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“All right people, times up, pens down, hand the booklets forward.” My Business Ethics class just ran out of time on their mid-semester exams. A few groans rolled around the room.

“Hey if you didn’t finish then you didn’t know it, pass them up.” I wasn’t going to give in. I had been teaching at the local community college for several years so I knew the ropes, if you gave more time once you would have to do it always.

“Mr. Dawson, can we talk to you?” A third year student asked me. She had been I my classes before. I knew her as Shelly, she was a soccer player, small stature, firm body, and extremely fast as I had seen on the field.

“Sure, what’s up?” I responded as five young ladies approached me. I had seen them all before in my classes, around campus, in town. But one didn’t seem to belong with the others. Her name was Matilda, she wasn’t on the sports teams yet had the body as though she worked out frequently. She always did very well on the tests unlike her four bosom buddies who struggled to pass. She was similar in height, but had larger breasts that were now strained behind a tight white T-shirt open at the belly revealing a piercing. Why hadn’t I noticed that before?

“Mr. Dawson, we were wondering if you’d come out with us tonight?” Shelly asked tilting her head side to side.

“Getting me drunk won’t make me give you a higher grade you know.” I joked. I often went to the local drinking holes to buy a few rounds for the of age crowd. Not sure why I did it, maybe because I had the money since I worked a full time job as well as taught at night. Or maybe it was I wanted to keep in touch with my youth, I was pushing mid-thirties.

“No, we know that.” A cute brunette said. Her name was Shawna, I had heard about her from other professors and students. She was very friendly with the boys. “We wanted you to come out and help us celebrate Matilda’s 21st birthday.”

“Oh, I didn’t know. Happy Birthday.” I said looking at her differently now. She was really pretty, long black hair, soft white skin, big puffy pout lips and hazel eyes that seemed to read your mind.

“Thanks” She said looking into my eyes. I broke the stare and told the girls that I needed to correct the tests before tomorrow’s class and since I work all day I have to do it tonight.

“I’ll help you.” Matilda said. “I can do it with you. I really want to have you come out. The girls here say you are loads of fun.” She smiled again. I wouldn’t have considered the offer if one of the other four said it but Matilda was extremely smart, she aced all my courses effortlessly it seemed. Brains, body, and still hanging out with these girls, puzzling I thought.

“Ok, I guess that will work.” I started to pick up the exams and my laptop bag.

“We’ll all meet at Begin’s around ten-ish, ok?” Shelly said as she walked out with the girls, except Matilda. She was standing beside me watching.

“We could go to the commons area and work on these.” I stated.

“Yeah, but that would be difficult, the tables are small.” She tossed her head and switched her pack to the other shoulder pushing out her breasts as she did.

“How about we go to my apartment, I have to get back and finish my laundry before tonight. Besides, my roommates are gone. That’s whey the girls are taking me out.” Ahh, that was the reason. She didn’t usually hang with this crowd. Not wanting to offend her by refusing I said fine.

We arrived at her apartment a few minutes later. She told me to take a seat. She went into the kitchen and came back carrying two beers and a bottle of orange vodka that looked to have been in the freezer since it had frost all around.

“What’s that for?” I said pointing to the vodka while taking the beer.

“I like to have a shot before doing homework, calms the nerves.” She lifted the bottle, swigged the white liquid “this seems like work, and I ‘m at home, right?”

“True.” I said. She took a second shot. I was staring at her stomach, it was well defined. The abs showed as she hefted the bottle and the shirt lifted higher. I could see the bottoms of her round breasts pushing on her bra.

“Why don’t you spread the tests out on the table and I’ll be right back.” She pointed to the large coffee table. It was one of the ones most college apartments had, low to the ground, solid wood, large enough for ten kids to sit around and play drinking games. She handed me the vodka before she went into the other room. I watched walk away, her jeans were tight against her ass. It was a fine ass. I had never noticed it before, I must have been looking at the more obvious flaunts, the Shawnas of the class. I took a hefty swig of ice cold vodka. It was good.

“I hope you don’t mind. I have to sort through this laundry to find something the chestnut man izle to wear tonight.” She had returned carrying a basket of clothes, most of which were short shorts, skimpy tops, lacey underpants, colored bras, all the things that I shouldn’t be looking at. Matilda noticed me looking, noticed me turning red at being caught looking.

“It’s ok Mr. Dawson. It’s only clothes.” She picked up a purple lace trimmed bra “this is just like a bikini top isn’t it?”

“Ahh, yes, I guess so” I stumbled and sat down spreading more test booklets on the table. Sweat started to form on my brow, it was hot in her apartment, really hot. I swigged the vodka again.

“Mr. Dawson, don’t be embarrassed. I’m twenty one and your, your…”

“33 and please call me Ted.” I figured if I was looking at her underwear she could at least call me by my name.

“Ok, Ted. You can call me Mattie.” She smiled and sat beside me on the couch. She was amazingly calm yet I could see a sheen of sweat starting to form on her skin around the neck area leading towards her cleavage. Mattie caught me looking down her shirt.

“I don’t think these were on the test Ted.” She said cupping her size C boobs in each hand and squeeaing gently.

“I’m sorry. I should go.” I started to get up. She grabbed my arm, her hand was sticky with perspiration. Luckily she held me back from standing upright because my dick was starting to get firm and would have shown.

“Don’t go. I don’t care if you look. Usually people ignore me for the other girls anyway.”

“Why?” I asked before thinking.

“I don’t know. Maybe because I don’t play sports or frequent the parties like they do. I kind of hold back.”

“Oh. There’s nothing wrong with that.” I assured her hoping to sound like the professor I was.

“I know.” She let my arm go. Handed me the vodka after she took a haul. “Would you mind if I try on a couple of outfits to see what goes best for tonight?”

“Ahh, no. I guess not.” I wasn’t sure what to say. This was a first.

“I would like your opinion. You know what looks sexy on girls right? I know you do, you see enough of them every day in class.” She smiled again. Damn! What a smile.

“I promise I’ll help with the tests just as soon as you tell me what looks good.”

“Ok.” I continued to spread out the booklets on the table to organize them. I fully expected her to go into the other room, change, come back out. But she didn’t.

Before I knew it she had her top off and was reaching over for a small shirt. Her breasts were desperately trying to get out of the top of her bra. They were definitely too large for the bra she was wearing.

“Ted, were you looking again? You are supposed to tell me after I put the top on.”

“Sorry” My face reddened. I was so embarrassed.

“I’m just teasing. What were you to do, I’m sitting right here. By tits are practically falling out of this bra, right?” She touched her breasts again, bouncing them. Then she just looked at me waiting for an answer.

“Suppose so. I couldn’t help it, I guess.” My dick was hard now, I hope she didn’t ask me to leave now.

“I hate this bra anyway. I wear it because my roommates said it pushes my boobs up, makes them look better.” She was still fondling her boobs, moving them up and down, side to side.

“I think they look fine.” Once again speaking before thinking. Another swig of cold vodka. She grabbed the bottle, tilted it up. A little vodka dribbled down her lip. It caused her to pull away to fast and spill more on her chest.

“Shit! I’m wasting good booze.” She laughed. I laughed, a nervous laugh but I laughed. Then she set the bottle down, reached around behind her back and unclasped the bra. Her tits exploded out, practically growing a size. I moaned, not meaning too. She heard it.

“ Don’t worry. I can’t believe how big they are either. That’s partly why I wear smaller bras to hold them in.” She stood up to show me how the C’s were really D’s. The nipple was very large and protruding. I was definitely aroused now.

‘Uhhhmmm, maybe…” I started to say. But she interrupted me.

“Listen Ted, Mr. Dawson. I know this is awkward but surely you have seen tits before, right?”


“Well, these are like all the rest.”

“Not really.”

“What do you mean?” Mattie asked.

“Well, they are perfect. I’ve never seen such perfectly shaped breasts in all my life.” I hadn’t, I wasn’t lieing. No need too, I had all ready seen them.

“Wow, no one ever said anything like that before. Usually they just hoot and holler over how big they are.” She shook her head causing her raven black straight hair to fall over her breasts and strands to the climb izle stick to the vodka drippings.

“I’m sorry for you. You should be told things like that. You are very pretty and you have a gorgeous body.” I couldn’t believe my ears, I was saying all kinds of stuff. I was actually trying to hit on her. Maybe it was the booze or maybe it was because I hadn’t had sex in six months.

“Wow, thanks.” She was blushing now.

“Maybe we should start the correcting.” I hoped to get us out of the situation.

“No, I wanted to show you this outfit.” She held up a black piece of clothing.

“I’m not sure what it is, let alone if it looks good.”

“On you dummy, I want to put it on for you. It is a body suit, but its shorts not pants.”

“Oh. I had heard of bodysuits but they were not typically worn over jeans. Does that mean? Yes, it did. Mattie started to unbutton her hip hugger heans. Her stomach muscles tightened as she inhaled to undo the button. She slowly unzipped the pants and started squirming out of the faded blue material.

“Ahh, maybe you shouldn’t do that.” Now what was I saying?

“Why, not?” She stopped with her pants halfway down her legs. I could see her pussy. That is if you can call a shaved one a pussy. It was bald, I mean not a hair, bare wood floor so to speak. I never saw one up close, well not in these circumstances.

“Because I am having a hard time, and I mean hard time concentrating on what we are to do here.”

“Well, I know what I want to do here.” She dropped the rest of the way out of her pants. Stepped over to me and leaned over placing a slow, wet kiss on my lips that made my cock pulse in my Dockers. Mattie reached down with one hand and grabbed my arm, forcing me to clasp her breasts. I didn’t need more coxing; I was going to play this one to the end. Why not? I let it get this far.

“I think I am getting a better picture now.” I had both breasts in my hands. I pulled her onto my lap where a visible wet mark started to show from pre-cum leaking through. Mattie wasn’t the only person not wearing underwear.

“Ohh, Mr. Dawson I can feel you” Mattie said as she ground her hips into my groin. “but it doesn’t feel right.”

“It doesn’t?” Now I was self-conscious, what did she mean? I know that I wasn’t gifted in the length department. My ex-wife had told me that numerous times. For her six inches was not enough. But I was more than endowed when it came to girth. I guess someone upstairs tried to make up for shorting me by giving me an unusually thick dick.

“It feels bulky” Her curiosity got the best of her; she backed off my lap and unzipped my pants. This time she let out small noise. Then she touched my penis with one hand then the other. “I don’t think I have seen one like this before?”

“What do you mean, like this?”

“I’ve seen dicks before Mr. Dawson, just not this shape. Yours is so thick.” She was grasping it now with both hands. “Look, your head is the size of a plum and the shaft is huge!” She bent get a closer look. I couldn’t resist and pushed a little with my hips sending the all too familiar signal guys give to girls when they want them to ‘kiss-it’.

“Ohh, don’t worry, I will. It seems challenging.” She laughed again, this time she had the nervous laugh.

“Sorry, I’m just a little nervous and anxious I guess.” I confessed, why not?

“Nervous? Don’t be. I’ve wanted you since our first class together. You just seem to do something for me, look.” She grabbed my hand and slid it between her legs. I felt her pussy, it was soaking wet. I rubbed back and forth getting my fingers nice and slick. Then I let one gently slip in. She breathed out, then


“You see. I want this too.” Mattie leaned over and started to kiss and lick my cockhead. I continued to finger her wet slit. I was trying to get two fingers into her but each time I did she moaned as though it hurt. So I stopped.

“Why did you stop?” Mattie asked.

“I thought I hurt you.”

“No, I just was getting ready to cum. With this fat dick in my mouth and your fingers moving in me I can’t help thinking how it’s going to stretch me out.” She stopped talking and tried again to get her mouth around my shaft. I let her work on it while I started playing with her slit again. I rubbed the area around her clit and worked my fingers in and out of her hole. She was now slurping away on my cock head while I slowly slid one then two fingers into her. She ground against my hand and I against her mouth. A couple of times I felt her teeth against my cock but it didn’t hurt, I knew she was just trying to get her jaw around my dick.

Mattie pulled off my dick with a load slurp, I looked down into her eyes to the devils hour izle see what was going on. She smiled and said “ I can’t wait any longer, I want this now.” She moved away from my hand and straddled my cockhead. She slowly pushed herself down onto me. She winced a little as the head slipped in but that was all. I didn’t think it would work in this position, I wasn’t long enough and my width was too much.

“Let’s move over to the bed.” I suggested.

“No, here is fine” She said dropping to her knees and laying over the knee high table that seemed to be a resting place for fashion magazines. Taking scan of the covers I could see article titles such as ‘Make him know you want him’, ‘Don’t take NO for an answer’, ‘Ten ways to look Sexier’, ‘Don’t Let Him Control You’, and others all with the same premise – sex, men, control. The irony was there. Here was Mattie putting herself in the most vulnerable of positions, back to me, opened wide, on top of magazines telling her how not to get into this position. I didn’t wait for her to remember her reading.

I grasped her ass cheeks with both hands and spread them a little. Her hole was wet and it actually contracted a bit open, close, and open. I was dying to get into it. I took a look at her cute little asshole. It just stared up at me waiting for some attention. I wondered if any of her magazines told Hattie that the butthole was a one-way street?

“Hurry, Mr. Dawson. I want it now. Don’t hold back.” She said breathing heavily. I obliged her. I grabbed my fat little dick and pressed the purplish head against her wet slit. I could feel her tense a bit. I rubbed my hands up and down her back trying to gently massage her tenseness out. She let out a breath and I pushed a little more letting the head slip in and stop just after the rim. Her tight pussy muscles grabbed hold of my cock head and held tight. I worked it in and out very slowly to make sure I was properly lubed with her juices before pushing ahead.

After a couple of minutes I started to kneed her ass cheeks again and push further into Mattie. I could feel her stretch at my girth. Her moaning started, not from an orgasm but from the new feeling of being full, I assumed anyway.

Soon I was completely in her and she was pushing back to meet me thrusts. Though it took a few minutes to get in I was having no problem moving in and out now. Mattie was backing into me faster and faster now. I couldn’t hold back for long so I tried to pull out and take a breather but she kept pushing back towards me not letting me escape. I did the only thing I could think of to slow her down, I licked my thumb and pressed it over her ass. The pressure of my thick wet thumb against her puckered ass caused her to stop pushing back.

“Something wrong?” I asked as she slowed her bucking motion and tensed her anal muscles.

“No, just not sure, that’s all.”

“Sure of what?” I asked. Knowing damn well she wanted my cock but wasn’t sure if the thumb in her ass was going to work for her.

“Nothing, nothing at all, just catching my breath I guess.” She said this and started pushing back into my thick cock. I had calmed a bit and my climax was delayed but now her renewed thrusting even with my finger on her button-hole made me more excited. The backward thrusts from her and my pressure on her asshole caused my thumb to slip inside her up to the first knuckle. She moaned and squirmed a little but didn’t stop rocking back and forth.

I let some spittle drizzle down from my mouth onto my thumb for more lubrication. If only I had some real lube I could finger fuck this tight ass, but I would have to settle for this. Mattie was now wildly backing into me as my thumb and cock thrust into her two holes. She started to moan and then breath really heavy. I couldn’t hold out any longer, I shot my load into her with a powerful thrust. This caused my hand to involuntarily jerk which jammed my thumb deeper into Mattie’s behind. She let out a yelp and then collapsed onto the table with me on top of her.

“I often thought of you this way but never imagined you being so dirty Mr. Dawson.” Mattie said looking up at me from over her shoulder.

“Well, that goes both ways.” I said smiling back to her. “Maybe you would like to be my assistant and correct some papers for me several times a week.”

“Sure!” She answered a bit too enthusiastically. “I’ll grade papers just as long as you reward me for my efforts.” She was smilingly now.

“Oh, believe me, you’ll get nothing but straight A’s.” I grinned back at her pushing off her backside. Mattie turned to face me still on her knees, face inches from my semi-hard cock. “We should get going to meet your friends and celebrate your birthday, don’t you think?”

“I think I want some more of this.” She said grasping my cock in one hand and pulling me closer with the other. “They’ll understand, don’t worry.” How could I worry when I had a beautiful Co-ed sucking my cock?

“No worries.” I said letting myself enjoy the moment knowing full well that I intended to have many more of these sessions with this student.

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