Golden Pleasures Pt. 02

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It was a beautiful summer day, and Reese was bored. She’d awoken that morning feeling adventurous and frisky, and hoped she could get her husband Jackson to feel the same way.

“Let’s go for a drive,” Reese said to him.

“A drive? Are you sure? You hate road trips,” Jackson said, slightly confused.

“Well, I did before. But I know you love driving, and…I think I have something to make it a little more fun for me,” Reese smirked.

“Ohh? What’s that?” Jackson asked, sliding closer to his wife and wrapping his arms around her.

“Well…what if we made it a…”wet and wild” road trip?”

“I’m listening,” he said, sounding interested.

“Well, we’d take off from here, and go wherever we wanted. Back roads, interstate, off road, whatever. Just give me a destination. But, we’d pack an extra set of clothes and some towels, because you can’t stop to go to the bathroom. I mean, I may need to a couple times, with being pregnant and a woman, but…”

“I want you to be in on the game with me too though. It’s so much more fun that way. And maybe seeing you desperate makes me hot too,” Jackson said.

“Okay, I will. But I still at least get a couple of bathroom stops,” she countered.

“Okay. So tell me more,”

“Basically, we drink water and whatever else to keep ourselves hydrated on our fun little road trip. Especially you. So you wait until you’re desperate and absolutely can’t wait anymore, and then…figure out what to do about it. Maybe it’s peeing in a bottle, maybe it’s getting out of the car and going on the side of the road or in a bush, or maybe once it gets so bad and we can’t go anywhere…maybe you have no choice but to piss yourself…” she trailed off. “That’s what the extra clothes and towels are for,”

“Hmmm. It sounds fun, I have to say. I like that its fun for both of us. But, what about when you get really turned on? I know you will at some point,” he pointed out.

“That’s what my little toy is for,” Reese smiled.

Last night, on their first date night in ages, she and Jackson had gone out to dinner and then made plans to go to a club afterwards. Between those times however, they made a little pit stop at an “adult store”. They browsed around the store, but Reese had come in looking for something specific. Sex with her husband was always fantastic, but like many women, she couldn’t orgasm through penetration. Unfortunately, since she’d gotten later in her pregnancy, she was extremely sensitive, and this meant that sometimes Jackson’s tongue didn’t always work the way it used to. Determined not to give up and still have intimacy with her husband, she was looking for something to help them out. She finally came upon a clit stimulator. She’d seen a few before, but this particular one could be controlled by her or by Jackson—via remote. It made things that much more exciting. So if she got extremely turned on during their road trip, either she or Jackson could stimulate her…until they could get somewhere where they could have sex.

She explained this to Jackson and he was immediately ready to pack up and go. Reese giggled. This was going to be fun.


Half an hour later, they had their gaziemir escort SUV packed up and on the road. Both of their seats were securely covered in plastic wrap topped by a couple of towels, just in case. In the back seat was a change of shorts and underwear for Jackson, and an outfit and panties for Reese—since she was wearing a dress with no underwear. There were a few bottles of water for each of them and a couple of empty bottles for Jackson and a large cup with lid for Reese. They set off, heading to a river where Jackson grew up.

Reese could tell he was really enjoying this, driving down backroads with the windows rolled down and music blaring, not a care in the world. She smiled. She loved to see her husband happy, and she also couldn’t wait until this got really fun for her.

They finally arrived at their destination and walked around the riverbank for a bit, splashing each other and taking pictures. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you looked at it), the baby was kicking Reese’s bladder and making her have to use the bathroom already. She pulled Jackson behind a large tree.

“I have to pee,”

“Already?” he asked.

“Yup, already,” she shrugged, pulling up her dress and getting into a squatting position.

“Wait! Are you not wearing any underwear?” Jackson asked, leaning down and sticking his hand under Reese’s dress.

“Hey stop it! I really gotta pee!” she said, almost not able to stop herself in time.

“God you’re killing me already!” Jackson groaned, removing his hand.

Reese smirked and got back into her position. She looked up at the sky and tried to pretend he wasn’t there, as she still had a bit of a problem peeing outside, especially with someone around. Finally she was able to let go, and heard the splashing on the ground as she felt immense relief. She reached into her bra and pulled out some tissue she had stored there, cleaned up, and pulled her dress back down.

“All done!” she smiled, looking up at Jackson.

“Now I understand why you like this so much. That was hot,” he said.

“There’s more where that came from. Let’s go honey,” they got back in the car.


An hour and a half later they were on some remote back road in the middle of nowhere, and Jackson was struggling. He’d drunk a bottle and a half of water and now he was squirming in his seat.

“Problem, honey?” Reese asked, looking over at her husband.

“Mmmm, yeah. I really need to pee,” he said.

“Yeah? How much longer can you wait?” she asked.

“No longer at all. I gotta go now,” he pulled over to the side of the abandoned road. He walked over to her side of the car and opened her door. Reese pulled up her dress as he unzipped his pants. Boldly, she reached out to hold his cock for him and aimed it towards the ground.

“Can I go baby?” Jackson asked desperately. Reese nodded. Relief flooded through him as Reese felt the hot liquid spilling out of his cock.

Jackson groaned throatily. “Yeahh, oh yeah,” he looked up at Reese, who was biting her lip.

“You like that baby?” he finally finished and tucked himself back into his gümüldür escort pants.

“Mmm-hmm,” she nodded as Jackson leaned over her and pressed a hot, deep kiss onto her lips. He reached into the glove compartment and pulled something out. The clit stimulator. He grinned and spread her legs with his knees and told her to lean back. She did as she was told and Jackson slipped a finger inside her, feeling her wetness.

“Damn baby,” he groaned, pushing the vibe into her pussy.

“Ohhh!” she gasped loudly.

“That feel good?”

“God yes, more!”

“Be patient baby,” he said, shutting her door and getting back in the car. As soon as he started the car, he flicked the remote and the vibe sprang to life.

“Uhh!” Reese moaned, thrusting her hips in her seat. He felt himself growing harder at the sight of his beautiful wife being pleasured. He turned the vibe up again.

“Oh, oh fuck,” Jackson knew it wouldn’t be long now, hearing those words, seeing her bite her lip. He flicked it up one more time.

“Oh, oh oh, oh fuck. Oh GOD! Baby! I’m coming!” she screamed loudly.

Jackson was rock hard now. Reese leaned back in her seat and tried to catch her breath.

“Was that good?”

“Oh yes. Don’t worry baby you’ll get yours soon,” she said, palming his cock quickly.


This time, the stop was quicker. After filling up so quickly on water before, they both felt the need just an hour later. It just so happened that they had just arrived at a beautiful lake they had both been to before. The plan was to sit on the shore and watch the water, and then have dinner at the marina’s restaurant. Knowing that he could not take advantage of the restaurant’s bathroom, Jackson decided to take action. Just as Reese was about to hop out of the car, he locked her in. She turned to him, slightly confused.

“I gotta pee again,”

“Already?” Reese asked, slightly surprised. “I do too, but I thought I could go in the restaurant this time?”

“Okay babe. Can you hand me a bottle? I need to go now,” he said, holding his crotch slightly.

“Hmm…maybe,” she grabbed the bottle but held it just out of his reach.

“C’mon, please?” Reese gave in and handed him the bottle, blocking the window so no one could see in. He positioned the bottle and pulled out his cock, pissing freely into it. She once again bit her lip, seeing the pleasure fill her husband’s face. At the same time, the sound was making her squirm. She needed to go badly too.

Jackson finished and poured the bottle out. He leaned over to his wife for a kiss. She pecked him on the lips, which was not what he was expecting at all.

“What’s wrong? Wasn’t that good?” he asked.

“Yeah honey, it was great. But we really need to get into the restaurant,” she opened her door and headed inside.


After a delicious seafood dinner and a relaxing stroll along the lakeshore, Reese and Jackson headed home. Reese had used the bathroom again before leaving, but Jackson hadn’t. He knew this was the big time, and he’d prepared for it. After drinking four and half glasses güzelbahçe escort of Dr. Pepper at dinner, he knew he’d never make the hour and half drive back home without losing it.

Sure enough, about an hour into their drive via interstate home, he was literally feeling the pressure. Reese noticed his squirming, but said nothing.

Fifteen minutes later, he finally said something.


“Yes honey?”

“I’ve gotta piss. Bad,” he groaned.

“What do you want to do honey?” Reese asked.

“I can’t hold it anymore. I’m about to piss my pants,” he nearly whispered.

“Oh, well—” suddenly she broke off as she could clearly see a dark stain spreading across the front of her husband’s khaki shorts.

“Oh God. There it goes,” he gripped the wheel tighter as he drove down the interstate whilst wetting his shorts.

“Oh wow. You weren’t kidding honey,” she couldn’t take her eyes off of him.

“Uh- uh. Mmm yes, ahh,” he moaned in relief. “God that feels so much better,”

“Fuck,” Reese groaned. She reached for the clit stimulator again.

“Hmm, I thought so,” Jackson commented. “Don’t come though. I want to fuck you when we get home,”

Reese merely nodded, hoping she could make it. Luckily they were nearly home.

As soon as they got home, they both leapt out of the SUV. It had just turned dark, so Jackson had no worries about being seen. He just wanted to get upstairs. They rushed into the house, immediately heading upstairs to the bedroom. Reese tore off Jackson’s wet clothes in a frenzy before ripping off her own.

“Get on the bed. Now,” Jackson commanded. Reese instantly obeyed and jumped onto the bed, breathing heavily.

“On your knees,” he growled. She did as she was told and kneeled on her hands and knees, ass in the air. Jackson came up behind her, pressing his hard cock against her pussy from behind. She moaned. Suddenly, she felt a *SMACK* against her ass.

“Oh!” she gasped.

“You’re a bad girl,” *SMACK*

“You’re a dirty, dirty girl,” *SMACK*


“You let me piss myself,” *SMACK*

“But you liked it didn’t you, you slut?” *SMACK*


“My dirty, dirty, slutty girl,” *SMACK SMACK SMACK*

“Oh god yes!” Reese moaned, tears in her eyes, squirming in pleasure, heart racing.

“Come here you,” he pulled her up by her hair and pressed a deep, dirty kiss to her lips. Reese could only moan. She felt like she could come any second.

“You want my hard cock? You want it inside you?”

“Yes please!” she cried, leaning back and spreading her legs. Jackson wasted no time lining himself up and sliding his rock hard member inside his wife.

“Fuck,” he groaned. “You’re always so damn tight!”

“Mmmm,” Reese moaned incoherently. She gripped her husbands muscular biceps tightly as he pounded deeper inside her.

“Shit, I’m close already,” he growled.

“Me too!!” she gasped, digging her nails into Jackson’s back.

“Fuck!!” Jackson shouted as he came inside her. Reese felt like a lightning bolt shot through her and suddenly she was shuddering and shaking as she came too.

“YES!!” she screamed, her body finally going limp.

Jackson paused. “Did you just come??” Reese only nodded.

“Fuck yeah!” Jackson said as he pulled out of her.

“That was amazing,” she said.

“This whole day was amazing. We need to do it again,” Jackson said.

“Oh don’t worry honey, I’ve already got some ideas…”

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