Graziella at the Store

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Graziella was a clerk who worked with me in a local electronics company. Obviously , I won’t say what company it is. This is the story of how we met and our subsequent meetings at work. Graz, as she is widely known, is a 23 year old brunette, with the most perfect of bodies, slim, pear-shaped breasts, a lovely face, and a mouth made simply for one thing… cock-sucking.

We hit it off immediately. She was on her first day of the job, in purchasing, and since I was saddled with changes to our stock, I had to have a strong liaison with the clerks. This was not normally my preference, but when I saw her there, so shy and quiet, I knew I had to get to know her better. I am quite an extrovert, with a perchance for helping people, so it was only natural that we would get on together.

Over the months that followed, we grew closer together. I can safely say that we were both a little in love with each other. I was married at that time, while she had a steady boyfriend. However, according to her, he was driving her mad with his obsession of jealousy. So she turned to me in her troubles. During one of the bleak periods when she was troubled, she broke down in her office. Sobs wracked her body, and it was only natural for me to put my arm around her shoulders to comfort her. I hadn’t realized though that our heads were close together. She raised her head to look at me, and in the process her lips brushed against mine. I felt an electric ripple pass through me, and I know she must have noticed as she shuddered. We looked each other steadily in the eye, and got even closer. By then I was breathing hard.

Here I was , a 39 year old guy, slightly fat, being ogled by a sexy 23 year old girl. I should have known better, but I wanted her badly. Our noses touched, and then it was a succession of hurried sloppy kisses, which developed into a long slow French-kiss… I reached out with my hands and caressed one of her breasts, free and firm under her thin cotton floral-print dress. She moaned then, a deep , guttural sound which made my cock even harder than I though would be possible. Now like I said, I am not physically very attractive, at best, I am not ugly. and the years of work and tension have taken their toll. But happily, my cock bore no marks of disuse or neglect. If anything, I was getting too much of it, as my wife is a nympho.

Her hand went to my pants, kütahya escort drawing down the zipper with unhurried calm. I prefer not to wear underwear in summer, so she exclaimed in surprise as my meat found its way into her hand. She started tugging and fondling it… needless to say I was about to die with pleasure. Fortunately we remembered that we were in her office, in full view of people who might have passed in front of the door. (Somebody did pass, but that is a story for later on). We were panting with desire when we separated.

‘Where can we go?’ she asked me breathlessly.

‘How about the stores, in the quarantine area? We’re the only ones who have the keys. I’ll tell you what to do. You go there now, and I will join you immediately the bell rings for the midday break. We won’t be missed. ‘ I replied.

She nodded thoughtfully, grabbed the key from the shelf, picked her bag and hurried out. I sat down to compose myself a little, and wondered whether I was doing the right thing, but my hard cock was sure in its decision, and decided to go along and not lose the occasion.

As I made my way to the stores, I made sure to appear unhurried, and not meet any of my mates, with whom I would have to go for a drink. I looked around , hesitating as I pressed the button for the lift. Nobody was around so I relaxed a little. As soon as I got on the top floor, I hurried to the quarantine room, and on an impulse, decided to look through the keyhole. boy was I surprised. Graz had removed her panties, and was fingering her clit in an awesome way… My cock soon stood up to rigid attention again. I coughed and saw her guiltily removing her hand and smoothing down her dress. I went in and locked the door behind me. The blinds were drawn to give us privacy, and she had arranged the foam we use as shock absorbers into a sort of mattress.

I grabbed her and continued the long kiss we had stopped in her office. I pressed my rigid cock against her tummy, and she made small mewling noises as it brushed against her. I unzipped my pants and raised her dress a little. I slid my cock between her legs, rubbing the underside of her pussy without actually entering it. She moaned again as I raised my hands to her tits and rubbed them on the outside of her garment. She started trembling in my hands. I drew the dress straps malatya escort to the side and she raised her arm to allow me to remove them. Her breasts stood there to meet my lips as i bent to nibble and suck on them. She had small aerolas but her nipples were long and rubbery to the touch. I flicked my tongue on one of them as I circled her other nipple with my other hand. This nearly bought her to ecstasy.

‘We’d better stop and get undressed,’ she whispered, ‘ I don’t want to go to the office with my dress all wrinkled! We have to keep this a secret, even in the future. ‘

So this wasn’t a one-off!!! I agreed with her, as I continued undressing her, which didn’t take too much since she never wore a bra and her panties had come off before anyway. Laying her dress to one side, I marveled at the beauty of her body. She was lightly tanned, with a lovely golden hue, and her pussy was shaved perfectly, leaving not the slightest trace of stubble. As i ran my hand over her pubic area, I mentioned how smooth it was. She replied that she had done electro-depilation to make sure that it would not grow back.

Now it was her turn to undress me. She removed my shirt slowly, licking at my nipples in turn. I was going half mad. Getting down on her knees, she undid my belt buckle, unfastened my pants button and drew my pants down. Obediently I removed my shoes and stepped out of my pants. Now we were both as naked as new-born babies.

Without standing up, she started kissing my shaved groin, occasionally licking my cock and balls. I was rock-hard with desire and trembling in anticipation. I closed my eyes to savor the moment , only to gasp in amazement as she buried my cock deep in her throat. I nearly fell to the floor, but held on to the shelving to steady myself… this girl was a natural cock-sucker. She pulled out away from me, spat on my rigid member, and grabbed me by the ass to pull me closer to her. I looked down to see her nose buried in my groin, all my 6 thick inches in her mouth and down her throat, which was swollen grotesquely by my cock trying to fill it up. I nearly passed out with pleasure. Without moving her head, she started sucking deeply on me. I warned her that at this rate I would explode in her mouth… she removed my cock from her mouth and said to go ahead as she wanted badly to taste me. batman escort I answered that since I was so deep in her she would hardly notice as I would send all my seed straight in her stomach. she wouldn’t even need to swallow.

Graz encouraged me to come as she badly wanted me to tongue her to orgasm. Taking up her position again, she swallowed me whole again, and after a couple of minutes I stiffened as my cock started to erupt in her mouth. Gamely she held on and although she dribbled a little through the side of her mouth, she managed to take it all in. I was about to faint. Never before had I come in such a violent way.

As I plonked down on the foam, I drew her down with me and started to kiss her again. I made my way down to those lovely firm breasts and started sucking on the nipples. She squirmed and pushed my head down to her navel, where I drew circles with my tongue around her belly button. Graz was by now panting with desire, and her pussy was giving off an odour of strong female musk.

I cupped her ass-cheeks in my hand and gazed at her organ in wonder. The rose may be one of the most beautiful flowers in the world, but it couldn’t compare to this girl’s folds. What really amazed me however was her engorged clit. It was roughly the size and shape of a pencil eraser. I nuzzled it with my nose, and her toes curled. She grabbed me by the ears and pulled my face even closer to her opening. My tongue rubbed her hard little nubbin, and she nearly shrieked. Her legs were opening and closing like an accordion, and she was babbling away… I took my cue and continued alternating between sucking and nibbling on her clit.

Pretty soon she came hard. My head was trapped between her vice-like legs, and I could hardly breathe, but there was no way I was going to make her lose her orgasm. Like most females she had a multi-orgasm which left her trembling like a leaf in a breeze. As soon as we got our breath back we looked each other in the eye and laughed at our courage in taking this brazen step. There was no time for me to pierce her with my cock, so we just lay back on the mattress and fondled each other appreciatively. She had an inordinately long clit, which I rubbed leisurely. Meanwhile she ran her hands up and down my engorged cock, bringing me nearly to orgasm again. Hearing the factory come back alive downstairs, we dressed hurriedly and made our way down nonchalantly, pretending to argue about the stock items in the store. As I left her by the office, we agreed that I would stop by as soon as the time came for us to go home. She had just had the most audacious idea she wanted to try… and asked if i was game for it…

I could hardly wait…

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