cunt that she had to fuck me, I took that as a compliment. We exchanged numbers and she jokingly said she would send Molly round as she needs to lighten up a bit and get with the times, I read from that comment that she probably wasn’t sexually active although I wouldn’t say she was ugly more on the plain side. We had a giggle about that and I jokingly told her that she knew where I lived and had my number and she was welcome to pass it on, to whoever! I watched as Cindy got herself dressed and slipped my shorts back on and gave her a hug, as she was leaving I told her that anytime she needed a toilet to give me a knock so she left giggling.I hadn’t heard anything from Lisa so had no idea what time she will be home so decided to grab a beer and chill out in front of the TV and enjoy the peace while it lasted.I must have dozed off because the next thing I know is the feeling of someone rubbing my cock and as my eyes opened and focused I heard Lisa’s soft voice, “Hi daddy” she said as she squeezed my cock through my shorts, “Hi babygirl” I said groggily as I focused on Lisa kneeling on the floor.I told her of my days experience and it turns out she knew of the girls involved, “OMG Daddy, I know them” she said excitedly, apparently Cindy has a name for herself as loving a cock or two, Molly is weird, never seems interested and a bit of a prude and Shaz is just a normal quiet girl, not many friends and a bit withdrawn which she couldn’t have been further from today.Lisa remarked that she wasn’t surprised at me and Cindy fucking but was surprised with Shaz, maybe it was a suppressed urge which she had to let out, who knows.Lisa’s day was rather bland in comparison as she just hung out with a couple of old friends had a long lunch reliving old times through school, nothing sordid at all so she was happy to hear of my exploits, I was glad that we had this kind of relationship where we chatted openly.

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