Granny Babette’s House

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Meet Babette Grissom, also known as Granny Babette, a sixty-year-old black woman living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. At first glance, Granny Babette looks like any of the charming old ladies you might run into your local black church. She’s lovely, friendly, well-dressed, and deeply concerned about her community. Granny Babette doesn’t have a family, so caring for her community is paramount. That’s why Granny Babette has decided to engage in some truly odd community service, to say the least…

With a lot of crime happening in her neighborhood of Vanier, and minority males all over the City of Ottawa getting out of control, Granny Babette decided to take matters into her hands. Enough is enough. The young minority men must be taught a lesson and peace must be restored to the local minority communities. What can be done to show these young minority men that killing each other and preying on their own community is not productive?

Granny Babette has been many things in her sixty years upon this earth. Cook, teacher, Avon saleswoman, library clerk, and hooker. Along the way, Granny Babette dabbled in the world of BDSM, and learned important things about female domination and the male psyche. Granny Babette learned that a lot of outwardly macho men secretly craved female domination. This was how Granny Babette decided to reach these wayward young men. It was up to her to save these wayward young minority men from themselves, using truly unconventional methods…

Armed with this knowledge, Granny Babette decided to tame the local thugs, and show them the wisdom of black female domination and how it can enrich the lives of otherwise wayward young men from minority backgrounds. By hook or by crook, Granny Babette was going to change things in her community. This is how she did it. Did the old lady succeed? Were her methods too strange or too extreme? Ladies and gentlemen, şişli escort in this matter, you shall be the judge…

“Bruno Martin, I am doing this for your own good,” Granny Babette said to the big and tall, burly and muscular, dark-skinned young man. Bruno originally snuck into Granny Babette’s house to rob her, and the surprisingly spry old black lady managed to capture him, but did not call the police on him. With Canadian police acting like their American counterparts, Granny Babette wasn’t going to take any chances. For the safety of this brother, Granny Babette took matters into her own hands…

“You’re crazy, bitch,” Bruno said defiantly, and Granny Babette looked at the brother, who sat on her living room couch, bound. Kneeling before Bruno, Granny Babette grabbed the brother’s dick and began stroking it. Bruno shook his head, and Granny Babette winked at him and began sucking his dick. In spite of himself, Bruno felt himself harden as Granny Babette sucked his dick. The old bitch deep-throated the hell out of Bruno, and he felt like he was about to cum…

“Cum for Granny, Bruno,” Granny Babette said to Bruno, as she tugged on his hard dick, and then she smiled nastily and donned latex gloves. Granny Babette grabbed some Aveeno cream and then began reaching for the space under Bruno’s calls, causing the young man to squirm in alarm. Granny Babette took an object of a phallic nature, rolled a condom on top of it, and began poking Bruno’s ass with it.

“Bitch, I don’t get down like that, this is some faggot shit,” Bruno protested, and Granny Babette laughed and began pushing the dildo into his ass. Granny Babette forced the dildo into Bruno’s ass, and the brother groaned and squirmed, but to no avail. Granny Babette worked the dildo into Bruno’s ass, and after a moment, he stopped resisting. Granny Babette began stroking Bruno’s dick with one hand while shoving mecidiyeköy escort the dildo deep into his asshole with the other…

“Bruno, your dick is hard because you are aroused, you like what I am doing to you, lots of black men love black female domination, they just can’t admit it,” Granny Babette said knowingly. Bruno glared at her, even as Granny Babette’s fist gripped his dick harder and she buried the dildo so far up his ass, that he was beginning to feel funny sensations down below. This was definitely one sick bitch…

“Lady, I rob people, and I smack bitches around when they get smart with me, but you sicken me,” Bruno said angrily, and Granny Babette laughed, and tugged on his dick harder. Bruno groaned sharply, and then twisted his body as he came, his hard dick spewing hot cum all over. Granny Babette leaned over and sucked every last drop of Bruno’s cum, and the brother sighed, a look of relief and happiness appearing briefly on his dark, handsome face.

“You’re a good lad, Bruno, thank you for this,” Granny Babette said as she licked her full, sensuous lips, tasting the last drops of Bruno’s cum. The young man looked at the crazy, scary woman who stood before him. When Granny Babette sat on his lap, Bruno did not try to throw her off. The old gal smiled at him and looked into his eyes. Granny Babette removed her top, revealing her aged but still firm-looking breasts. Without hesitation, Bruno began sucking on them.

“Hmm, this is nice, your tits are so nice, I wish I could caress them,” Bruno paused to say as he sucked on Granny Babette’s tits, and the old black woman undid her captive’s bonds, freeing him. Immediately Bruno grabbed Granny Babette by the throat and squeezed, hard. The old black woman looked at the strong, angry young black man on whose lap she sat, and felt both fear and lust. Which one shall win out?

“Bruno, I şişli escort bayan captured you and brought you here to show you the error of your ways, I love my black men and I’m tired of you robbing the hood and getting shot by the damn police,” Granny Babette managed to squeak out. Bruno appeared to consider her words. It was true, while the old bitch was crazy, she didn’t call the cops on a brother and he appreciated that.

“You spared a brother because you wanted the D, all you had to do was ask,” Bruno retorted, and then he kissed Granny Babette. Surprised by Bruno’s mercy, Granny Babette kissed him back, and just like that, they began fucking. Granny Babette found herself on all fours, face down and big black ass up. Bruno positioned himself behind her. He rolled a condom on his big black dick and pushed his way into her aged pussy while gripping her hips.

“Oh yes, Bruno, fuck me,” Granny Babette squealed, and Bruno did just that, slamming his hard young black dick into the old black woman’s pussy like there was no tomorrow. Granny Babette surprised Bruno by offering her asshole to him, and after lubricating her backdoor, Bruno pushed his dick inside. Granny Babette’s screams changed in tune as Bruno fucked her in the ass, smacking her big black ass as he took her to nirvana and back. The two of them sucked and fucked the night away, and had a grand old time.

The next time Granny Babette went to her church, she proudly introduced the church congregation to her new friend Bruno Martin, a nice young brother from the hood who decided to change his ways. Bruno is now living rent-free at Granny Babette’s house, and helps her with household chores and the like. All that she asks of him is to avoid smoking and drinking, and get himself a job that doesn’t involve guns or petty crime. Bruno Martin has seemingly made a remarkable turnaround. All seems find at Granny Babette’s household, except for the noise complaints. If one were to believe the neighbors, Granny Babette and her new friend Bruno are banging each other’s brains out night and day! Of course, they’re surely mistaken, since she’s a church-going woman…

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