Goodness Gracious Pt. 02

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Nurse Grace is back!

Everyone is, as usual, over the age of eighteen.

When you’re done, please let me know what you think…politely please…and cast your votes.



I didn’t sleep well that night. I was both excited and worried about what Grace may have been thinking, but thankfully she was working today, so I would see her soon.

Okay, so I had some tough decisions to make. On the far side of the balance was my life at home; friends, family, school, job… all the usual trappings of a young man’s life, except a girlfriend. On this side was Grace, and she was single-handedly winning the battle.

If I stayed here… assuming I was being invited to stay, as she hadn’t said so yet… I would be giving up everything I knew, cold turkey. That scared me.

When Grace arrived in the morning, she was her usual pleasant self, smiling her usual bright smile, the same sparkle in her eyes. There was another nurse in the room, so conversation was limited to simple greetings, and I sat quietly while they discussed my condition overnight. Finally, the other nurse left with a wave, and we were alone.

“You look tired,” she whispered, touching my hand. “Did you not sleep well? I didn’t mean to cause that.”

“Well, you did give me plenty to think about,” I replied, smiling up at her. “The story… is that how you feel about me?”

“That’s the question I’m trying to answer, myself,” she said quietly. “Is it just lust, or something more?”

“How do we figure it out?” I asked.

“There’s the question,” she laughed, shrugging, “maybe it needs to figure itself out. Either way,” she suddenly turned more serious, “my first job is to get you back on your feet. Okay?” I nodded. “So… You sleep, and I’ll come get you later for more physio.” She parted with a wink.

Well, at least I had that to look forward to. Grace had turned physiotherapy into an erotic pleasure, despite the accompanying pain and discomfort. I fell asleep wondering what she had in mind.


When I woke, a few hours of lusty / wishful / fitful dreaming later, I heard Grace humming again, and soon she was smiling down at me from bedside.

“Feeling better, now that you’ve had a nap?” she asked. Her eyes had that sparkle in them again.

“Somewhat,” I replied, staring into those soulful pools. “I still have a million things on my mind, but at least I got some rest.”

“Yes, well,” she began stepping over behind the wheelchair, “you’re not alone, but we have a job to do here. Hop in.”

“If I could hop,” I laughed as she helped me up, “I wouldn’t be here, and I think I know someone I’d like to hop on.” My eyes caressed her sumptuous curves while she laughed back.

“My, my,” she whispered, “Hold that thought, will you?”

“No problem, there. I couldn’t get you out of my head if I tried,” I said as I sat.

Grace rolled me out of the room and down the hall in silence. Only when we were alone in the elevator did she speak.

“Please don’t obsess over me. I’m sure the answers will work themselves out. Just know that I want you as much as you want me.”

“First of all,” I giggled, “I can’t help obsessing over you. I don’t have much else to think about, and I like thinking about you. Naked, if possible.”

“Is it getting warm in here?” she smiled, fanning herself. The doors opened, ending the repartee quickly.

I was looking forward to groping Grace during physio, and maybe getting her off again, like our last session had progressed, but it wasn’t to be. The exercise room was packed, making Grace stick to the book, much to my chagrin. I was getting stronger, which was good, but also meant I was getting closer to leaving. I had no idea how much change was coming.

With my physio complete, I hobbled back into the chair, and Grace pushed me back to my room… and past it, into a ward, with six beds in it. I had been booted out of my semi-private room, which had been mine alone, as the other bed had been empty. Now, I would have five roommates, which would make intimate conversation, and other extracurricular activities with my lovely nurse, impossible. To say I was disappointed would be a huge understatement, but at least I wasn’t alone in that emotion.

“I’m sorry about this,” she whispered, “they told me this morning. All your stuff has already been moved for you.” She lowered her voice even more. “I left you a note.”

She got me settled in bed. Truth be told, I was pretty tired after my workout, and didn’t want to think about the changes that had been thrust upon me in the last few hours. I would find, and read, her note later. Right now, sleep sounded good.


I was awoken by one of my roommates coughing up a lung, but the truth is, I hadn’t slept well anyway. My imagination had run wild with the unknown contents of Grace’s note, so finding it became the first priority. It was probably hidden amongst the magazines she had brought me, and that left one logical location. Starzbet I saw a small corner of yellow paper sticking out of ‘our’ magazine, which was hidden inside one of the less interesting ones. The curtains were drawn around my bed, so I didn’t need to worry about an audience. I opened the note.

“I’m so sorry about this. I didn’t know they were going to move you. I’ll try to get around for a visit as often as I can without arousing suspicions.”

I was hoping for something more along the lines of “I Love You and want to have your children,” and would have settled for a few dirty thoughts hastily written amid tears of anguished separation. I know that’s asking a lot, and that she didn’t have much time to properly compose her declaration of love, but that’s what I was hoping for. I guess I would just have to wait for a visit from my angel, as patiently as I could.

The next day, a burly orderly loaded me into a wheelchair, and whisked me off to physio, where a very butch, grumpy older woman took pleasure in torturing me through a series of exercises that were no where near as much fun without my sexy Grace as incentive. When I was returned to my room, I saw another piece of yellow sticking out of my magazine pile.

“Hi there, how are you doing? I miss you,” she wrote. Strangely, those last three words made my heart soar, temporarily at least.

I did a lot of thinking in the next few days. Part of me was angry… not with Grace, of course… at being forced apart. There were many other emotions in play, however, and it took me a while to make sense of the mix. I’d lost girlfriends before, by my choice and theirs, but this feeling was different. The hurt was deeper, and seemed to get worse with time, instead of better.

I received a few strictly social visits from her, and another couple of notes that hinted at her feelings, but nothing that measured up to our previous activities. My physio was going well, and everyday I got stronger. Also more frustrated.


I sat in bed, gazing idly out the window. I was fortunate to at least have this view to pass my time. If I’d been stuck in one of the middle beds, I’m sure I would have lost my mind by now. Maybe I’d lost it anyway, because I thought I heard an angel, but she wasn’t working today.

Her pretty face peeked around the partially drawn curtain that surrounded my bed on two sides. She smiled broadly when she saw that I was awake, and stepped in, pulling the curtain closed fully behind her.

“Hi!” Grace whispered. My mouth hung open a bit before I could reply. She had dressed for this visit.

“Hel-lo!” I gasped, taking in her form. Skin tight blue jeans hugged her lower half, disappearing into calf-high, black leather boots, with four inch heels. Up top, oh my… Up top, those incredible breasts were encased in a snug red sweater, with a deep-v neckline, showing her beautiful cleavage. My eyes had a hard time getting past that enticing crease of flesh. “Wow!”

“You like?” she giggled, smoothing the knit fabric down her torso. “My friends call this my ‘sin sweater’. I don’t know why,” she said, rolling her eyes.

“Hmmmm, yes… quite puzzling,” I replied, staring straight at her tits. She laughed, causing them to quiver, which in turn made my dick harden faster.

“I’m really sorry that I haven’t been able to visit as much as before,” she whispered, stepping closer, and taking my hand. “I see you’re looking stronger.”

I sat up, and swung my legs out of the bed, rising to my feet without much trouble.

“I can’t chase you yet, but I could use a hug,” I asked, holding my arms out.

I’d thought about this a lot. Strange as it seemed, given that she had given me multiple hand jobs, swallowed my load once, and been groped by me during physio often… this would be our first contact in this way. How she reacted would tell me much about her frame of mind. I held my breath.

She didn’t even hesitate, much to my delight, immediately snuggling into my embrace. I happily pulled her tight to my chest, able to hold her with both arms.

“I’ve missed you, so much.”

I had been thinking those exact words, but she had spoken them first. Again, my heart leapt.

“I have missed you, too,” I replied, squeezing her tighter, mashing her boobs into me.

“I can tell,” she laughed, wiggling her body against me. My dick was pretty stiff, and poking her in the tummy. She’d have to be dead not to feel it.

“Yeah, um, well,… blame the sweater,” I replied, trying to defend my physical reaction.

“That’s why I wore it,” she whispered, tilting her head back to look up at me. That sparkle was in her eyes, the one that was there whenever she was being sexy Grace. The one that was there every time she jerked me off. The one that was there when she showed me her tits. I knew that sparkle. I loved that sparkle.

“Then, please tell me you have a plan, because I don’t think killing all my roommates will work,” I begged.

“I’m sure Starzbet Giriş we can come up with something less severe,” she smiled, tiptoeing up as high as she could. Our first kiss. God, she was delicious, her lips so soft and expressive, parting soon to allow me to nibble at her tongue as she probed my mouth. It was a very hot kiss, heating up more as her hand went to the back of my neck. My hand went where you’d think… right to her massive breasts, and she moaned very softly. She put her hand over mine.

“Oh fuck, that feels so good, but we’d better stop, before I get loud, and blow our cover.” She saw the disappointment on my face. “Oh baby, don’t forget… I work here. I know this building very well. There’s a place we can go, where no one will bother us… and no one will hear us.”

I’m sure the grin on my face met on the back of my head, I was so happy. Grace helped me into a wheelchair, and rolled me out. As we passed the nurses station, Sheila was on duty, and she looked up, making eye contact. A knowing smile crossed her face, and she waved us on our way.

In the elevator, going up, I had to ask.

“Um, what was that about? I thought we were done there.”

“Well, Sheila and I are friends. We talk a lot, and while I didn’t let on what we’ve done, I did tell her I liked you. We’re all adults, right?” she explained. We reached the end of a hallway, where a padlocked door barred our path. I heard the tinkling of keys from behind me, and she unlocked the door, pulling me in with her, where she locked it from the inside.

“This part of the hospital used to be… well… this was the mental ward,” she whispered, rolling us along the empty hallway.

“Oh great! Should I be concerned about the spirit of a serial killer entering your body?” I laughed.

“You’ve seen too many movies,” she giggled, leaning closer to my ear, “and the only thing I want entering my body is your big cock!” I groaned. She laughed.

One left turn brought us to a thick door. Grace stepped around my chair, and turned the latch open, swinging the door wide.

“Padded rooms can be used for more than just one thing,” she smiled, waving to the white cushioning that covered every surface in the room, including the inside of the door. “And it absorbs sound, too! Care to join me?”

“Hell yeah!” I gasped, engaging the wheel locks and rising out of the chair.

The lighting inside the room was dim, but I could see a pile of blankets and pillows on the floor.

“After you,” she laughed, following me in.

I hobbled over to the pile of blankets, and eased down to the floor. It was no feather bed, but comfortable enough for our purposes. I watched Grace close the door, and turn back toward me. She reached down and grasped the bottom edge of her sweater, pulling it up.

“Oh… please, let me do it. I’ve been dreaming of this since the first time I saw you.”

She smiled, and smoothed the sweater back down, joining me on the floor. She leaned back on her elbow, looking at me quietly, then took her glasses off, placing them safely away from us. When she rolled back to me, I was waiting with lips at the ready, and took her into my arms. We laid on our sides, kissing each other passionately for several minutes, while I stroked her side. She took her hand and pulled mine up, placing it on her breast.

“I believe this is where you had your hand when we were in your room,” she said, kissing me again, “and if you don’t rip my clothes off soon, I’m going to scream.”

“Well, you said no one would hear us, and I plan to make you scream anyway,” I replied, fondling her firmly, “so go ahead.”

“FUCK ME!… OH YES FUCK ME!” she shrieked, giggling like a little girl. “There. Feel better?”

I just laughed and rolled on top of her, kissing her again, then held her tight while I rolled us both over. Once she was on top, I did as she asked, peeling her sweater up and off, letting me see the pretty, lacy red bra that cradled her full melons so perfectly. She sat up, pulled her boots off, then wriggled out of her jeans, only taking her place atop me again when she was down to bra and thong.

“I got impatient. Sorry,” she whispered, laying on my chest. Her breasts squished against me while her tongue plunged into my mouth, and she moaned loudly while my hands gripped her firm ass.

I swear, if they wanted to develop a man-proof container, like they have child-proof ones, all they have to do is put bra hooks on it. Women can undo them, literally, with one hand behind their back, while they brush their teeth, but they continue to confound men, as they have since they invented the damn things. I finally had to use both hands to get it open, much to her delight.

“You’re out of practice,” she laughed, “but we’ll work on it.” Pressing up, she let the straps slip off her shoulders, shaking her boobs free of the cups, and giving me the view I longed for. She tossed the bra aside.

I rolled us over again, taking the top spot, Starzbet Güncel Giriş then started to nibble at her neck. My lips moved further south, grazing her collarbones, while she moaned softly, getting louder as I neared her sensitive nipples, and louder still when I deviated around them, kissing the full curves around the sides and underside of her huge spheres. She whimpered, begging for me to stop teasing her.

“Oh please… Suck my nipples! Please! They’re on fire!”

I relented, flicking the stiff buds alternately, suckling them deeply. Grace gripped my head with both hands, holding my lips in place. She squirmed under me, cooing blissfully, while I munched on her tits.

A part of me could have happily camped there, gorging on her hard nipples, for the evening. The rest of me had to move down to the other part of her body that I’d lusted after for months

I nibbled my way down over her belly, which was softly feminine. Her curves had curves. At last, the tiny red thong that covered her pussy came into view. I rested my chin on it, looking up her body, into her eyes as she looked down through her cleavage. I tugged at the strings that arced over her hips, inching them lower, putting some slack in the fabric that separated my tongue from the wet cleft I was so eager to taste.

Grace lifted her legs high, sliding her thong off smoothly, then put her hand over her pussy before lowering her legs around me again. The little minx was hiding it from me.

“Say please,” she whispered playing hard to get. She was totally naked however, so how hard could she be to get?

“Please, Nurse Grace, let me see your pretty pussy. Please,” I begged theatrically.

She giggled and removed her hand.

Wow. The view I’d had before, during one of our last physio sessions, had shown me the thick, dangling lips of her pussy, but from this range, she had the most incredible cunt I’d ever seen. Ever. Porn stars included. Her scent was a musky sweetness unlike anything I’d smelled before. I tickled her labia with the tip of my tongue, sampling her delicious juices, and she moaned softly. I licked her again, a little more firmly, staying around the perimeter of her vestibule, cleaning her of her sweet residue. Grace’s moans grew louder, and one hand tangled in my hair, trying to pull my face into her snatch. Another lick, this time across her perineum, and she screamed, trying at once to squirm away from me and pull my tongue deeper.

“Oh you bastard… Don’t tease me! Lick my pussy! Suck on my clit!”

“Say please,” I asked, licking around her succulent orifice again.

“Oh god, please! Please! PLEASE! EAT ME! I’M BEGGING YOU! PLEASE! “

Okay, you talked me into it, I thought, plunging my tongue as deep into her gaping pussy as possible. I wiggled it from side to side, and top to bottom, savouring her syrupy sweetness, while she screeched unintelligible sounds of joy. She really did taste delicious, and I hadn’t had desert for a long time, so I tucked in with gusto. Her clit got a lot of attention, and I’m pretty sure she liked it.

“Oh, that’s it baby… Lick my clit! Suck my clit! Make me cum like a bad girl!”

It’s really great when someone asks you to do something you were going to do anyway. You get credit for doing something special without any special effort. For the next thirty minutes, I ate her pussy like she was my last meal, which is to say, I savoured her every nook, cranny and fold, taking as much time as I cared to. I licked and sucked her at a pace that, while leisurely to me, was torturous to her. She had several orgasms, each seemingly more devastating than the last. Finally, she arched her back one more time, wracked by the biggest orgasm yet. She squirmed, twisted and flopped around like an epileptic fish, pushing me off and writhing away from me, while screaming in unbridled pleasure. She curled up on her side, moaning loudly, her body twitching with aftershocks. I laid beside her, watching her as she tried to catch her breath and recover.

She was still panting, but her eyes finally opened, slowly focusing on my face. She smiled.

“I think I just overdosed on orgasms,” she giggled, patting my face. “Thank you so much. You’ve just given this old bag the best climax of my life!”

“Hey!” I retorted, “I’ll have you know you’re talking about the woman I Love!

Oh shit! I think I just overstepped!

“I mean… Um… You shouldn’t say things like that about yourself!” I doubted she’d buy it, but I had to try.

Grace laid there, staring into my eyes, breathing quietly now, for several long seconds that felt like an eternity.

“I’m sorry, Grace… I didn’t mean to…” I said, stopping when she pressed her finger to my lips.

“It’s okay, darling… I think I feel the same way about you. I Love You too,” she whispered.

Another eternity of silence ensued, while we gazed at each other from close range.

“I guess the genie is out of the bottle now, isn’t it?” I asked, smiling at her. She smiled back. “Why would you call yourself an old bag? You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known.”

“Really? Thank you, but you’re so young, and I’m not… and now I’m in love with you, and you’re going to be leaving soon and…”

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