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Subject: Grade A student: part 2 Grade A Student All the usual disclaimers apply: This fictional story depicts sexual behavior involving consenting minors and adults; if you find this offensive or your local authorities deem it illegal, please leave now. No artists, teachers or boys were harmed in the making of this story. Please read responsibly, etc. By reading this story, you agree that you are of legal age and are not breaking the laws of your locality. All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2020. Check out my ebooks on Amazon worldwide, author name jonesybare and jonesy bare Please show your appreciation by supporting Nifty with a contribution. You can find out how here: fty/donate.html Thank you! Part 2: Higher Grades My legs felt weak as I left his office and crossed the empty car mechanics workshop. This true example of manliness had just drained my cock, licked my virgin hole and made me shot streams of cum down his willing throat. I’ve been playing with myself for years but I’ve never felt like that! I glanced back in time to see him tuck his cock away and reach for his phone. I closed the workshop door behind me and leant against it. Wow! Just…! “What are you doing boy?” This woke me from my dream! In front of me was the deputy head master, Mr Williams. Not the nicest of men. Medium build. Bit of a tummy. Nice moustache though – led me to think he must be quite hairy. Was I developing a type at 15? “Just delivered a message from Mr Hardwick for Jim, I mean Mr Roberts” “Classes started ages ago – shouldn’t you be in one?” I found it hard to hold a conversation with anyone while thinking about Jim’s tongue up my arse and his hands squeezing my arse cheeks. I think he may have awoken some need in me? “Sir, we have the next few lessons as study periods, and Mr Hardwick asked me to do him a quick favour”. “Come with me….” I daren’t argue and followed, walking a respectful distance behind him. Mr Williams wasn’t someone you messed with. We ended up outside Mr Hardwick’s art studio. Mr Williams knocked and I saw Mr Hardwick blonde head peep round the slowly opening door…..was that his naked shoulder I could see too? He invited Mr Williams in but closed the door abruptly to stop me entering. I waited a few minutes and my mind wandered back to sucking my first cock, barely 15 minutes earlier. I felt the usual teenage feeling of a hardening of my cock. Recovery time of a teenager! My hands in my pockets stroked my thickening dick, and massaged my balls where a grown man had recent sucked and licked. Lost in my fantasy, I didn’t notice Mr Williams quietly leave the studio until I felt his breath in my ear. “I think we need to talk, don’t you? Follow me.” With that he turned and walked swiftly off, back to the block that housed the administrative offices. I trotted behind – quietly wondering what I’d done, what was in store and if my hard-on would go down in time to face ümitköy escort what was coming! We arrived at his office – ho told his secretary not to disturb him for the next hour or so and opened the door. With a firm hand in my back, he ushered me in. Never having been a “bad boy”, I’d never really seen the inside of this office – Mr Williams was the disciplinarian of the school and as such, the one you avoided being alone with – yet here I was. “Sit” More an order than a request, so I sat opposite his desk. He leant against the desk, his crotch directly in my eye-line. “So, I’ve had a word with Mr Hardwick and he tells me you’ve been a very naughty boy! Or at least you can be, when required” With that, he unbuckled his belt, opened the top button on his trousers, and slowly unzipped the fly. My eyes couldn’t get any wider! Here was the deputy head about to expose himself to me – and I couldn’t wait. But before I got to see his goodies, the unexpected happened. “Stand up” he barked Who could argue with such a forceful order? I got up from the chair. He moved from the desk and removed the chair from behind me. I hadn’t noticed but he must have picked up a ruler as he moved as I felt it’s wooden edge start to trace my spine, slowly. I felt it move down my cotton shirt, moving over my belt and gently force itself between my buttocks, pushing my briefs and thin, summer weight school trousers into my crack. I felt his breath on my neck as the ruler moved back and forth over my twitching boy pussy. “Do you like that?” All I could utter was a low moan….it was like having an itch that had to be scratched. “Strip” “Take it all off” I started with my tie, but this wasn’t the time for a slow, teasing striptease….I was a teenager with a raging boner and I wanted/needed release. The shirt fell to the floor. I unbuckled my trousers, bent to unfasten my shoes, kicked them off tore off my socks and finally let my trousers fall to the ground. I stood in my deputy headmasters office, door unlocked, blinds only partially closed, in a pair of tiny blue briefs with my deputy had master fully dressed (though pants open) walking round, examining me and tracing lines about my body with his ruler. “Did I say stop? All of it, now” My thumbs went in either side of my pants, and in one swift movement, they landed at my feet, releasing my leaking teenage cock. Maybe time to hit pause and describe my teenage self? I am 15, on my final year at school but as my birthday is June, I’m one of the youngest in my year. I’ve hit my tallest, 5′ 10″, and am quite skinny, not an ounce of fat on me! I’m defined but it’s natural rather than sporty or gym gained. I’m average – that’s not being harsh, it’s true. I’m not overly hairy, nothing much in my chest, but a nice treasure trail down to my bush. I don’t trim or shave down there, being a teenager means being proud of every hair avrupa yakası üniversiteli escort I got – plus, this was the early 80’s and hardly anyone `manscaped’! My cock comes in at a respectable 6 inches or so, with a rather decent girth, and a beautiful purple mushroom head. And I leak, boy do I leak! I nearly forgot to mention, I have two of the most perfect nipples! Pert, small but perfectly formed, hard to the touch, super sensitive to being played with and hardwired to my cock! But back to the story. Mr Williams slowly moved round me as I stood, quite proudly, naked in his office. He swapped the ruler for his fingers as he traced a line from the back of my neck down to my arse. His fingers moved the cheeks apart and he roughly outlined my boy hole. “Bend over the desk. A naughty boy like you needs to be taught a lesson”. I slowly moved forward. Id never been caned or had the ruler – apart from becoming a bit of a cock hound, I was a good, well behaved boy. I expected the next bit to hurt, and braced myself against the desk. Hands either side of my slim hips, gripping the desk. What I didn’t expect was a warm wet sensation, his huge hands kneading my arse, spreading the cheeks apart as his tongue drove straight in and entered my virgin hole. A few short hours ago, I’d never been touched. Now I’d had my first blow job, and was receiving my first rimmimg. It felt so damn good, that tongue, going from soft and lapping to hard and thrusting. Invading my pussy, opening me up, making me moan. Jesus, nothing had ever felt this good. Anything in that desk within reach of my cock was now covered in pre-cum. I then felt him move, and a finger circle my hole, wet with spit. Slowly it moved inside. It hurt a little but not as much as I’d imagined. I felt him kiss my neck, gentle, totally unexpected. “Ready for another?” At least he asked – though he didn’t wait for an answer as he jabbed a second finger inside and slowly worked them in and out, fucking me with his rough, hairy fingers. I heard his pants fall to the floor and he slowly but forcefully pushed me down over the desk. I heard a cap or lid being popped and a cold sensation as he gently massaged something around and into my cunt. His hand moved up my back to my neck and held me in a firm grip. Then I felt it. The warm wet tip of his cock, hot and hard, and about to violate my virgin arse. A short wave of panic washed over me. This was actually going to happen and I couldn’t stop it now, even if I’d wanted to. I felt his head enter, and expected am audible pop as it went in. The pain was immense as he simply continued with the assault on my hole. I felt the wooden ruler against my mouth and his words in my ear…. “Bite down on this if it helps” This was the best and worst I’ve ever felt – the pain cannot be described. The feeling of being urfa escort filled up, being helpless, and finally, the feeling of his bush against my arse, his fully dressed torso against my teenage skin. “Oh, he was so right” Those are the words I heard as he moved his hips slowly and started to thrust inside me. He bit my ear, kissed my neck and picked up speed Each thrust inside me seemed to get easier, and I could feel him inside me, bringing my deflated clock back to life. “Fuck me” Where did those words come from? Before I knew if, I’d become some complete whore and was begging him to bang me harder, treat me rougher, slap my arse, pinch my nipples, the stuff coming out of my mouth was pure 70’s porn talk! I loved the way his moustache felt On my bare skin, but the way his dick felt inside was soooo much better. His hand now gripped my neck, and he picked up speed. He was close. My own cock was benefitting from being squashed under me between the deck and my stomach and with the rocking of this rough fucking was getting me close too. He was gentle earlier, loving even, but no longer as the urge to cum gripped him. His thrusts banged me against the desk, making it move slightly each time. I could hear him grunt and the slap of his flesh against mine. I was in heaven, he was giving me pleasure I’d never imagined and finally I let loose streams of cum against my stomach and over his desk. Papers and files, notebooks and textbooks – nothing escaped the fountain of creamy teenage spunk. My arse clamped down as I exploded and proved too much for Mr Williams. His grip on me neck tightened as he held me down and spammed inside me, coating my young insides with man-spunk. I heard him whisper: “Fuck…..” before he collapsed on top of me, tie-pin digging into my creamy flesh, his hand around my neck now loosening and caressing me as it moved down my smooth skin. He slowly regained composure and I felt his softening cock plop out of my ruined hole. I made as if to get up. “Stay as you are” he barked I daren’t move so stayed prostrated across his desk, cum dripping from my boy-cunt and down my leg. I heard his zip, the belt being buckled. “Ok, now you can get up. I have work to do” I gingerly stood upright, looked around for my clothes and started to dress, cum and all. “Quickly boy, I don’t have all day.” I quickly glanced at him, professional and tidy, smug even. You wouldn’t have thought that seconds ago, he was dick-deep in my virgin pussy. I fished dressing, and turned to leave. “I must thank Roger Hardwick for his recommendation” I turned back in time to see my deputy headmaster lick my fresh cum off his notebook “Run along boy, I’d hate to have to punish you….again” Not sure if my hole could take another pounding like that so soon, I thanked him for his time, being the polite boy I was, and left. I avoided eye contact with his secretary, knowing as she must from the sounds alone that I’d just been impaled on Mr Williams cock for the last 15 minutes. As I walked, I could feel his cum dripping into my underwear and caught that faint whiff of cum and shit from arse fucking and decided I needed to clean up properly before anything else. I headed to the sports hall and swimming pool to grab a shower…… End of part 2

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