Good Neighbors and Sneakers

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I have been trying to find an editor to help me with my stories. I stopped submitting for a while as I searched. I have not had any luck and decided to submit this anyway. I have the 2nd chapter of this story almost complete. If anyone can help me find an editor, it would be appreciated.


My name is Bob and my wife’s name is Cathy, we live on a small cul-de-sac with only 4 houses on it. Recently the house across the street from us sold to a younger couple. My wife and I are in our early fifties and the couple that moved in are in their mid-thirties.

One day, while I was out working in the front yard, the new neighbor’s wife came home. She was a dainty red head, dressed in a sundress and wearing dainty blue sneakers. She quickly went in the house without noticing me or looking my way. About 30 minutes later her husband came home. He was dressed business casual, carrying a backpack. He too, went in the house quickly without looking my way. I haven’t noticed many people coming to visit them since they moved in, but I am sure they have had visitors that I had probably not noticed.

About two weeks had passed, when I noticed the wife working in the front yard. She was dressed in shorts, with a sleeveless top and wearing different pair of sneakers than those I saw her in the first day. She was out there digging holes and planting plants and although her husband was home, he was not outside helping her. At one point her husband came out to give her some water, but he just went right back in the house. A few days later, I again noticed her outside trimming trees and working in the yard while he stayed indoors. My wife pulled into the drive while she was still outside working. As my wife was checking the mail, she looked over her shoulder, called out and said hi to her. The young red head got up and they waked towards each other. They spoke for a while and then my wife came inside. My wife had found out their names were Cindy and Todd and that they have been busy working on their new home.

Another few days had passed, and as I pulled into my drive from work, Todd was standing at the end of his driveway. I got out of my car, turned toward Todd and we made eye contact. I nodded and said, “hi” as I walked toward him. We shook hands, I introduced myself, we spoke for a little while about a few random things. I found out he worked from home some days and I told him I do the same. After our short conversation we both went inside.

Our two houses are similar, except our house is a little larger and we have a pool while they do not. Memorial Day weekend was coming up in two weeks and we decided to have a cookout. We thought it would be nice to invite them to the cookout and get to know them. Two days later, I was working from home. My wife came home around 4pm, and I noticed out the front window that she was talking with Cindy. Cindy was dressed sporty, with black Yoga pants that had bright colored accents, black sports bra top and red converse low top sneakers. My eyes were drawn to her petite feet in the bright red, but well-worn sneakers. I loved how she was dressed. I also loved, that her red converse were worn just the right amount to look great on her feet, to me. When my wife came in, she told me she invited them to the cookout and Cindy had accepted. I could only wonder now how Cindy would dress for it. I was hoping she would wear the exact outfit she was wearing today. I just couldn’t wait to find out what she would be wearing the day of the cookout. This went from a friendly cookout, to something that might be much more interesting for me.

A little more about me. I have a big thing for women dressed in sporty outfits and sneakers. I have found that yoga pants and sneakers, gym gear and sneakers and sometimes anything with the right sneakers could make me start to get horny thoughts. My wife has always satisfied my fetish, and I have bought her a huge collection of sneakers over the years. My wife would usually purchase nice sporty outfits to match them. It seems the older I get, the more the sneakers turn me on, and more they draw my attention. The person wearing them must still be fit looking, but they can be a 5 or 6 out of 10 and the sneakers bump them up to an 8 or 9 these days. My wife is mostly pretty vanilla when it comes to sex, but she has learned to use my fetish to make me very happy and satisfied.

The day of the cookout was here, all was set up, we were just waiting for the neighbors to come across the street. We had a cooler full of beer and some liquor laid out with some mixers. For food it will be simple hamburger, hotdogs, brats and coleslaw, etc… The doorbell rings, I watched as my wife opened the door for them. By our front door, we keep our recently worn shoes. My wife has 3 pairs of her sneakers there and I have a pair of mine as well. When the neighbors entered, my wife asked them to kindly leave their shoes by the door. I am surprised to find Cindy is not dressed completely sporty but is Bycasino wearing a white sundress, and I had to watch as she was slipping out of a pair of slightly dirty, white mono, canvas, slip on vans. Todd walks in, and he is actually wearing a pair of red converse, much like what I saw on Cindy the other day, only larger. I thought I noticed him looking at my wife’s sneakers as he was slipping his own off, but I was not sure. We all worked our way out to the backyard and sat around the pool. I offered everyone drinks. I grabbed a beer, as did Todd, while the ladies made themselves some drinks. Todd and I spoke a little about what we did for work and what we had to do around the yard this weekend.

After about an hour had passed, it was time to start the grill and get some food cooked. My wife brought out the meat and I started to cook as she and Cindy got changed and got in the pool. I looked over and saw Cindy was wearing a nice, black, two piece, and looked really nice in it I might add. As the food cooked, Todd and I continued to drink a few beers. I noticed he was getting a little relaxed as we drank and figured he is probably not a big drinker. I let him know I was going to get my bathing suit on real quick and I headed inside. Todd followed me in to do the same. I showed him the guest bathroom in the front hall, right around the corner from the front door. I headed to my bedroom and the master bath. Just then, I remembered I needed to check the lawn sprinklers to make sure they would stay off while we had the cookout. I can see the front hall and entrance from my bedroom door, when I came out, I saw Todd over by the front door with his back to me instead of the bathroom. I closed the door back most of the way and just watched through the cracked door.

I saw him bend down for a little while, then come back up with one of my wife’s sneakers in his hand. I knew she had three pairs over there. She had a pair of black and white Nike free, a pair of Saucony liteform and a pair of white, low top Converse. He had the white Converse in his hands, I watched as he played with it a little, flexed it, sniffed it and then I watched him rub the soles her Converse on his crotch before putting it back and heading to the bathroom. I waited for the door to close, then I went out to check the sprinklers and finally put my suit on. When I came out of my bedroom, I saw that Todd was now back outside, it was my turn to go toward the front door. I grabbed his wife’s white slip-on vans and checked the size. Cindy had very dainty feet indeed, they were a size 5.5 and nicely broken in. I put her sneaker back down and return to the backyard.

Once the food was done, we all ate and returned to the pool for a few hours. We each had several more drinks while enjoying the pool. It was obvious that Todd was getting a little drunk, Cindy was not too far behind and was tipsy as well. I decided to get out of the pool and Todd followed my lead. The ladies stayed in the pool, after we dried off, I went into the front room and turned on the TV. Todd joined me and we were now sitting on our towels watching TV in the same room that had the front door, and of course the sneakers in it.

I planned to watch Todd, now that he was nice and relaxed, and see what would happen. I excused myself and headed to the master bedroom again. I left the door slightly cracked like earlier and gave it about a minute. I looked through the crack in the door, and sure enough he took the bait. He was right over there by the sneakers again, only this time I saw him pull the front of his shorts down and he started to rub his cock with my wife’s sneakers. I have to say, I wanted to do the same and more with his wife’s vans. I figured since he had a lot to drink, he would never get hard, and this would end as quickly as it started. To my surprise he did start to get hard and eventually he had his cock out and standing rock hard in front of him. His cock was bigger than I would have expected for a guy his size. He looked my way for a second, then stuck his cock inside my wife’s converse and started to fuck it. He did this for about 20 seconds or so and then he quickly reached down and grabbed one of my wife’s Saucony, he push it onto his cock and did the same, but this time he took his cell phone out and took pictures of his cock inside my wife’s sneaker or maybe even a video of his cock fucking it. He then grabbed my wife’s Nike free and did the same to it. Todd then grabbed the converse again, pushed his cock inside, and started to fuck it again. This time it was obvious he was taking a video of him fucking it. I could see him appear to be getting close to cumming as he did this. I was sure he would realize he may get caught and had to stop. He must have been a little more drunk than I thought because he just kept going. His whole body was getting into it now and he suddenly pulled his cock out of my wife’s Converse, bent down and grabbed his wife’s white vans and shoved it on his cock. He Bycasino giriş fucked that for a little while as he continued to take the video the best he could. I am pretty sure I saw him tense up as if he came, but he just stopped, pulled his rock-hard cock out, pulled his pants up, and put the sneaker back down.

I gave Todd time to compose himself and came out of the bedroom. I could see he was still hard while he was sitting there, I realized I was also hard at this point. He then excused himself and went to the bathroom. I guessed he went to clean himself. I quickly got up, I wanted to jam my cock inside his wife’s sneaker but did not feel I could be as bold as he was. I did grab the van off the floor and looked at it and played with it a little, then I just got the overwhelming urge to do it. I quickly pulled my already hard cock out and jammed the sneaker down onto it. It felt so good but then I realized it felt unusually warm, slippery and so good to fuck. Shit, he did cum inside, he had to. It feels so fucking good to fuck it right now, that I am not sure I really care. I was pretty sure I could cum fast if I tried and since it seems there was already cum inside, it is not like anyone could tell. I guess his wife is used to it or likes it when he does this. I just got so caught up in it and kept going until I shot my load into Cindy’s dainty white van. I pulled the van off my cock to put it back down as I felt cum running down my balls and onto my leg. Shit, Todd must have filled that sneaker with a huge load or I came more than ever before. I looked down and My cock and balls were covered as they slid out of Cindy’s sneaker. I quickly ran back into my bathroom to get cleaned up, then rushed out to sit back down and wait for Todd.

When Todd returned, we talked as if none of this had just happened. We went on watching TV for a little while and then the ladies came in. We all got together for coffee and desert in the family room and around 9pm they decided to leave. I watched as Cindy slipped her foot into her Vans, that were filled with cum. She hesitated a little bit as her foot slid in, I could tell she felt it. She looked over at her husband, who just smiled as she finished slipping her foot inside. I was actually getting hard again just thinking about her foot sliding into our cum that was inside that nice little sneaker. Todd slipped his converse on and I watched as they crossed the street back to their house.

I never looked at Cindy the same way after that. Every time I saw her in sneakers after that day, I would wonder if there was a fresh load in her sneaker as she was walking around. As time went on, I could see she had a pretty good selection of sneakers and it became my new hobby to check them out whenever I had the chance. Todd seemed more interested in taking notice of my wife as she came home as well. I am sure he was doing the same. The other thing that changed is that I kept thinking about how good it felt to fuck Cindy’s van with Todd’s cum inside them. I have gotten hard, just thinking about it from time to time since that day.

The next time I was able to talk to Todd, I invited him over again. I had to see if Cindy would wear another pair of sneakers, and I was curious about what they may look like inside and if I could tell he had cum in the others.

That weekend, they came over early, and sure enough, she as wearing her red converse and so was Todd. I found a time when no one was near the front door and just had to look. I grabbed her converse and looked in each one. It did look like one of them might have a cum stains inside on the bottom, but there was no way to be sure without unlacing them and getting a better look. While I was there, I grabbed Todd’s converse as well and just checked the size. He had smaller feet as well, they were a men’s size 7. I was getting a little excited just holding both his and her converse for a few minutes. I was looking inside his and noticed there also seemed there might be a cum stains inside. I put them down and rejoined the others.

We all hung out and talked for a while, then I suggested we all go for a walk. Everyone seemed to be happy to take a stroll and I watched Cindy and Todd put on their Converse as my wife and I got our sneakers on. We started to walk around the block, Todd and I followed behind the girls so I could get a good look at Cindy walking in her Converse and my wife in her Nike free’s. I am sure Todd was enjoying the view as much as I was.

I started to feel a little bold and decided to break the ice on this subject. Since we could not hear what the girls were talking about, I decided it was safe enough to give it a try.

“So matching Converse, that’s cute,” I said to Todd.

He looked a little concerned, but just replied,” yep.”

Then I said, “Cindy looks cute in them.”

He smiled and said, “your wife looks good in her Nike Free too.”

So now the ice has been broken, I wanted to see Bycasino güncel giriş where it would go from here. We walked a little more and then Todd brought the topic up again and said, “your wife has a decent assortment of sneakers, doesn’t she?”

I paused a few seconds and said, “She has a few, seems Cindy does as well.”

Smiling he said, “she does have a good size collection and she wears them with almost everything.”

” It seems that the girls have something in common then,” I said.

As I said that, I was thinking that it seems Todd and I may have something in common as well when it comes to the girls and their sneakers. We walked for a while more and then just went through our gate and into my backyard when we got back to our house. We sat in a circle in chairs outside and I could see Todd kept looking at both my wife’s and his wife’s feet time to time, I was doing the same, but did not know if he noticed. After a little while Todd spoke up and said, “hey why don’t we go over to our place and have a few drinks?”

“Yeah, you guys haven’t been over to our place yet,” Cindy blurted with smile.

I looked at my wife and she nodded it was ok.

I looked at Todd, “sounds like a plan.”

We got up and followed them to their house. Once inside I immediately noticed a little shoe rack by the front door with about 10 pairs of sneakers on it. Most were Cindy’s from what I could tell. As we went to take our shoes off, Todd stopped us, saying it is ok to leave them on if we like. They walked toward the kitchen and we followed. We all took seats around the table. Todd grabbed some beer out of the refrigerator and put a six pack on the table and took a seat. We all grabbed a beer and continued to talk about some random topics. After a beer or so, Todd got up and motioned for me to come with him. I followed him and he brought me to the garage. Once inside I noticed a curtain along one wall. He walked toward the curtain and pulled it back. Behind it, was a wall full of sneakers on shelves. They appeared to all be Cindy’s size.

“Wow, that’s a good-sized collection I said.

He smiled, “Cindy and I both like when she wears them.”

“I guess so,” I smiled

My wife’s collection was probably larger, but I was not ready to share that info yet, we went back in the house and noticed the girls had moved to the living room. Cindy was on the couch and my wife on the love seat. I joined my wife and sat between her and the couch on the love seat while Todd joined Cindy putting her between us. Almost immediately Cindy leaned back into Todd and put her head on his lap and her feet up on the armrest. This put her converse just inches from my hand. I kept glancing at them, thinking what it would be like to slip them off her feet and slid my cock into them while they were still warm. I then started to think what it would be like, to slide my cock in them, right after Todd fucked them. I started to get aroused even more. This is new for me, until that day, I only thought about pussy and sneakers.

We sat for a while watching TV and making small talk when Todd blurted out, “shots!”

Then Cindy, “shots!”

I just looked at Todd and waited for more.

“Let’s do some shots,” he says.

“I don’t know about that, I have some work to do in the morning and do not want to get trashed today,” I said.

“What about you girls,” he says

Cindy sits up and shouts, “I’m game.”

My wife somewhat reluctant agrees. He brings in some different bottles of liquor and shot glasses. I did two shots with them and then sat back and mellowed out to make sure I didn’t get drunk, but Todd and the girls keep going strong. Todd then starts to slow his pace and the girls keep it up for a while longer until they are pretty much plastered. There is a bunch of laughter and giggling for a while and then the girls started to get tired. Cindy is leaning back on Todd again and appears to fall asleep. I look over at my wife and she is nodding off as well. I see Todd just staring at her sneakers and he seems oblivious to the fact I am looking right at him, looking at my wife’s feet. I am sure Todd is pretty buzzed if not drunk at this point.

Cindy’s converse are again inches from my hand, and she is asleep. I let my hand slowly work its way over until I am touching the soles. I keep my eyes on Todd and he is just staring at my wife’s sneakers. I start to move my hand and slowly start to caress Cindy’s red convers. I feel the soles, then the rubber on the sides. I run my hand around the rubber toe and up the canvas until my hand is wrapped around her sneaker and I can feel her warmth through them. Cindy flexed her foot as my hand is on her sneaker and it felt and looked amazing when she did. I looked up to make sure Todd is not looking over. I slipped my finger down inside Cindy’s sneaker alongside her foot and imagined it was my cock. I start to rub my cock through my shorts as I finger fucked her converse. I started to feel I was getting too bold and removed my hand from her sneaker and cleared my throat.

Todd looks over at me and says, “I love your wife’s sneakers, Cindy has a pair of Nike Free as well, but I really like the way those look on your wife.”

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