Gone Fishing Ch. 02

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It had been almost 2 year’s since my fishing trip with Jim & Gary. And even though I had gone on several trips to Jim’s cabin, he had never even hinted that anything ever happened. Not a joke not a wink nothing. By this point I was pretty much thinking it was all just a dream.

It was mid October when Jim stopped over & asked if I wanted to join him up at the cabin one last weekend before winter hit. Once again the wife was going out of town so figured why not.

The next morning we loaded up the truck and headed out. About an hour or 2 into the drive Jim tells me that a couple of guy’s he used to work with might be coming by the cabin for a fish fry if we manage to catch anything. When we finally got to the cabin we unloaded and headed straight down to the lake and caught our limit in a matter of a couple hours.

My first hint that this wasn’t going to be a normal fishing trip was when Jim looked at me with a grin and said, looking like a whiskey weekend since ya done got you’re limit. But it didn’t even register at that point. That night came & went without a hitch dinner couple beers and off to bed.

The next morning I woke up & Jim was already up making breakfast. He greeted me with, well good morning princess bout time ya got up. We got alot of fish to clean before the guy’s get here. With that being said we finished our breakfast and started filleting our fish. After about an hour a car pulls up and 4 older guys that looked to be in there late 70’s early 80’s get out.

Jim yells you’re early ya bunch of drunken bastards & and tells them to grab a knife and make themselves useful. As they all gather round the cutting table Jim introduces them all. Big Bob was a skinny little guy with white hair and looked to be early 80’s, Larry was average size guy with a bald head glasses and in his late 70’s, Tom & and Steve were both tall guy’s with bellies white hair and looked to be in there 80’s.

As the day turned into evening we fried our fish drank beer and all sat around telling stories about work and fishing trips from the past. A couple of times they even talked about the,as they put it,queer they worked with. And they weren’t exactly nice things at all. So I definitely had not a clue about what was going to happen at this point.

As the night went on Jim started pouring shots of whiskey and me not wanting to look like a light wieght tried to keep up with them. But at last after drinking beer since 10am and kaçak iddaa then drinking at least 10 shots I could barely stand up let alone walk. Next thing I know I’m on the back porch throwing up as I can hear everyone inside still drinking and having a good time.

When I finally pull myself together I go back inside and decide to jump in shower thinking it might help me sober up a bit. While I’m sitting in the shower trying to get my wits about me I hear Jim walk in the restroom and say he just needs to use the restroom. As he’s walking out I can here him laughing as he says don’t use up all the hot water. As the water began to run cold I realized I was even more fucked up than when I got in.

When I pulled the shower curtain back I realized exactly why Jim was laughing, he had taken my towel and clothes and there on the counter laid a pair red panties. I began to panic remembering the way his friends were talking about the gay guy they worked with. That’s when drunk me tried to rationalize it by thinking there old enough they will probably think it’s a speedo or just bikini underwear I mean there was only a little lace at the top which I tucked in.

As I stumble out of the bathroom I have to walk across the living area to get to my room. As I stumble across the room with Jim and all of his friends laughing I trip over the rug and fall face first on to the floor. I managed to push myself up to my hands and knees and Jim is standing in front of me with a small bottle of something that looked like one of those 5 hour energy bottles.

He held the bottle up to my nose and said smell this it’ll wake you up! The next thing I know I get really warm & tingly and I pass out. As I regained consciousness I feel completely numb and see Jim, Larry, Bob & Steve all standing in front of me and I noticed that I was lurching forward. That’s when I noticed that familiar sound of clapping coming from behind me as whatever I inhaled began to wear off. I looked back between my legs & could see what appeared to be Tom’s on his knees fucking the hell out of me.

Suddenly all of the numbness went away and I could feel the all familiar pain of a cock deep inside my ass and my cock rubbing against the silk of the panties I had on. It was more painful than what I remembered & I tried to pull away. Only to have Tom put one hand on my shoulder and the other on hip & drive deep into my ass & hold me there while I screamed out in pain.

Hit that kaçak bahis bitch with the popper again said Tom. To which Jim replied hold him still. Jim knelt down in front of me and waved that little bottle under my nose & another rush of warmth and calm came over me as I collapse down on my face with my ass still in the air.

As I lay there I noticed that across the room there was a big mirror leaning against the wall and I could see Tom huge grin on his face as I realized I was sliding back onto his cock with an ever quickening pace and velocity. It was like I was watching someone else.

See I told you he could fuck!!! Jim exclaimed. Best piece of ass I’ve had in year’s said Tom as they all broke out in laughter. Now hurry the fuck up there’s other! Besides you can take another ride he going to be here all night.

With that being said Tom grabbed my hips and started fucking me so hard I thought my back was going to break. As I began to wince & protest Jim once again ran the bottle under nose & the pain all gave way to tingling and warmth.

At this point I’m looking in the mirror and see Jim has now got his huge cock out and is guiding my hand to it. And to my surprise I grip onto it and begin stroking it right in sync with Tom’s violent thrust.

Jim then leans down and says why don’t you go ahead and give it a little kiss! I wanted to say fuck you but instead the next thing I know I’m trying desperately to get as much of his cock in my mouth as I possibly can.

At this point I’m drunk and high out of my mind and getting fucked silly by 2 dirty old men. I begin to feel a tingling sensation in my cock as it rubbs against the silk of the panties and I hear the clap of Tom fucking my ass faster and harder with every stroke. As I looked across the room and watched in the mirror something came over me and I could feel the orgasm coming on!

Suddenly I felt my cock explode! Which Jim noticed and he ran that bottle under my nose again. I have never cummed so hard in my life I actually squealed with delight. Suddenly I felt Tom grip my hips incredibly hard and bury his cock in me as far as he could. With a long drawn out moan I feel his cock pulsing as I feel him begin to cum what felt like gallons of cum in me. All while Jim has at this point grab my head and is fucking my mouth like there no tomorrow.

Suddenly my cock explodes again. This time sending cum through the panties and on to the floor. Look at that, illegal bahis you didn’t even have to touch that little queers dick and ya made him cum Tom! Said Bob. Just then Jim rammed his cock as far down my throat as he could and began to cum.

As they both pull out of me I collapse on to the floor just grateful it was over or so i thought. As I lay there coughing and gagging from having my throat stretched Jim leans down and say here drink this. Wanting that taste out of my mouth I grabbed the whiskey and began to chug. Easy does it there honey, we ain’t done with you yet……Jim said with a chuckle and he gave me another blast of his little mystery bottle and the light went out.

When I came back to I discovered they had now dressed me in what I assume was Jim’s wife’s lingerie. They had put me in a pair of leopard print silk panties a red garter belt black stockings and a long black wig

Suddenly I hear someone yell,SHES AWAKE! Well give the slut another blast I hear Jim reply.

When I came to again I was laying on my back on my bed Steve has his cock out guiding my hand up down it. When he realizes I was awake he lowered his half limp yet still impressive cock towards my mouth. To drunk high and tired to fight I gave in & let him slip past my lips. Almost immediately I could feel him get bigger and harder. As he began to slowly start fucking my mouth I caught myself stroking his cock. This just encouraged him more and he reached down and began to rub my cock through the panties like I had a pussy.

The sensation made me begin to lift my hips and the next thing I know I’m sucking for all I’m worth. Now Larry is lifting my legs up onto his shoulders and pulling the panties to the side as I feel him easing himself into my ass. Larry’s cock was every bit of 9″ and even thicker than Jim or Tom. He struggled to make it fit until Jim gave me another blast of the bottle at which point my muscles relaxed as my ass enveloped his cock.

They gave me another snort of the lil bottle & I lost all inhibition at that point. & to mine & everyone else’s suprise I yell out for him to fuck my ass!!! To which Larry gladly obliged.

This went on for what seemed like hours with everyone of them taking turns using me over and over again until I finally passed out. When I came to the next morning I was so sore I could barely move.

When I finally managed to standup and try to make my way to the bathroom I could feel what felt like buckets of cum running out of my ass. When I made to the bathroom I stood there looking at myself in the mirror. I had dried cum all over my face and chest along with a very bruised and gapped rear end.

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