Goodbye to the Past Pt. 04

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Goodbye to the Past Part 04 – Caitlin Takes Charge

With Bonnie and Frank away in Miami, Caitlin is left to her own devices and finally takes charge of her situation.

Chapter One

Most people would agree that when they wake up in the morning thinking ‘I’ve never been happier’, five minutes later they have come up with a list that includes ‘that time in 2007’, ‘that girl/boy in Paris/London/Rome’ or ‘that amazing bacon sandwich on Skegness seafront’.

Caitlin Price had no such list in her head when she woke on that fine July Saturday morning. It was unequivocal. She had never been happier in almost twenty-five years of existence. The sun was streaming into her seventh floor Chelsea Harbour apartment, the weather was looking great for the weekend, and better still, Tom Harman’s big left hand was stroking her somewhere dark, deep and damp. She glanced at the bedside clock. It was 8.43am. By the time Tom left and she had showered, it was 10.22 and she was on top of the world.

She had come to like Tom a lot and they had hooked up a few times since Skye had introduced them a few weeks ago.

And now he was going back to Australia, his gap year over. His girlfriend was already in Paris meeting up with friends. He was heading to meet her there before a long, follow-their-noses trip down through Europe on trains and a flit around the Far East before arriving back in Sydney. Why did the people she cared for most draw her in then disappear half way around the world? Even Brad was back in Miami.

As Tom stood in her doorway he put an arm round her and she snuggled into his big wide chest. “Come say hi if you’re ever in Sydney, yeah?”

She smiled up at him. “We’ll do the Harbour Bridge climb and do it at the very top!”

Tom shook his head, his tousled mane flowing. “No chance babe – no head for heights. How about sunset on Bondi as the waves lap around us?”

Caitlin considered a moment. “No – I’ll get sand in my delicate little girly parts.” She shook her head in distaste. “Abrasive – not nice.”

“Ok, how about the front of the Manly ferry as it pulls into Circular Quay at night?”

“Deal! We can make the porn version of the Titanic scene!” She hugged him. “Take care, Ironman Tom. I’ll look out for you in the Olympics!”

He kissed the top of her head. “You too, Cat-lady. I’ll look out for you and Skye’s first porn tape!”

“I wish.”

When he had gone, she wondered what Skye was up to. She hadn’t heard from her for a few days, so things must be quiet. Since they had first made out on the penthouse roof garden and Skye had returned to Miami, they had been in constant touch, keeping up with their respective exploits. Caitlin hadn’t included the fact that she was now shagging Skye’s father Frank as well as her mother Bonnie, but she was keeping her up to date with her occasional liaisons with Tom and a couple of other nice little one night stands that had made her very happy indeed.

The latest had been a colleague of Bonnie and Frank’s over from the States. As they were otherwise engaged, Bonnie had asked if Caitlin would go to dinner with him. No strings, no expectations, no obligations.

He was a nice guy. It was a nice evening. She didn’t have to but she did.

She did because she wanted to.

Most of Skye’s missives started with, ‘Hey! Skye has been laid by…’ and then continued with a detailed description of the whom, how and where of the situation, which usually had Caitlin in fits of laughter and feeling more than a little horny by the end. The girl was indefatigable and she loved and missed her dearly. Her own confessions seemed tame by comparison but she was proud to be able to tell her friend of how she was progressing in her new life.

And it was a new life, no doubt. Since her first time with Bonnie, things had changed for her on a quantum level. She was no longer the downtrodden, repressed little Irish Catholic ice-maiden of old. She was hardly the next porn starlet in waiting, but she was going in the right direction and she was loving life for the first time she could remember.

Bonnie and Frank had gone back over to Miami for a friend’s anniversary party, so she had the place to herself for a week. When she had heard about the party, she had fixed Bonnie with a look her boss herself would be proud of. “So how are you going to survive a party that doesn’t involve writhing bodies carpeting the floor and cum running down the walls?” Bonnie’s reply was her typical New Jersey bluntness and they had collapsed into giggles as they seemed to do a lot these days.

Bonnie had left for the airport with an airy wave of her hand. “Place is yours kid. Invite who you like. Get stoned, get fucked.” She fixed Caitlin with a hard stare. “Family motto, remember! I’m your boss-lady. That’s an order!”

“Easier said than done”, thought Caitlin. Tom and Brad were out of the equation from now on in. Getting stoned was no problem since Bonnie had recently bought Caitlin casino şirketleri her own e-nail and a nice baggie of very fine weed. Skye’s was now back in her room and Catlin’s was safely tucked away in her bottom drawer awaiting use later in the day, along with her beloved G-spot vibe.

She thought it was also maybe time for a little further exploration of her darker orifice. It had settled down nicely since her session with Bonnie before she went away, although she had to admit it had been more than a little uncomfortable for a few days. However it had been worth it so, yes, she decided – a trip into Bonnie’s bedroom to find her little butt dildo and her lube was definitely on the cards.

Before that, she thought she really should earn her later solo debauchery and do some gym work. Her wonderful time with Tom had set her up for the day, so she got into her gym kit and finished her tea. Feeling a million dollars, she slung her bag over her shoulder and went through to the main penthouse. She took the lift down to the underground level and swiped her card at the back door of the gym, running through in her head the routine she was going to do.

She patted her midriff. Her tummy was coming down – her gym work and the sex was helping there, so she resolved to push herself hard and lose a few more millimetres.

She went at it full-on and after an hour of cross-trainer, stepper and treadmill she was almost done. Maybe she’d have managed more but for her early morning shag with Tom, but all in all it had been a good session, both in bed and in the gym. She decided on one more activity and set up the rowing machine, promising herself that if she caught up with the little cartoon boat on her screen, the handsome Olympic rower she was up against would show her just what forty strokes per minute felt like.

It was a forlorn hope and she came a distant second, but she thought an Olympic silver medal was a decent return for her morning’s work as she sat slumped over the machine. Her chest was heaving, sweat pouring, her short bob of hair matted to her head; grey gym shirt stained dark with sweat.

Yep, a good session, and now she had the weekend to look forward to. A few Bacardi Breezers, a lot of Mary Jane and a few workouts for her new toy collection to rival the one she had just completed.

She dragged herself back to the changing rooms and sat for a while trying to cool down. The place was quiet, so she had time to sit and relax. She still had her head in her hands trying to get her breath when she heard a voice from above.

“Hey, you must have gone for it!”

She looked up and saw a girl she recognized. They had occasionally nodded as they saw each other around the gym and had finally graduated to a smile and a grunted, “Hi.”

This was new though – an attempt at communication. So un-English!

She managed to pant out, “Yeah, get the weekend started off well. Can enjoy the rest of it now!”

The girl grinned back. She had lovely big brown eyes and a gorgeous wide smile. Her hands were on her hips and her pigtails were shaking as she fought to get her own breathing under control. “Oh bugger, why do we do this? Fucking knackered!” She sat down heavily across from Caitlin and covered her head with a towel.

Caitlin sat for a minute or two more, smiling at the vision of the mummified girl panting for breath and slowly and painfully divested herself of her sopping wet kit.

Her second shower of the day was even better than the first, the red hot jets drumming life back into her aching limbs and leaving her tingling all over. A few places tingled more than others and she thought of the bonus that Frank and Bonnie had given her for the new additions to her job description.

The bonus was being very well deployed, she thought. Phase two of the Caitlin Price makeover project was going well. She ran a hand down her right side, from her boob to her hip. She needed to speak to Jude about another session. She’d do it on her way back home.

She shook herself to get rid of the bulk of the shower water and walked slowly back to her locker, glancing at the girl who had spoken to her earlier. She was still under her towel, but her breathing was now getting back to normal. Caitlin went into her drying routine, taking care where she still felt a little tender in places. Tom had been so careful earlier, avoiding those areas and she was grateful to him for his gentleness.

She scrunch-dried her hair and, aware there was no-one else in the room other than the girl under the towel, stood admiring herself in the mirror. Caitlin would never be one to big herself up, but just as she thought she was not looking at all bad, she heard the same voice as earlier.

The one thing that Caitlin had always found hard to accept was praise. Whenever someone had ever said something nice to her, she always expected the other shoe to drop. The barb. The little dig to take the shine off the compliment. The ‘but’.

So casino firmaları when the previously mummified girl said, “Jeez, you’ve been busy! They look fantastic!” Caitlin stood for a moment waiting for the follow-up. It took her a moment to locate the girl, now standing behind her, hands back on her hips once more, her towel wrapped tightly around her slim body. She had taken her pigtails out and her jet black hair was in a cloud around her face. Her smile was mesmeric. Caitlin stared at her for a moment and realised there was no ‘but’ coming. She tried to return the radiant smile, hoping it looked as genuine as it felt.

“Thanks. Bit of a work in progress, but thought it was time for a change.”

The girl nodded appraisingly and Caitlin felt a swell of pride. “Way to go, girl!” Suddenly she seemed a little embarrassed. She put hand up to her mouth. “Sorry, didn’t want to appear rude…”

Caitlin was about to respond when the girl held her hand up and scuttled off to the shower area. She had to admit that she felt more than a little buzz at what she had said. She managed a mumbled, “Thanks,” to her retreating back.

She finished drying and began to change into a pair of khaki shorts and a yellow v-neck t-shirt. She glanced at the shower area and the girl was now soaping her body, hands massaging tired limbs. Caitlin’s mouth opened as she saw the girl fully naked for the first time. Her hair was now slick against her head and shoulders, pert breasts standing proud, and a lovely triangular black bush was getting some attention as she rid herself of the exertions of her session.

But the thing that hit Caitlin, now she had a full view of the girl for the first time, was the beauty of her café-au-lait coloured skin. It took a few seconds for her to put all the pieces of the equation together, but when she factored it all in, there was only one conclusion.

She was stunning.

She was glad the girl was facing away from her and given that she was staring so hard, equally glad there were no other women in the changing room. She somehow wound her jaw back into place. They had only seen each other on the briefest of occasions, but how the hell had she never realised how genuinely lovely the girl was?

Stealing more surreptitious glances at the shower area, she gathered up her bag and went upstairs to the café bar. As she ordered a well-earned tea, orange juice and toast, she couldn’t get the thought of what she had seen out of her head. She tried to read her Kindle, but after a few minutes it was clear she was not taking anything in. All she could think of was what it would feel like to run her hands over that gorgeous skin. Help to soap those breasts, nuzzle her face into that lovely black bush. In her mind, she had her tongue in between the girl’s soft, wet pussy lips when a gentle voice behind her made her jump.

“Hey, sorry about before. I get a bit ahead of myself sometimes. Hope I didn’t embarrass you.”

Caitlin turned to see that lovely smile again. Bright, sparkling eyes, perfect white teeth surrounded by full, succulent lips. Her hair was now flowing around her head like a thick oily liquid. In Caitlin’s mind, the girl gasped her name as she sucked on her fat, swollen clitoris. The girl was wearing a simple white cotton shirt, showing off her gorgeous skin colour in all its glory.

Somehow, she caught herself and didn’t blush. “No not at all. Lovely of you to say those nice things.” She swallowed, trying to put out of her mind what he girl would taste like. She imagined spicy, musky. A hint of cinnamon. She could smell the heady aroma of the body lotions the girl had used in the shower and they were almost an aphrodisiac. Emboldened by the past few weeks, she gestured to the seat next to her. “Care to join me?”

The girl looked at her watch and sighed. “Oh, sorry, I’d love to but I’m meeting my cousin and her twins for a coffee on the harbour.”

Caitlin felt deflated but tried not to show it. “Think you deserve it after that workout! Never mind, maybe another time, eh?” She held her hand out. “Caitlin. Friends call me Cait…”

The girl’s smile went up a notch from earlier. She took Caitlin’s hand. It still felt warm from the shower. “Anjali. Nice to meet you, Cait…” She turned to leave. “Yeah, some other time would be nice.”

She took a few steps and turned back. “Oh, Anji to my friends.” She hesitated a moment and gestured at various parts of her body that mimicked the positions of Caitlin’s tattoos. “Beautiful. Must be a lucky guy…”

Caitlin watched her go, hoping she’d look back, but she kept going, gym bag over her shoulder, that liquid hair flowing, those incredible buttocks sliding against her jeans. Caitlin rarely thought of her father these days, but she had to stifle a giggle at the thought of how he would react in his broad Dublin accent.

“Loike two ferrets foightin’ to get out of a sack.”

For once in her life, Caitlin Price decided to take charge of güvenilir casino the situation. Everything that had happened in the last few weeks had been at someone else’s initiation – usually Bonnie’s or Skye’s. Now it was her turn. Before she could stop herself, she spoke to the retreating girl.

“Hey, Anji. I’m free later. Maybe you fancy catching up for a drink?”

The girl stopped dead and Caitlin’s heart sank – as ever expecting rejection. Anji turned, her big smile back in place. “Sounds great!” She glanced at her watch again and Caitlin could see her cogs whirring as she thought forward. “Say Harvey’s at five thirty?”

Caitlin grinned. Channeling her inner Skye Rodriguez, she put her thumbs up and said, “Cool!” Inside she was screaming triumphantly. Even if it turned out to be platonic, Anji looked like nice company and it would be better than an evening on her own. Caitlin hoped it wouldn’t be platonic. “I’ll try and book us a riverside table on my way home. See you then!”

Buzzing, she finished her late breakfast and headed over to Jude’s tattoo parlour to book in another ‘colouring-in’ session, as they called it. She was taking this one more slowly as it was bigger than the others and hurt like hell.

She made her appointment and headed out of the dark, slightly forbidding shop, punching the details into her phone. With Bonnie and Frank’s busy schedule, she needed to make sure everything was synched on her phone, tablet and laptop.

As she crossed the little footbridge over the lock gate, she glanced up and saw Anji sitting on the terrace of the coffee shop. A tall woman, similar in stature but older than Anji was standing over her, giving her a hug. Obviously the cousin she was meeting. There was a push chair next to the table. She willed Anji to look in her direction to give her a little wave, but it was in vain. At least, she thought, it wasn’t just a made-up excuse. She headed on to Harvey’s and got them the table for later and went back up to her apartment in a daze, wondering what to wear.

Chapter Two

After much deliberation, she chose a burgundy coloured printed blouse and distressed jeans. On a whim she rang Amie to see if she had an appointment free. She could make her hair look far more bed-worthy that Caitlin ever could and was relieved when Amie said she could fit her in at five. It would be a dash, but hopefully worth it.

In the end she made it with a few minutes to spare and sat at the table, heart pattering as she ordered a Coke to start with. She had a good view up and down the river, but didn’t know from which direction Anji would arrive. If she arrived at all of course – there were no guarantees. It was a few minutes after five thirty and she was checking her watch when she heard a breathy voice behind her. “Sorry, phone call. Got to keep the folks happy, eh?”

Anji looked amazing in a pair of tight, wet-look trousers and denim shirt. Her thick hair was held back from her face in a simple band and was piled up on top of her head. She shook it down as she reached towards Caitlin.

Caitlin got up and they embraced slightly awkwardly, air kisses missing the mark as ever. She felt a slight shudder at first contact with the girl and thought ruefully at what she would need to do to keep her own folks happy. A phone call? They’d say she had underachieved if she’d won an Oscar or the Nobel Peace Prize. She could hear her mother. “Best supportin’ actress? That the best you could do? Useless wee numpty. What’s wrong with best feckin’ star actress, eh?”

They fussed and flustered a little as they ordered, but once the wine arrived they both began to relax and Caitlin found Anji to be good company. She was in her second year at a local art and drama college and was a few years younger than Caitlin at coming up to twenty one. They exchanged potted biographies, Caitlin glossing over her unhappy childhood, and concentrating on marginally better times at the London School of Economics. She did though joke to Anji that if schooldays were the best days of your life she was in for a miserable existence. She also gave a much sanitized version of her relationship with Bonnie and Frank. Hopefully the girl may get to hear a more vivid account later.

For her part, Anjali Mithra was what she called ‘Mongrel.’ “There’s bits from everywhere in our family. Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Maldives, but mainly India. And all drawn together with a good old dose of exotic Yorkshire. I was born in Leeds where my Dad runs a business, but we moved to a lovely little village in the Dales when I was young, so I grew up in the countryside. I love London, but it’s nice to go back to the peace and quiet up there.”

If she had ever had a Yorkshire accent it was well hidden. She was starting well in her quest to be a famous actress. She’d had a few small parts in indie plays around the south-east and had a few things lined up on the horizon.

She grinned at Caitlin. “If you say you’ve seen me on TV, I’ll call you a liar, coz I hardly saw myself it was so fleeting!” A tiny part in a well known hospital drama that had been running for years and years. Still, as she said, many now-famous aspiring actors had started out appearing on it, so there was hope.

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