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Subject: Golden Locket This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidentseither are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, isentirely coincidental. The Golden Locket FF by Marie LeClare Copyright 2009 Louise or Lou as her friends called her had taken the last semester off school and her studies for chemical engineering, simply because her aged grandmother was on her death bed and Lou was asked to care for her. Lou really liked her grandmother and she called her girlfriend to help her get rid of some trash up in the attic. As soon as Marie got to the house and after saying hello to Lou’s grandmother, she started up the stairs to the attic. When she got there she found Lou sitting cross legged on the floor going through a stack of letters, and after kissing Lou on the lips she asked what she was looking at and Lou explained that the letters were from Grannys lesbian lover back in the day. Marie was shocked that Granny had a lesbian lifestyle, way back in the day, and as she sat next to Lou, they both read the letters. It was then that they found a really hot letter, that was hot in todays life. Lou was like Oh Gad Marie, you have to something right now, I’m just so terribly horny. With that, Marie turned Lou half ways around and kissed her with all the passion she could muster. Her hands cupping Lou’s breasts and pulling and tugging her nipples, knowing it was going to get Lou bursa yabancı escort climbing the walls. Lou knew Marie from the 5th grade and they became close friends and would kiss each other every day. Their parents thought it was cute them kissing because they said they’re young it wont go any further. They were so wrong, because by the time they were 8 years old they had already started fingering each other. It didn’t take very long for then to progress to grinding and licking, and each of them never even thought of dating some other girl, it was just the 2 of them. As Marie started to disrobe Lou, she cupped her large breasts in her hands, and kind of weighed them, then Lou said, “How about me both get undressed so we do it quicker, Marie agreed enthusiastically, and started to almost rip her clothes off, not even folding them up and laying them on a chair till they both were naked and ready for fun. As Lou took Marie’s hand and drew her to her body, while looking in her beautiful eyes whispered I love you, and pressed her lips hard to Marie’s, while giving her as much passion as she could muster. Her tongue penetrating her lips and rolling their tongues together. Lou’s, licking the roof of maries mouth, while gently cupping maries beautiful breast, and tugging at Marie’s hard nipple. As they broke from their kiss Lou started rubbing Maries back and kissing her soft sexy throat, while nibbling at her earlobe. Gently laying Marie back on the daybed they had bursa sınırsız escort up there and kissing down Maries front till she came to her lovely breasts and kissing each nipple briefly before drawing it into her mouth and nursing like a baby. Her other hand playing with her other breast and drawing her sharp fingernail across her nipple. They had been making love together for years and they still weren’t out of college. Releasing her breast from her hungry mouth she started drawing her tongue under her both breasts and softly licking down Marie’s front, leaving a small wet trail, until she reached Maries belly button and to hear Lou phrase it she had a belly button fetish. Licking and tongue fucking her belly button, Lou knew she had to hurry up and taste her pussy from the way Marie was moaning and squirming on the bed. However Lou wasn’t about to be rushed as Marie had known for years. Lou, looking up into her eyes Lou breathed in Maries wonderful scent, then kissed Maries hot wet pussy. Licking Marie Lou has her hands on either thigh while gently spreading her hot wet pussy with her thumbs and licked all over with hot wide licks as she had done for years. Licking in a little circle around her swollen clit, she inserted first one finger and then her second into Maries steaming wet pussy and was finger fucking her while licking her pussy. Then moving her finger to Maries swollen clit, Lou plunged her tongue deep in Maries pussy. Probing her pussy walls, görükle escort and stabbing her tongue as she knew Marie enjoyed it. Marie couldn’t believe how hot those letters had made her and especially the thought of granny in her day with all of her girlfriends, and that was what threw her over the top and gave her a mind blowing screaming orgasm. There was no time to recover and Lou knew that as she changed positions with Marie and felt Maries hot tongue licking her hot pussy. While Lou cupped her own breasts, and pulled and tugged at her hard nipples, Marie was licking her pussy fast and furiously giving her the release she so needed, and then it came, with a rumbling moan and her sweet pussy juice pouring forth into Maries waiting mouth. Drinking down every sweet drop. Cuddling each other in their arms, Lou was the first to break the silence, when she told Marie that she wanted to go up to Marie’s apartment, and try out her new Strappy. Marie knew that look which told her that her girlfriend was going to fuck her brains out and she couldn’t wait. As they passed by Granny sitting in the living room with her knitting, she said to Lou that when she finds the little gold locket it was for us as lesbian lovers because it made her so happy when she was dating back in the day. As they each kissed Granny goodbye, out the door they went hand in hand. If you like this story, or have an experience that might make a good story,please write to me at MarieLeClare3@YahooI have a new lesbian story group on Yahoo, it’s co-ed so men are welcome. My old group wasdeleted by Yapoo, for what reason I don’t know. So if have a filled in Yahoo profile, stating your age as being over 18, you may apply for membership. We haveother lesbian writers who post their stories, as well as my hoo/group/MariesStoryClub/

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