Good Friends Ch. 03

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Steve woke up earlier this time. It was about 7:30 when he crawled out of bed. After looking outside and seeing that it was not raining he decided to go for an early jog. He threw on some sweats, headed down stairs and then out the door. He went once around the block and was back in the house in fifteen. When he got back he headed into the kitchen, and found someone else finally awake.

Shelly was busy making a pot of coffee. She had the same shirt as last night on with a pair of tight sleeping sweats that hung low on her waist. She turned when he walked towards her and flashed him another sexy smile. He returned it as he reached in the fridge for some orange juice.

“Good morning Shelly. How are you today?”

“I’m good. How about you?”

“Great, I slept like a log,” Steve said after gulping down his orange juice.

He walked over to stand in front of Shelly. His hands went to her waist as he pressed his body against hers. Quickly they slid up and then down beneath the strap of her sweats to cup her ass. He quickly noted the lack of panties.

“So how does this feel today?” Steve asked giving the soft cheeks a squeeze.

“Not quite as sore as last night.”

Steve leaned forward and gave Shelly a deep kiss. She returned it wrapping her arms around him. Her soft breasts pressed against his chest, the nipples poked at him through the thin fabric. Steve’s cock hardened as it rubbed against Shelly’s crotch.

“And what is going on here?” Steve froze at the sound of Tina’s voice.

“Well…um…that is…,” he was mumbling as he turned and then froze again when he saw that she had her sexy smile across her face.

Shelly walked past Steve, the same smile on her face as well, and over to Tina. She had on the same night gown as last night. She was braless, and if he could guess panty less too.

“You must have had fun last night,” Tina said talking to Shelly. Steve was surprised she knew about last night.

“You know I did,” Steve was now surprised that Shelly was talking about it.

“I told you he was good.”

“He made my ass sore though.”

“Everyone makes your ass sore.”

“Yeah, you’re right. But he made it extra sore.”

Steve’s head kept turning left and right as the two talked about him and their exploits during the past two nights. Shelly started going into explicit details about what happened. Tina, as she listened, made comments about their night as well. They finally saw that he was trying to follow what was going on and laughed about it. Then Tina made a suggestion that really confused him.

“Do you want to give him a preview of tonight?”

“Absolutely. Anything to torture him even more.”

“Tonight?” Steve’s head now hurt from trying to understand what they were talking about.

They soon showed him what they were talking about. Their lips came together in a deep kiss. Their hands began to slide across each others breasts, thighs, and asses. They both moaned into each others mouths, as they grinded their hips and crotches into the others. Steve stared on as his dick began to swell. He couldn’t keep his eyes off them as their tongues darted into each others mouths.

Shelly pulled one of Tina’s straps down exposing a breast, and then pushed her against the counter in the kitchen. Bending at the waist she quickly sucked the nipple into her mouth. Tina moaned slightly as Shelly teased her with lips, teeth and tongue. She moaned louder as Shelly pulled down the other strap and then switched to the other nipple. She pulled the lower part of the dress up exposing Tina’s panty-less (as Steve thought), tight pussy and started to stroke it. She continued to do so until Steve heard the familiar gasp Tina let out as she came.

Then it was Tina’s turn. She yanked Shelly’s top over her breasts’ and went to work sucking and nibbling on them. And it was Shelly that was moaning now. Louder then Tina had. So loud Steve was afraid she would wake Rick. Tina’s hand slid Shelly’s bottoms down a little so Steve could see her play with the others pussy. It took a longer time to get the younger girl to orgasm, but it was definitely a louder one.

The two stopped their playing, situated their clothes, and turned back to one very surprised Steve. He stood speechless. His dick was rock hard and straining against the fabric of his sweats. The girls gave him their sexy smiles before walking over to him, giving him a peck on the cheek, and then heading out of the kitchen and upstairs. Steve stood there unable to move, shocked at what he just saw. Plus it was a sign of things to come?

“Oh boy…,” he said before finishing his drink and heading upstairs.

The girls were in their separate showers so he decided to wait on confronting them about what was going on. He went into his room to gather up the clothes he was going to wear for the day. He sat on the bed separating his things he heard a knock at the door. When he said enter Tina, wearing nothing but a towel over her body and wet from her shower, walked in.

“It was mean for us tease you like that,” she said pulling the towel open. It dropped softly to the floor leaving escort her naked in front of the confused man. “We’ll explain everything tonight but for now, I’ll just make sure you don’t suffer with blue balls all day.”

Tina knelt in front of Steve and then grasped his sweats. She pulled them down just enough to free his raging hard dick. It sprang free and brushed across Tina’s naked chest. In a split second her mouth was all over it. She sucked on it just as she had before still only taking about ¾ of it into her mouth. Steve lay back onto his hands, his head rolled back as well. Tina released Steve’s cock the sifted into a position where she could place it between in crevice of her luscious 32c’s. She pressed them together and started to bounce them up and down.

Steve started to moan as Tina’s breasts moved rapidly across his prick. She would occasionally stop and spit on the head to keep it lubed up as she fucked him with her soft mounds. The slippery lube and the softness of her tits were more then he could stand. In minutes she had him coming. Steve muffled his cry as shot after shot erupted from his dick and onto her chin, neck and of course, breasts.

Without a word Tina stood up, collected her towel and walked back out into the hall still naked and dripping with his cum. Steve sat on his bed, his limp member still hanging from his sweats, with one of the biggest smiles on his face. He heard Shelly’s shower turn off and decided he wouldn’t inquire any more about tonight, deciding to just trust the girls instead. He was in the shower, in the middle of rinsing his hair, when Shelly walked in.

He didn’t hear her come in and didn’t even know she was there until after he was done rinsing some soap from his eyes. He had been facing the shower head and then turned to see her standing there, the sight of her naked body now making his erection grow once again. Her hair was not in pigtails this time. Unbound the freshly soaked, it fell to her mid shoulders. In one of her hands she held his body-wash.

Shelly flipped open the bottle and poured some onto her hand. She closed it and set it onto the tub. She smiled her smile and walked over to the still stunned Steve, while rubbing the mixture in her hands. Her hands guided across his chest and then, after Steve tried to pull her into another kiss, moved to his shoulders turning him around. She lathered his back and then reached for the bottle again.

After getting more, Shelly’s hands went to Steve’s ass and then slid around his hips to grasp his now very erect member. Using the lather as a lube Shelly began to stroke Steve’s dick slowly. He started to gasp and moan loudly as she did. She pressed her body against his as she continued to rub.

Steve felt her breasts and the fur of her pussy hair press up against him. He reached backwards and grabbed the young ass he fucked last night. She responded by increasing her pace making Steve clamp his eyes shut. He grunted as he came again; Shelly angled his dick downward so the cum shot straight into the drain. After the orgasm subsided she quickly rinsed herself, helped rinse Steve and then stepped out of the shower. Steve heard the door open and close shaking his head in disbelief.

The rest of the day went by more normally than that. Steve though, had trouble acting like there was nothing going on between the three in front of Rick. They headed a park to hang out with more friends for the day. That night they went to a club around 7pm. They danced, all but Shelly, drank and partied until about 1am. When they got home Steve and Tina helped the Rick, who was the drunken one this time, to bed.

“So now what?” Steve asked Tina after shutting Rick’s door.

“Now you go to your room and wait,” Tina said back to him starting back to hers.

Steve smiled and walked into his room. On his bed lay a note. He smiled as he read the words.

‘Wait, for thirty minutes and then meet us downstairs.’

He did as he was told. The next half an hour slowly ticked by. When it was finally time to go, he left his room and headed down the stairs. Sitting on the couch where the two ladies of the night. Both were completely naked and caressing one another. Steve’s dick began to swell again immediately. They turned to see him standing there.

“Ah nice to see you again Steve,” Tina said. “I hope you’re ready for a long night. When Rick’s hung over he usually doesn’t get up till noon.”

“Also…” Shelly chirped in. “…as you can see you’re not going to need any clothes. We’re also not going to need any condoms as well, because Tina’s not the only one on the pill.”

Steve nodded in understanding and quickly disrobed, standing in front of them in all his glory.

“Good, now come sit between us,” Tina said.

Steve did as he was told placing himself between the two beautiful women. Shelly sat on his right caressing his arm; Tina sat on her knees on his right, hands in her lap. Steve sat back with his hands stretched on the top of the couch.

“So here’s the deal,” Shelly started. “You can’t join us until we say you can. That also means no touching yourself. When you do join in, you have to give us one hundred percent. If so, you’ll get a special surprise. Deal?”

“Um… I guess. Deal.”

“Good,” Shelly spoke after he responded. “Tina, shall we?”

The two girls leaned across Steve, lips meeting in a kiss. Just plain mean in his mind. It was an exclamation in the fact that he couldn’t touch at all. Their tongues darted into each others mouths, hands began to explore each others bodies. Fingers slid over breasts, nipples, waists, asses, and mounds. And all Steve could do was just watch. The girls moaned as they rubbed and kissed each other. Tina suddenly pushed Shelly back. The other fell, with a small yelp, onto her back.

“You bitch,” Shelly was smiling. “Get over here and lick my pussy.”

“What do you think I did that for?” Tina asked sliding off of the couch. “Now lay back.”

Shelly shifted so that she was lying against the corner of the couch. This way both Tina had access and Steve had a good view. Tina gave Steve her devilish smile while she crawled across the ground and then between Shelly’s legs. Her lips first went to Shelly’s thighs, kissing and licking at both sides. Tina’s tongue traced a circle around the mound of Shelly’s pussy, not even considering coming close to the closed lips.

“Like the view?” Tina said looking back at Steve.

“Fuck yes!” Steve said in a long growl.

“Tina… stop teasing me…,” Shelly’s voice was a low moan. Her hips bucked slowly into Tina’s face. Tina smiled before bringing her tongue to Shelly’s clit. A small gasp told her that she hit the right spot. Her gasps and moans continued as Tina rapidly flicked her tongue over the little button and pussy lips. Every now and again she would suck the little ball of pleasure into her mouth, each time she would get a scream of approval from Shelly.

Giving her wicked smile Tina slowly pushed her pointer and middle fingers on her left hand knuckle deep into Shelly’s hole. In and then out three times before she took them out completely. The light reflected off the juices making her fingers sparkle. She gave the tip a quick lick before pointing at Steve. He opened his mouth as Tina pushed the fingers in.

“Doesn’t she taste real good?” Tina asked.

“Like sweet nectar,” Steve replied. “You both do.”

“Why don’t you help me bring her off?” Tina asked moving out of between Shelly’s legs.

“Gladly,” Steve smiled.

Shelly gasped as Steve lay down in between her legs and touched his tongue to her clit. As he did Tina pushed her two fingers back into the sopping wet hole. Her other hand found one of Shelly’s breasts and started to massage it. Shelly was going crazy with the sexual assault on her body and she moaned and screamed to let the others know about it. Steve pushed two of his fingers in with Tina’s but only for a few seconds, pulling them out and lowering them to the entrance of her brown eye.

“Yes… Steve. Do it!” Shelly cried.

Steve rubbed the entrance for a second getting it wet before pushing the digits into her wanting ass. Shelly gasped and moaned even more as he pushed them in to the second knuckle and then stopped for a second before starting to fuck her brown hole with his fingers. Shelly couldn’t stand the assault anymore and started to thrash on the couch as she exploded in orgasm. They let her rest panting to catch her breath and letting the sensations in her body subside. When it did she pulled Tina to her for a kiss. Steve sat back up and placed Shelly’s legs over his lap.

“That was wonderful,” Shelly told Tina when they broke.

“Good, because now it’s my turn,” Tina said as she climbed onto the couch.

Tina straddled the other girl’s face before lowering herself onto it. Steve watched as Shelly’s tongue darted out and came into contact with Tina’s shaved mound. Tina smiled and rolled her eyes back as the other started assaulting her pussy. In moments Tina was moaning and gasping loudly from the tongue in and out of her pussy and flicking across her clit. She saw Steve sitting in front of her smiling as he watched the pleasure run through her. He was close enough so she pulled him to pressing their lips together. She took his hand and placed it on her breast as she continued to ride Shelly’s face.

It took Tina a shorter time to orgasm then it did Shelly. In minuets Tina’s body tensed and then convulsed before her juices flowed from her into Shelly’s mouth. Shelly continued to suck on her not stopping and sending her into multiples until Tina begged her to stop. When the assault finally ended Tina slipped off the couch and then leaned against it to catch her breath.

“Do you think we tortured him enough?” Shelly asked stroking Tina’s raven colored hair.

“Yeah I think so,” Tina said back. “Slide off the couch and help me real quick.” Shelly did as she was told and knelt with Tina in front of Steve, Tina on the right, Shelly on the left.

“I don’t think I could have waited any longer,” Steve said to them. “I was on the verge of cumming without you guys even having to touch me.”

The two girls just smiled before attacking his cock with their mouths. Steve eyes rolled back into his head as the assault began, Tina sucking his dick into her mouth as Shelly tongued his shaft and balls. Every now and again they would switch jobs but they never let up the assault. Steve lasted longer then he thought he would, but only about 3 minuets before announcing that he was going to cum.

They stopped before he did, sliding his ass off the couch and kneeling on either side. They pressed their breasts together with his cock in between and started to stroke. That was all that he could take. Steve cried out as ropes of cum shot from his dick, landing on the girls’ chests and his belly. It covered the areas completely. It was one of the best orgasms of his life.

“Holy shit!” Tina exclaimed.

“I know,” Steve breathed. His eyes still closed as he recovered from the cum of his life.

“No you don’t,” Shelly spoke this time. “Look.”

Steve eyes opened and he was surprised as well. His cock, while not completely hard, was still half erect. He smiled to himself. After that great an orgasm, he was impressed with himself.

“Shelly why don’t you get him full mast again and I’ll get some towels to wipe off with?” Tina asked.

“That’s fine, but I call first fuck then!” Shelly said.

“That’s fine with me.”

Shelly took Steve back into her mouth as Tina headed upstairs to get towels. By the time she got back down with the three towels Steve was fully erect and ready to go. After they wiped themselves down Shelly was quick to mount Steve’s dick. He had sat up so he was only half off the couch. Shelly had her back to him as she lowered herself onto his cock. She gasped as it easily slid into her.

“God, I love this cock!” She yelled before starting to raise and lower herself on it.

“And it loves you too!” Steve growled thrusting up into her matching the rhythm she started.

Tina knelt in front of them and snaked her tongue out, switching between Steve’s cock and balls and Shelly’s wet cunt and clit. All these areas were already soaked by Shelly’s pussy juice. Her musky scent filled the air in the room as she continued to slam herself down on Steve’s hard cock. Steve gripped her tits and started rubbing them and pinching and twisting the nipple. Shelly started to moan and gasp out loud cursing every now and again as well.

“How’s it taste Tina?” Steve asked. “Does my dick taste good with her juices on it?”

“It’s so sweet. Let me see it real quick so I can get a good taste.” Tina replied tugging on the cock a little.

The two stopped and let Tina pull the cock out of Shelly’s tight twat. Her mouth quickly engulfed it bobbing on it a few time before taking it back out. She aimed it back at Shelly’s hole and pushed it back in.

“You taste so good,” Tina said. “The combination of your sweat and pre-cum mixed with her juices is just so hot. Does it feel good Steve?”

“Fuck yes! Her pussy’s so wet and tight! It’s gripping my cock so well but also sliding in and out so easily!”

“Your cock feels so good too Steve!” Shelly yelled adding to the dirty talk. The light glistened off the sweat on her body and the juices between and on her legs. “It’s stretching and filling me up so much! Oh my God! I’m going to cum soon!!”

“You like it Shelly?” Steve asked the rhetorical question. “My god you’re gonna make me cum too!”

“Do it Steve! Cum inside my tight pussy! Yes, oh fuck! I’M CUMMING!!!”

Shelly squealed as she came. Her body and cunt convulsed. Her liquid coated Steve’s member. Steve couldn’t hold on any longer either. With a loud grunt he shoved his cock one last time into Shelly’s pussy shooting his cum into her and filling her insides with it. It filled her so much that it began to drip out of her and onto Steve’s cock and balls.

They both fell backwards exhausted. Shelly just lay on top of Steve as her orgasm subsided and enjoyed the feeling of Steve’s cock pumping the last drops of his cum into her. Steve ran his hands over her breasts as he slowed his breathing. Eventually his dick softened and slipped from the hole and fell limp. Steve felt Tina’s mouth wrap around it real quick sucking the last of Shelly’s juices and his cum from it and the base where it had spilled. She then moved to Shelly’s pussy cleaning her as well.

“Ok ladies I need a quick break,” Steve said after Shelly got up enough strength to roll off him. He stood and grabbed one of the towels.

“Hurry up,” Tina said. “I want my turn soon.”

“And I’m going to want another!” Shelly chirped in.

“You two are going to kill me tonight,” he said walking towards the kitchen.

Steve downed a couple glasses of water and ate a roll leftover from a couple nights ago. He felt rested again and ready for whatever torture the girls had planned for him. He filled a couple more glasses with water and walked back out into the living room. He found the ladies had laid out a blanket and a couple of pillows. They both were lying on one side of the blanket. Tina to his right, Shelly to his left. He walked over and kneeled between them offering each a glass of water which they both accepted. After downing them they both pushed him back onto the blanket lying with him and starting to make out with him.

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