Grandma and I Ch. 04

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“Have I told you this morning how sexy you look?” Gran murmured into my ear as we exited the cab next to the jetty.

“You have,” I tittered, “Several times, not that I mind you complimenting me again.”

I took her hand in mine and repeated what I’d said as she’d finished dressing in our room, as we went down to breakfast and as we left for the cab, “You’re looking sexy as well, Gran.”

She looked around quickly before turning to smile at me, “It’s Diane for the weekend we agreed, we don’t want to let on our real relationship.”

“I’m sure I’ll slip and call you Grandma or something,” I admitted, “I’ve been doing it for eighteen years.”

She gave me a reassuring smile, “I told the others you had a Granny fetish and it was your pet nickname for me, so don’t worry about it too much.”

Turning from me she glanced at the others she was referring too, they had got out of the minivan cab before us and were already half-way down the jetty towards the yacht. They were friends of Gran’s, equally as successfully and wealthy, hand in hand with their younger girlfriends – both of them a few years older than me, but dressed equally as alluring in short hot pants and tops which were half-way between bikini’s and cropped vests. As we were talking Patty and her girlfriend Dani turned to beckon us to hurry up. Gran gave me a quick kiss before gripping my hand tightly and hurrying us to catch up.

“Come on slow coaches,” grinned Dani, she was an attractive looking red head with hair just beyond her shoulders and an innocent looking smile, though when we’d be talking at the bar last night her description of her sex life with Patty gave lie to that smile.

“I was just telling Gabby how beautiful she was looking today,” Gran grinned and squeezed my hand.

“I can’t say I blame you, she’s very pretty” Patty smiled at me, her eyes appraising me as she did. She was a slightly plump woman with frizzy curly hair, whose five and a half foot girlfriend had five or six inches on her, though her magnificently large bosoms made her seem larger than she was. Her hand slid down to Dani’s ass and she stroked it sensually as the younger woman grinned widely, not at all put out.

“They all are,” Gran smiled as she glanced at Dani, making me a little jealous, but not so much that it mattered, “We’ve got three stunning young women with us this weekend.”

I blushed a little at the compliment, though Dani seemed to just take it as her due. Patty didn’t disagree as instead she turned her head towards the end of the jetty where a sleek one hundred and eight foot luxury yacht was bobbing next to the dock. “We better hurry down or Veronica will have quaffed all the champagne.”

That was a little unfair on Veronica, who seeing she was in the lead with her girlfriend Sasha, had slowed down to let us catch up. Physically they made a strange couple, Veronica was the tallest of our little group, at six feet and an inch she was taller even than Gran who didn’t quite make six, which was accentuated by the high heels she wore. She towered over Sasha, who height wise at least, would have been better suited to Patty; she’d have been a couple of inches higher than the older woman, but that was less obvious than the near foot between her and her current girlfriend. However it didn’t seem to matter to them as when they stopped Veronica leant down and Sasha stood on her toes so that the long-haired brunette (dyed) could kiss the college-age blonde (probably also dyed).

By the time they’d finished we’d caught up with them, so the six of us walked as a group towards the ‘Serenity’ and its lined up crew. I’d eagerly accepted Gran’s invite to a trip of a luxury yacht with a few of her friends, a paid trip to the Caribbean was much more exciting than anything I had planned for the summer vacation. She had explained that ‘Serenity’, with its all female crew, was a popular booking for older lesbian and their younger partners, the crew not batting an eyelid at the mature cougar and younger kitten’s pairings. As an added incentive, not that I needed one, Gran had taken me on another shopping trip for all I need, new bikinis (yes, note the plural), shorts, tops, sunglasses, a couple of dresses for the evening and some lingerie for the night, as well as a set of matching suitcases to carry it in. We’d flown out yesterday, meeting Gran’s friend and their girlfriends (who were all as excited as me at our vacation). I’d got to know Sasha and Dani over dinner, the three of us clustering at the bar, as our girlfriends reminisced about previous vacations. Both of them were in their early twenties, Sasha had just finished college and was working as a receptionist in a gym, whilst Dani had left education at eighteen and was making ends meet by doing some modelling (“proper modelling not porno”).

The Serenity’s captain stepped forward, a good looking blonde woman in her forties, “I’m Captain Cherie,” she said with just a hint of a French accent, “Welcome to the Serenity.” She swiftly introduced the crew, all of who were, as Grandma said women and as she hadn’t mentioned, also extremely fit and attractive. Again Kıbrıs Escort I felt a touch of jealousy at all the eye-candy I’d have to compete with, though Gran’s hand in mine, squeezing me gently, kept it in check.

The Chief Steward (or Stew as they called it) quickly took over from the captain, gesturing one of her colleagues over with a tray of filled champagne flutes for us, “Let me give you a quick tour.”

Given that the boat was sixty yards long and up to four storeys high it wasn’t that quick. But it was impressive, there was a top deck and middle deck for sitting and sunning ourselves, with a large Jacuzzi on the top one, as well as a covered, but otherwise open, space on the lower deck to eat and which led into a comfortable and spacious lounge with a bar. Stairs from it led to three sumptuous cabins, in which the crew were already unpacking our cases, each of which had a large double bed, wardrobes and dressers as well as en-suite bathrooms and showers. I wasn’t sure how much Gran and her friends had paid for it, but it wasn’t cheap.

The six of us arranged to get changed into our swimming costumes and meet on the top deck. The crew had finished unpacking and unobtrusively withdrew from our room as Gran turned to me, “So what do you think of your first yacht?”

“It’s magnificent,” I exclaimed, “Thank you so much for inviting me.”

She reached down and gripped me under my ass, pulling me closer to her, I looked up and she looked down, smiles on both our faces as our mouth got closer. Our lips opened as we kissed passionately, our bodies close. Her hands gripped and kneaded at my buttocks through my short denim jeans as her tongue explored my mouth and her chest squashed against my large bosoms so hard they threatened to burst out of my top. She broke, “There’s no-one I’d rather have with me… come on, let’s change.”

I stepped back and reached behind my neck to find the knot which held my top in place. Undoing it I slowly pulled it away, exposing my breasts to Gran’s gaze. She looked upon them lasciviously as I giggled and deliberately twisted my waist to make them jiggle and bounce. My shorts followed and I hadn’t bothered with underwear. Gran licked her lips, admiring my youthful naked body as I slowly sashayed over to the wardrobe, my ass swaying exaggeratedly as I moved. I searched through the various costumes I’d brought and deliberately chose the skimpiest bikini I had, one that barely covered either my nipples or my crack; I knew Gran would appreciate it and as an added bonus I’d top out on Vitamin D. I turned and got into it, watching Gran as she more slowly got out of her own pants, blouse and underwear before searching around for a one-piece. If it didn’t reveal as much flesh as mine, she still looked pretty hot it in, the material sticking to her slender frame like it was moulded.

The yacht was already out of the harbour as we returned to the middle deck. Dani and Patty were already there, relaxing in a couple of sun-loungers, drinks in hand. Even as we appeared one of the stewardesses was rushing forward to seek our drink orders, which Gran did for the both of us, an expensive cocktail that I’d never have dreamt of ordering, but which Gran assured me was delicious and also was priced in so we didn’t need to pay for it again. As we waited for the drinks to be delivered I took a seat beside Dani on one of the loungers as Patty and Gran sat on some chairs around the table, which they said was more comfortable than reclining (I disagreed, but didn’t say anything). Shortly afterwards Sasha and Veronica joined us, the blonde taking the lounger beside me and Veronica joining her friends at the table.

The boat ploughed through the waves so gently that it hardly seemed we were at sea, I’d rocked more on a rowing boat in the local lake. Up above the sky was cloudless and blue, though it looked darker as soon as I slipped on my sunglasses, the rays beating down upon the near nude bodies of the three sun-worshippers. The drinks arrived and it was as delicious as Gran had said it would be, tasting more of fresh fruit than alcohol. I relaxed in the lounger, listening to the sounds of the boat’s engines purring and the swish of the water against the hull, the distant sounds of the crew working and the murmur of Gran and her friends as they talked over their cocktails. Occasionally me or Dani or Sasha would say something to the other two and get a few words back in reply, but we were generally content just lie back in silence and soak up the sun, relaxing in the heat as the drinks kept coming. After a while I turned onto my front, reaching round to unclip my bikini so that I wouldn’t get a tan line across it. Gran saw me struggling and came over to undo it for me, “Tell me when you need some more sun lotion,” she said.

“Are you going to rub it in?” I asked in a sleepy relaxed tone, “because if so I could do with it now.”

Gran laughed and stood up. I heard her footsteps as she walked over to the table she had been sitting at and then them returning. She got down on the empty lounger beside me, pulling it closer Lefkoşa Escort so that she didn’t have to stretch. There was a spurting sound and then I could feel her hands on my body, gently massaging the cold but comforting lotion into me. I gave a satisfied moan as they drifted up to rub the semi-liquid into my shoulders, rubbing at the crease of my neck and then downwards, oiling my back and sides. Another spurt and she was rubbing over my naked buttocks, making sure the lotion only went on the bare flesh and not the thin strand of material which was around my waist or dug into the crack between my cheeks. I opened my legs a little and her hands slipped into my inner thighs, first right and then left, carefully oiling each one and leaving them covered with the lotion. Still downwards she travelled over the rest of my thighs and calves and down to my ankles and feet, squirting more of the lotion onto her palms as she massaged it into my calves. “All done,” she said finally.

“Thank you,” I murmured and relaxed my head, closing my eyes again as I vaguely sensed that Sasha was getting sunscreen massaged into her by Veronica. I went into a half-sleep, lulled by relaxation, letting the sun do its work. After a while I decided I need to turn over again, reaching for my bikini to cover myself.

Again Gran saw what I was trying to do and interceded. “Why don’t you stay topless, Gabby and get a proper tan?”

“If no-one minds,” I agreed.

“Trust me, nobody minds,” replied Gran and both Patty and Veronica laughed at some in-joke I didn’t understand. I did what Gran had suggested and turned over again, leaving my bosoms out on display.

We continued like that for another hour or so, it was hard to tell how much time had gone by when you’re in a half-conscious slumber, relaxing and letting the world literally sail by. There were a few half-conversations between the three of us lying out, but nothing deep or which required us to concentrate on talking for more than a few sentences, whilst the older women continued their conversation, punctuated by regular laughs as they enjoyed themselves their way. Another drink miraculously appeared and I sipped it until it was gone, however as it was finished I thought I better get up and join Gran, after all I was supposed to be on vacation with her.

She saw me walking across the deck and patted a seat beside her for me to sit on. I did and almost immediately her arm slid around my waist, bringing me even closer as one of the stews came up and took another drink’s order from us. I leant my head gently on Gran’s shoulder and tried to listen to the conversation, which seemed to be about some singer from centuries ago called Meatloaf (which is a really dumb name if you ask me). I didn’t really have anything to add, so I just rested my head and slipped my hand onto Gran’s thigh to gently rub her leg. However Gran could tell I was bored, and don’t think Dani or Sasha was that interested either so she artfully moved the conversation on to Netflix shows, and even if we watched different ones from the Gilfs we could at least contribute; it’s for things like this that I love Gran.

As we talked I noticed Veronica especially and Patty, to a lesser degree, was checking out my bosoms. Not surreptitiously either, I’ve often had guys and a few girls cast side long looks at my pair, especially when I was in a bikini or a revealing dress or changing in the showers, but this was a full on ogle. I glanced at Gran, she didn’t seem to mind that her friends were checking out her girlfriend’s tits. I mentally shrugged and decided if Gran was okay with it, so was I, my breasts are one of my best features and if the older women wanted to have a look at them I wasn’t going to complain.

“We better go and get changed for dinner,” said Gran standing up and taking my hand.

The others agreed, but we left them gathering up their girlfriends as we headed for our cabin. I closed the door behind us and slipped out of my bikini bottoms, standing naked before Gran’s admiring gaze, “You’re not burnt at all,” she grinned.

“You worked the sun-lotion in very deep,” I grinned and took a few steps towards her, so that I could reach up and pull the straps off her shoulders and then pull the rest of the costume down over her small breast and slender stomach to her hips. I leant forward and took one of the tiny teats in my mouth and suckled it sensually as my hands continued to push at her bathing suit, sliding down past her waist and over her thighs, before dropping to the floor. She stepped out of them grasping me and pulling me onto the bed.

Our lips met and we kissed passionately and hungrily, our tongues tasting each other’s cocktails as they swept into each other’s mouths. I opened my legs as her fingers reached for my pussy, teasingly stroking it and making me wet with anticipation. I kissed her harder, encouraging her to do more, my big breasts squashing against her as we lay side by side. She refused to enter me, continue to run her fingers up and down my slit, ruffling the labia but doing no more tease. I knew I’d have Girne Escort to do more if I wanted her to slip them in and finger fuck me, so I moved my head down to her tits again and began to greedily suckle them.

Gran groaned and shuddered in excitement as my teeth grazed her nipple, tugging it away from her breast and making it stretch. It was hard and stiff in my mouth and I slid my hand to the other one, my fingers find the nub and rubbing it until it went solid and my mouth could latch onto it. It seemed to work as Gran’s fingers went quicker over my slit, rubbing it up and down, pressing hard onto my lips even if she wasn’t yet working them inside. I gulped down her tit, sucking it in and casting pleading eyes up at her as I did. She was smiling widely as she enjoyed the touch of my tongue and teeth against her tits, her spare hand caressing my shoulder and pushing my hair away from my neck. “You’re so horny all the time,” she teased, though as she was the one making me so it was mainly her fault. “This sexy cunt of yours is so wet.”

“You could make it wetter,” I lifted my head and then swapped breasts, slurping in the teat and running my tongue around the areola.

“Could I?” she teased, but she slid in her fingers. I gasped in pleasure as they entered me, my body tensing and straightening as they headed straight down and across my special spot. “Like this?” Gran grinned and with her other hand gently tugged my hair to lift my head up so she could kiss me. With her tongue in my mouth I couldn’t reply, but I showed she was doing the right thing with the enthusiasm with which I returned her tonguing, my mouth pressing firmly onto hers. Our tongues intertwined, playing with each other.

As we kissed Gran went faster, thrusting at my twat and making my back bend in pleasure, my mouth breaking away from hers for me to groan in pleasure. She continued finger-fucking me whilst pushing me onto my back, her smiling face hovering above mine for a moment. It descended again. But this time her target wasn’t my lips but my tits. I gave another gasp as her lips closed round my large breasts, this time it was Gran sucking like a baby at my nipples. Her teeth gently chewed at my flesh, the nibbling making the erogenous zone in my tit flare with pleasure. “Mmmnn, Gran, I mean Diane, mmmnn you’re turning me on so much.”

Gran switched tits, giving my right one as much loving as she had just given its twin. Her mouth opened wider and she sucked more in, chewing at my flesh, masticating my mammary to my delight. I shivered harder, opening my legs so she wouldn’t slow down the finger fucking at the same time. She took the hint and drove in harder and faster, so that I could hear the juice spurting in my soaked cunt as her fingers swept into the wet hole and hit against my dripping walls. I could feel her nails scraping at me, though they weren’t managing to scratch my sexual itch as I got wetter and wetter, the pleasure growing more and more intense. “Ooohhh God, yes, Gran oooohhh fuck.”

Her teeth gripped my large breast, digging into the flesh as her tongue flicked at my nipple. Gran had been fucking hot women since before I was born and it showed. I let out another moan, my spine curving as the sexual bliss poured through me and took control. “God, yesss, oooohhh Gran, Diane, Gran, keep going, oooohhh don’t stop.”

Her fingers were slamming me with a fury, slamming deep and hard, juice spurting out of my soaked cunt with every thrust. I squealed in pleasure, my eyeballs rolling in my head so much that I had to close my lids firmly shut. I could feel the orgasm fast approaching, even as I tried to hold it off and make the most of the burning pleasure already flaming through me. I gripped the bed and tried to stop my shuddering, but the ecstasy was too strong and I continued shaking and shuddering, my entire body feeling like there was an earthquake with its epicentre my cunt. “Fuuucckk, fuuucckk,” I cried, “Ooohhh fuccckkkk!”

The orgasm hit me like a slap in the face, except whilst a slap is pretty unpleasant the orgasm was a delight. My entire body surged with pleasure and my head pressed into the bed, “Aaarrrghh, yessss, I’m cumming, aaaaarrggghhh!”

Even as I was climaxing Gran was pulling out her fingers and licking them, “That was juicy,” she grinned and then started to crawl up my body, “My turn now,” she grinned.

I nodded and reached for her ass, gripping the thin buttocks and pulling her towards me, until she was sitting just above my titties. She grinned down as I licked my lips hungrily, “You want me to lick that sexy pussy of yours?”

“I thought you’d suggest that,” Gran beamed down at me, “and I’m going to say yes.” She wiggled herself the remainder of the way forward, before lowering her yummy cunt as I opened my mouth to receive her. My tongue started to flick through her folds, sliding into the wet hole as she spread it over me. She gave a groan of appreciation as I slipped in, my tongue spearing back and forth. Her thighs closed around my head, pressing against my ears so her moans were muffled, but still audible, and anyway, even if they weren’t I could tell from the way she was riding my face that I was happily hitting the spot. I went faster, shoving my tongue upwards, my head lifting as high as I could manage with Gran sitting on it, so that I could delve deep into her hole, like a horny hobbit looking for treasure.

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