Good Neighbours Pt. 01

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This story was inspired by a conversation I had in chat with a guy called ‘Yupper’ (take a bow) and edited by the lovely ‘UAlbanyGirl518’ (take the blame).

As always I like to have a couple of twists so hold tight for the ride.


“You’re what?” Rick laughed as Sue jumped from the bed they had been sharing and ran into the adjoining bathroom.

“An anal virgin,” shouted Sue feeling embarrassed at her words, as she say on the toilet having a pee. Sue thought about her neighbour Rick, lying on the bed in the other room, and could feel his cum dripping from her as she peed. She remembered how they met a few summers back, and how things had developed from ‘good neighbours’ to where they were today, ‘friends with benefits.’


It all started 18 months ago on a sweltering weekend, when Sue and her husband Andy had invited their neighbours on both sides to come round for a BBQ, and enjoy the brand new hot tub that Andy had insisted they buy. While Andy spouted off about the prefect burger, Sue watched people climb in an out of the hot tub, when she heard a voice from behind her, “they should call it a cold tub really.”

“What?” said Sue, a little startled, and turned to stare into the face of Rick, who had moved in next door during the winter.

“A cold tub,” said Rick smiling. “After all there is no heating in there, though some things do look hot. I’m Rick, by the way, we live next door,” he said as he nodded towards a tall blonde woman who was sitting chatting earnestly to a couple of the other neighbourhood wives.

“I’m Sue,” she replied, “and that very important looking man over there with the chefs hat on is my husband Andy.” Sue couldn’t help adding under her breath, “or Dickhead.”

Rick snorted his beer when he heard Sue call her husband a “dickhead,” which in turn caused Sue to laugh and accidentally spill her beer over herself. After they had both stopped laughing they got chatting. While Rick was telling her what he did for a living, Sue found herself daydreaming about what he would be like in bed. He looked OK for 40, and it was apparent that kept himself in shape. He stood just a few inches taller than Sue’s 5’8″ and the touches of grey that flecked his dark hair made him look quite distinguish. Sue started to lose herself in his emerald green eyes, while thinking how nice it was to look directly at his face, instead of looking up at her husband, who at 6’5″ towered over Sue.

Rick’s baritone voice jolted her out of her daydream.

“Pardon?” she blurted out a little too loudly, while blushing at being caught daydreaming.

“Welcome back to planet Earth,” Rick said laughing, “I said what do you do to keep yourself in such good shape?” Sue felt his eyes on her curvy yet fit body as he spoke. He guessed she was about 5’7″ or 5’8″ and probably in the region of 140 pounds, and liked the fact that she looked like a woman who enjoyed life and didn’t diet to herself death like his wife. Her pretty face was ringed with a mass of short, curly, dark hair, and her brown eyes twinkled. Rick admired her curves and loved the swell of her breasts, unlike his almost flat-chested wife.

This time it was Sue’s turn to poke Rick in the ribs laughing, “so who’s daydreaming now?” her face lighting up with a happiness Rick hadn’t seen in any woman for a while. The banter went on well into the evening, and the conversation flowed effortlessly. Surprised by the bahis firmaları late hour, Rick knew he should go find his wife and say their good-byes. As he turned to leave her, Sue couldn’t help herself, and extended an open invitation, “do pop round anytime, we will have to be good neighbours.”

“I might just take you up on that,” Rick replied, “it gets boring working from home while Kate is out doing her fashion magazine thing.”

“I know how you feel,” said Sue, “Andy is often away travelling for some big deal or another, so we can keep each other company.”


Over the next few months they were frequently in and out of each others houses, becoming good neighbours. When their respective spouses where away, they would often have dinner together at one or the other’s place. On one of these occasions, as they finished off the second bottle of wine, they started talking about their sex lives.

“A year,” Rick said with a slight wine-induced slur, “been a whole year since my lovely, frigid wife condescended to allow me to fuck her.”

“Oh that terrible,” Sue empathized, feeling the colour and heat rise a little in her cheeks as the alcohol kicked in. Giggling, she added, “guess you must masturbate a lot then.”

Rick snorted in his wine and with a hint of sarcasm replied, “guess you and big Andy must have an active and wonderful sex life,” topping up both their glass and mopping up the splashes.

“Actually it’s a bit boring,” said Sue pensively, “he is so goddamned nice all the time, always checking did that hurt? Are you OK? Was it good for you? etc., etc., etc.”

“Sounds to me like you need a damned good fucking” blurted out Rick, then realising what he said, added sheepishly, “sorry, didn’t mean to be vulgar.”

Sue stared at Rick for a long moment, then looked at him calmly and said, “actually, you are absolutely right, do you fancy the job?”

They both rose as one, tearing at each others clothes, until they were both naked in the kitchen. Pausing a moment to drink in her voluptuous form, Rick said, “you are so beautiful.”

Grabbing Rick by his hard cock, which felt every bit as big as her husbands 7 inches, she pulled the skin back over the head, licked her lips and murmured, “uncut cocks are the best, now fuck me with it.”

Over the next few hours they fucked in every position possible, over the kitchen table, on the floor of the living room, even half way up the stairs at one point. When they finally reached the bedroom they were both too exhausted to do more than fall asleep in each others arms.

Sue woke the next morning to the smell of bacon and followed it downstairs to find Rick dressed in just an apron, cooking breakfast. “Sue,” he said with a semi serious look on his face, “last night was great, and I think it was exactly what we both needed, but I am not about to start wrecking marriages, my own included.”

“Good!” smiled Sue, “I was hoping you would say that, as I have been thinking the same thing. However we both have a need, and I think we can both be the solution to each other’s problem.”

“You mean fuck like rabbits when our spouses are away?” Rick said with a laugh.

“EXACTLY,” Sue said emphatically, “starting immediately after breakfast, assuming you have the energy.”


“Have you fallen down the toilet?” shouted Rick, snapping Sue back from her memories.

“I was just remembering our kaçak iddaa first night of fucking,” Sue called back while wiping her pussy and flushing. When she exited the bathroom, she was happy to find Rick lying on the bed, with a huge smile and an even bigger hard on.

“Look what I have found” said Rick waving a tube of KY jelly, “want to give it a try?”

Sue remembered the one and only time she and Andy had tried anal. She had involuntarily winced a bit, and Andy immediately stopped. He apologised and gently stroked her hair, and said that since Sue was an anal virgin, he wouldn’t force himself on her.

Sue wanted to scream at him in frustration, but instead just smiled and kissed him, and promised that one day they would try again and he could take her anal cherry.

“Pleeeeeze,” said Rick rolling his eyes making Sue laugh, “It will be fine and I’ll make sure you enjoy it.”

“OK,” said Sue, “but take it easy, I am a virgin back there.”

Sue knelt on the bed on all fours and felt Ricks finger touch her anal star causing her to tense. “Shhh,” whispered Rick, “just relax,” and Sue felt the coldness on the KY on her ass. Rick reached under and began to massage Sue’s clit as he probed gently with his finger. Rolling her clit with his fingers of one hand, Rick slowly inserted the other finger a bit at a time into her smooth, tight opening. The sensations in her pussy were driving Sue mad, and she didn’t even think about her ass until Rick said, “that finger is all the way in now, how does it feel?”

Sue wanted to say so many things but she couldn’t find any words until she finally blurted out, “marvellous, fucking marvellous.” Rick started to move the finger in and out, encouraged by Sue’s murmurs of approval, and soon her fingers took over from his on her clit, as she rubbed herself while he fingered her ass. “Oh I never knew it would feel like this,” Sue groaned as Rick introduced a second gel coated finger.

“Like what?” said Rick, as he slowly twisted and moved the fingers in and out.

“Like slutty and sexy all at the same time,” Sue closed her eyes and moaned with pleasure, keeping up the movement on her engorged clit. When Rick’s fingers left her, she looked into the mirror and could see Rick coating his cock with gel, rubbing it over the shaft, making it glisten. Sue could feel the animal lust rising in her, and without rational though, reached behind and pulled her ass cheeks apart. “Fuck me Rick, please, I beg you.”

It took every ounce of Rick’s self control not to drive straight in, but instead pressed his cock against Sue’s virgin ass and slowly increased the pressure. “Nuhhhhh,” moaned Sue, as she felt the cock head press her open, then pop inside, her hands fluttering at Rick’s groin.

Rick leaned forward and whispered in Sue’s ear, “burns a little, doesn’t it baby?”

“Fuck yes,” Sue whimpered, as she felt Rick push deeper, “burns so much.”

“It will get better baby,” Rick croaked, “you will get used to it, because I am not stopping.”

“Oh fuck yes,” groaned Sue loudly, as Rick pushed further until his whole cock was buried to the hilt, his balls touching Sue’s soaked pussy.

Pulling back slowly, Rick smeared his cock with more gel, before slowly pushing all the way in, amid Sue’s grunts and groans. As Sue relaxed, Rick started to increase his movements, his cock sliding easily in and out of Sue’s open ass. He could feel her fingertips on his balls, as she touched herself, kaçak bahis and he started to fuck her ass harder and harder. Suddenly with a loud roar, Sue started to buck and thrash as her orgasm hit, her ass clamping Rick’s cock like a vice. This sent Rick over the top, and jerking and thrusting uncontrollably, he started to spurt his hot cum into Sue’s ass. Just as Rick was pushing the last spurt into Sues ass, she mewed contently under him, a loud voice broke their orgasmic afterglow.

“WHAT THE FUCK?” shouted Andy, as he took in the scene before him of his neighbour’s cock buried deep in his wife’s no longer virgin ass. Rick went to pull out as Andy hit him, knocking him out cold.

Gaining his senses a few minutes later, Rick found himself on all fours, with his wrists tied to his knees, unable to move from this vulnerable position. Turning his head to the side, he saw Sue crouched in a chair, looking at him with fear and concern in her eyes. “Are you OK?” she whispered.

Before Rick could reply, Andy roared, “So the text was true, you ARE fucking my wife, and fucking her ass as well. That ass was supposed to be mine, so if I can’t have her anal cherry, I will have to take yours.”

Rick tried to process the words he just heard, but before he could speak, he felt a large squirt of cold gel on his anal star, and a large finger being pushed into his ass. Moaning with pain, Rick heard Andy say, “see Sue, your boyfriend likes having his ass fingered. And after I have thoroughly fucked his ass, I am going to fuck yours as well.” Sue tried to turn her head away but Andy grabbed it and snarled, “watch him get fucked.” With that Andy smeared a large gob of gel on his cock and started to push into Rick’s ass. “He is tight Sue, like I’ll bet you were for him, but soon he will be loose and broken in.” Andy drove his cock deeper causing Rick to moan loudly and as Sue bit her lip. She couldn’t help noticing that Rick was hard. She saw her husband grab her lover’s hips and start to piston himself in and out of his ass, driving his cock in, making Rick’s cock bounce under him.

As Sue watched, she could see Rick was clearly enjoying himself, although every so often he would let out a squeak of protest. Sue watched her husband’s face displaying an emotion she hadn’t seen in years, and saw the look of triumph on his face as he yelled and filled Rick’s ass with his cum. As Andy erupted into Rick’s ass, that triggered Rick’s orgasm, and he squirted jets of cum on the bed without anyone touching his cock. Pulling out, Andy wiped his cock on Rick’s ass before looking at Sue. “It will be your turn next, but first I need a drink.”

As Andy stormed downstairs, Sue moved quickly and untied Rick, bundling his clothes into his arms and pushing him towards the balcony. “Run Rick!” she said, “and I will smooth thing out with Andy.”


“So Rick liked having his ass fucked did he?” smiled Kate as she lifted her head from between Sue’s thighs, where she had been for the last half hour, licking and sucking as Sue recounted the story.

“You should know!” laughed Sue, “he is YOUR husband after all.”

“What did you say to Andy?” Kate asked, wondering how Sue had got out if it.

“Well,” said Sue, “turns out Andy loves anal so much he has been getting it elsewhere, he was just angry he didn’t pop my anal cherry. He calmed down a lot after he had fucked my ass, and after I promised him he could have Rick’s again as well.”

“And he has no idea about us?” Kate went on, “or that it was me who sent the text.”

“Neither of them know … yet,” Sue said smiling, pulling Kate’s head back to her pussy.

To be continued / … maybe

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