Good Medicine

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Author’s note: Tons of appreciation for my editor is required (you know who you are). You didn’t have to take me on, but I’m glad you did! This story wouldn’t be what it is without your help. Many, many thanks!

Outside, the sun started making its sojourn to the night. Inside, the TV channels flipped by at the speed of light. Nothing held her attention for more than thirty seconds. Maggie sunk deeper and deeper into her blue funk.

“To hell with this,” she said turning the TV off, throwing the remote to the bed.

It was Friday, had it really only been a week since her gall bladder surgery? The healing wounds on her body said yes, it had only been a week. Maggie crossly recalled the words of her doctor’s appointment yesterday afternoon:

“I’m sorry Maggie, but it’s another week in bed for you.”

“Another seven days in this damn bed,” she said.

Her mood swung into bitterness, this was definitely not the lifestyle of a fierce young woman. Maggie, a tiny frame at only 5ft 4in, kept her body in good shape. Hours in the gym each week kept her tummy taut, her ass firm and her legs shapely. She turned heads with her mane of wavy brown hair and her steely green eyes. Looks could deceive as she was strong in mind and chewed out men twice her size in the boardroom for breakfast. She was a tigress that lived for the hunt and thrill of the kill. But the mirror across the room told another story. In her eyes, the brash, no nonsense woman was gone.

In the past week she had been replaced by a dependent shell of a girl in pink bunny pajama bottoms and ratty t-shirt. Aggravated did not even begin to describe Maggie’s state of mind. Maggie was wondering if she could put herself out of her misery by strangling herself with the duvet when she heard movement in the living room. It was her husband David home from work.

A sandy blonde head poked its way through the door.

“Hey, there! I thought you would be asleep.”

Striding into the room, David loosened his tie and took a seat on the bed.

“How was your day?”

“It sucked.” Maggie’s response was snippy.

A furrow developed on her forehead that caught David’s attention immediately. He placed a hand on the back of her neck and massaged it. Maggie relaxed.

“I’m sorry…I’m being bitchy, David, I’m so sick of this, I can’t do anything for myself! Rolling over hurts, stretching hurts, hell, it even hurts too much to get myself off!”

David continued to massage Maggie’s neck, understanding her pain, especially the last part. He definitely missed the feistiness of his wife in bed. It had been a long week in that aspect. A devilish thought rolled through his mind. A wicked grin crossed his face as a quick plan formulated. Standing up, David asked,

“Listen, since you can’t do anything for yourself just yet, can I do it for you?”

Maggie was unsure, but agreed anyway.

David disappeared from the room. Moments later, he came back, had shod his work clothing and was clad in only a pair of sweat pants. The sculpted upper body of her husband distracted Maggie shortly; David was definitely a looker with his built physique and cat like grey eyes. Being a good foot taller than Maggie, the main view she got from sitting on the bed was his lower body. Watching the muscles in his butt move, along with the faint outline of his bulge sent a pool of heat down to Maggie’s own lower regions. ‘I miss being with him’ she thought silently.

In the beginning stages of arousal, Maggie didn’t notice that David was carrying a basin of water and a towel to the bed.

“What’s all this?” Maggie questioned.

David set the bowl on the nightstand and smiled mysteriously. She knew that smile; she had seen it a thousand times since they had been together. Those past memories ran through her mind, the pool of artvin escort heat between her legs furiously beginning to burn.

David propped Maggie up with two pillows and simply said,

“Sponge bath.”

He knelt on the bed at her feet.

“Comfortable? Good.”

He stripped Maggie of her clothing. As his fingers slid down her smooth legs, David could feel her warm, soft skin. Standing up, he took a moment to take in the lusciousness of her naked body. He drank in the vision of her full, round breasts, sensuous curves, and strong legs. His cock stirred at the thought of touching her; David took the washcloth and picked up one of her hands. He scrubbed the palm and washed between her delicate fingers, taking his time. Once he was finished, he proceeded to the length of her arm. Maggie felt the cool, refreshing water on her forearm and the touch of David’s lips on her fingers. They looked at each other with love and longing. He repeated the treatment on the other arm and then eased her onto her side.

Bringing his body along side hers, David gave broad strokes on Maggie’s back with the washcloth. Arching into him, she felt herself become more and more in need of his affectionate touch. His free hand floated down the arc of her hip.

“Why can’t I keep my hands off of you?” His voice was almost inaudible.

Maggie smiled back and he laid a kiss on her shoulder. His ministrations had her awash in a warm glow. A blush crept across her face; her wane complexion quickly being replaced by a healthy flush.

Rolling her onto her back, he started on Maggie’s torso. He soothingly washed first one, then the other breast. Attending to the nipples, David smiled as he coaxed them to attention. Glancing up from his work, he noticed that Maggie had closed her eyes to relax. It was time for his plan to roll into action.

David brought his lips to a breast. Rolling his tongue across the delicate bud, it hardened in his mouth. Sucking gently, David elicited a groan of pleasure from Maggie. Switching to the other breast, he nursed the nipple into his mouth. As his hand wandered between her tits, he hummed on the nipple and stroked her soft skin. Maggie moaned; the sore muscles were now numb as pleasure began to take root in her body. She hadn’t felt this good in days and her head began to spin from the delight. Just as she was about to give into the haze, David’s hand grazed over one of her healing wounds. Pushing him off, Maggie’s hand covered an inch long healing scar. She was gun shy about this little imperfection. Looking into her embarrassed eyes, David said nothing, and went to get her a fresh white tank top.

The outline of his shaft was pressing against his pants. His cock was at full hardness. It was not difficult for Maggie to notice it strained against the fabric. Catching her stare, David ran his right hand over the rigid silhouette luridly before helping Maggie put on the tank top. Bringing her hand to his crotch and using it to stroke him, David made the intentions of this bath clear.

The loose confines of sweat pants suddenly seemed very suffocating. Maggie looked so hot, practically naked and wanting him. It was taking every ounce of control not to climb on top of her and pound her to oblivion. As the heat between them became more palpable, he found himself starting to rush the bath. Trying to slow down, David treated each of her legs to a tender rinse. But his growing desires soon replaced his initial plans. Replenishing the washcloth of water, David brought it to her waiting pussy. A tremor of tension ran through her body.

Maggie was apprehensive, she wasn’t sure if she could do this. But when David began to bathe her pussy using more vigorous strokes, her apprehension failed her.

He took out his stiff cock and began stroking aydın escort it with his free hand. A drop of pre-cum oozed from the fleshy head. Maggie licked her lips at the sight, the veins on his member were very prominent and he was quite thick. All of a sudden, he plunged two fingers into his wife and began stroking her, liquid heat saturated David’s palm as the pitch began to build. The intoxicating fragrance of arousal wafted around the room. Lifting her ass and spreading her legs open, he lowered his head into the slippery cleft between them. Light kisses flecked the flesh of her thighs as his fingers continued their relentless assault on her cunt. The need to taste her was too much. David flicked his tongue twice over her protruding clit and latched on with his lips suckling her as he had done to her nipples moments before, his tongue teased her hot button. Quickly, an orgasm hit Maggie and she rewarded his efforts with the taste of her sweetness. David loved how she tasted and wanted more. Replacing his fingers with his tongue, he flattened it as he plunged deeper into her wantonness. Once again, Maggie was rocketed into orbit by his oral nursing; she forgot the pain and the scars, all there was now was release.

David looked up at his lustful wife. What a sight she was! Her nipples jutted out trying to escape the confines of her tank top as she grasped the bars of their headboard with two hands. Sweat glistened on her forehead matting stray tendrils of Maggie’s russet mane. Her legs were wide open to him like a sacred offering spilling forth a rare wine. Diving back down to this hallowed altar of flesh, David ran his tongue along her hot slit covering it from clit to ass. Maggie began to keen as he pinched her clit while driving his tongue even deeper within her. She went over the brink of eternity screaming out his name. Waves of blistering fervor rippled through her body, her hands came off the headboard and held David’s head to her pussy as if intending to keep him there forever.

As Maggie’s breathing slowly returned to normal, David swore he could hear her heart pounding from where he lay. Sliding down to the foot of the bed, he stood up surveying his triumph. Maggie’s prone body was relaxed and her eyes were now fixed on his still erect cock. They did not speak a word to each other. They communicated only in a private, silent language developed over their years of intimacy. David raised his eyebrows as if to ask a question. The reply was an explicit smile and flick of her tongue. His hunger for her was evident when he stripped off the pants. David was harder than granite and needed release.

“I want you so badly,” his hand grabbed at her right buttock as he crawled to her.

“I want to be deep inside you. It’s been too long since I have buried myself in you.”

With a great display of dexterity, David rolled Maggie onto her hands and knees while tucking the two pillows underneath her stomach in the blink of an eye. It was an exquisite picture. Maggie was in her favorite position with her ass presenting itself to him. Come dripped from the lips of her pussy making them glisten. David bent over and brought his tongue onto her again wanting another taste. She responded by grinding herself into his face. He reached with his oaken arms and began massaging Maggie’s body. Groaning, she felt herself slacken. He spoke softly to her as he worked her muscles.

“You are so beautiful. Do you know how hot you look right now? Your curvy ass is up in the air, the lips of your cunt are open for me. I’m so hard.”

David’s hips slid forward, pressing his need against her.

“I think I could come just from this.”

Bending over her like a protective layer, Maggie felt his warm breath on her ear,

“I want to fuck you so badly. Wrap your balıkesir escort warm pussy around my aching cock my sweet, sweet Maggie.”

That was all she needed to hear. In one desperate move, Maggie shifted backwards and had David buried to the hilt.

He seized Maggie by her ample hips. David withdrew himself slowly and then thrust himself back into her heat. He had to pace himself, as he wanted this to last longer than two strokes. Muscles began to tighten around him like a vise. Her pussy was so hot, tight, and ripe for fucking. From experience, David knew what was coming…him. Using short, stiff strokes, David brought Maggie off again just to take off the sharp edge of her need. Struggling to keep his senses about him, he ached to blow his load inside of her. Keeping his hands squarely on her shoulders, he set the pace. David made sure that Maggie felt every inch of his unyielding length. Each time he pulled out, his cock shone with more of her nectar.

“David, I need you to come in me,” Maggie begged beneath him.

A fresh brew of her excitement swamped them both. A familiar contraction began to strain at his balls. The skin on skin contact seared through their bodies. He knew he couldn’t hold out much longer. His left hand skimmed down her spine and rested on the small of her back. Determined to give her one more trip to the stars before his own, David tantalized Maggie verbally yet again.

“You feel me back here, baby?”

David’s cock strokes became insistent and intense.

“My cock is hard because of you. You make me want to fuck you over and over again. I’m going to come in your tight twat!”

Breaths had become frantic, the noises of lovemaking echoed throughout the room. David felt his load start to rise within him. Maggie was now thrusting back into him.

“That’s right, Maggie…fuck me. Pleasure yourself on my cock. Fuck…ah…fuck yes…c-come for me n-n-now!”

The room spun for David upon the start of his climax. He gripped on to Maggie’s succulent ass cheeks burying himself to the root and inundated her pussy with his hot seed. David tried to still himself and just enjoy the moment, but his hips continued to buck forward.

“Yes, David. Come in my cunt,” she wailed being overtaken by her own orgasm.

Maggie squeezed his cock with her cunt muscles as the orgasm shook her. She flailed around consumed by the bodily worship her husband had just given her.

David pulled out of Maggie’s still gripping pussy; a stream of come ran out of her body. Maggie was beyond words, only feelings ran through her. She was drained as she slumped against the pillows. Mind spinning, she tried to find the words to thank her husband, but words escaped her as her eyes began to close. The brush of soft lips kissing up her back and a tender ‘I love you’ were the last things she remembered.

When she awoke, it was night. The moon was full and lit up the room in only shadows. She did not know how long she had been asleep, but realized she was in a fresh set of pajamas. David stirred next to her. They lay spooning together. Turning to face him, she stroked his cheek,


“Hmm? Oh, you’re awake.” A sleepy smile inched across his handsome face.

“Welcome back. You were out for a little bit.”

“I know.” Maggie kissed him squarely on the mouth, “Thank you.”

“Thanks for what?”

“Thanks for the ‘physical therapy.’ I needed that.”

David pulled her close.

“I hope you’re feeling better, Maggie.”

She snuggled closer to him nodding. He loved that she fit just right into the nook of his body. Kissing his chest, she giggled,

“So, Doc…you got any other cures for me?”

David thought for a moment,

“I do believe I have some, let’s say ‘experimental’ remedies that you can try.”

He gave Maggie’s nipple a tweak, Maggie snaked her hand down between his legs.

“Suddenly seven more days in bed doesn’t seem too bad a deal.”

This is my first story and I would really appreciate any constructive comments. I want to get better at writing. If writing feedback isn’t your thing, please vote!

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